Leaving Islam




Islam Dupes the Liberal Pacifists  


By Barbara J. Stock    

Americans seem to have the memory span of the average sand flea. The vicious attack on American soil has been brushed aside by many.  The fact that the enemy’s plan of attack was discovered, discussed, and published for all to see, also seems to have been dropped into the dumpster and forgotten.   

Our soldiers discovered in Afghanistan “The Al Qaeda Manual” quite some time ago but Americans didn’t learn anything from it.  This manual lays out in great detail the plans of the Islamic enemy and everyday on the news anyone can see that Al Qaeda and other Islamic terrorists are following it to the letter and we are helping them.   

Every organization has a “mission statement” and terrorists are no different.  What is their goal?  They have only one:  “The overthrow of the godless regimes and their replacement with an Islamic regime.”  The terrorists have some other minor goals, but they are all in place to achieve the main goal of world domination.   In case no one has noticed, Islam considers America one of those “Godless regimes.”  

One way to accomplish this goal is: “Assassinating enemy personnel as well as foreign tourists.”  Of course, with Islamic terrorists, “enemy personnel” can be anyone from a Jewish toddler to an Iraqi humanitarian or a Dutch filmmaker.  In short, the enemy is anyone not a Muslim who believes the world is destined to be ruled by Islam.   

My personal favorite from the mission statement is:  “Spreading rumors and writing statements that instigate people against the enemy.”  Does the overblown behavior of a few at the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq come to mind?   The saddest thing for America is that it was our own media that did the terrorists dirty work for them.  The New York Times had that story on its front page for over 48 days.  Who needs Al Jezeera when you have The New York Times?  

In lesson two, it is established that members must be Muslim.  How can an unbeliever do Allah’s work?  It is also put in black and white that all must be willing to be martyrs for the cause.  “He [the member] has to be willing to do the work and undergo martyrdom for the purpose of achieving the goal and establishing the religion of majestic Allah on earth.”  There is that reminder of the goal of Islamics:  establishing the religion of majestic Allah on Earth.  Are you listening Senator Kennedy?  Do you hear the words of the enemy, Representative Pelosi?  Bin Laden and company plan a hostile takeover of your jobs.  

Lesson four tells the enemy how to seek out and find the proper living quarters.  Terrorists need to blend in with the locals, find good places to spy, and store weapons.  Their apartments should be near the intended target so they can study movements and security and achieve the best results from the attack.  Terrorists are taught to get the most blood for their buck.  

Lessons five through nine go into great detail about member safety, security, buying weapons, communications, and all the mundane but necessary items for waging war.   

Chapters 11 and 12 give direction on espionage of both covert and open methods.  How can a good Muslim live among the beasts and stay a good Muslim?  After all, the good terrorist must blend in and not bring attention to himself.  Dropping to his knees five times a day to pray would be noticed.  He must dress and act as the people around him and as disgusting as he may find it, he must do that for the cause.  The terrorist-in-training is given example after example of how Mohammed himself used spies of all kinds to achieve his goals of looting and pillaging.  Allah will understand.  This behavior is not seen as “sinning” but suffering for the greater good.  All will be forgiven.  

Even the expert Islamic terrorist will find himself in the hands of the infidel on occasion.  What to do?  Knowing that the foolish, liberal West will fall all over itself to be fair with an enemy that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “fair,” the terrorist will be given a trial.  When the trial begins, the first thing the good terrorist must do is claim to have been tortured.  “At the beginning of the trial, once more the brothers must insist on proving that torture was inflicted on them by State Security [investigators] before the judge.”   Very vocal complaints of torture should be given to the judge and shouted to any media that is within earshot, and the names of prison guards should be memorized and repeated.  These names should be passed on to the other “brothers” in prison so that they can use them as well.   

How well the enemy knows us.  While Islamic terrorists kidnap, torture, behead, execute, and rape with wild abandon in the name of Islam, they know liberal Americans will howl for the head of any and all that are accused of mistreating one of these little darlings by making him stand for eight hours in a cold room or be blindfolded for a day.  

When a guard gets bitten by a prisoner and smacks the man doing the biting, accusations of mistreatment are heard and the liberals, pacifists, and American Civil Liberty’s Union scream for the head of the guard.  

       When a Marine kills two terrorists who are coming toward him and they refuse to stop when ordered, it is the Marine who is the criminal, not the two dead men who had just carried out a terror attack on our troops.  Did they have suicide vests on?  Did they have hidden weapons?  No one knew.  These two terrorists had just killed.  Were they following the orders in their handbook and becoming martyrs?  That is the dream of all Islamic terrorists.  Remember, they have those 72 virgins waiting for them in paradise.  

        When a Marine shoots a man playing dead after seeing his best friend killed the day before by someone using the same tactic, the liberal media wants his head on a pike.  The video is shown over and over again on the American cable channels.  Again, who needs the enemy press when our own media and press outlets carry out the terrorist’s plans to the letter?   

        When will this madness end?  When will Americans realize that we are at war?  When will we realize that our very lives and freedom are in serious jeopardy from an enemy that follows no rules, knows no bounds, will kill anyone in its way, and is expert at using our own kindness and gullibility against us? 

        The Islamic terrorists have given us a roadmap to follow and we ignore it and play right into their hands.  As to our media, had today’s media been in place prior to D-Day, the headline of The New York Times on June 5, 1944 would have been:  “Largest military force ever assembled ready to land on the beaches at Normandy tomorrow!”  After all, we wouldn’t want to give our soldiers an unfair advantage.         








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