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The Sleeping World Is Awakening to the Dangers of Islam


Barbara J. Stock  

This past week, I have received many responses from Muslims concerning my two most recent columns:  ''Followers of Islam: Can You See the Blood on Your Hands'' and ''Here Comes the Arab/Muslim Outrage.'' 

In one breathe, some the writers would call themselves ''intellectuals'' and then accuse me of being a Jew when I put tough questions to them that they could not answer. They maintained that as an American, I just was not intelligent enough to understand Islam.  The mistake these ''intellectuals'' made is in believing that I have any intention of ''understanding'' Islam. 

It has taken me since 9/11 to realize that civilized humans cannot understand Islam.  I am just overjoyed and somewhat relieved that the world is finally waking up in time to see the rabid dog coming its way disguised as Islam.

If Bin Laden has done one good thing in his wretched life, it was to poke a stick in the eye of the world by bringing his radical beliefs forward and urging his fellow Muslims to live by the Quran and commit violent acts.  It has taken some time for people to begin taking a look at Muslims in their own areas, but it is happening.  The French and the English are beginning to ask themselves, ''When did this happen?  When did 6 million Muslims get here and what are they planning to do?''

Approximately 33% of the world is Christian and 20% is Muslim, based on figures for the year 2000.  The number of Muslims is growing at an alarming rate.  Muslims immigrated to peaceful, mostly Christian countries in Europe where they had large families that were reasonably safe from the ravages of their own strict religious teachings.  At least these Muslims were safe until the radical element migrated from the oppressive Middle Eastern countries and began exerting its power over the masses and started menacing the indigenous populations that took Muslims in and welcomed them over the years. The mind-control of the clerics over the average Muslim is frightening and total. 

This problem is most notable in the smaller European countries such as the Netherlands and Sweden , where a backlash against Islam is growing because of the strict Islamic laws forbidding mingling with the non-Muslim citizens of a country.  In short, Muslims do not fit in.  They are not allowed to fit in.  The religious leaders lose their total control of the people if those people are allowed to see and experience the freedom that others enjoy.  This is why Islam loathes democracy.  Democracy steals the power of the Islamic leaders.  It gives the people the right to think for themselves and thinking people might start to question their laws.  Free people will question the absolute authority and power of the Islamic leaders over every aspect of their lives from birth to often violent death.

These days, it seems that anyone who speaks out against Islam runs the risk of being murdered, as in the case of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh who was shot, stabbed, and then had his throat slit by a radical Muslim in the Netherlands .  Van Gogh had made documentaries exposing the brutality directed at women under Islam.  Now, mosques and Muslim schools have been burned and the normally peaceful Dutch are considering closing their borders at the very least and perhaps even expelling Muslims from their country.  As one Dutch citizen said on a blog, ''This country is a free country but we canít even speak anymore without wondering if some Muslim will murder us.''  The hate and unrest towards the followers of Islam is growing.  It is just a rumble now, but it will get louder as the killing and bombing continues across Europe

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