Leaving Islam



The Hypocrisy of Islam  

By Barbara J. Stock



      Islam means peace and love and Muslims only want to be left alone to practice their beliefs--in peace.  This is one of the greatest lies of the last century but many Muslims continue to say it, over and over, like a mantra, perhaps more to convince themselves than the rest of the world.   

       In these modern times even nomadic Bedouins have cell-phones so it is difficult for Muslims not to read or hear about the suicide bombers, the genocide, the constant attacks in Iraq , and beheadings carried out by their fellow Muslims all over the world.  When it is against infidels, it is easier to accept.   All can be justified, somehow, in the Quran.  But more and more, Muslims are turning on other Muslims and this is not as easily explained away.  For some Muslims, it must seem as though the very foundations of Islam are crumbling and there is no amount of shoring up that will save it.  

       A recent article from the on-line Telegraph exposed the story that Shia Muslims are easily bought off not only with money but promises of the title “emir” for killing more than ten Iraqi Shia Muslims.  For $1500 a month and a promise of fame, they happily killed fellow Muslims.  This reveals more Islamic hypocrisy:  Muslims never kill other Muslims.  Sunni Muslims often kill Shia, but for Shia to be so easily bought to kill other Shia Muslims is a shock.       

      Islamics seem to be still fighting the Crusades.  Anyone who fights back against Islam is called a “crusader” and thus, is evil.  We Americans have the clarion call, “Remember the Alamo .”  Islam has, “We are still fighting the Crusades and Europe belongs to Islam!”  

      The re-taking of Europe is underway as Muslims flood into every European country.  Some startling statistics are starting to be reported.  Everywhere that there is a large number of Muslims, the report of rapes of non-Muslim girls and women has tripled.  These statistics expose another Islamic lie:  Muslims never rape women.  

      People must understand that Mohammed himself told his followers that the rape of non-believers was not rape.  This justified the raping of the many women taken as slaves in their conquests.  Non-Muslim women are not women to many Muslims, they are just whores.   

     For Muslims, doing everything in God’s name is at the core of Islam.  Any sin is justified if it is done in the name of God.  Killing can’t be a sin if it is God’s will.  Rape is accepted as long as the woman raped is a non-believer.  Mohammed said as much.  

      I have been told that women in Islam are treated with more respect than any western women who run “nearly naked in the streets to please men.”  Muslims seem to think that all we in the evil West do is watch pornography, drink, and shoot up heroin.  All American women are prostitutes.  What has amazed me is that these Muslim men who tell me this seem know more about American pornography than I do.  But then, they claim to know more about America than I do.  I only live here.  What do I know?  I’m a stupid woman.   

     Muslim men tell me the reason Muslim women must be covered head to toe is because of the respect Muslim men have for them.  Any woman who shows any of her skin is “asking to be raped.”  And so, since Muslim men apparently can’t control themselves, out of respect, women must be suffocated in 120 degree heat by only showing their eyes.  Muslim women are even supposed to look down, rather than into a man’s eyes because that is considered to “provocative and tempting.”  There seems to be a serious lack of control among some Muslim men.  

     Also, out of respect, Muslim women need not concern themselves with voting, driving a car, leaving the house unattended, or talking to any man that is not their father or brother.  Should women stray from the ways of Islam, they will receive a respectful demonstration of an “honor killing.”  

      Zacarias Moussaoui, a French Muslim, has pleaded guilty on all counts of conspiracy pertaining to the attack on 9/11 and now faces the death penalty.  According to Moussaoui, his mission was to highjack a 747 and crash it into our White House.  Moussaoui made the statement that he expects “no leniency from the Americans.”  Does he deserve leniency?  Did Daniel Pearl or Nicholas Berg receive leniency?  Did either of those men even commit a crime?  Did the Bulgarian man, brutally gunned down just the other day in Iraq receive leniency?  Yet, I have no doubt that when Moussaoui receives the death penalty, Muslims around the world will scream foul, racism, and will claim Americans are uncivilized butchers.  

      Mr. Kostov, the Bulgarian man identified as the pilot of the downed helicopter in Iraq, was executed as he surrendered to the Islamic terrorists.  As they riddled his body with bullets, they shouted, “Allahu akbar!”--“God is great!” The last words Mr. Kostov heard was a man yelling "Carry out God's verdict."  The Islamic terrorists stated that he was killed “in revenge for the Muslims killed in the mosques of Fallujah.”  The pure hypocrisy of it all was that the same day a car bomb blew up outside a mosque and killed nine fellow Muslims.  The bombing was carried out at prayer time for maximum kill.  Saturday, April 23, another mosque was targeted and two more Muslims were killed by fellow Muslims.  April 24 brought more death at a mosque from a car bomber as well as a bomb outside an ice cream shop, meant to target children.   

      Muqtada Al Sadr, a Muslim cleric, used the mosques in Fallujah to judge and convict over 200 fellow Muslims and behead them as punishment under the ruthless Islamic Shari'a law.  But if an American bullet scratches the paint on a mosque the hue and cry is heard around the world.  Yet, Muslims in Iraq are free to blow up any mosque or church and kill as many people as they can because it has been ordained and they are “Allah’s warriors.”   

      The hypocrisy is that mosques are only “holy places” when Muslims are killing in them.  If a non-believer even gets near a mosque it’s a sacrilege and someone must die for it.   

      The reality is that anything Muslims do, any crime, any execution, any bombing, is all justified because Allah has instructed them to do it.  The hypocrisy is when moderate Muslims deny that those committing these hideous crimes are Muslims.  The truth seems to be that it is peaceful Muslims that do not follow true Islam.  This is a truth many Muslims must realize.  They must realize the hypocrisy of Islam.  If Islam means peace, then why does death, oppression, genocide, and war follow Islam everywhere it goes?







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