Italy closes her doors to migrant ships

Italy becomes the first EU nation to say 'ENOUGH'

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  1. ronyvo says:

    A good move by Italy. However, it is too late. The evil seeds have been implanted by taking in those Muslim invaders. Unless, Italy kick out all Muslims from the country those seeds already implanted would cause enough damage

  2. Gill O'Tino says:

    Islam is a hoax

  3. Found The Truth says:

    As followers of Christ we have to be welcoming and loving and we should NOT send back refugees who are at our door/border/port or in our territorial waters. We should NOT allow them to drown or starve if we can reach them. This is regardless if they are Muslims, Hindus Buddhist or Atheists and are of any race.

    After giving the necessary help we can filter out the criminals (through extensive background, interrogation and psychological tests). If they fail then the whole family should be sent back.

    There should be zero tolerance for criminal activity.

    If they are economic migrants and have found stable work they should be able to stay and naturalize as citizens if they commit no crime and pay their taxes regardless of their religion/belief or race.

    We should also be freely available to preach the love of Christ to them and they should freely be able to convert of their own free will with no strings attached when they are touched by the love of Christ

  4. Walter Sieruk says:

    Regarding those Muslim migrants who were allowed to enter the different countries of Western Europe with result in them not only being ungrateful but even worse yet many of those Muslim migrants becoming so very arrogant to the point that they became criminals . As in some of them engaged in rioting and even rapes of the European girls and women. In addition to this vile brutal behavior by the heinous Muslim who were kindly permitted to enter the nations of Europe to live, As the countries of ,for example Italy, France, Germany Sweden, Denmark etc. This unthankful Islamic spirit on the part of those lawless violent Muslims who immigrated to the countries of Europe may be explain ,in part , by the fact that the Muslim fundamentalist group that even had the president of Egypt assassinated in the month of October of the year 1981 has a fifty –five booklet that is was written only for Muslims fundamentalists but was later discover by non-Muslims. This booklet’s title is THE NEGLECTED DUTY. One scholar, Johannes Jansen who had thoroughly investigated Islam and Islamic terrorism has even discover that those Muslims, who had entered Europe of behaved in violent and heinous ways, are actually action out what they view and a sacred individual duty of the jihad as by engaging in awful violent criminal action in non-Muslim lands . As Jansen revealed that jihad booklet of Islam, THE NEGLECTED DUTY “contains all the ideological material needed to justify the attacks of 9/11 or any other acts of terror committed to frighten non-Muslims. And he thinks the document explains the criminal behavior of suburban and center –city immigrant youngsters in many European cities; its author clearly ‘sees Islam as license to kill rob and commit arson.’ “ [1] Nevertheless, many of the apologists for Islam still have that blatant gall , in spite of all the facts of reality, to actually make the claim the Islam is a “peaceful religion.” What a totally false to make that Islam is “a peaceful religion “What Bull! A “peaceful religion” indeed.

    [1] The Islam in Islamic Terrorism by Ibn Warraq pages 308, 309.

  5. ECAW's blog says:

    Let us know when you’ve cleared your backlog.

    (when Ali Sina invited me to publish here, he said “but not all at once”, which I thought a sensible requirement)