The risk of eating Muslim prepared food

Owners Mohammad Abdul Basit and Amjad Bhatti pleaded guilty to breaching food hygiene regulations.

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  1. ronyvo says:


    How keen is our sense of crisis? How acutely do we perceive the dangers facing our lives , our families and our nation? Our planet races catastrophic dangers that threaten our very survival. Does this create within us a sense of crisis so deep that we are motivated to learn how to face and deal with the danger?

    The ability to sense danger is a life-saving quality. We see this lesson everywhere in nature. Take the herd of antelope grazing peacefully on the sun-soaked prairies. They will sense the approach of a hungry lion. The herd react fast and this reaction limits the potential for casualties and makes the attack tougher for the lion.

    Our nation is in extreme danger of a sneaky attack by Islam. With no sense of crisis, no need is felt to react.
    The western world, in general, and the USA in particular manage external threats by relying on diplomacy and appeasement rather than action; they create environrnents that encourage economic irresponsibility rather than curb it; they pass laws that condone moral depravity or illegal immigration because that is easier than enforcing laws that would prevent these crises.
    This is a deadly state of mind.
    An accurate and keen sense of crisis is healthy and important nationally and individually. It is a precursor to action, it is one of the factors that drives us to react. Without it, passivity prevail while the danger grows larger- until one day it explodes in our faces.

    Beware of those Muslim enemies like Barak Hussein Obama, who will hasten our destruction.

  2. ronyvo says:

    This does not surprise me a bit. Actually, I have been warning of food and water poisoning by Muslims individually and on social media for decades.
    What surprise me was the penalty imposed on this criminal Muslim. ONLY to pay compensation?!! This is a crime of intended to Kill the innocent.

    We really have MUST wake up. There are, still, those who are welcoming the so called ‘refugees’. Those are NOT refugees they are CRIMINAL invaders coming to our country to control us and kill us whenever, wherever possible.

  3. Madhava Rao says:

    Big size families,illieracy,cynicism for scientific and western education,over dependence on divine rather than human endeavours have produced largest number of ghettos and such infections are sporadic not pandemic is the getest miracle of Allahhhugh!?

  4. Sujit Das says:

    Very bad