The Muslim Council of Britain and its claims of “Islamophobia”.

Jon MC

Jon MC is a retired Chemist, Physicist and teacher (not necessarily in that order) who still has professional commitments. His interest in Islam was kindled when he met some "radical Muslims up close and personal" and he has studied the foundational texts of Islam ever since. He writes under a nomme de plume in order to keep his professional life and views separate.

3 Responses

  1. Lizzie says:

    This is yet another example of Sharia Creep. Muslims try step by step to muzzle any criticism of their violent and evil behaviour and then impose THEIR laws on the host country.
    It’s time it was pointed out to them we do have Freedom of Speech and that our LAWS are based on GOD’S COMMANDMENTS not some Arabian nights fairy tale and they need to obey and respect them.

  2. ECAW's blog says:

    “Thus it is utterly hypocritical for the MCB to object to those who think that Muslim immigration and Jihadi ideology pose a threat to western civilisation, the MB states bluntly that it does.”

    Good point, and the link between the MCB and the MB is undeniable. Even our government has confirmed it (section 23):

  3. Walter Sieruk says:

    In Britain and France or the United States of America or of any other Western country it’s not actually that Conservatives have, what many Muslims as well as the apologists for Islam call, “Islamophobia” its the those conservatives of the West clearly see the violent and deadly menacing essence of and within Islam. The “holy book” of Islam the Quran doe’s ,indeed, instruct in violence and killing for the advancement of Islam. As found in ,for example Surah 5;33, 9:5, 111. 47:4. which result of nay vicious jihad Islamic terror attacks in the different nation around the world. To put this in another way those conservatives understand the many thing that are wrong with Islam don’t have a case of “Islamophobia” what they a ,well informed case of Islamorealism.

    Nevertheless , many of the left- wing media, especially since 9/11 have gone to the extent as to make up and use false words and bogus terms to hide for the public the actual violent nature of the religion of Islam.
    As the following essay explains.

    The word “Islamism” is a fake word that uses made up after September 11, 2001 in order offend or upset non-violent Muslims. The real, actual, word is just “Islam.” Likewise, the world “Islamist” is also a bogus word that was made up after 9/11 in order not to offend or upset peaceful Muslims. To keep with reality, terms should better be used as “Islamic terrorist” or “Muslim terrorist” . Let’s call people and thing as the really are.
    Furthermore, the terms “Radical Muslim” and “Islamic extremist” in contrast to the term “Moderate Muslim” are actually Western terms and not that well known in the Islamic Middle East. This is because what In the Islamic mindset in the Muslim Middle East as well as in Indonesia and other Muslim controlled country what the non-Muslims of the Western nations view as “radical and “extremist” the Muslims of those places in the world see as “Normal” and even Devout and committed to the Cause of Islam”. Likewise they view those who Westerns see as “Moderate Muslims” those of the Islamic worldview and non-devout and non –committed Muslims. The violent jihadists even see them as “hypocrites.” Therefore, this explains the jihadist chant of those jihad-minded Muslims in different Islamic terror organizations. When they chant out loud “Death to infidels and hypocrites.” Meaning Death to people who and not Muslims and people who are non- jihadist Muslims.