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Ali Sina 


Hello Ali Sina,

     Every time I get into an argument with a muslim they keep bringing up points about islam that they say are positive. 1) Like their is less HIV in Islamic countries.  Is that because they just don't test for it?  2) There is less crime in islamic countries. 3) Islamic girls are virgins when they are married and western girls are not.  How do I answer to these things?  What I basically tell them is that all my negative points about islam outweigh the positive points.  Please email me back if you can. 




Dear Raj.  

It is true! AIDS is less prevalent in Islamic countries than in non Muslim countries. That is because Muslims are less promiscuous than others. This is one point to their credit. However it is not true that the rate of crime in Islamic countries is lower. Even though petty theft in Islamic countries may be lower because the penalty for small theft is huge, big theft, i.e. white collar theft by the government officials is much more prevalent in Islamic countries than in democracies. In Iran you can be severely punished for stealing a pair of shoes, but the Mullahs steal billions with total immunity. The same can be said of Saudi Arabia where people leave their shops and go to the mosque and no one dares to steal anything because the punishment is chopping the hands and yet theft of billions of dollars happen so easily.  This is because Islam does not allow criticism of those in power. Also the violent crimes in Islamic countries are much higher. However in non-Muslim countries, without any exception, Muslims have the highest crime rate per capita than any other ethnic group. The Islamic gangs are the nightmare of Police in all countries. They are the most vicious and dangerous as they generally target the non-Muslims and they are protected by the local Muslim community. Take a look at this scary report  

It is true that Muslim brides are more likely to be virgins than non-Muslim brides. Virginity is important to Muslims but not so important for non-Muslims. Muslims make the mistake that if they leave Islam they will have to abandon their values too. Not so! By leaving Islam you leave all its evil teachings of hate but it is up to you to keep your good morals and teach them to your children. Whether Muslim or not, we can be moral if we choose to be or immoral if we don't. Muhammad himself was a pervert man. So clearly believing in such a fiend does not make you a moral person. On the contrary Islam vests with legitimacy what is immoral like having sex with two, three, or four women at a time, or legalizing prostitution calling it mutta, sanctioned by Muhammad and prevalent among the Shiites.  Furthermore, it is rare that a Muslim male remain virgin. With whom they have sex then? The fact is that sex among Muslims is prevalent but usually it does not end in vaginal penetration. Muslim girls guard their virginity but not their chastity. Also because Islamic societies are closed often young men rape their close relatives such as female cousins and even sisters. Naturally these cases are never reported, as they could end up in the honor killing of the poor girl. 

However, there are a thousand other huge flaws that are inherent in Islam, such as abuse of womenís rights. Domestic violence in Islam is not even recognized as violence. And dare I say this happens in virtually all households. The exceptions exists but they are just that - exceptions. Muslim men are chauvinists and abusive in general. If you count that as violence like the civilized countries do, you will see that the rate of violence in Islamic countries is many fold higher than in non-Islamic ones. 

 The minorities in Islamic countries have no rights. Freedom of thought and speech that are the cornerstones of progress, in Islamic countries do not exist. So while Muslim men feel happy that their wivesí hymen was intact, (which often is fixed with a minor surgery prior to the marriage to fool the husband) they lose on everything else including their humanity. A person who is not free to think and speak is reduced to the state of an animal.  

Think about it. None of the thousands of major inventions is attributed to a Muslim. If the world converts to Islam, women will be virgin and those who are not will be stoned but the world will regress to barbarity and progress will stop. Is this a good price to pay for having the privilege of tearing the hymens of our wives ourselves? .     

Apart from the fact that selling our freedom for hymen does not seem to be a good bargain, while it is possible for the non-Muslims to become less promiscuous, by converting to other religions such as Christianity that also teaches chastity or just decide to be less promiscuous out of personal maturity, it is not possible for Muslims to evolve as humans because the freedom to think and speak which is the hallmark of humanity  is taken away from them. 

All religions teach morality. In fact you don't have to be religious to be moral. I am not religious and I too believe in morality. You don't become a moral person by being part of a certain religion. You become moral when you live morally. Since all religions teach morality, you can be moral being a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Christian, a Jew or even a Daoist which is not a theist religion. I choose to be a moral rationalist. 

What kind of morality is this that a Muslim is allowed to have sex with women captured in war and slave girls? If you really put Islam under scrutiny, you'll see that it is a very immoral religion.

So you are absolutely right, the mountain of bad things in Islam overweigh the grain of good things. You can keep that grain of good things, even if you leave Islam, but you won't be able to get rid of all the evil of Islam without leaving it. 


Added later the same day:

Someone sent me the following link. So looks like my admission that there is less AIDS in Islamic countries was a mistake.

AIDS.. Hidden Crisis In Arab, Islamic Countries 


Hello Ali Sina,
     I'm so happy to see your replied to my questions and put it on the front page.  From what your telling me it seems all three of the points are false.  The first point about HIV.  It is true Islam that Islam prevents promiscuity, but only among women.  Men are allowed to be as promiscuous as they want like the prophet Mohammed.  They can go around raping women in Sweden, Australia etc. and then come back to their own country and do the same.  They could spread the virus that way.  Male to Female transmission has a higher rate.  I am a health care provider and once saw a Pakistani man married to an American female.  He use to sleep with prostitutes and they were tested positive for HIV.  I'm sure this is a problem that is not really tested for in these countries.  I'm sure the rates seem like their lower but there are probably a lot of undiagnosed cases.    

 As for the second point about less crime in Islamic nations.  What you and I may consider to be immoral may not be immoral in an Islamic society.  What you and I may consider to be a crime may not be such a crime (eg, domestic violence, etc) in an Islamic society.  In that sense they may have a lower crime rate.  We're talking about a society whose definition of what constitutes a crime and what constitutes immorality are totally different from the rest of the world.     

 Now the third point about Islamic women being virgins at marriage.  What your telling me is that there is a lot of rape going on in these communities and their are a lot of operations going on to repair hymens.  We don't really know what the frequency of that is because these things are kept silent.  So maybe only 50% of the women are virgins at marriage, maybe 25% of the women are virgins at marriage, or maybe the figure is some figure close to what the figure is in Western societies.  Your point about males relatives raping sisters and first cousins is not hard to believe.  As I said I'm a health care provider and I have seen lots of consanguis marraiages among Muslims especially Pakistanis.  There are lots of first cousin marriages.  What's up with that?   

So after hearing what you told me I'm not convinced that any of these points are even true. 





You said it better than me.

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