Amnesty International want Muslim migration into Europe to continue

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    people like angela mercel should be shot dead p- these are the scums who have zero vision and are threat to their own people

  2. Walter Sieruk says:

    Many jihadist /Muslims have the Islamic agenda and quest to conquer the nations of the West for Islam. Either “by hook or by crook” as in by engaging in the stealth jihad or in the violent and deadly “jihad of the sword.” Likewise part of all this in is by the Muslim infilteration of the Western countries which is being accomplished by the great number of Muslim migrants who are entering the Western nations.
    As a Former Muslim had revealed in his book when he wrote that “there has been large –scale immigration into the West, from Islamic nations…of Muslims who are implacably hostile to the West, have no desire to learn why the West became so rich and tolerant , and certainly have no desire to assimilate. They feel no gratitude of allegiance to their Western host nations; their only obligations are to fellow Muslims.”
    The author further clarifies by adding. “The mere presence of so many Muslims in the West had affected the domestic and international behavior of governments, whose foreign policy is dominated by fear of offending their Muslim population ready to riot on the slightest pretext. Those unassimilated Muslims are committed to introducing Islamic laws in the West. , and they are able to do so cleverly exploiting the freedoms created over the centuries by the infidels.” [1]
    As for that above statement that the “Muslim population [is] ready to riot on the slightest pretext…” This is valid evidence that the old saying is true .Which is that “Evil is always looking for an excuse.”
    On this very important subject another scholar in his book informs the reader that “Islamic involvement in the political process is much more advanced in Europe than in the United States. “ and he further makes it known that “Of all the continents of the world, Europe is probably the number one target by Muslim strategists who are seeking world dominance.”

    [1] THE ISLAM IN Islamic terrorism by Ibn Warraq, page 354
    [2] HOW ISLAM PLANS TO CHANCE THE WORLD by William Wagner , pages 176, 195.