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The Useful Idiots 

By Ali Sina 


From a reader: 

Dear Sir, 

I do not know if you agree with the confused, distorted blanket denunciation of " Europe " in the article by Mathias Dopfner posted on your site, but I feel compelled to comment on a few things: 

Dopfner writes: 

"Appeasement cost millions of Jews and non-Jews their lives as England and France, allies at the time, negotiated and hesitated too long before they realised that Hitler needed to be fought and defeated, because he could not be bound by toothless agreements." and later with regard to Bosnia "We were still debating when finally the Americans had to come from halfway around the world, into Europe YET AGAIN, to do our work for us." 

The fact is, Britain and France were fighting Nazi Germany a full TWO YEARS before the United States officially entered WWII. Although President Roosevelt was personally sympathetic to the cause of beleaguered Britain   he had to contend with a powerful "keep America out of Europe 's war" lobby in Congress and the American public at large, some of which were sympathetic to Nazi Germany. I would add that it is a bit rich of this German writer, a large section of whose forebears voted the Nazis into power, to lambast England for its "appeasment" of Hitler. Furthermore, it is utterly absurd to liken Neville Chamberlain's ill-fated attempt to gain "peace in our time" from a man utterly committed to war with so-called European "appeasment" of the Serbs in the Balkan's. When Chamberlain stepped of the plane waving his infamous scrap of paper following his meeting with Hitler, the memories of the terrible 1914-18 war were still fresh in the minds of the British people - whose desire to clutch at any straw to avoid another round of mass slaughter is hardly to be condemned. 

As far as "appeasing" the Serbs in Bosnia is concerned I seem to recall that the west as a whole including the United States rode roughshod over the wishes of the Bosnian Serbs in their recognition of an independent Bosnia ruled by Islamic fundamentalist Alija Izetbegovic and aided and abetted Izetbegovic's international Islamic terrorist allies who had filtered into the area as they aided and abetted the KLA terrorists in Kosovo.  

J. Fournier



Dear Mr. Fournier

Mathias Dopfner is not condemning the British for desiring peace, he is condemning them for their inability to see evil in time and for wanting peace when war was needed.  There is a time for peace and there is a time for war. When you are attacked, you must fight back. If you choose peace, when the enemy wants to kill you, you have chosen death. If Hitler was stopped earlier, millions of lives would not have been destroyed. It was thanks to this British desire to clutch at any straw to avoid another round of mass slaughter that London was destroyed under Nazi blitz and many Britains were killed in rounds of  mass slaughter.

Whether your interpretation of history is truer or not is not the point. The point that Dopfner raises is not about the past but about the present. He is saying that Europe would be committing a grave mistake if instead of fighting against Islam, she tries to appease the Islamists. Islam must be confronted forcefully and rejected completely. It is nothing but insanity to recognize a doctrine that calls you impure, idolater and even pig and orders its follower to slay you as a legitimate religion. Recognizing Islam is accepting your own death warrant. Muhammad said kill the unbelievers. You are an unbeliever. If you recognize Islam, you are agreeing to be killed. Isn't that stupid? 

Muslims in Europe have gained too much power. The more Muslims become powerful the weaker Europe becomes. Europeans must realize that Islam is not just another religion in their multi cultural religious rainbow but rather is their enemy. Islam aims to destroy their culture, their democracy and take away their freedom. They must realize that Muslims are not going to integrate in their countries but rather want to swallow them. If the Europeans do not wake up soon and do not start deporting the Islamists en masse and denouncing Islam as their enemy, they will be annihilated sooner than they can think.  

More abhorrent than war is making peace with evil. In the words of the 18th Century British parliamentarian Edmund Burke, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." Those who advocate peace with Islam are fools of this century. If we do not stand against Islam it will grow and then billions will die. Trying to appease Muslims is foolish. It is informed by ignorance of Islam. Most cancers are treatable, if detected in time. But if you ignore them because you think fighting them is daunting, they will grow to a stage that will kill you. Today we have the choice. We can either fight Islam and extirpate it before it threatens our existence or wait and face the apocalypses.  

The threat of Islam today, is much greater than the threat of Nazism during the 1930s. Failure to address this threat will result in a war more devastating than the Second World War.  Those who advocate peace do not want peace. They are either the enemy itself that wants you to remain peaceful so he can kill you easily or the useful idiots who have no understanding of the danger the world is facing and have fallen into the trap of the enemy, dancing to the beat of their drums.  

Many old timers in this site can recall that prior to buying the domain faithfreedom.org I used to host this site at golshan.com. Golshan.com is controlled by Iranian communists. These people supported Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution to topple the regime of the Shah. However, Khomeni paid them back by killing many of them and imprisoning the rest. When Tripod.com banned my site to appease the angry Muslims who protested, Golshan.com offered to host my site for free and I accepted. At that time their site was only in Farsi and it was only criticism of Islam. I thought that since these people have suffered from the hand of the Muslims they have come to their senses and will never side with Islamists again. Also it is my goal to unite all the forces opposing Islam in one common front. Islam, has launched this war against mankind. So we must all unite and fight it back. That is why, even though I am a secular humanist, I work hand in hand with Christians, Jews, Hindus and pagans and urge everyone to put aside their differences and focus on our common fight. I could not believe my eyes when a couple of days ago I received an email from these Iranian communists openly promoting Jihadism in Iraq.    

Under the mask of “Iranians for Peace”, these opportunists and hate mongers showed their true colors in a collection of cheap and childish video clips that they put together, in which they shamelessly and openly endorse Islamic terrorism in Iraq. These videos, like anything else the communists do, lack intellectual content and are loaded with emotionalism, catchy songs and suggestive flashy pictures aimed to distort the facts. Like Michael Moor's movie, they appeal to the most stupid and uncritical minds, but who else could possibly be interested in communism?   

This is the real face of the goons in the so called “peace camp”. These Iranian communists who repeatedly betrayed Iranians and during the time of Stalin, strived to annex Iran to USSR, have sought refuge in the West to escape Islamic terrorism in Iran and now, true to their treacherous nature, they are supporting Islamic terrorism in Iraq and oppose the West. These people are not for peace. They want anarchy. They want mayhem and chaos. Only through disorder they hope to seize the power. The enmity of the leftists against democracy and Western values is so intense that they choose to side with Islamic terrorists and back up suicide bombings and beheading civilians to prevent democracy take root in Iraq. They are afraid of democracy like cockroaches are of light. America is the bastion of democracy and the leftists can’t stand it. Europe is tilting towards the left and in her gritty antagonism to America, she is flirting with Islamism. Europe is in great danger and will pay a huge price for her support of Islam or her unwillingness to confront Islam head on. There is only one way to describe the Europeans' appeasement of Muslims and that is “suicidal”.   

For the first time in her history, Iraq has the chance to choose democracy. For that nearly 2,000 young Americans gave their lives and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been killed by the Islamists. This war could have ended a long time ago if the Muslim Jihadists had not prolonged it. America is not in Iraq to occupy it. It is there to protect, or rather help her give birth to democracy, to freedom, to representative and responsible government, to justice and to peace. It is the Islamists and their allies in the so called “peace camp” that are waging war and killing innocent people.   

Let us remove these masks of deception. Those who advocate “peace” and demand more appeasements and concessions for Muslims are not really working for peace. They are either the enemy itself, or the “useful idiots” working for the enemy. 

"Useful idiot" was a sobriquet that the the Chinese Premier Chou En Lai had given to the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru for his blind appeasing the communists and for in 1955 turning down the offer of permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council for India and arguing that the Communist China should get the seat instead. "The first step to be taken is for China to take her rightful place, and then the question of India might be discussed separately," India's then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru wrote in a letter to the country's top political leaders – explaining why he supported Beijing. He said "Hindi Chini bhai bhai", Indians and Chinese are brothers. But all these did not stop China from invading India in 1962. Appeasement never works 

Today the leftists are the “useful idiots” for appeasing the Islamists, just as Neville Chamberlain was the useful idiot for appeasing the Nazis. 

Actually the term "Useful Idiot" is believed to be coined by Vladimir Lenin to describe those gullible western reporters who would endorse the Soviets who in just three months had tortured and executed more dissenters than the czars had done in 92 years from 1825-1917.   Later on these "useful idiots" would continue praising communism, its policies and its "achievements" during the Cold War. They became apologists for the excesses of the Soviets and did their best to deflect any criticism of this brutal regime. 

Today, most of the Western politicians and the mainstream media are vying for that dubious distinction to be the useful idiots for Islam. They volunteer to defend Islam, become its unpaid apologists and say Islam does not preach peace, every time there is a news about terrorism.  

The question is; whether the Europeans also want the title. 







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