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Islam Is as Islam Does   2006/05/09

Islam Doesn’t Mean Submission—It Means Death 2006/03/28  

Dr. Wafa Sultan: Exposing the Lies of Islam   2006/03/21  

Islamic Leaders Step Out From Behind the Curtain  2006/02/25

True Islam Unmasked   2006/02/09

Bin Laden Offers a Deceptive Truce  2006/01/20

Will the European Union Fiddle as Europe Burns? 2006/01/17

The Growing Threat of Iran  2006/01/11

The Islamic Grim Reaper  2005/12/28

The Pathology of an Islamic Mind Barbara  2005/11/18

The Jordanian Bombings:  An Islamic Wedding Gift  2005/11/14

How Long Before Europe Falls ? 2005/11/07

Let the Spinnin’ Wheels Spin 2005/11/01

The Threat of Quiet Islam  2005/10/20

Hey, Buddy, Can You Spare a Conspiracy? 2005/10/04

Things that Offend Islam 2005/09/27

The Great Lie of Islam 2005/09/21

The Exodus of Gaza:  Will It Bring Peace? 2005/09/05

Time to Take off the Gloves and Put on the Brass Knuckles 2005/08/11

America ’s Hiroshima ”:  America ’s Date with Disaster 2005/07/28

Islamic Suicide Bombers:  Coming Soon to a Bus Near You 2005/07/13

America , Fight Back Against Islamic Propaganda 2005/07/06

Should Americans Care About CAIR? 2005/06/09

The Islamic Propaganda Machine 2005/06/02

Stop Apologizing to Islam 2005/05/16

The Power of Islam  2005/05/07

Christians of the World:  Unite! 20005/05/01

The Hypocrisy of Islam 2005/04/26

Sherlock Holmes and Me 2005/03/13

Muslims Enjoy Public Beheadings and Executions 2005/03/05

Islam Dupes the Liberal Pacifists 2005/02/25

The Muslim Vacuum 2004/12/09

The Sleeping World Is Awakening to the Dangers of Islam 2004/11/29

A Letter to America from a Terrorist 2004/10/26

Behold the Face of Islam?  2004/05/25 

Must We Loose the Dogs of War?  2004/05/18

An Apology to the Pigs of the World 2004/05/13

American Shame—Arab Hypocrisy  2004/05/04

Muslim Terrorists: Are They Arabian Knights? 2004/04/26


About the Writer: Barbara J. Stock is a registered nurse who enjoys writing about politics and current events. She has a website at http://www.republicanandproud.com/. Barbara J. receives e-mail at [email protected].






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