Leaving Islam




True Islam Unmasked  

By Barbara J. Stock


The Islamic Pandora’s Box has been opened and no amount of energy spent trying to push the true face of Islam back in will be successful.  The inherent violence, intolerance, and inbred anger of Islam is now out for all to see.  The world is watching and the “handful of terrorists who have high-jacked a peaceful religion” doesn’t pass the “laugh test” any longer.  

An Islamic mob of over 500 marched through the streets of Knightsbridge , England , chanting, “Massacre those who insult Islam!” and issued warnings of further terror attacks by screaming, " Britain , you will pay, 7/7 on its way."  Embassies have been burned.  Nearly 50,000 Muslims took to the streets in Sudan chanting, “"We are ready to die in defense of you our beloved prophet."   A Catholic priest has been killed, and churches burned.   These people are not “terrorists,” but supposedly the average peace-loving Muslim.  It doesn’t seem take much to turn a “peaceful” Muslim into a rampaging killer.  

All of this chaos and destruction is over a few editorial cartoons.   

The threats of kidnappings, riots, and boycotts are coming from Muslims all over the world.  Diplomatic action against Denmark has been recommended by the Egyptian ambassador.  Muslims in Norway are trying to pass laws that anything short of praise for Islam should be considered blasphemy and severely punished.  The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) felt it had the right to dictate to the president of the United States concerning which terms would be acceptable when referring to Islam in the State of the Union Address.   

Islamic hysteria is in full voice to bend the world to Islam’s will.  Of course, Islam never considers as blasphemy the daily insults to Jews or Christians.  Papers all over the Middle East and on the Islamic web sites display cartoons depicting Jews and Christians as pigs and monkeys and as murderous infidels butchering children with swords in the shape of a swastika.  Cartoons showing the attack on America on 9/11 are very popular.  Apparently, the death of 3000 people is not something Islam finds offensive.  

Muslims lose touch with reality after being brought to a fever pitch by the imams and mullahs, especially during Friday prayers.  Men often explode out of the mosque looking for someone to kill to ease their Islamic rage against an infidel world.  Muslims feel Islam has been slighted and the world must pay.  If these raging Muslims can’t find the guilty person to punish, any non-Muslim in their path will do.  

What constitutes an insult to Islam?  Basically, any non-Muslim is an insult to Islam.  If someone does not believe that Mohammed was a prophet, that is considered an insult in Islam.  Uttering any doubts that the Quran is not a perfect book written by God through Mohammed, is considered an insult to Islam.   Depicting any picture of Mohammed is considered an insult to Islam.  It doesn’t take much to trigger mass hysteria and Islamic mobs screaming, “Death to the world.”  

The artists who made the editorial cartoons that have set off this hate-fest are now in hiding, fearing that they will end up as Theo Van Gogh who had his throat slit and a knife left sticking out of his chest on a public street in broad daylight.  Islam will not forget.  These cartoonists are now dead-men-walking and they know that carefree walks in park are now a thing of the past.   


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