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The Jordanian Bombings:  An Islamic Wedding Gift  

By Barbara J. Stock  


The wedding had been set for after Ramadan on November 9, 2005 in Amman , Jordan .  A young couple was celebrating their future lives together and sharing their joy with 300 friends and family.  This scenario is not so different from weddings in Chicago or London or Sydney .  The bride was lovely in her white gown and the groom was handsome in his tuxedo.  The only difference for this couple is that their marriage will start by burying their fathers and eight other family members instead of a honeymoon.   

As this Muslim couple celebrated the beginning of their new lives together, a stranger wandered into the wedding hall, placed himself in the heart of the happy crowd, and blew them and himself to bits.  This wedding and its guest were the victims of an Islamic attack on a “soft target.”  

The term “soft target” is code for innocent civilians that are much easier to kill than heavily armed soldiers.  And the killing is what it is all about for these Islamics.  This couple and their guests were Jordanian, and Jordan has been assisting the West, specifically America , in fighting Islamic terrorists.  Therefore, any citizen of Jordan is a fair target for Islam.  A verse from the Quran states, “Slay the transgressors where ever you find them.”  This young couple and people at the two other sites in Amman were considered “transgressors.”  Nearly all those killed were Muslim.  

While some in the Islamic world will be outraged and claim that these murderers are not “true Muslims,” it is a simple fact that those suicide bombers and those that sent them are following the Quran to the letter.   

Last week, the authorities in Australia were luckier.  What was reported as a “significant attack” on Australian civilians was thwarted before it could be carried out.  Islamic cleric Abu Bakr, a strong supporter of bin Laden and terrorists around the world, was arrested as the ringleader of the group.  

This has been a busy week for Islamics.  The liberal media has tried to blame the riots in France and now Belgium and Germany on “high unemployment” and lack of jobs rather than admitting it was Muslims sensing a chance to tear something apart and shoot at police.   This was a chance for Islam to test the system and the government it hates.  It also exposed western Europe ’s dirty little secret.  

The dirty little secret is that most western European countries, have “no-go” zones.  These “no-go” zones are Muslim neighborhoods and the police and firefighters do not enter these neighborhoods unless they absolutely must do so.  These “zones” belong to Islam and all non-believers enter at their own risk.  Non-Muslims on the fringes of these “Islamic zones” suffer violent attacks from roving bands of Muslim men and boys patrolling “their” territory.  The outrage is that this behavior has been allowed.  Europe is just beginning to pay the price for hoping their Islamic problem would just go away if Muslims were just left alone.  

In Iran , lovely television shows directed at small children teach these children that it is a joy to become a suicide bomber in defense of Islam.  The children are taught that Allah will be pleased with them if only they die killing the enemies of Islam.  

In the ten minute film, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, a young Palestinian boy must watch as “evil” Israeli soldiers beat and kill his parents and brother.  The boy then joins a “resistance” group who will help him avenge the deaths of his family.  Tearful surviving family members bid him farewell with these words, “Go, my children. Go and show the Zionists how brave and heroic are the children of Palestine .”  The story ends when the boy, laden with grenades, blows himself up in the middle of a group of Israeli soldiers who all have the face of Satan.  A friend of the dead boy picks up his friend’s blood-stained keffiyeh head-dress, drapes it over himself and walks into the sunset presumably to become a suicide bomber himself.  

The Arab news channel, Al-Jazeera, realizing that the world was growing restless with Islam calling suicide bombers “martyrs,” has now renamed the act of killing one’s self to kill others, “Paradise Operations.”  The message is clear:  kill for Islam and paradise awaits.   

The president of Iran has publicly declared Israel should be blown off the face of the planet.   Mohamed El Baradei, the head of the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency is a Muslim and he seems to be making excuses for Iran and its advancing nuclear program.  El Baradei always wants to give Iran “a little more time” to be honest about a program that was hidden and lied about for almost 20 years.  Can El Baradei truly be trusted to monitor a Muslim country?  Can he put his responsibility to monitor Iran ’s nuclear activities above Islam?   

In Indonesia , two 17 year old Christians were shot in the head, point-blank, on their way home from church and a few weeks ago three Christian girls were beheaded.  

Most of Europe remains in denial that Islam is a real threat not only to their lives but their cultures and way of life.  Here in America , people have become complacent about the threat, continuing to cling to the idea that Islam is a nothing more than a peaceful religion that has been high-jacked by a “handful” of bad people.  The problem is that this handful equals millions of people who are determined to kill and die for Allah.  These terrorists are convinced that a violent death is the only path to paradise.   

For the most part, so called “moderate Muslims” remain silent in their condemnation of this mass murder and many quietly cheer the killing.  News agencies are reporting that even in Jordan , a country of almost six million people--nearly all Muslim--only a few hundred people took to the streets to protest the recent bombings.  Ironically, a Palestinian man was lamenting that he lost family in the wedding bombing.  “Muslim killing Muslim--this shouldn’t happen!” he cried.  But blowing up Israeli weddings is acceptable.   

Why has America not been struck again?  No one knows for sure but all agree it is just a matter of time before there is another attack on American soil.  The appeasers believe that if America pulls its troops out of Iraq , America will be safe.  What the peaceniks seem to forget is that America was not occupying Iraq on September 11, 2001 .  If we pull the troops out of Iraq , Islam will see this action as a sign of weakness and will step up terror attacks around the world.  Perhaps fear of mass retaliation from one of the few countries that has stood up to Islam is making the terrorists hesitate.  But Islam’s apparent success in cowing Europe will give them courage.  

Americans need to look at the video of the devastated wedding from Jordan .  Next week or next month those videos could be from a wedding in St. Louis or a mall in Minneapolis .  It could be grammar school in Toledo or a hospital in San Diego .  America is full of “soft targets” and Islam has plenty of people who wish to take part in a “paradise operation.”  It’s coming, America , so are we ready?








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