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Will the European Union Fiddle as Europe Burns?

By Barbara J. Stock


After the attack on the United States in September11, 2001, President Bush dubbed Iraq , North Korea , and Iran the “Axis of Evil.” Bush was roundly condemned and ridiculed by the leftist intellectual world at large for making this statement, but he had good reason to focus on those three rouge nations.

It has come to light that in 1999, there was a botched Central Intelligence Agency plot called “Merlin” that was concocted to hand over to Iran faulty diagrams of our nuclear bomb’s detonation device. The scheme failed when Russian nuclear scientists recognized the flaws and corrected them before giving them to Iran . This gross mistake succeeded in giving Iran the American top secret technology that is used to make our bombs go boom. Based on that information alone, it was obvious as far back as 1999 that Iran had set its sights on obtaining a nuclear arsenal. So much time has been wasted.

For the last two and one half years, diplomats from the European Union have tried to reason with the leaders of Iran Iran has lied and stalled and all the while the mullahs were quietly obtaining everything they need to complete their 20-year dream. Foolishly, as the diplomats continued to believe that they could bring Iran to heel with words, weapons dealers in their own countries were selling missiles to Iran that are capable of reaching the heart of Europe. Just as France, Germany, and Russia sold weapons to Saddam that would be used to kill coalition forces, countries in Europe have been selling the very weapons to Iran that could well bring about Europe’s own destruction. Somehow, there is an interesting justice at work.

The major problem for the Europeans is that they have not truly recognized how dangerous Islam and Iran are to the civilized world. Islam and Iran cannot be separated. They are one. The goals of Islam are identical to the goals of Iran. Only now is Europe realizing this fact. The EU’s mistake was believing it could reason with unreasonable people. Iran began the talks knowing full well that it would lie and cheat the entire time. It is not only accepted that Islamics will lie to the enemy, it is demanded as being a part of good Islamic warfare. Had the EU taken the time to understand the enemy, it would not have the near-crisis that it is now facing.

The past cannot be undone so the world must now decide what is to be done with this Islamic state hell-bent on destroying the world unless it agrees to bend to the will of Allah. The world must understand that if Islam/Iran is not obeyed, the bombs will fly because for Islamics, death is better than a world not ruled by Islam. The question at hand is this: Is Europe capable of dealing with this situation? There is good reason to believe that it is not.

More than likely, Iran will be put before the United Nation’s Security Council where either Russia or China may veto any sanctions. Using Iraq as the model, it is obvious that sanctions do not work. In the time it will take the notoriously corrupt and always-fearful-of-Islam-United Nations to meet, Iran will be that much closer to its goal. For over 20 years, Iran has outmaneuvered the nuclear watchdog arm of this organization and it will continue to do so. How many times has Mohamed El Baradei claimed that he was, “running out of patience?” Mr. El Baradei apparently has a very deep well of patience when an Islamic country is involved.

The majority of the European Union nations were staunchly against the American led war against Iraq. Iraq was “contained.” Many in the EU stated that according to international law, no nation-state can make a “pre-emptive” strike against another. The chorus from the choir of appeasers in the EU was, “Let the inspectors do their work.” Interestingly, the preverbal shoe is now on the other foot. Reliable intelligence from inside Iran is sketchy at best. What is known is that Iran has threatened to “blow Israel off the face of the Earth,” and an outright warning to the people of Europe that they will not be safe from the long arm of a nuclear Iran. But are threats of a nuclear attack reason enough to bomb or invade a sovereign state? History is replete with such threats that were never carried out.

So why is the threat from Iran different from the threat of Iraq? The appeasers claim that Iraq was no threat to anyone and had not attacked America. But Iraq did attack America--in 1993. The Federal Bureau of Investigation informed President Clinton that Iraq was involved in the first World Trade Center bombing. Saddam tried to assassinate an ex-president of the United States. Saddam provided funding to those who were making plans to attack and kill American citizens. Saddam supported terrorist training camps inside Iraq. Ramzi Yousef trained Terry Nickols in the art of bomb making. Yousef carried an Iraqi passport and is now in prison for his involvement the in the 1993 WTC attack. Saddam had waged war with two of his neighbors. Saddam had used weapons of mass destruction on his own people. 

While the leaders of Iran are ruthlessly cruel to their own people, there is no absolute proof that they have any WMD. Iran has not attacked its neighbors. As of this moment, all Iran has done is threaten. The difference between Iran and Iraq is the countries that find themselves in the crosshairs of an Islamic attack.

When it was the United States being threatened and attacked, the EU demanded patience and restraint. Now that there may soon be WMD with Paris, Berlin, and Rome written on the side as the delivery address, Europe has broken into a collective sweat. After condemning us for our “illegal pre-emptive strike” on Iraq, Europe now faces the same possibility.

Sanctions or no sanctions, Iran will move forward with its plans, and sooner or later, the EU will have to make a decision. If history is any guide, the EU will hesitate in a situation where hesitation can mean the difference between survival and death. The actual disarming of Iran will be pushed onto Israel and the United States. 

It has been a dream of Islamics for decades to have the power of a nuclear weapon at their disposal. That dream is about to be realized. Europe is already fiddling as Islam starts small fires all over the continent, denying the problems with the ever-growing Muslim population in Europe. No one should be surprised when Europeans continue to fiddle as their greatest threat since Hitler prepares for all-out war with the world. 

There should also be no doubt that when the conflagration begins, Europeans will point at America and scream: “If you just hadn’t fought back, this wouldn’t be happening to us!” and “If you would just have given us more time, we could have talked Islam into being reasonable.” 

Of course you could have! And the sun sets in the East.  







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