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Islamic Game of Victimization


By Ali Sina


 "Greeting in the name of Allah.

We are Al-shiite Youth movement of Nigeria, founded in the 5th of September 1993, and since then our organisation is made up of over 55, 033 members in north -south, eastern and western, zones of Nigeria. Over the years we have tried to increase our followers, but due to lack of funds, we are fighting a lost battle.”

The above is the first paragraph of an email sent to me by a certain Danjuma Mohammad signing as the “Admin Secretary” of an Islamic terrorist organization. This email must have been mass mailed to thousands of Muslims. I suppose I became the recipient of it because of my name. 

The email goes on to say how these terrorists are “oppressed” by the Christians because of their missionary work in Nigeria. The writer complains, “Since almost half of them are scholars the Christians are soon to dominate Nigeria Politically and Socially.” 

He laments: “The level of corruption [of Muslim politicians] in Nigeria has not favoured Islamic Youth Movements in any field, instead our opposition are taking the centre stage and calling the shots.” 

After ranting more about the success of the Christians the writer vows: “We are motivated by the law of Hundaibiya to fight ours opposition on a leveled circumstance but we are haddicaped. Our objective is to make Nigeria a state of Dar ul-Islam…We need support from Muslims all accross the globe, be Al-Qaeda, Al-Takfir, wal-Hijra, HAMAS, AL-JIHAD”. 

These terrorists feel victimized because the Christian missionaries are more successful in converting people through their preaching and are therefore looking for funds to start a Jihad and fight against their opponents, kill them and retaliate this “oppression”. 

Another Muslim sent me an angry email accusing me of "quoting the Quran out of the context" and "misrepresenting Islam". He claimed that indeed Muslims are the “real victims” and they are the aggrieved ones. He asserted that all this violence perpetrated by the Muslims throughout the world are justifiable acts of “self defense” and legitimate retaliation. 

Muslims like to play victims. Naturally the best way to justify hate is to pretend to be a victim. You cannot hate someone unless you feel that he or she is oppressing and victimizing you. If you want to rally the proletariat around you, you must instill in them the hatred of the bourgeoisie. If you want to make whites hate the immigrants you must convince them that the immigrants steal your job, If you want to make a nation hate other nations you got to make them believe that they are being victimized and their rights are being violated. Feeling victimized is essential for hating, without it hatred will not bloom. Hitler could not have come to power if it weren’t for the defeat of the Germany in the First World War that bruised the ego of the Germans and made them feel victimized. The Serbian hatred of the Muslims had a history of abuse and victimization by Turks. 

The Islamists love to portray themselves as martyrs. Remember the cry of Yasser Arafat; a few months ago “martyrs by millions, martyrs by millions”? Muslims all over the world are told that they are victims of Israel, USA and the West. They blame all their miseries on the West. In Islamic countries people cannot criticize their own corrupt leaders but criticizing the West is free and the only wise to vent. 

In America the important task of making Muslims feel victimized is on the able shoulders of CAIR (the Council of Islamic-American Relations). This organization watches carefully to see if anyone says or writes anything against Islam and when that happens, it huffs and puffs and charges that person of hatemongering and crime against humanity portraying Muslims as victims and that guy as the villain. For example if anyone quotes the parts of the Quran that call the Muslims to fight the unbelievers, kill them, maim them, crucify them, chop their hands, rape their wives, loot them and enslave them CAIR accuses that person of encouraging hate crimes against Muslims overlooking the fact that he is simply reading from the Quran. 

Last Wednesday night Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel hosted the televangelist Pat Robertson. Robertson's comments on Muhammad were: "This man was an absolute wild-eyed fanatic. He was a robber and a brigand. And to say that these terrorists distort Islam [is a mistake], they're carrying out Islam."  

CAIR is fuming over this interview. Nihad Awad, the CAIR's Executive Director says, “Such views on Islam, Muslims or the Middle East are neither fair nor balanced. Venomous and hate-filled remarks like those made by Robertson, and Sean Hannity's failure to challenge those remarks, poison the minds of ordinary viewers and can incite acts of violence against American Muslims," 

But CAIR's Executive Director did not say that the Quran contains much worse inflammatory remarks against the Christians, the Jews and the infidels. He did not say which parts of those remarks made by Robertson are false? The fact is that everything that Pat Robertson said about Islam is true. Yet CAIR likes to portray Islam and Muslims as victims and amazingly they get away with it and even receive apologies. 

For example the Council managed to pressure Paramount Pictures to alter the Tom Clancy novel "The Sum of All Fears" to exchange the Muslim terrorists in the movie with neo-Nazis. Also the director Phil Alden Robinson had to write an apology to CAIR, telling them he had "no intention of promoting negative images of Muslims or Arabs, and I wish you the best in your continuing efforts to combat discrimination." 

But when thousands of Christians including Mother Teresa complained that "The Last Temptation of Christ" was offensive to them and pleaded with the Universal Pictures not to film it the whole Hollywood backed the movie company and no one listened. Note that the movie "The Sum of All Fears" was not about Muhammad or Islam while "The Last Temptation of Christ" was a direct insult of the main figure of Christianity.  

I am afraid; America and the rest of the civilized world play with fire by kowtowing the Islamists and trying to appease them in every sense. Two years ago President Clinton publicly lamented the fact that American Muslims face "discrimination" and "intolerance" and the Senate passed a resolution inveighing against the "discrimination and harassment" suffered by the American Muslim community. 

President Bush at the Afghanistan Embassy in Washington reiterated, "American Muslims, are just as proud of America as I am proud of America. They love our country as much as I love our country." But the truth is that a Muslim's first allegiance is not to his country, (especially if that country is a Kafir land) but to Islam and his Muslim brothers in Palestine, Pakistan and especially in Saudi Arabia. I thought this became clear with the John Walker Lindh's case. If Mr. Bush's loyalty to America is as lukewarm as that of a Muslim, woe to America. 

Let us learn our lessons from the History. We have to abandon this Chamberlainian attitude of appeasement that is infesting some of our politically correct journalists and leftist liberals. 

Remember that Chamberlain the Prime Minster of Britain “believed that Germany had been badly treated by the Allies after it was defeated in the First World War. He therefore thought that the German government had genuine grievances and that these needed to be addressed. He also thought that by agreeing to some of the demands being made by Adolf Hitler of Germany and Benito Mussolini of Italy, he could avoid a European war.” Chamberlain did not bother to listen carefully to the message that Hitler was delivering. Time proved that that was a grave mistake that cost many lives. Today we have to ask ourselves whether we are not committing the same mistakes about Islam. 

I am not denying the misdeeds of the West. America and especially UK are guilty of many wrongdoings, shortsighted and profit seeking policies that have alienated the people in the third world countries. Their misconceived policies are responsible for the present rise of Islamism. In many cases they themselves instigated this rise. But Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with UK, US or any other Western country. It has to do with the teachings of the Quran. Yes the West is to be blamed for directly and indirectly promoting Islamization in Islamic countries, but the Islamic violence is not an invention of the West. They let the genie out of the bottle and now that genie is terrorizing them. It is a mistake to assume that by appeasing the genie it will leave them in peace. 

One would expect that intelligent people at least engage in a debate to refute our claim when we say that Islam is not a religion of peace. But they rather dismiss our warnings as “extremist views” and like the three little monkeys “see no evil, hear no evil and say no evil” and pretend that everything is okay. They believe that by hiding their heads in the sand the evil will go away. This unwillingness to face the bitter truth is the greatest mistake of our "politically correct" society, a mistake that if not corrected in time could cost many lives. 


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CAIR is encouraging Muslims to write to FOX and complain.

 "Thousands" contact FOX over anti-Muslim bias

Let us do our part too. Let us write to FOX and commend them for not sedating the public opinion with PC talks. People are no children and the truth must be said.


    Mr. Roger Ailes
    Chief Executive Officer
    Fox News Channel
    1211 Avenue of the Americas, Lowr C1
    New York, NY 10036-8701

    FAX: 212-556-8219

    E-MAIL: [email protected]

    CALL FOX COMMENT LINE: 1-888-369-4762
    CALL HANNITY & COLMES: 212-301-3289
    FAX HANNITY & COLMES: 212-301-4222

If you write to Fox News Show please send a copy of your email to me so I can post it here.



Ali Sina's email to Mr. Roger Ailes


Mr. Roger Ailes
Chief Executive Officer
Fox News Channel


Dear Mr. Roger Ailes, 

I am writing this to commend you and the Fox News Channel for the brave and truthful program you aired last Wednesday about Islam. I am not a Christian and I do not agree with many of Mr. Pat Robertson’s views but I agree with most of what he said about Islam, Muhammad and the Quran in HANNITY & COLMES show. 

I understand that CAIR the rightfully called “Apologists of Terrorists” has started a campaign to flood your email and fax machine and jam your telephone line with calls of protest. Please do not cave it. This is only a nuisance to you and you can just ignore it. But if the Islamists are left to grow they will jail you, flagellate you and even execute you for trying to exercise your first amendment right just as they are doing it to the journalists, writers and freethinkers in Islamic countries. 

I commend your brave stance and I salute Mr. Hannity for his courage to air that truthful program. Please fight to keep the American free media free. And please take care of yourself and remain safe. 

If you have time please take a look at a short article I wrote about Fox News Channel and the HANNITY & COLMES show.


Yours truly, 

Ali Sina



The following is the email I received from FOX. Looks like they received so many letters that they do not even read them anymore but just send this pre-made letter to anyone who writes to them. This must be the typical letter Muslims receive when they write to complain.  


From: "FNC Interest" <[email protected]>
Subject: Your Correspondance To FOX News


Thank you for your recent correspondence and interest in FOX News.

FOX News presents its news fair and balanced, but we do invite guests 
on our shows to offer their opinions on the news.  As you know, one of 
the great things about America is its commitment to free speech and the 
First Amendment, which permits anyone to express their views openly.  
FOX News always aims to have an open dialog that allows all sides of an 
issue to be presented. As a result, some guests will impart a viewpoint 
that is not favorable to all viewers.

We have had on many representatives from the Muslim community who have 
discussed the Quran and its peaceful teachings, as well as reports of 
bias the Muslim community is facing in America since 9/11. Just in the 
last day or so, we have had on Emin Egrui of the American Muslim 
Council, Zainab Sl-Suwajj of the American-Islamic Congress, Sarah Eltantani of 
the Muslim Public Affairs Council and Radwan Masmoudi from the Center 
for Study of Islam and Democracy to name a few. FOX News looks forward 
to continuing these discussions.

We welcome all viewpoints and if you feel a point-of-view is not 
represented or being under represented, please contact our programming 

Again, thank you for your interest in FOX News and we hope that you 
continue to watch.

Bill Shine
Network Executive Producer
FOX News



Mr. Roger Ailes

Chief Executive Officer

Fox News Channel

Dear Mr. Roger Ailes,

Thank you for airing the program on Islam last Wednesday without “Chamberlain syndrome” or the CNN syndrome if you wish.

The only way to get out of the current threat and to avoid further 9/11s, is to discuss openly about the ideology that triggers terrorists actions and to be rude if needed. Thank you for calling a spade a spade. As a matter of fact it is about ideolology and not race, isn’it? If we cannot criticise the Qoran, we cannot criticise “Mein Kampf” as well.


Regards, Antonio A.



Dear Mr. Ailes,


Thank you very much for recently having Pat Robertson on Hannity & Colmes to comment on Islam and Mohammed.  I understand many Muslims have contacted your station to protest.  Please do not be pressured by irate Muslims who are acting out of anger and not rational analysis.  Pat Robertson's critique of Islam and Mohammad is very accurate.  Islam does advocate violence unlike so many other religions. 

Mr. Ailes, regarding future programs concerning Islam, please consider having a former Muslim as a guest.  Despite the knowledge that the Pat Robertson's and Franklin Graham's of the world, have of Islam, it would seem more genuine to have a former Muslim critique Islam.  These individuals know first hand about the teachings of brutality in the Koran and can empathize with level headed Muslims who are questioning the belligerence of their faith.  I know it is not your job to provide this type of counseling to Muslim skeptics in

America but it also lends further credibility to your guest for the larger Christian, Jewish and agnostic audience.

If I may, I would like to suggest one gentleman whose many writings I have found most informative and insightful.  His name is Dr. Ali Sina and can be reached at [email protected].  On a side note, I am sure his perspective on Islam will make that evening's program the talk of the week. 

Take care, 

Steve M


Thank you Steve for suggesting Fox to interview me. Now please also contact NASA and negotiate for a one way ticket to moon because after that interview and after showing my face to all the Muslims I have to hide there or I will be dead soon.


Mr. Roger Ailes, 
Chief Executive Officer Fox News Channel 

Dear Mr. Roger Ailes, 

I am writing this to thank you and the Fox News Channel for the brave and truthful program that you aired last Wednesday about Islam. I am not a Christian and I do not agree with many of Mr. Pat Robertson's views but I agree with most of what he said about Islam, Muhammad and the Quran in HANNITY & COLMES show. 

I am a Muslim dissident, therefore I know very well why Mr. Robertson opined about Islam and Prophet Muhammad like that. I know the mindsets of fundamentalist (pure/real) Muslims, because I studied Quran, Hadiths and Islamic Sharia, I must tell you that Mr. Robertson's comments were not at all exaggerated.  

Please note that, as long as, millions of young gullible Muslims around the world will get the teachings of virulent Quran and Hadiths-terrorists will continue to evolve to destroy our hard-earned civilization. Fighting only symptoms of the disease can not eradicate the disease until we can fight the cause of the disease. 

I understand that CAIR the rightfully called "Apologists of Terrorists" is doing everything possible to hide the snake under the rug just to fool the gullible western peoples. These Islamists are not telling the west the real truth about Islam or the virulent Quranic scriptures, which are continually producing Islamic terrorists like al-Qaeda.  I strongly feel that you as the brave media should be determined not to yield to the evil force CAIR or Islamists and continue to educate the west about the evil mission of Islam. 

I commend your brave stance and I salute Mr. Hannity for his courage to air that truthful program. Please fight to keep the American free media free. And please take care of yourself and remain safe. If you have time please take a look to the attached articles I wrote. 



Syed Kamran Mirza 

[email protected]



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