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Islam Is as Islam Does

By Barbara J. Stock

There are people in America who still do not realize that our country is at war. This is astounding considering all of the threats that Islamic terrorists and leaders have been issuing lately. These unenlightened folks consider President Bush the enemy, so Bush is actually fighting a war on two fronts. One is with Islam, the real enemy, and the other is with American leftists who are more concerned about regaining their power than the safety of the country. Sometimes it’s difficult to sort out which is more dangerous.

In the rush to Bush-bash, the liberals in America are unwittingly handing a victory to Islam. Several retired American generals have joined the left and have publicly spoken out against a sitting president during wartime. Islamics instantly picked up on this fact and referred to this action as a “mutiny” within the American military. Apparently, Islamics don’t realize what “retired” means. Sadly, most of this “mutiny” is due to old-time military men who want to keep an old-time military. 

The liberal media report that suicides are up within the military, but they fail to report that the suicide rate within the military is less than half that of the general population. When the Islamics parrot the same fact, it was heralded as a great victory for Islam. Their message was that American soldiers would rather kill themselves than face the brave Muslim warriors. The truth is actually the reverse. Brave Muslim warriors would rather dress as women and blow themselves up killing fellow Muslims praying in a mosque than face an American soldier. Of course, that is not described as suicide by Muslims. Instead, it has been given the colorful label of “martyrdom.” It is never explained by Islamic leaders how praying fellow Muslims in a mosque are a threat to Islam.

The American left insists that we must encourage the “moderate” Muslim clerics to speak out against the terrorists. Those “moderate” clerics are quietly being killed by the much stronger and violent Islamic leaders. It should surprise no one that most non-violent mullahs are afraid to speak out against the slaughter.

Last week in Iraq , the sister of the new vice-president was gunned down in the street. Her only crime was being related to a man in the new Iraqi government. Islamics think nothing of killing a helpless woman to send a message. But if pictures of a Muslim are released with a bag on his head, Islamics go crazy with rage. Pages from the Bible are used as toilet paper, but if an infidel accidentally splashes water on a Quran, riots break out.

Then there is Iran Iran claims it has never attacked another country. Technically, Iran committed an act of war when the American embassy was overrun and the Americans within that embassy were taken hostage. Every embassy is considered the sovereign soil of the country that occupies it. Therefore, Iran invaded American soil that day and attacked another country.  Iran has funded terrorists the world over. Those terrorist groups have blown up embassies, ships, and commercial planes full of innocent people. Iran ’s largest export is not oil, but state-sponsored terrorism. 

The Islamic leaders in Iran feel it is their destiny to start the culture war between Islam and the West. This war will herald the return of the twelfth Imam and his return will signal victory for Islam over the world. Iran has just received missiles from North Korea that can be equipped with nuclear warheads and these missiles can easily reach the capitals of Europe.

Now, like the school-yard bully, Iran is huffing and puffing about revenge if it is attacked. Iran can send armies of suicide bombers and all together those armies could not inflict the damage that American bombers could do to Iran in a week. Iran has thumbed its nose at the United Nations. Perhaps some Iranians have short memories. 

In the weeks leading up to the liberation of Kuwait, Iraq was pounded nightly by American bombs. There was a video of an Iranian man standing on the outskirts of his town many miles from the Iran/Iraq border. He was watching the night sky being lit up by the bombs and under his feet he could feel the ground shake. He waved his hands and thanked Allah for not being under those bombs. He said he had never witnessed such power.

Even though our troops are spread around the world, America still possesses this power. Iran may soon be under those bombs and its ground will shake much more than it did when the bombs fell miles away. All of Iran’s clever little weapon systems will not protect it. Designed for show, these weapons will be of little use to it if American might is unleashed. Iran’s cute little boats with high-speed torpedoes will never make it out of the harbor. 

Unlike Islamics, America will not target women and children. We will target Iran’s nuclear facilities. Iran must not be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon. One does not allow a small child to play with a loaded gun and the world cannot allow the religiously insane Islamic leaders of Iran to have a weapon that is capable of wiping out millions of people.

Yet, even here in America there are those who feel that it is Iran’s right to have such weapons. More than likely, if President Bush agreed that it was Iran’s right, these same people would jump to the other side of the argument and demand that Iran be disarmed. These misguided folks don’t care what Iran does. They seem to feel it doesn’t concern them. After all, that is the Middle East’s problem, not an American problem. Leftists don’t care what Germany does…sorry, what Iran does. They don’t seem to care that Islamics are slaughtering people all over the world. Leftists ignore that Islam proclaims it will rule the world. 

Islam is killing people. Islam is killing non-Muslims and Muslims. Islam is killing old and young. Islam is killing Jews and Christians and Hindus. Islam is moving across the world like a dark, evil cloud. When will the free world realize that Islam is as Islam does?







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