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The Power of Islam

Written by Barbara J. Stock
Friday, May 0
7, 2005 

People may wonder why I write so often about the War with Islam.  There is no “War on Terror.”  Our war is with the violent ideology of Islam and those that follow that doctrine and there are millions of such followers.  Americans need to understand the seriousness of the situation in which we find ourselves.  Islam is in full jihad mode and Islamic leaders know that to succeed they must destroy the United States.  
On one hand, we have moderate Muslims denying that Muslims kill and behead innocent people.  When they are forced to admit the truth, the argument switches to, “They are not following true Islam.”  The problem is this:  The terrorists are following true Islam because Islam is founded on fear and violence.
Do all Muslims believe in the true teachings of Islam?  No, but they believe they do.  There are many Muslims who truly believe that Islam is a peaceful religion whose followers would never harm a fly.  These Muslims probably wouldn’t harm a fly until they are exposed to Muslims who do follow true Islam.
Perhaps an example would be appropriate.  A perfectly normal British Muslim man went to Saudi Arabia to make his required pilgrimage, called the Hajj. This normal father of a teenaged daughter returned to London a full-fledged Muslim.  Just that brief encounter with Arab Muslims turned this man into a killer. 
While in Saudi Arabia, this man was convinced by the true Arab Muslims that his daughter was no longer “pure.”  He was ordered to kill her to restore his “honor.”  So, this man returned to London and slit his daughter’s throat in front of his other children.  The two younger children ran screaming from the house covered with their sister’s blood.  Their father was convinced their sister was no longer a virgin.  The autopsy proved him wrong.  
A young, innocent girl is dead.  Her younger siblings are forever traumatized and their father is now in prison for life.  An entire family was destroyed because of a few fateful days the father spent with Arab Muslims.  That is the power of true Islam...   


About the Writer: Barbara J. Stock is a registered nurse who enjoys writing about politics and current events. She has a website at http://www.republicanandproud.com/.
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