Leaving Islam



The Threat of Quiet Islam  

Barbara J. Stock


Just about every conscious human in the free world knows about Islamic suicide bombers, train bombers, and night club bombers.  Everyone knows that Muslims flying large commercial planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings and the Pentagon on 9/11.  Those are the actions of the obvious terrorist side of Islam.   

It is interesting that those Islamics committing these heinous acts believe absolutely that the Quran orders them to do these things to achieve Mohammed’s plan of Islam dominating the world.  Yet, all the world hears is the plea from Muslims to understand that Islam is a religion of peace and love.  If that is so, does this mean that Islamics who are terrorists use a Quran that is different from the “peaceful” Muslim’s Quran?  

Does the fact that there is no one central power controlling Islam and giving one definitive translation or explanation for passages from the Quran that causes seemingly diverse interpretations of the Quran?  Unless one is willing to look around at what else Islamics have been doing around the world besides blowing people to bits, the uninformed might believe the Islam really is a religion of peace and love, cursed with a few “bad apples.”  

 “Peaceful Islam” has been just as busy as the terror wing.  Large numbers of Arab-Muslims have immigrated all over the world.  European countries are alarmed at the number of Muslims within their borders.  The attack on America was like a fire bell ringing, waking other countries up to the growing masses of Muslims in their midst.  It was noticed that these Muslims made no effort to blend in with the local population.  Instead, Muslims banded together, taking over neighborhoods and eventually driving out the non-Muslims.  Any acceptance of the local culture and customs was strongly discouraged and often severely punished.  These Muslim neighborhoods set up their own legal system of Islamic law, ignoring the laws of the land.  Immigrants were encouraged to have very large families to form huge voting blocks to maneuver Muslims into positions of power within the government.   

Islam in Africa has been much bolder in the power grab of third world countries with uneducated and poor citizens often living under corrupt governments.  Again, large numbers of Muslims would move into a country such Nigeria and Sudan .  Slowly growing in numbers, Muslims would either create a majority to take control of the government via a legal vote as in Nigeria , or by genocide as in Sudan .  In tiny Rwanda , Islam used the war between the Hutu and the Tutsi tribes to convince those fleeing the carnage that Islam would protect them if they converted to Islam and many converted to stay alive.  Islam is now the majority in many African countries and in control of several governments.  

Whether by persuasion, reproduction, or mass murder, Islam is slowly taking control of the African continent.  Not satisfied with Africa , Islam has moved swiftly into Asia .  The terror arm of Islam has been busy in places like Bali reminding the local population that catering to Western infidels is dangerous business.   

Both Australia and Canada have had to fend off Islamic attempts to remove Muslim communities from the laws of the land and allow Sharia Law to govern the Muslim population in matters of divorce, marriage, and inheritance.  Power grabs in strongly democratic countries has proven to be more of a challenge for Islam and it has regrouped to try again, this time, dropping the words, “Sharia Law” from their submissions for change that would place Islam in control of Muslim communities within democratic countries.   

The term “Islamic Sharia Law,” has become well known and closely associated with the oppression within Islam and the wide disparity between the rights of Muslim men and women.  Western cultures want nothing to do with a 7th century view of justice where hands and feet are chopped off and young women who are raped are forced to produce three male witnesses to the crime or be judged as adulterers.  Public execution in the form of stoning does not have much support in a democracy.  Many Islamic leaders state emphatically that Islam and democracy cannot co-exist.  Muslims are expected to have only one master and that master is Islam.  Islam dictates every aspect of their lives from birth to death.   

In America , Islam has had trouble gaining a real foothold.  But Islam’s dictation to American Muslims is the same as illustrated by Omar Ahmad, the Council on American/Islamic Relation’s spokesman, when he publicly stated:  "Those {Muslims} who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam...Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America , and Islam the only accepted religion on earth."  

In an effort to keep American Muslims under the total control of Islam, the Saudi Arabians have spent billions of dollars building mosques and Islamic schools so that Muslim children can be instructed in the strict laws of Islam.  For decades, no one paid much attention to what was being taught in those Saudi-funded schools.  Perhaps two generations of American Muslims were taught that Muslims are to be loyal to no country, only Islam.  These children were taught that Christians and Jews were the enemy.  They were taught that only Islam will dictate how they will live their lives.  American children were being brainwashed right under our collective noses.   

Because of that, American Muslims are often torn between country and Islam and there is no way to know which force will win in the end.   

Islam has not grown in America as it has in Europe or Africa because of the strong Christian influence and democracy so Imams and Muslim clerics were dispatched to the prison system to scoop up the disillusioned and those in need of something to belong to that claimed it would care about them and for them.   

In the general population, Islam has a tendency to attract those in need of someone to tell them how to live their lives while assuring them that their lives will be better.  It’s unfortunate that people don’t remember the old saying, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.”  This is a perfect description of Islam.  When convincing people to convert, only the loving side of Islam shows itself.  It isn’t until it’s too late that people become aware of the dark side of Islam.   

Islam is a shell game.  Assisted by the “if it bleeds, it leads” motto of the media, Islam is able to keep the world’s attention on the terrorist attacks while “peaceful Islam”  quietly goes about the business of taking over entire countries and working its way into the fabric of the legal and governmental systems of others.  American Muslims are now petitioning that the call to prayer be blasted over loud speakers five times a day in quiet neighborhoods and towns.  This is Islam’s first step in using democracy to destroy democracy.  Always on the move, the quiet side of Islam is every bit as dangerous as the terrorists.  Their goals are the same, only the method varies.   








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