Leaving Islam




The Muslim Vacuum

By Barbara J. Stock

I receive the most amazing e-mail messages from all over the world.  Some of these messages are angry, most are supportive, and some are from Muslims who feel they are on a mission from Allah to show me the error of my ways.  Many from other countries show a woeful lack of knowledge of Americans and what is really happening in the world.  One very nice Muslim man said, “Look at me, I am peaceful.”  Well, that’s one.

Over and over again, these e-mailers remind me that Islam is a religion of peace.  The well-documented genocide at the hands of the Islamic government in Sudan is just simply not true, most Muslim writers say.  The post-script is usually something like, “but look what the Christians are doing in Sudan!”  Trying to survive comes to mind.  So does starving to death at the hands of yet another failed Islamic government.  Many Muslims that write to me have no knowledge of any of the mass death in Sudan and if they do know about it, they have been told it is the Christians who are committing the murders. 

Another nice man insisted there are no angry words in the Quran.  When I sent him hundreds of lines such as, “Have no unbelieving friends. Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them,” there was just silence.  He just simply ignored it and tried a different route.  Those doing the killing aren’t real Muslims, he reassured me. 

When I asked him who all these “fake” Muslims were that were killing in the name of Allah he just said it was for Allah to judge.  I’m sure Allah will judge them but in the meantime we Americans must defend ourselves and stop all terrorists, real or fake, before they kill us.   

Amazingly, a very polite and seemingly knowledgeable Muslim man told me that we Americans are fighting the wrong enemy.  Everyone but we Americans know that it was the Jews that attacked America on 9/11.  There were no Muslims on those planes.  Muslims just don’t do such things.  It was a Zionist conspiracy that blamed peaceful Muslims for the attack on America and the attack was planned and carried out by Jewish plotters to have the most powerful country in the world destroy Islam for Israel.

When I pointed out that Osama Bin Laden had admitted to the attack and clearly stated he planned more destructive attacks on America, the response was mind-boggling.  It seems there are Muslims out there in the world who believe that bin Laden is fictional.  That’s right: Bin Laden doesn’t exist.  He is just part of the elaborate Jewish plot.  This explains why we have not caught him. 

Of course, this same man said Christians are not harassed in Saudi Arabia, the United States created the Taliban, and it is Muslims that are tormented around the world, sighting the fact that France will not allow Muslim girls to keep their heads covered in school.  The fact that the Saudi “religious police” let Muslim girls burn to death behind a locked gate because their heads were not covered was not addressed.  This was simply a lie on my part he argued, because “Muslims don’t do such things.”  But if this is true, there sure are a lot of “fake” Muslims out there in high and powerful positions.

Fortunately, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny never came up.   If they had, I have no doubt this man would have told me they are both Jewish plots to corrupt the minds of American children. 

There is a saying: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  When the religious leaders have total control over every element of a person’s life, that power corrupts those leaders, absolutely.  This is why in America, our founding fathers split up the power between three equal but separate branches of government.  They also said, without hesitation, that while we are founded on a Judeo-Christian philosophy, there shall never be a State-run or -controlled religion inflicted on the people. 

Many in Europe and the Middle East seem to feel President Bush will be--or already is--a “dictator.”  They compare him to Hitler.  This shows how ignorant they are of how our system works.  An American dictator, with total control over the country and its people, simply isn’t possible.  Our military would not follow his commands.  Every man and woman in any branch of the service takes an oath.  That oath is to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, not the president.  A rogue president with visions of dictatorship would become a domestic enemy.  I should also add that any American Muslims who decide they should be in charge would meet the same fate.  As a footnote--or perhaps a warning--we Americans are heavily armed and our founders, in their infinite wisdom, planned that as well.   

It is becoming more obvious every day that even educated Muslims living in countries that are totally under Muslim rule or where Muslims are not allowed to integrate themselves with the general population, live in a vacuum.  The only information allowed into that vacuum is what the Islamic leaders want them to hear.  What they hear is that the West is evil incarnate and is on a mission to destroy all of Islam.  If these unfortunates hear of a bombing in Iraq that has taken the lives of 25 Iraqi Muslims, they are told it was done by the Jews to make Muslims look bad.  Beheadings?   Lies, all of them are lies and the videos were put out by Jewish Hollywood.  Those that wrote to me absolutely believe this.

Virtually everything these people hear and see has been twisted in such a fashion that it is no wonder they hate the West and obsess over the Jews.  What seems to be impossible to make these completely miss-informed Muslims understand is that they are being used and abused by those whose only desire is absolute power.   For many, they are subjected to hours of hate-filled, incoherent preaching every Friday at their Mosque.  

Most Muslims have been taught from birth to believe every word from their Imam’s mouth as if was coming from the very mouth of Allah.  If they are told that the Jew is evil, they believe it.  If they are told Americans are taking over the entire Middle East and plan to kill all Muslims, they will believe it.  Why else would a mother kiss her beloved son goodbye and then praise him as a martyr when he blows himself up?  The more “infidels” he kills the higher the family’s stature within the community. This is insanity! 

As Americans we must defend ourselves against those preaching this insanity.  Muslims who know the truth need to protect their own from the same insanity or more Muslim children will be sent out to die for nothing.  These children aren’t dying for Islam; they are dying for leaders obsessed with having that absolute power while they hide in their Mosques preaching lies and hate.






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