Brave women fought ISIS, as the men ran away to Europe

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  1. hannah robinson says:

    face the truth
    your are so wrong and not only that you are lying islam and christianity have nothing in common YEHOVAH does not condone of rape, you hate religion that’s your choice but don’t lie

    you will not find this in islam or anyother religion

    26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.

    27 For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.

    28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female; for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

  2. Face_The_Truth says:

    Crimes of the followers of Christianity and Islam require no new introduction to the non-believers.

    Because, non-believers witnessed to the most bitter ends both Christian and Islamic crimes against humanity within the past 2000 years.

    The terms “Non-Believer” and “Un-Believer” differ in NON-willingness and UN-awareness.

    A non-believer is someone who DOES NOT want to believe (for whatever rationale s/he may have), whereas an un-believer could be someone who simply does not know what to believe.

    And, there is very strong scientific as well as HISTORIC rationale for any conscientious human being for NOT subscribing to the utter falsehoods of Christianity and Islam.


  3. Face_The_Truth says:

    Islam and Christianity are brotherly religions.

    Some might say, indeed Islam and Christianity are sisterly religions.

    But, no one would say Islam and Christianity are basically Father-Child Religions in spite of so much relative similarities between these two ideologies.

    Christianity and Islam are both proselytizing “Religions”.

    Christianity and Islam both masquerade as religions while inherently Christianity and Islam both subjugate non-believers in every way possible.

    Christianity matured in Europe by 270 A.D. and within the next 270 years Islam was established in the Arabian Peninsula.

    Arabian Jews were instrumental in the early development of Islam in Yathrib, which was later re-named “Medina”; but, no one would say today that Jews regretted for their early aid to the establishment of Islam even though Arabian Jews lost their everything to the poisonous snake called “Islam” that Arabian Jews nurtured and brought up.

    Which is just like the historic fact that, American govt. propped up the Taliban and Usamah bin Ladin in Afghanistan in order to destroy Soviet Union; but, faithful Muslims attacked American cities — such as New York and Washington, D.C. — instead of attacking Moscow and Saint Petersburg!

    The most striking historic resemblance between Christianity and Islam, however, is iconoclasm!

    Wherever Christianity went native population lost their forefathers’ identities and wherever Islam went native population lost their DNA.

    Destroying and erasing and converting pre-existing culture and religion is part and parcel of Christianity and Islam.

    Converting other faith’s temples into Christian Churches and Islamic mosques is “Divinely” ordained principle of Christianity and Islam.

    Christians will invite you to become a Christian and if you refuse Christians will make you suffer financially, socially and emotionally.

    Muslims will invite you to become a faithful Muslim and if you refuse Muslims will cut off your head from the rest of your body, because world’s faithful Muslims believe that BEHEADING non-believers is fictitious Islamic Allah’s appropriate punishment for all non-believers on earth!


  4. Face_The_Truth says:

    Medical science (i.e., Psychiatry) tells us that, when a human claims to hear voices in his head which no other person hears, the alleged “External Voice” is actually of that particular human’s own “Voice”.

    However, my dear readers, please don’t tell the above assertion of science to any faithful Muslim man or woman; because, a faithful Muslim man or woman truly believes that, 1400 years ago Muhammad the Arabian heard “Voices” in his head as Muhammad the Arabian used to claim from time after time until his death at the age of 63.

    Muhammad the Arabian claimed that, “Voices” that he heard were from one and only true God named “Allah” (i.e., Jehovah) who was telling Muhammad the Arabian to instruct his followers NOT to worship any other God (or Goddess), because all other Gods (or Goddesses) were (are) false.

    World’s faithful Muslims believe that, non-Muslims (i.e., non-believers of Islam) are Kuffar destined to Islamic hell after death on earth.

  5. Face_The_Truth says:

    World’s faithful Muslims believe that their religion or ideology of Islam was the last (i.e., LATEST) revelation from the ONE and ONLY almighty creator of the Earth, the Sun (i.e, stars) and the Moon.

    So, every year millions of world’s faithful Muslims go to Saudi Arabia to visit the place where — according to world’s faithful Muslims’ belief system — the fictitious Islamic “Allah” resides.

    In 1947 A.D. Muslims and Christians DIVIDED Indian sub-continent in order to make a separate and exclusive Islamic nation called “Pakistan”.

    And, since the inception of two Pakistans — one in the East and the other on the West — “Hindus” (i.e., non-believers) were systematically driven out of their forefathers’ lands and properties.

    However, all Muslims living inside newly independent India — since 1947 A.D. — were given all the rights and privileges including Indian “Hindus” paying (i.e., subsidizing) for the annual costs of hundreds of thousands of Muslims to go to Saudi Arabia to visit the place where fictitious Islamic “Allah” lives.

    ‘Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina is a religious obligation on every Muslim. Consequently Hajj pilgrims converge on these holy Islamic cities once every year from all over the world. This year (1997) the estimated number of Hajj pilgrims from India totals to about 82,000. Of these about 32,000 went on their own while more than 50,000 persons were government sponsored: In other words their journey to Saudi Arabia was subsidized by the Government of India. There are many Indian Muslims who sell their houses and personal belongings to go to Mecca for Hajj. But we are here concerned with Indian ‘secular’ government’s subsidy of crores of rupees annually on this Islamic pilgrimage.’

    Why do Indian “Hindu” tax-payers still pay for the upkeep of Islamic mosques, Islamic madrasas, Islamic khankas, Islamic dargas and Islamic what-nots?

    When Muslims ruled various parts of Indian sub-continent for nearly 800 years, Muslim rulers treated Indian “Hindus” as nothing but Kuffar.

    Indian “Hindu” women and girls were treated as sex-slaves in Muslim rulers’ houses and harems.

    Indian “Hindu” temples were either destroyed or converted into Islamic mosques and Islamic tombs.

    Indian “Hindu” priests were beheaded in public squares in order to inject Islamic terror in the hearts of all “Hindus” (i.e., non-believers).

    ‘A Sufi of the stature of Amir Khusrau wrote in the Ashiqa: “Had not the Islamic law (i.e., Shariat) granted exemption from death by the payment of poll-tax (i.e., Ziziah), the very name of “Hindu”, root and branch, would have been extinguished from earth.” A few years later he asserted that “the Turks, whenever they please, can seize, buy, or sell any “Hindu”.

    The task of enslavement and proselytization could be made easy if the intellectual elite, the leaders of “Hindu” society, could be first dealt with and all un-Islamic education suppressed. That is why in the early years of Muslim rule priests and monks, Brahmin and Buddhist teachers, were generally slaughtered and their colleges and universities sacked.

    For example, in the early years of Muslim rule, Ikhtiyauddin Bakhtiyar Khalji sacked the Buddhist University centres in Bihar (1197-1202 A.D.). There, according to the contemporary chronicler Minhaj Siraj, “the greater number of the inhabitants of the place were Brahmins, and the whole of those Brahmins had their heads shaven (probably Buddhist monks were mistaken for Brahmins) and they were all slain.

    It needs no reiteration that every slave captured in war or purchased in the market or sent in lieu of revenue or tribute was invariably converted to Islam, so that slave-taking in medieval India was the most flourishing and successful missionary endeavor.

    K.M. Ashraf notes, “the slaves added to the growing Muslim population of India.” Every sultan, as champion of Islam, considered it a political necessity to plant or raise Muslim population all over India for the Islamization of the country and countering native resistance.’

  6. Face_The_Truth says:

    In Christianity, women are considered inferior to men.

    In Islam, women are considered the pleasure-givers of faithful Muslim men!

    Didn’t fictitious Islamic Allah (i.e., Jehovah) tell Islam’s founder Muhammad the Arabian that, the fictitious Islamic Allah would provide with unlimited supply of women — both young and old — in Islamic paradise for carnal pleasure of all faithful Muslim men who died in the name of “Allah” and for the sake of “Allah” on earth?

    Shouldn’t world’s faithful Muslims believe in the last words of fictitious Islamic Allah’s psychopath messenger — Muhammad the Arabian — for eternity?

    Aren’t women created by Biblical God (i.e., Jehovah) for the sexual and the domestic needs of faithful Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Mormon men?

    During the “Independence War” (i.e., Civil War) of 1971 — between Bangladesh (i.e., East Pakistan) and West Pakistan (i.e., Pakistan) — Pakistanian military forces kept captured “Hindu” girls without any clothes on after raping them in groups after groups so that those unfortunate “Hindu” girls wouldn’t be able to commit suicide by self-hanging with their Sharies (i.e., a long piece of cloth) after being brutally raped and sodomized by groups of Pakistanian military personnel.

    3 Pakistanian faithful Muslim men could insert their penises on a “Hindu” (i.e., non-believer) girl through her mouth, through her vagina and through her rectum at the same time and take turns by other Pakistanian faithful Muslim military personnel.

    My dear readers, you might think, why would faithful Muslim men commit such brutality on a non-believer “Hindu” girl?

    Answer rests on the fact that, world’s faithful Muslim men believe that, it is in their “Divine” right(s) to exploit non-believer women and girls in every way they please, because world’s faithful Muslim men believe in the only true God the Bible in just another fictitious name called “Allah”.

    Little historical teaching is necessary here.

    There were 360 stone-statues of Gods and Goddesses in the Ka’Ba; today none of them exits — as all were systematically destroyed of Muhammad the Arabian’s army 1400 years ago.

    Just like early Christians systematically destroyed all Pagan statues of Europe in order to make room for Christian idol Jesus Fuc*ing Christ.

    After being rejected by the Jews of Yathrib when Muhammad the Arabian started claiming that he was the last prophet in the succession of countless other Jewish prophets — for hearing voices in his diabolical head — Muhammad the Arabian followed in the footsteps of his contemporary early Christians.

    As early Christians made mountain out of mole-hill by converting a dead Nazarene Jew into “Son of God”, Muhammad the Arabian made one out of 360 stone-statues of Ka’Ba — named “Allah” — into the fictitious one and only Biblical God “Jehovah” 1400 years ago.

    The historic PROOF of the above assertion is: The Pagan “Allah” was just one out of 360 other Pagan Gods and Goddesses who was able to be worshiped and adored along with all other 359 Pagan Gods and Goddesses in Ka’Ba.

    But, Muhammad the Arabian’s fictitious “Allah” wanted to be worshiped alone, which was just like jealous Biblical God “Jehovah”.

    And, just like there is no statue of “Jehovah”, there is no more any Pagan statue of “Allah” left since the military victory of Muhammad the Arabian on Mecca.

    So, my dear readers, believing in fictitious Islamic “Allah” and the last messenger has the reward on earth by being able to enjoy or consume the living-breathing warm bodies of non-believer women and girls by faithful Muslim men in the most sadistic way imaginable!

    After all, it is the plain and simple Islamic fact that, the fictitious Islamic “Allah” did allow the last messenger and his direct followers to rape all Jewish women and girls after beheading the Jewish husbands 1400 years ago.


  7. Face_The_Truth says:

    Brave women fight Muslim men and weak women commit suicide after being gang-raped by Muslim men.


    Even for no actual offense, NON-MUSLIM Christian Conservative female politician begs mercy from faithful male Muslim politician!


    British & American ally United Arab Emirates imprisons a British woman and her daughter for a glass of wine!


    Vicious wife-beating or girl-friend-beating is religiously permissible for a faithful Muslim man; but, many women apparently accept the Islamic doctrine of wife-beating or girl-friend-beating as reasonable.


    So, dear readers, what do the above scenarios tell us?

    The above scenarios tell us (i.e., non-believers) that, the ideology of Islam has a long future ahead in Christian-majority North America and Western Europe due to Christian complicity in Islam.