Leaving Islam



An Apology to the Pigs of the World

By Barbara J. Stock  

 Last week I was outraged at the behavior of a handful of reservists and disgusted by the pictures that have been plastered all over every media source around the world.   I am no longer outraged.  Arrest those guilty, give them a fair trial, and put those found guilty in jail—end of story.  No more apologies; no more hearings; no more embarrassment over what happened.   

     The hideous butcher of an American citizen by faceless terrorists and the video put out by creatures I used to refer to as “animals” has changed all that.  As they held up this young mans’ severed head for the camera, I decided I will no longer call these sub-animals anything but “things.”  Calling them animals and putting them in the same class with pigs, is an insult to pigs so I hereby issue a formal apology to all the pigs of the world.  The swine of the world are far more “human” than these “things” that can cut an innocent man’s head off in a most gruesome fashion.  They can’t even kill a helpless man--with his hands tied behind his back--with four things holding him down--in an efficient manner.   

     No, they hacked at his throat as he screamed in agony for 30 seconds before his misery was finally ended.  What brave things these butchers are to kidnap a man who was there helping to rebuild Iraq .  He was not a soldier.  Nick Berg didn’t shoot anyone.  He didn’t humiliate anyone and take pictures of the event.  No, he just went there to work.  As they ended this young man’s life, they were shouting, “Allah is great!”  May God design a special place in hell for these things.  

     These things are afraid of real soldiers.  They can only butcher men with their hands bound.  They can only blow up children and execute babies and pregnant women.  They are cowards.   

     Things hide in holy places and defile them with their evil.  A thing bravely covers his head so no one can see his evil face as he murders.  This thing doesn’t want anyone to know how much he enjoys what he is doing.  That’s why he does it.  He likes doing it.  He doesn’t care about the Iraqi people--he never has and he never will.  He just enjoys killing.  He is a soul-less creature who exists on a different plane from humans.  If there are such things as demons, these things are they.  

     The things say it is punishment for what happened in the Abu Ghraib prison to Iraqi prisoners.  What is the excuse for the butcher of Danny Pearle?  What was his crime?  What was he punished for?  There were no humiliating pictures being flashed around the world when Danny had his throat slit by some Islamic guardian of the gates of hell.   

     The American outrage over the treatment of the Iraqi prisoners was immediate and loud.  Where is the Muslim outrage as these things butcher in the name of their God?  Where is the anger over the image that has become the face of Islam?  Islam has become a faith of death, hate, and murder in the eyes of the civilized world.   

     When the war on terror began on September 11, 2001 , I didn’t blame Muslims for the carnage.  Last week I didn’t blame Muslims as a whole for the butchery seen now around the world.  My opinion is changing, however.   

     Three thousand people were murdered on 9/11.  Several hundred were murdered in Spain .  Last week a woman who was eight months pregnant and her children, including a two year old, were gunned down in Israel .  Two things dressed as women tried to wreak havoc at a memorial for this woman just a few days ago.  Israeli soldiers sent them to their fate.  Their fate is to stand before God and try to explain the killing of babies in his name.  

     Islam has brought death and destruction to every continent on the face of this planet.  Where does it end?  When does it become so much mindless killing that Islam will rise up and destroy the evil within?  A terrorist is a terrorist whether in Iraq , here in America , Spain or Israel .  All are killing in the name of your God--killing in the name of Allah--when will Muslims become outraged?  Will Muslims ever become outraged?  Is it that Islam quietly rejoices at the things actions?  Muslims’ silence is speaking volumes.  Either Islam approves of the killing or it is afraid of the things that have stolen the Islamic faith and refuse to stand up to them.  If Muslims do not reclaim their religion, it will be forever lost, strangled to death by the blood of innocent people.  

     If Muslims of the world do not step forward and demand the killing end, the bloodbath will never end.  As Muslims allow their sons and daughters to be indoctrinated into a climate of hate where the throat-slitting of innocents and the killing of babies are cheered as a great victory for Allah, the hate will grow, but not as Muslims expect.  The hate will come from our side.  

     Americans will no longer care if we blow up a mosque.  If the things are hiding there-- blow it up.  If terrorists hide in Islam’s holy shrines, they are no longer holy but black holes that lead straight to hell.  Any Muslim that houses them as guests becomes the enemy and will die as a terrorist and God will judge silent Muslims as harshly he judges the terrorists.  If mainstream Islam does not speak out against terrorist acts and take steps to condemn such acts and stop the killing, the blood of thousands is on their hands as much as it is on the terrorists’ hands.  The dead are crying out for justice.  The only justice for these things is death.  I doubt God will have any mercy on their souls.  

     As to Americans—we have been reminded of what the enemy really is—a thing.  Terrorists are faceless, soul-less creatures that must be exterminated from the face of earth.  Things and all who harbor them must cease to exist.  If terrorism is not stopped, it will corrupt all and evil will win.  Satan is joyous this day—his minions have made him very proud.  





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