Leaving Islam




The Islamic Grim Reaper

Barbara J. Stock  


As legend has it, the Grim Reaper moves among us, unseen and unstoppable.  His ugly, skeletal face is obscured by a black hood and no one knows he is near until his touch claims your life.  Only in death is his face revealed.  

It is troubling that after America was attacked on her own soil not so long ago, that so many Americans still do not realize the danger of the insidious and relentless enemy that we face.  Just as no living thing can escape death, Americans cannot escape the final showdown with Islam.  It is unfortunate that so many will die because they are afraid to lift the black hood off and see the face of the enemy.  Islam has declared war on America and our culture.  Islam brought the battle right to our shores and still, many do not believe.  

Will there be Muslims that join us in our battle?  Probably, but only those who are able to shake off the shackle that Islam has imprinted on their subconscious that only Islam and its followers have a right to exist.  Those Muslims that join us will be fighting for their lives because they will be killed for being apostates, (those that believed in Islam but no longer believe) a greater sin than being an infidel.  

Barbara Walters recently interviewed a failed Islamic suicide bomber and she asked him if he wanted her to go to hell because she is not Muslim.  His response is a glimpse into the foundation and teachings of Islam.  This man, who was disappointed that his bomb belt had failed to work and he was not successful in his mission to kill innocent people, told Ms. Walters that it was not his wish that she go to hell, it was God’s will.   

This Muslim had been taught that it was his duty to Islam to kill and there would be no punishment from Allah for murder because it is neither murder nor suicide to kill those who do not believe in Islam.   With a smile, he told her that only Muslims will enter paradise.  Indeed, most young Muslim boys are taught that non-Muslims are not even human but descendants of pigs and monkeys.  Killing non-Muslims is a form of mercy killing because infidels do not enjoy the favor of Allah.  

Muslim boys are taught that if they die as “martyrs” for Islam, 72 virgins wait for them in paradise.  These buxom and beautiful young girls are perpetual virgins.  For those so inclined there will also be young boys called “pearls” for their pleasure when they get bored with the virgins.  The would-be suicide bomber had no doubts that this was the reward he had been denied because he failed.  

Barbara Walters found this belief “amusing” but millions of young Muslim men absolutely believe this and there is nothing amusing about it.  It is one of the most powerful weapons Islam has at its disposal to use against infidels and it is the cheapest.  One Muslim man with a suicide belt can kill and maim a hundred people.  To Islamic leaders, that is a fair trade.  Ten Muslim lives for 1000 non-believers.  The more people killed, the more Allah will love and reward the “martyr.”  I wonder if Ms. Walters would continue to find it amusing if one of those Muslim men, yearning for his fair share of virgins, were to blow himself up in a crowded McDonald’s or a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant packed to the rafters with kids at a birthday party.  

For terrorists to succeed, they must strike terror in the hearts of their enemy.  There is no faster way to accomplish this than to attack the children.  There is nothing that will turn calm adults into frantic and panicked human beings faster than the belief that their child’s life is in danger.  Simultaneous attacks in a dozen American cities would ignite a panic in this country that has never been seen or felt before.  

What is the cost to Islam?  The initial cost could be only twelve lives, and for Islamics, that is nothing.  But if 30 people, mostly children, could be killed at each site, Islamics would be celebrating the success of the mission.  Islam claims to have thousands waiting in line for the honor of killing for Allah.  Iran claims to have a million young Muslims on its “martyrs” list.  

Such an attack would indeed cause the desired panic and people would keep their children away from any situation where a bomber might be lurking.  Malls, theaters, fast-food restaurants, and any other “soft” target would be empty.  The effect on the economy would be immediate.  Islam would have two victories for the price of 12 lives.  No need to smuggle in large bombs or have a vast army of armed men.  Twelve pre-programmed and brainwashed young men are all that would be needed.  The first wave of “martyrs” would only be the first volley.  There would be many, many more.  

Over the years, America has allowed tens of thousands of Arab Muslims to emigrate from the Middle East and there are those who would be willing “martyrs” and who would be overjoyed to kill the American infidel for Allah and receive their eternal virgins as a reward in paradise.  If each bomber was successful in killing ten people, the number of dead Americans would be staggering.   

Al Qaeda has complained that American born Muslims are reluctant to join in the slaughter.  American Muslims have been corrupted by freedom, but with the large influx of Middle Eastern Muslims and the importation of radical Islamic teachers and Imams with them, there would be no shortage of volunteers who would line up to grab the Islamic brass ring that leads to paradise and virgins.  The threat is real and the threat is right here in America --waiting for orders.   

What Americans must realize is that Islamic terrorists will not come storming ashore in full military garb and try to overrun the country.  These terrorists will look like everyone else in the crowd.  They will smile and chat with your child and comment on how cute your baby is…just before they kill you.  All one has to do to understand how Islamics wage war is look at the number of dead women and children in Iraq who have died at the hands of the brave Islamic “warriors.”   

Also targeted in Iraq are the fledgling police and National Guard units.  That will not happen here.  Our police are far too seasoned and well armed for a frontal attack.  Islamic terrorists will move on civilians because they know they cannot defeat our police or military and America has “soft targets” from sea to shining sea.  

Islamics have learned over the past four years that leftists in America are weak.  Islamics have used our freedom and our laws to infiltrate our cities and continue to be protected by those on the left who demand the civil rights these potential bombers be placed ahead of the lives of American citizens.  Once again, leftists are moving to blind America to the plots of those who wish us dead.  All the leftists want to do is contemplate how they can impeach the only American president who has taken a stand against the terrorists.  The enemy must be pleased.  

But these Islamic terrorist leaders are not stupid.  They know when they give the order to begin the waves of suicide bombers in America it will be their final stand.  It will be their last resort because these leaders know that even their leftist friends will run and hide and no longer protect them if biological or chemical weapons or suicide bombers are unleashed on the American population.  Islamics are not yet ready for their last hurrah.  They know America will respond quickly and violently.  While these Islamic leaders have no problem sending thousands of mindless Muslim robots out to kill for Islam, they have no intention of dying for Islam themselves.  For now, Islam will concentrate on countries in turmoil to conquer and wreak its murderous havoc.   

It is past time for all Americans to look into the eyes of the enemy and recognize this enemy for what it is:  evil in its purest form.  It is the evil found in the heart of the man who drives a car full of explosives into a crowd of playing children in Iraq and it is found in the heart of a woman who sits down to watch playing children at a wedding and later laments that her bomb malfunctioned.  To Americans, this kind of evil is incomprehensible.  To the enemy, it is a way of life.  Islam has taught them it is the only route to paradise and no one knows how many of them believe it.







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