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A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

(second email) 

There is little point in biting about the bush. You expect people to prove to you certain points and at the same time disprove others so as to compel you to shut down your site partially or totally. Yet you don't give your critics the same right to ask you to prove certain points to them.  

Can't you see a clear case of double-standards here? For the sake of argument let us suppose that you are absolutely correct about your accusations regarding Mohammad's personality and that Quran is just a load of rubbish, Islam incites violence leading to terrorism and suicide bombing, etc., and Allah is basically the figments of the imagination of a mentally and morally sick man. That is fine. Then why can't you, with all your theological background and claims to scientific knowledge, prove any of the points I raised in my note? Are you sure Moses didn't sleep with under age girls? Are you sure he too wasn't a psychopath? Are you confident that he didn't incite violence, etc.? After all, Moses too insisted that his followers should believe in the god of heaven and hell, that is precisely the same god that Mohammad asked Muslims to follow albeit he called him differently (Allah in place of Yahova). Didn't he? What about the points I raised against Jesus? Could you answer please? And if you can't or refuse to respond to those points then let people like myself judge you and your character not the uneducated characters who can't even write their own names properly. You talk of Muslim terrorists and suicide bombers as if Islam breeds these or inculcates killing in his followers. Aren't Zionist and Christian terrorists murdering innocent people in the name of democracy and freedom all over the world even when you are reading these lines? If you are so sure of your arguments then please post my notes on your site and let your supporters respond to the questions I have raised. You seem to have deliberately overlooked the extent of killing, destruction and genocide committed by the Zionist and Christian terrorists all over the world. At the same time, you have wittingly brushed aside the root causes of terrorism. I touched upon some of these in my previous note. Yet, alas you did not want to acknowledge those plain facts.



It is not my business to defend Christianity or Judaism. You should demand this from the believers of these faiths. Even if Moses and Jesus were false, this dose not justify following a third false prophet. If all the three are false, then leave all of them. 

But how can you say I do not give my critics the same chance to disprove me when the forum of this site is open to everyone and as you noticed people of all beliefs and disbeliefs are posting freely? At first Muslims used to come a lot, but now they don’t. Why not? The forum is open to them too. Why they avoid us? The reason is because they know they can’t defend Islam logically. I can go to any Islamic forum (if they allow me) and debate with all of them and win. Here is one example for you to see: Why Muslims can't do the same here?


Why haven't you pointed out the atrocities committed by the Zionist and Christian terrorists too on your website? Are you afraid of losing face or having your support stopped? Your arguments against Islam have far too many holes in them. In other words they are manifestly biased and tainted with hatred. I strongly believe that you have purposely shied away from criticism of your views and comments, and done your utmost to hide the truth. At the same time you have endeavoured to bend and twist the reasons behind what is happening around us in the world. Haven't you heard about "cause and effect"? Don't you know there is at least a single reason for any action in the universe? Where are your scholarly postings about the causes of terrorism? Have you discovered a gene in the genetic make-up of Muslims that leads them to mass murder and suicide bombing? If you have, why haven't you proudly announced your discovery to the world at large in order to enable the scientist to find a remedy for such abominable acts? And if you sincerely believe that suicide bombing is not in Muslims' genes and that it is not an infectious Islamic disease then why haven't you fairly and squarely addressed the reasons why a Muslim becomes a suicide bomber and kills people left and right in the belief that he/she will ascend in to God's paradise? I have no doubt in my mind that Muslims are not born as murderers and suicide bombers. They are forced to become so by the actions of the Zionist and Christian terrorists, i.e. those who perpetrate the most heinous crimes in the name of democracy and freedom.


Where are those Zionist and Christian terrorists? All we see are news of the beheadings, child massacres and suicide bombings of Muslims.  

Yes I have discovered the reason for the Islamic terror. No, it is not in the genes of the Muslim, it is in their faulty education, it is in their religion.

Muslims are reactionaries and respond with terror because their prophet was a terrorist and that is what he taught them. Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with what others do. If Israel and America did not exist, Muslims would have found other targets. What Hindus in India and Indonesia have done to Muslims? Why they are constant targets of terrorism?    

A Million people died in the war between Iran and Iraq. Saddam invaded Kuwait, killed and raped the Kuwaitis. He poisoned Iranians and his own people. Over 50,000 Sudanese are killed and over 1,000,000 of them have become homeless. Algerian Islamists constantly kill hundreds of civilians. In Pakistan the Sunnis constantly murder the Shiites. Egypt used poison gas on Yemenis in the 60’s. The Syrian dictator, the now dead Assad, killed tens of thousands of his own people in El Hamma. In Afghanistan the Taliban maimed and killed thousands of people. The late King Hussein of Jordan killed thousands of Palestinian refugees in his country. Khomeini ordered 3000 young boys and girls to be executed in one day and killed hundreds of thousands of them in total. None of that had anything to do with America, Israel or Europe. It is a mistake to try to find someone responsible in Washington, Tel Aviv or anywhere else for all the crimes that Muslims commit.    

My advice to you is to go back and read my note carefully. It seems you did not fully appreciate or comprehend what I'd written and expected in return as responses to my queries. Why did you just pick out one point out of a long list to suit your own arguments? Wouldn't this make you look like a slave to Zionist and Christian terrorists? Are you frightened that some of the holes in your arguments may be exposed if you respond to my enquiries?


I have responded to all the points that you raised.  

Let me tell you this Dr. Sina. What you have posted on your site is "copy-righted" by Abu Sofian. It has got nothing to do with you. So, regrettably, you have produced nothing with your own trade mark. You have simply copied someone else's ideas (to put it politely). Over 1300 years ago Abu Sofian and his followers coined all of the words and phrases you now claim to be yours.

You are absolutely right. I have stated this several times that the questions that I raise are old. They are as old as Islam and it were the freethinkers of Quriash, such as Abu Sofian and Abul Hakam who raised these questions first. The reason I am raising them again is because they were never answered. Muhammad killed those who questioned him, conquered them and then imposed his cult on them. 

The night before invading Mecca, Abu Sofian went to see Muhammad in his encampment at the outskirts of Mecca. Muhammad asked him whether he had any doubts that there is no other gods but Allah. “No”, Abu Sofian quipped, “if they existed they would have come to our help by now”. “Do you have any doubt that I am the messenger of Allah?” Muhammad queried. "As to this thing, there is yet in my heart some hesitancy," responded Abu Sofian, "Woe to you!" exclaimed Abbas, the uncle of both men, who had just joined the army of Muhammad  "it is no time for hesitancy. Believe and testify at once to the truth of Islam, or else your head shall be severed from your body!" It was, indeed, no time for idle pride or scruple; and so Abu Sofian, seeing no alternative left to him, repeated the formula of belief in Allah and in his Prophet.

This is how Islam has proven its truth -- with the edge of the sword and not with logics.  But those old questions were never answered. I have never claimed ownership to the questions that I have raised. As you say they are old. They are as old as Islam. But they have remained unanswered and that is why I am raising them again. After 1400 years of dodging, now is time to answer them.  

With due respect, you have proven that an "empty barrel makes more noise". You have also confirmed what our illustrious poet, Sheikh Mosleheddin Moshrefeddin Sa'di Shirazi recited that  

Chaar paa-yee bar-oo ketaabi chand –

Na mohaghghegh bovad na daaneshmand".  

[Sina’s translation: A four legged donkey loaded with books, is neither a sage nor a doctor]  

In other words, you can put as much lip-stick as you wish on a pig but it will still be a pig.


I could not agree more. However a donkey loaded with books will be defeated if he argues with a man with understanding. 

You choose to believe in a man who claims to be a prophet with no proof. Despite the fact that he enriched himself by killing and looting innocent people and raped any woman he desired. None of that raises any question in your mind that perhaps he might have been an impostor. And when asked for proof of his claim, you have none. 

Now tell me who is the donkey here?

Let me insist that if you sincerely believe in the validity of your arguments then you are obliged to post my notes on your website.


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