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Muslim Terrorists: 
Are They Arabian Knights?

By: Barbara Stock    
Monday, April 26, 2004

         Oh, for the days when knights wore shining armor and came to the rescue of damsels in distress.  They slew mythical dragons and searched for the Holy Grail.  The world has a different kind of knight these days.  King Arthur would take an axe to the Round Table if he were alive today.

        Today, there is a kind of ''knight'' in Middle Eastern countries who is held in high esteem, but he doesnít don armor.  He wears a bomb-vest.  He doesnít mount a magnificent steed, but steals a police car and stuffs it with explosives.  This noble knight tricks ten year old boys with gifts of toys and sends them off to unknowingly become tiny mobile-killing-machines.  This ''knight'' is not a brave and honorable man, but a coward who kills children and then celebrates his great victory.
       Yet, if one is to watch Al Jazeera or read an Arabic newspaper, he would find that this killer is revered and honored.  His attacks are cheered by those people who see nothing wrong with butchering children.  Fellow Muslims are killed by the dozens, kindergarten children are burned beyond recognition, and the people responsible are called ''martyrs and heroes.''  
      While most of the free world was recoiling in horror over the deaths of nearly 20 small children--children whose only crime was that they were going to school--the Arab media focused on eight Palestinians that were ''murdered'' in Gaza.  Over sixty fellow Muslims, many of them small children, were slaughtered in Iraq by fellow Muslims who just happen to be Islamic radical terrorists and they have no interest in showing this horrific act of hate to the Arab people.  Arab television refrains from showing the people the carnage unleashed by their fellow Muslims on Muslims.  Oh well, a few innocents died.  Allah will understand.  Will he?  No one else does. 
      Four fellow Muslims died in Saudi Arabia as well.  More Muslim-on-Muslim killing, and they rage at the U.S. for supporting the evil Israeli ''murderers.'' 
       The Muslim country of Jordan just averted a massive attack that King Abdullah stated could have killed 20,000--most of them Muslims.  This attack was planned and nearly successfully carried by Muslim terrorists. 
      When will the Arab world face reality?  Will they wake up when these terrorists set off a nuclear bomb in downtown Cairo?  Is America setting off car bombs in Baghdad?  Is Israel trying to kill thousands in Jordan? 
      When will the Arab world, and Muslims in particular, take a stand and wake up to the fact that more Muslims have been killed by fellow Muslims than anyone else in the world.  Even Muslim countries are not safe from the evil branch of their own religion. 
     The Arab world stood by and did nothing as Saddam butchered tens of thousands in his own country.  They were terrified when he invaded and started murdering Kuwaitis--who are also Muslim--and started massing his troops on Saudi Arabiaís border.  Most of them said they could do nothing because Muslims donít kill other Muslims.  Excuse me? 
     The Arab world pulled its ghoutras over their eyes and then asked us--the West--to save them from this evil man.  They only wanted us to get Saddam out of Kuwait for them and, by the way, can you stay here and protect us from him while you are at it?  But keep in mind at all times that we hate you.  In fact, we just plain hate you for breathing our air, you infidel pig. 
     Some have tried to understand this dichotomy but that is impossible when dealing with a group of people who will not face the reality of their situation.  That reality is a simple one.  Radical Islamic terrorists will kill any and all, even fellow Muslims, for any reason that is convenient for them and deemed necessary for their cause--which is world domination.
     Radical mullahs have even found somewhere in the Qur'an justification for the slaughter of infants, the most innocent among us.  They must do this to give their army of death safe haven and a promised place in heaven resplendent with virgins to service them.  Without this assurance, how could they convince them that what they are doing is not murder?  These ''religious leaders'' have convinced those that are easily led that if they kill in Allahís name, all is forgiven and they will be rewarded. 
     Islamic terrorists are not just intent on destroying the West and all it stands for.  They are spreading across the African continent like a biblical plague.  If the natives refuse to convert to Islam, they are killed.  If they cross paths with a sect not agreeable to them within Islam, they slaughter them as well.  The world is full of humans that they seem quite willing and able to murder in the name of Allah.
     Those who suffer the most under the heel of Islamic fundamentalism are women.  Treated like cattle, they can be beaten, sold, and even killed for the slightest perceived infraction of these radicals' barbaric brand of Islam.  Who can forget the video of the mighty Taliban making women kneel down in a soccer stadium to be shot in the back of the head by brave men who had deemed these women had sinned.  Thus is the courage of radical Islam.  It is unlikely that Allah is as pleased with them as they have been told.
       Much like Nazi Germany blamed all its ills on the Jews, Arabs blame all their ills on the Jews, the West, and the United States in particular--anyone except themselves, of course.  For the most part the Arab people are oppressed by kings and dictators and in their royal scramble to stay in power and try to explain their splendid lifestyles in comparison to poverty their people live in, they point their fingers at the U.S. and Israel and claim we are the cause.  When the only thing you allow the poor people in your country to learn is radical Islam, they are easy to convince. 
      But the tables are turning on those Arab leaders who funded terrorism on the misguided notion they would be safe because they are Muslim.  Their ''children'' are killing more Muslims than Israel and the West combined.  In fact, Arab Muslim countries are now targets.  Itís hard to have pity for them.  When you create a Frankensteinís monster, it eventually comes home to kill its creator. 

       The 21th Century knight is now a dark and hate-filled killer of children.  Damsels in distress are the ones being executed in soccer stadiums.  The mythical dragonsÖtheir roar is drowned out by roar of suicide bombers, roadside devices, and RPGís. 

       Perhaps if we look at our soldiers and Marines as the White Knights and the Islamic radicals as the Black Knights we can make some sense of it all.  Isnít that what the Knights of the Round Table were all about--protecting the good from evil?  Come to think of it, our good White Knights are wearing armor once again.  Maybe times havenít changed that much after all.   They're just wearing different uniforms. 

Barbara is a registered nurse who enjoys writing about politics and current events.  Her website is at  http://www.republicanandproud.com and she receives e-mail at: [email protected].

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