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June 2018 –

Monthly Archive: June 2018


What Does Islam Stand for?

This is the most accurate definition of Islam, based on the Quran teachings. Intolerance – (Quran 3.85, 3.19, 8.39, 48.28, 98.6, many others) Sex slavery – (Quran 23.5-6, 33.26, 33.50,...


Pick your Koran

I still come across people whose only source for the Koran is the paperback Yusuf Ali translation they bought in 1985, unaware that there are many presentations of the accursed...


Snakes will Always Bite

A young boy walking on a path heard a voice ‘Please help me.’ The boy looked down and saw a snake. The snake said: ‘Please help me. A mongoose attacked...


There is No Spirituality in Islam

Based on the Oxford English dictionary, the definition of spiritual is as follows: “Relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” This...