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Aisha: child-marriage and Menarche.

The article discusses and refutes various Muslim apologia regarding Mohammed’s marriage to nine-year old AishaContinue Reading

Islam Destroys Intellect – An Egyptian Apostate

I find Islam like a plague, holding back the nation and the people following it. Continue Reading

Muhammad and His Wives

With such a complexity, probably Mohammed himself would have trouble in telling which of those women would be included under wives, right hand possessions or offered to him and what would be the grand total of his true wives.Continue Reading

Islam is What Muslims Do

With the changing times and the inevitable changes in life style and circumstances, Muslims encounter new problems that never existed in Mohammed’s time. Continue Reading

Sunni or Shia, Which Poses A Greater Threat?

Choosing between Sunni or Shia is like choosing between the idiot and the fool; both sects come from the same cult called Islam.Continue Reading

My Brothers Stabbed Me Ten Times

My father, even after spending almost a lifetime in the West was an especially good Muslim for all these years. In fact it was only four years back that I came to know that he has two more wives and ten kids who are still living in Pakistan.Continue Reading

Islamic Slavery

Another extremely cruel, dehumanizing and degrading aspect of Islamic slavery was the large-scale castration of male captives.Continue Reading

How I saw Islam Is Evil

For many years I have followed some seventh century hallucinations of a barbaric culture. Shame on me!Continue Reading

Politics Behind the Hijab

Contrary to what most people think, hijab is a fairly recent innovation in Muslims’ societies; it started gaining popularity only in the 1990s.Continue Reading

Mohammad and Safia

Safia realized resistance was futile. She will be raped any ways, either by the prophet or another jihadi.Continue Reading

How The Arabs Hated the Quran

There is some very bad news for Muslims because the Quran lost its challenge even before Mohammed started his ‘revelations’.Continue Reading

Banu Quraiza Revisited

These captives who were sold for horses were women of Banu Quraiza tribe.Continue Reading

Outrageous Language Errors in the Quran

In addition to the dozens of grammatical mistakes, the Quran is ambiguous and fails miserably in its primary objective to deliver a clear message to its readers.Continue Reading

My Story with the Quran

The Quran is full with grammatical and other language errors that would never be accepted in any other book or from any other writerContinue Reading

Quotes from Non-Muslim Thinkers on Islam/Religion

“The militant Muslim is the person cutting the head of the infidel while the moderate Muslim holds the victims feet”Continue Reading

Moderate Islam

I do not believe that there is such a thing as a moderate Islam, and have been quite clear about that since I started writing.Continue Reading

Quran, Chapter 9: There should be no peace but violence to the end of times…

The tag of “religion of peace” still remains with Islam despite the abundance of evidences against the very notionContinue Reading

Women are Responsible for Rapes

Only Islam realizes that when Muslim men are aroused they must have it right awayContinue Reading

Holy Islam: Holy Illiteracy – Holy Poverty – Holy Backwardness

Allah not only loves illiteracy but poverty alsoContinue Reading

Pillars : “Religion of Peace” Reps. in the U.S.

Their loyalty is to their belief system, not to the United States Constitution.Continue Reading


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