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We are Against Hate, Not Faith

Category Archives: Recommended Reads

Islam Destroys Intellect – An Egyptian Apostate

I find Islam like a plague, holding back the nation and the people following it. Continue Reading

Two more ‘Apostates’!

After all God couldn’t have expected only Arabs to accept Islam or understand it, that would be insane. I searched for answers and every time I found one, I found 10 more problems.Continue Reading

My Brothers Stabbed Me Ten Times

My father, even after spending almost a lifetime in the West was an especially good Muslim for all these years. In fact it was only four years back that I came to know that he has two more wives and ten kids who are still living in Pakistan.Continue Reading

I Declare My Apostasy

I realized that 1400 years worth of consistent Islamiyya theology is not what I believed was the ultimate truth, rather I realized that it was a primitive attempt at understanding and implementing social, spiritual, religious and ethical standards. Continue Reading

How I saw Islam Is Evil

For many years I have followed some seventh century hallucinations of a barbaric culture. Shame on me!Continue Reading

Soon-to-be Ex Muslimah

How can I follow a religion that teaches me to view other followers of faiths with such disdain, thus allowing me to start feeling supreme to the other children of God?Continue Reading

Muslims Never had it So Good

The shadow of the Islamic terror has changed our lives for the worse, possibly forever.Continue Reading

Muhammad’s Hate toward Non-Muslims

Author’s Note: this article is based on Mark Gabriel’s book Culture Clash. Opinions expressed are strictly mine. Muhammad’s hate toward non-Muslims is most clear in his Qur’an. This article discusses how Muhammad, and thus Muslims, even nowadays Muslims, view non-Muslims. I end the article with a brief summary and conclusion. Non-Muslims are very unclean ToContinue Reading


According to Muhammad even accidents are the works of God.Continue Reading

Miracles in the Quran

This is called petitio principii. In other words their premises are as false as their conclusion.Continue Reading

After Death Certainties

Muslims do not consider themselves responsible for what happens to them but rather ascribe everything to the will of Allah. Continue Reading

An Imperialistic Cult?

Islam is an imperialistic cult in the garb of religion.Continue Reading

Why be Good if there is no Afterlife?

Good people often do bad things when inspired by bad religious teachings..Continue Reading

Genesis According to Muhammad

According to Muhammad the Earth was flat and there are several verses as well as hadithes that confirm this belief.Continue Reading

Inheritance: Who Taught Allah Math?

They reinterpreted, adjusted and compromised to make sense of these nonsense laws. Continue Reading

What is God?

If you don’t like any of the existing gods, make your own.Continue Reading


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