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A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

You even advocated methods to get rid of the Islamic Regime in Iran that involved the death of millions of your fellow countrymen, women and children.

On the contrary, invading Iran may kill a few but letting the Mullahs get their hands on hundreds of nuclear bombs, will make the entire civilized world hostage to Iran through shadowy terrorist organizations, claiming independence but working for the Mullahs. And in the case of a real nuclear blast, millions of Iranians and others will be killed. It is precisely because of this that I think this thuggish regime must be removes and power be returned to people. Also that is why I believe the Iranian nuclear plants must be leveled now, even if it the process some Iranians may get killed. If the Mullahs get their hands on hundreds of bombs, millions will die from both sides. So the preemptive attack at Iranian nuclear plants now will actually save lives in the long run/ 

As Professor RJ Rummel of the University of Hawaii has found, every one of the 353 wars from 1816 on has involved at least one country that wasn't democratic. Never has one democracy gone to war against another.

So to reduce the dangers of war, we have to bring democracy to the world and especially to Iran and remove these autocratic Mullahs. 


This did not matter at all since you wanted to usurp the throne for yourself. Alas, you are nothing except a wishful-thinker and a dreamer. So, let me say this: Dream on Dr. Sina, dream on. Already 25 years has passed since the Islamic Revolution took place in Iran . How many more 25-year periods do you think you can manage to be around to see the fall of the Islamic Regime in Iran ? Iran is now the SUPERPOWER of the Middle-East. Contrary to your belief that 99% of the Iranians are against the regime, the great majority of them actually support the regime. In fact, the Islamic Regime's popularity has soared since the invasion of Iraq . Many of the critics of the Mullahs and those in the opposition camps have realised that they are far more safer and better off in the hands of the Mullahs than the Americans. Who is insane enough to want Iraq 's catastrophic state repeat itself in Iran . In fact, an American invasion of Iran will create a real hell on earth. Iran is  three times larger than Iraq , has over three times the population of Iraq , has an absolutely dedicated and trained army of over 1,000,000 men and women, is fully armed with everything you could imagine, and has a far more difficult terrain than Iraq . America will need at least 3,000,000 troops for invading Iran . Luckily for Iran , Bush and his "allies" know well this is impossible. So, they have to accommodate the Islamic Regime and find a way or ways of dealing with the Mullahs.

I am not suggesting an Iraq like attack of Iran . I already explained what I think should be done. I think Iran is ripe for another revolution but of course unlike the Shah, Mullahs are extremely ruthless and killing hundreds of thousands of people for them is like getting rid of pests and parasites. Shah, despite being a dictator was far more humane and at the end decided not to shoot at people who demonstrated against him. Mullahs have no such humanity. So this revolution needs military support. And that is why I propose the creation of a military force entirely made and directed by Iranians to come to the help of the people. I canít predict the future, but I know that if the Mullahs are not removed, atomic bombs will fall into the hands of the terrorists and if now they take a few people as hostage and behead them if their demands are not met, then they will blow cities if their demands are not met. 

Time is ripe and the Iranians are ready to rise. They overwhelmingly were pleased with the election of Bush because they hope he will assist them to reclaim their country.  


Everyone in the world knows that Iran has neither attacked its neighbours nor has the intention of doing so. Yet, Iran is continuously threatened by the US and Israel with pre-emptive strikes.

The Mullahs always dreamt of attacking Israel and ďliberating" Jerusalem . Apart from their heavy financing of anti Israeli terrorists, Khomeini, Rafsanjani and each and every Mullah in Iran have openly expressed their wish to destroy Israel .


Do you want the Mullahs to stay there as sitting ducks? They too have the right to defend their country, Iran . You disagree with this, then that is your problem. The reality is something that you are not used to and have no intention of getting used to. That's fine.

Their country? Who said Iran is their country? They are the usurpers. They are the illegitimate rulers. You already said you have nothing to show that they have any right to rule on behalf of God and they are not also the representatives of people so who the hell are they? They are thieves and gangsters who have taken the real owners of Iran as hostage and treat them as pests and parasites. You are the pest and parasite not we Iranians.  


Anything else you want me to respond to? Have I failed to show that I have no intention of proving you wrong? 

You already said you can't prove Islam is true and that you can't prove the Mullahs are the representatives of God either. So by your own admission, you have no legitimacy for your ruthless reign of theocracy. Why you don't leave us alone. Why you don't consult with people to see whether they still want you or not?  Isn't that because you are a parasite? What shall we do with parasites like you? Don't you think it's time to fumigate and get rid of you?   


You are adamant that you are right and I know you know that you are right. So, what is the question? Didn't I insist that you must keep your site even if proven wrong by someone? So, do not ask me to provide you with EVIDENCE for your queries. They are all correct in your eyes. Why do you want my approval of what you think to be correct?  Didn't you claim to be living in a democracy and not theocracy? If so, why do you want to take my right away? I am sure you are wrong and that is my democratic right. Isn't it? Even if you consider me as a crackpot, because you live in a "democracy" you must allow people to think the way they want. Shouldn't you?

What right are you talking about? The right to deny my my right? You do not have such right. 


I am sure you are wrong and that is my democratic right. Isn't it? Even if you consider me as a crackpot, because you live in a "democracy" you must allow people to think the way they want. Shouldn't you?

Are you mocking democracy? You already told us democracy is corruption. Khomeini called it prostitution. Do you allow others to think the way they want? Aren't the Iranians who oppose the Mullahs in Jail? Haven't you goons assassinated more than 400 of us outside Iran during these 25 years? 

Yes, I allow you to think the way you like. Not only that, I  provide you with the medium to make your views known to the world. Would you do the same for me in Iran? No, hundreds of newspapers that did not toe the Islamic line were banned and their editors were jailed. And you are telling me that I am taking away your rights? 


As for my instructions to you to take my comments off your website you got me wrong. I am not afraid of anyone or anything. I haven't done anything wrong and am not about to do so. For your information, every email sent by me and every phone call made by me (as a foreign subject) is automatically monitored by a certain place in the UK . As mentioned before, I have been in the UK for about 28 years. If I had done even one of the things you accuse me of, I wouldn't have been sitting here in my home typing this email to you. So, I am rest-assured that nothing will happen to me here in the UK .

In democratic countries it is against the law for the secret service to keep tabs on its citizens. I am never monitored by anyone and if you are then you must be under suspicion already.  


My reasons were and are that some of my comments have been taken out of context and offended at least ONE person. So, I am obliged to rectify that "fault/mistake".

Ahhhh! So nice of you. Now you are even concerned about the feelings of the people. Isnít it cute? Then what about the feelings of millions of Iranians whom you call pests and parasites and deny them their rights? What about the feelings of those whom you jail for expressing their views. How about those whom you assassinate or execute? Donít they have feelings?


Also, you have clearly and openly accused me of terrorism and murder in your forum. These false accusations of yours may alarm some people either today, tomorrow or in the future. Hence my instructions to take all my comments off your website. This is not because of fear of prosecution. Far from it.

I did not call you a terrorist, you made that claim yourself. Your words are published verbatim and people can read and interpret them as they wish. You called me a pest and parasite. Should I be worried? No! people judge me by what I write and not what you say about me. The same is true about you. People judge you by what you write and not by what I say about you.


FINALLY, I am making it clear that I do not want this email of mine to be added to your forum.

Why not? Your views are important. People must hear your defense of yourself and how you clarify your position. Until yesterday you were insulting me for not publishing them right away. Don't tell me you are embarrassed of your performance. 

Also, remember the consequences of false accusations and defamation of character. You have accused me of things that you must PROVE in a court of law. I have neither murdered anyone nor been involved in any act of terrorism while you have falsely accused me of both of these in a public forum.

I donít recall accusing you of having committed murder or having been involved in acts of terrorism. You did not divulge that secret to us yet, so I canít make any comments. But 400 Iranians in Diaspora were assassinated by goons who supported the regime but posed as peaceful people. Often they were unemployed and received their salaries from Tehran as sleeping cells. I don't say you could be one of them, but hey, how do I know? Or maybe you just are busy liquidating the national treasures of the of our antiquity? That must be quite a lucrative business Dr. Assar isn't it? 

I hear some of the artifacts ransacked from Jiroft were sold in London for 10 million pounds. I am sure whoever has done it must have had connections with the Mullahs. You are a chemical engineer but have become an "authority on Iranian antiquity". Does your newfound interest in antiquity and especially the Achaemenid culture have anything to do with these looted treasures? This is just a question. I don't expect an answer. But if I could make a portion of 10 million dollars from as stolen national treasure, I would stop working. But that's just a peanut in comparison to what the Mullahs steal. We are talking about billions of dollars. What is a few millions of pounds?


As you noted, I gave the web-address of your "debate" with me to the Scotland Yard. They have surely accessed that particular page and know about its content.

You only did that after you realized several others have done it already. Obviously I am not the only one thinking your emails raise suspicion about you.  


I have also several printed copies of my emails and all of your responses on your website, together with electronic copies of the whole lot. So, my evidence that you have falsely accused me of murder and terrorism is undeniable. If you are even half as wise as you claim to be, you will know that what you have accused me of is completely false and therefore has serious legal implications for you. Your best course of action is to respond favourably to my request and delete the whole page off your website.

Why do you want them removed? Didn't you write: " If you are so sure of your arguments then please post my notes on your site"? Are you telling me you are no more sure of your arguments? 


Unlike you, I am not a vengeful individual. I know you are an Iranian and for that single reason I will not pursue you legally (if you take that "debate" of yours with me off your site).

Ahhh! I am soooo moved. And all along I was thinking you were serious when you said I am not allowed to go back to my ancestral land. You donít have any idea how relieved I am.  I became really sad when you wrote: "I am glad that the Islamic Revolution has very effectively got rid of parasites like you. Thanks God, you will never ever see Iran again. You will die in the USA and be buried there among herds of asses and donkeys."

You have already very severely punished yourself with your insult of Prophet Mohammad and Islam. This has guaranteed that you will never set foot on Iran 's soil as long as the Mullahs are in power.

What? But didnít you say "you stick to your religion and I'll stick to mine"?  What happened to the freedom of conscience? Are you saying you do not agree with this verse of the Quran that you quoted above? Okay, I get it. That verse is to fool those who do not know much about Islam. It is a lie called taghieh.  


And, the Mullahs are going to be in power for a very long time.

No one can foresee the future.


I will be returning to Iran on 1 October 2005 (exactly!). I have been given several educational posts at various universities there.

I am sure they'll read what you wrote here and will be very proud of you. All they've to do is to Google search your name. Your name is now immortalized and will stay as the testimony to your patriotism and your concern for the rights of the Iranians many years after the Mullahs are gone. I bet you must be very proud. 

Unfortunately, you have to live and pray to something to get rid of the Mullahs in Iran for you to have a chance to return.

And why should it be that way? You take away my right even to my nationality and and you donít want me even to talk about it? No, I do not sit and pray. I will educate the Iranians, I try to educate the Europeans and the Americans. The Iranians must see your claim to authority is bogus and others must see you are a danger to world peace and their lives. I leave prayers to those who think by talking to air their problems will go away. I take action and this is how I act. You are looking at it right now.  

In your previous email you wrote:   I am sure 99.999999999% of the ones living abroad will commend you for your ill-conceived responses to my points. But that is fine with me. Perhaps the same number of Iranians in Iran will access your site. I wanted them to know that they must never ever be fooled by such dubious characters as you. 

And this is the your whole concern. You are afraid that people in Iran see the light and uncover your scam. But that is too late. People are opening their eyes and are finding the truth. You maintained your control of the people by keeping them ignorant. But your days are over. The sun of truth has risen and you can't obscure its light. This is the day of renascence and enlightenment of my people and all the Muslims.  


Well, let's hope your dream will come true. At the moment it is nothing but a dream.

Dr. GholamReza, Farhad, Assar

Dreams will come true for those who pursue them. My dream is to see my country free and Iranians become the masters of their own destiny and not be treated as pests and parasites. I dream that they be seen as respectable citizens of the world and not as terrorists. It is a legitimate dream and it will come true. Iran will be rebuilt. Its glory will be restored. My people will be free. Free at last. 

Yes I have a dream.

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