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Why You Fight Islam? 

Ali Sina


The above question is asked me often.  In this essay I will answer that question. Recently, IntellectualWarfare12, a member of our forum wrote:  



What motivates you to open up this website and do this? I have never seen a more passionate person as you Ali Sina.

Too bad you are working for the wrong cause. You could have used your intelligence for science, law, or medicine. Ali Sina, it doesn't make sense to defame Islam. It is a religion. Just please leave Islam be Mr Sina.

Peace out


Dear IntellectualWarfare12:  

Science, law, and medicine are all noble causes. However, peace is the noblest of all causes. Millions of lives are destroyed through war and the agony that it causes is incalculable.  What motivates me is peace.  When I was a child the pictures of human sufferings in war perturbed me a lot. The passage of time has not numbed my senses and those scenes still trouble me.    

I thought war is such a senseless thing. I could not understand why people fight and what motivates them to kill.  It just made no sense. I wanted to know why there is so much hatred in the world.   

I found a prayer that used to be said by San Francisco. I fell in love with it, memorized it, and used to recite it every day.  Here is that prayer:  

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;
where there is hatred, let me sow love;
when there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
and where there is sadness, joy.
Grant that I may not so much seek
to be consoled as to console;
to be understood, as to understand,
to be loved as to love;
for it is in giving that we receive,
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
and it is in dying [to ourselves] that we are born to eternal life.

When I grew up I realized that people hate and fight not for money or land but because of false beliefs. They kill with clarity of conscience, thinking that they are being righteous.  These false beliefs are racial, political or religious. Irrespective of their genre, when a belief foments hate, it is necessarily false.  Humans do not hate naturally.  Toddlers have no prejudice towards each other and play with one another fondly.  They have no concept of race, class, ideology or religion. They are taught to hate as they grow up.    

When I read the Quran and felt blood dripping from every verse of it, when I saw that Islam reduces humans into beasts and makes monsters out of good people, when it became clear to me that there is NOTHING good in Islam and that it is all evil, I knew what I had to do. The time for praying was over and now it was the time for action. The �Lord� had shown me the way to live up to my prayer.  I found the way to become an instrument of peace, to sow love, to practice faith, to herald hope, to shed light of understanding and to bring joy to saddened hearts. I found a way to do all that namelessly, without expecting rewards or recognition.  I made it my mission to put an end to this big lie and to eradicate this doctrine of hate by speaking the truth. 

Many people who disliked Muslims for what they do, have come to forgive them, for now they know that Muslims do evil out of ignorance. They are victims of a nefarious faith that is inculcated in them since childhood, from which they have no escape. I made their dislike give way to compassion and understanding. 

I am now fulfilling my childhood prayer, word by word.  

To bring peace, it is necessary to eliminate hate. There is nothing more hate mongering than Islam.  This doctrine is more evil than Nazism and communism. It inspires more hatred and causes more division than either one of these ideologies that are also hate based.  Islam is more insidious because it claims to be from God. It is this added lie that has given it longevity.  As Hitler used to say, the bigger the lie, the more believable it becomes. Islam is the biggest deception ever.  

The question of how one can eradicate the faith of a billion plus people who are willing to die and kill for their belief has never occurred to me. The answer was obvious all along.  Islam is a lie and all it takes to dismantle a lie is truth.  It does not matter how dark is the night; darkness can�t withstand light.  In fact the darker it is the more vulnerable it becomes. Even a candle can pierce the heart of the darkest night.  

I had prayed for faith. That too was granted to me.  I have strong faith, not in fairytales and hocus pocus, but in goodness, in love and in truth. I have faith that if given the chance, goodness will triumph over evil, love will overcome hate and truth will demolish lies.  

I do not believe that goodness will win automatically. In fact it is evil that wins by default.  I do not think truth will prevail by itself. It must be told and defended. For the light of the truth to shine, it is necessary that the clouds of lies dissipate. If the gardener neglects the garden, weeds will suffocate the flowers. Someone must tell the truth. Someone must stand for what is right and fight the evil. It is not difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood. Nonetheless, truth must be upheld or lies will win.  

The proponents of lies are always active. They are virulent and relentless. Light is more powerful than darkness but someone must hold the torch high and protect its light. Just as evil has an army of fools that operate though ignorance, the lovers of truth must also stand for what they believe, form their ranks and hoist their standard high.  The battle between good and evil is a constant. This is an ancient truth. We have been fooled to disregard it. We have been deluded by our misguided political correctness and mistaken multiculturalism. Evil is always evil. If we do not weed it out constantly, it will take over.    

I am convinced that the days of Islam are numbered; that this doctrine of hate is at its death throes. Do not let its size fool you; Islam is like a tower, erected on sand duns. All it takes to demolish it is to expose its foundation and let the lies that are supporting it blow away.  This edifice cannot be remodeled. You can never reform Islam. It is firmly built on lies. You can only demolish it by exposing those lies and by telling the truth about the despicable and shameful character of its pedophile, rapist founder.  

Reforming Islam is an exercise in futility.  It is impossible and it will frustrate the efforts of those who try it.  By trying to reform Islam you validate it.  This was what Rumi and other benighted Muslim sears did.  The Persians were more sophisticated and had a richer culture than their Arab conquerors. They could not stomach the absurdities of the primitive religion that was imposed on them. Not daring to reject it sulla pena di morte, they used their genius to reinterpret it and gave esoteric meanings to its blatantly asinine and banal concepts.  They donned that brute with silken philosophies, and masked its ugly face with borrowed mysticism.  Thus, they fooled themselves, mislead others and breathed a new life into the fetid corpse of this Arab cult. They envisioned a mirage in the barren desert of Islam and gave to the gullible false hopes.  

It is foolish to believe that there are many forms of Islam. Islam is one, even though each Muslim interprets it in his own way.  Only one interpretation is correct and that is the one that is closest to the thinking of Muhammad. The Salafis are closest to the truth. That is the Islam of Bin Laden and other jihadis.  The oxymoronic �moderate Muslims� are merely fooling themselves. By upholding Islam they also validate it. They validate its terrorism even though they claim not to agree with it.  These befogged so called moderates are far more dangerous than their terrorist brothers. The terrorists kill a few, while these misguided �moderates� prolong the lie of Islam and perpetuate the hatred and division of mankind for centuries to come.  

Islam is a cult invented by a narcissist psychopath. It was a tool for a highway robber to enrich himself by giving the foolhardy, bogus promises of the afterlife and make him do his biddings to the point of self sacrifice. What is there to reform in Islam and why?  If it is good why reform it and if it is bad why keep it? Why worship a plunderer mass murderer?  Isn�t that foolish? It is stupid to tolerate this much stupidity. We must end this insanity by telling the truth and not by sugarcoating an old lie with more lies.  

Islam will be eradicated, if we decide that it should be. Things do not happen by themselves. In human sphere humans are in charge. The Meccans had the chance to nip in the bud this evil, but they didn�t. Thus evil triumphed.  At any time in history people had the chance to get rid of Islam, but they didn�t.  Today this plague is threatening the world peace and the survival of human civilization. It is either one or the other. Either millions, mostly Muslims, will perish in a nuclear holocaust or Muslims will take over the world through over-bearding. Then they will end human civilization and mankind will revert to barbarity.  Today we have a golden opportunity to eradicate Islam � an opportunity that never existed before and will end if Muslims become powerful enough to silence their critics as they are doing in UK, India and some other non-Muslim countries. Whether we take advantage of this opportunity or let it slip out of our hands is up to us. We do not have much time left. Muslims are becoming more numerous and consequently bullier by day.     

Islam will be eradicated if we spread the truth. It is the truth that will set us free. For this to happen we need millions of dedicated souls who take upon themselves to soldier this cause.  We need torchbearers and light givers.  

We humans are the authors of our own reality.  The reality that we live today is what we projected yesterday and what we project today will determine our reality tomorrow. Things will happen only when we believe in them.  The world is not an illusion. It is real. Its pains and sufferings are real. But they are the outcome of our own thinking.  This is the world that we built with our own thinking. We can change it, but first we must change our thinking.  

Imagine a world without hatred. A world where there are no racial, class, caste and religious animosity.  If you can imagine such a world, and if you pass that dream to others so they can envision it too, it won�t take long before you can actually see that dream come true.  Everything that is a reality today was once in the realm of imagination. Someone had envisioned it; someone had thought about it and passed that thought to others who expanded it until it eventually took the form of reality. Everything in our world is the product of our imagination. We are masters of our own destiny.  

Islam was a dream of a psychopath.  His insane dream materialized because he believed in it.  He passed his raving ideas to others who mindlessly believed and perpetuated them to this day.  We can stop this insanity by having a different dream � the dream of unity of mankind.  Believe in it and pass it on and strive to achieve it  with religious fervor. Have faith in its realization and confidence that we will be victorious. Reality starts in our minds. Only believers will succeed.  Those who have faith will win.  

You ask me why I am so passionate. It is because I am aware of the power of faith. We are waging a war against the insanity of a billion misinformed souls who religiously believe in a lie and are willing to kill and die for it. We can�t afford to doubt. We can�t vacillate and falter. Only if you believe in our success and are motivated, can you motivate others.   

Islam can and will be defeated in our own lifetime. I believe that humans are naturally good.  Muslims are a part of humanity. They are not evil by nature, but live in darkness.  All you have to do to help them out of this darkness is become a torch bearer and illumine their path to freedom.   

What make Islam survive are lies. Lies such as, �Islam means peace� and �Don�t blame Islam for the bad deeds of Muslims�, are what prolong this evil doctrine.  If we fight these lies with truth soon Islam will be defeated.  

Recently the British government decided to call Islamic terrorism, �anti Islamic activity.�   The architect of this supreme idiocy is Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith. This brain damaged woman thinks that by giving a new name to Islamic Jihad she can fool Muslims, as if she knows Islam better. She wants to play reverse psychology with faithful believers who will laugh at her naivet�. Can one become any stupider than this?   

If you are shocked by this much lack of common sense wait till you hear what Hazel Blears, UK�s Communities Secretary has done. In last October, she gave �70 million in Government funds to Muslim groups to �help tackle extremism.� Yes, you read it right. She gave seventy million pounds to Muslims to make them disregard Islam and love UK instead. This is like giving money to the Mafia to fight crime. How can one promote Islam and fight it at the same time?  This much stupidity, is mind boggling.  

 This  is what Muhammad taught:  

"An intelligent person is one who is constantly thinking about and preparing for death."

"It is better for a man that a steel nail be driven through the center of his head rather than if he touches the palm of a strange women."

How can one fight extremism without discrediting Muhammad and making Muslims realize that that man was a liar?  Should Muslims listen to western women (whom they call whores) to tell them about Islam or to their prophet?  All that money will make Islam stronger in UK and that means more extremism and more terrorism. Just wait and see.  Blood of innocent people will run and their body parts will blow apart because of the foolish actions of these two deficient in intelligence women.  Why these ignoramuses do not read the Quran to see that the source of Islamic terrorism is that book and to fight it one must outlaw Islam and not promote it?  Why some people prefer to hide their heads in the sand and seek their salvation in lies?  These two women should be charged with treason and the Labor Party should be banned.  Ignorance is a valid excuse, but there is no excuse when it is this colossal. My blood boils when I see this much folly.  This is like funding the Nazi Party to encourage Hitler to abandon his war plans.  How can such harebrain people become ministers?  These two idiots must be pilloried and spitted at.  

Stupidity apart there is a lot of ignorance surrounding Islam. We can�t make stupid people wise, but we can reduce their ignorance.  It is up to ordinary people such as us to wake up the masses.  Ignorance is not bliss; it is deadly.  Ignorant politicians will sell out our countries to our enemies.  It is up to us to put an end to this ignorance.  

The only thing that dampens the zealotry of jihadis is defeat, while victory emboldens them and makes them more resolute.  This whole Islamic insanity has its roots in the success of the Islamic revolution in Iran.  Millions of Muslims celebrated and their faith increased after Bin Laden�s success in attacking America and killing thousands of people with such an ease. On the other hand many Muslims vacillated after that scum was sacked from Afghanistan and like a rat had to seek refuge in a hole. Giving money to Muslims, or buying their taqiyyah tactic that Islamic terrorism is anti Islamic activity, is interpreted as success by Muslims and this only will increase their faith that Islam is on the verge of winning and Jihad must be intensified.

We can eradicate Islam, but first we must believe that it can be done.  To do that, we need both knowledge and faith. We need to face the truth and also have confidence in our success. Nothing is impossible, except that the state of our mind makes it so. All doors are open to us, except those that we close.  

Islam will be defeated only if we believe it.  Do not be fooled by the sweet lies of �moderate Muslims�. There is no such thing as moderate Islam or moderate Muslim. These so called moderates are either ignorant of Islam or hypocrites who try to pull the wool over your eyes.  Do not listen to them. Do not encourage their deceptive talk. Accept nothing short of the total eradication of Islam. This disease must be wiped out. There can�t be a moderate Islam just as there is no such thing as healthy disease or sensible insanity. Islam is extreme.  To fight Islamic extremism you have to fight Islam. There is no middle ground. Either you eradicate Islam or Islam will eradicate you.  The choice is yours. 






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