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The Exodus of Gaza:  Will It Bring Peace? 

By Barbara J. Stock 


Fool’s gold has been scooped up for hundreds of years by desperate people who mistook the worthless golden rocks for the real thing.  Experienced miners were never fooled by the look-alike mineral because they knew what subtle differences to look for.   

So what is the world to make of the removal of Jewish settlers from Gaza?  Is it a real move towards real peace or just a fool’s peace? 

For Israel, it was something that needed to be done.  Not because it was “occupied” land, but because it was just not a feasible situation.  It took over 30,000 Israeli troops just to protect the 8,000 Israeli citizens that lived there.  For Hamas to claim some great victory is just outrageous and nothing more than Islamic bravado.  If Hamas was so all-powerful, why didn’t it just overrun the Israeli troops and push the civilians out?  Why didn’t it just take back the land?  The answer is simple.  Hamas failed.  Israel is giving up the occupied areas because they have decided it is in Israel’s best interest to do so. 

The inability of surrounding Islamic and Arab countries to defeat the tiny Jewish state has been a source of humiliation for decades.  Even when the Arab countries managed to put their own differences aside and join forces, they were unable to defeat Israel.  So, Islam resorted to what Islam does best—terrorism.  Despite the claims, the suicide bombers were sent to die to destroy Israel, not to give the Palestinians a state.  The fate of the Palestinian people has always been an afterthought. 

Has this withdrawal from the Gaza caused celebration in the surrounding Arab countries?  It certainly has not.  Jordan is already protesting the possibility of an Israeli pullout of parts of the West Bank.  Why?  Jordan is terrified of the prospect of over 300,000 Palestinian refuges in Jordan wanting to join up with the new Palestinian state and taking a chunk of Jordan with them.  The fact that Jordan stole the land from the Palestinians long ago seems to be a well-kept secret.  No Palestinian Muslim has ever screamed about Islamic Jordan being an “occupying force.”  Rarely is the fact mentioned that Palestinians in Jordan have been treated very badly by their fellow Muslim host who keeps them confined in camps.   

But it gets worse. Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994.  Jordan’s King Abdullah has notified both Israel and the United States that a pull-out of Israeli-held sections of the West Bank might violate that treaty.  Now, read the above line again and give it careful thought.  Haven’t all of the Arab/Islamic states surrounding Israel been demanding for years that the “occupied lands” be returned to the Palestinians?  Of course they have.  How many Middle Eastern kings and princes would appear on television stating that the Jews had to leave the “occupied lands” of the Palestinians? Now that the return of those lands is a real possibility, Israel’s neighbors are objecting!   

It is being reported that Egyptian forces will be moving into Gaza to maintain control and to take charge of the Palestinian Authority forces.  Those Egyptians are not going there to control exuberant Palestinians but the murderous members of Hamas who have vowed to use the Gaza to launch attacks into Israel.  Egypt, which signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979, knows that the Palestinian Authority has neither the power nor the will to control the Islamic terrorists. How long Egyptian control will last is difficult to predict.  Hamas and al Qaeda will have no guilt pangs over killing Egyptians. 

Is Egypt putting its people into Gaza to protect Israel?  Of course it isn’t.  Egypt fears al Qaeda.  Hamas and al Qaeda are terrorist brothers and they both hate Egypt for declaring that Israel had the right to exist.  With Hamas in charge, groups like al Qaeda would flood into Gaza and use it not only to launch attacks at Israel, but at the “apostate” country of Egypt as well.  Just a few months ago, the Egyptian ambassador to Iraq was kidnapped and beheaded by al Qaeda in Iraq and Egyptians were labeled as “infidels.”  Egypt does not want Iranian Katyusha rockets being fired at it from Gaza.   

Jordan’s King Abdullah is acutely aware that Egyptian forces will be in Gaza and has already declared he will not tolerate Egyptian forces patrolling the West Bank.  Fearing Egypt will exert too much influence in the West Bank, which Jordan considers its back yard, King Abdullah has stated that he will not allow Egyptian forces anywhere near the Hashemite throne. 

So, what do the Palestinians want?  No one around them seems to care much.  The sad truth is that no one has ever cared much about what the Palestinian people wanted.  They ceased being people and became a “cause.”  If they obtained a Palestinian state and peace, they would cease being tormented and oppressed Muslims that Islam could use to enrage Muslims all over world. Islam would lose its “cause.”  Palestine would become nothing more than another Islamic state that can’t get along with its Islamic neighbors. 

Islam doesn’t want a Palestinian state. Palestinians living in squalor, hungry children, and innocent people caught in the crossfire between Israeli troops and Islamic terrorists are martyrs to be held up like trophies.  Islam needs the Palestinian people to continue suffering.  That is why there will never be peace between the Palestinian people and Israel.  Islam won’t allow it. 

The plight of the Palestinians has been the Islamic cause for so long that the powers that be in Islam have no idea who or what they would use to whip up the ignorant into a killing frenzy if the Palestinians get their state.  Even Mohammed Atta of 9/11 fame stated one reason he hated America so much was because of its support for Israel.  It was the evil Jews making the Palestinian Muslims suffer.  This struggle is over 50 years old now.  Muslim children are taught about the poor, downtrodden Palestinians being oppressed by the evil “occupying” Jews of Israel and they believe it is the absolute truth.   

Can there be peace between Israel and the Palestinians?  There is only one hope for peace.  When the Palestinian people themselves tell the Islamic terrorists to leave their land, there will be peace.  When these long-suffering people realize that Israel is not the sole reason for their misery, there will be peace.  When the Palestinian people realize that Islam is the root cause of the hatred, there will be peace.  Until that time, there will be war and death and misery for the Palestinians and Islam will rejoice.  The cause will live on.








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