Leaving Islam



Christians of the World:  Unite!  

By Barbara J. Stock    

      I receive an English comic book several times a week via e-mail called:  “The Party for Islamic Renewal.”  In one of their latest issues, British Muslims are wailing about how badly Muslims are treated around the world.  The Muslims of England must unite to protest the horrible, evil, cruel, and completely unjust persecution and oppression of Muslims.  Muslims complain that in France , the locals don’t like the Muslim girls to wear their hijabs.  This is an outrage.  

      I understand that in Egypt a woman is encouraged to wear the hijab.  In fact, I believe it’s mandatory, especially if she is going to open fire on innocent and unarmed tourists with an AK-47.    

      Did you know that Christians in Muslim countries are not even allowed to pray or wear a small cross?  If they do, they are thrown in prison and tortured.  Do Muslims see this as oppression?  Of course not, Christians have no rights.  Christians are barely considered human, unlike Jews, whom Muslims consider to be monkeys.  

      These Muslim Brits are protesting the killing in Iraq .  Apparently, these particular Muslims are illiterate as well as deaf and blind.  These Muslims that enjoy western freedom of speech in London must protest the Muslims being killed in Iraq .  The only real problem is that many of those doing the killing in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia , Syria , Jordan , and Yemen .  The rest are bought-off Iraqi Muslims.  The people being killed are indeed mostly Iraqi Muslims.  Are they being killed by the Americans or the British?  No! They are being killed by Muslims.  There were over 70 Iraqis killed in just the last two days.  

     Do these British Muslims protest the slaughter of Muslims by Muslims?  Don’t be silly!  That is never mentioned.  Have these pampered British Islamics noticed that the only place Muslims are truly oppressed is in Islamic countries?  

     Unfortunately, because of the prevalence of the “politically correct” ideology in the free world, everyone bends over backwards not to offend Muslims, while Islamics are doing everything that they can to take over the world.  What fools these Muslims must think we are.  I have a surprise for the followers of Mohammed.  We aren’t all fools.  

      I think if the Western Muslims feel that life under the decadent western lifestyle is so horrible, they should immigrate to a strict Muslim country.  I hear that Iran is the perfect Islamic society.  If it is unbendable Islamic law Western Muslims want, then go to Iran . There are plenty of gallows there—no waiting.  Holes to be buried in for stoning are already dug and waiting for those women who violate Sharia law.   

     You British Muslim women: don’t be afraid to move to Saudi Arabia .  Of course, driving a car isn’t allowed by women; or having a job; or leaving the house unattended with anything more than your eyes showing.  But hey, that’s Islam.  Muslims tell me that Islam is paradise!  Embrace the oppression!  

      I hear over and over how brutally the poor, innocent Muslims are being treated in the prison at Guantanamo Bay .  They have showers; they have three Islamic meals a day; they are allowed to pray five times a day; they have a copy of the Quran to read, air conditioning and an Imam that visits them.  I have read that—and this is so horrible that I want all readers under the age of 18 years to stop reading now.  These men, who have slaughtered innocent people with wild abandon and great joy in the name of Islam, are forced to stand—sometimes for hours—in a room with the air conditioning turned up!  Some have even missed afternoon tea.  Oh, the humanity!  Life must be hell for those poor men.  The younger prisoners are forced to attend school!  How much more inhuman can it get?  I think Muslims should rise up and protest such barbaric treatment. 


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