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A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]


Dr. Sina,  

As an Iranian, I was under the impression that all Iranians have been, are, and will be proud of their integrity. In other words, they will not falsify accuse people of what they are not, twist facts and misrepresent other people's words to gain advantage for themselves. In another word, what we call "Mard" in Farsie. Alas, you have proven me wrong with your actions.


Dr. Assar,

First of all you denied me even my nationality and said “I am glad that the Islamic Government of Iran has very effectively got rid of pests and parasites like you.” And why I am a “pest”? It’s because I say let people decide their own destiny. Secondly I published your emails as I received them. So anyone can see what part of that I twist and misrepresent.  

Now let's get to the point. You have asked me to respond to several points (or questions) in your last two postings. In fact, I believe they are no more than four, two in your penultimate and two in your final posting. Let me begin with the last two first:  

You wrote: 1- If you want to: "do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing." at least give us one convincing, objective proof that Islam is a true religion so the innocent Americans go to their tombs knowing they are being killed because this is the will of God and not because a billion zombies follow a psychopath.  

2- Also you said democracy is "corruption and man's exploitation of man". Obviously you think mullacracy is superior to democracy and it is not corruption and man's exploitation of man. Please give us one evidence that the Mullahs are legitimate representatives of God or earth."


My response to the above:  

Firstly, by being selective and taking one quote of mine out of context you have, once again, shown your character. Let me make clear what I wrote with regards to your Question 1 above:  

I wrote: "What do you think I'll do if Bush decides to attack Iran ? What do you think my response will be if his lunacy leads to the death of my mother, sister, close relatives and loved ones? Let me make it plainly clear to you Dr. Sina. I will do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing. If my loved ones are killed by Bush's actions, he cannot expect mercy and forgiveness from me. He will meet murder with murder."

You see the difference? That quote of mine was CONDITIONAL and quite HYPOTHETICAL. In case you didn't even get this let me put it in a different way. I said IF Bush's actions (invasion of Iran ) leads to the death of my mother, etc. I'll do what I said I'll do. In fact, believe it or not, I was going to say I'll kill as many "innocent American troops" as possible etc. (of course in a sarcastic manner - no killer is innocent). Did I say I'll begin the killing TODAY, TOMORROW, OR A MONTH LATER? Did I say I'LL NOW LEAVE MY HOUSE AND START KILLING INNOCENT AMERICANS? Do you admit to your partiality? You want to portray me as a murderer of innocent people. That is fine with me. But, not every reader of your postings would share your views. In fact, my reason for telling you to take those notes of mine off your site was because ONE SINGLE person contacted me and said he/she could not believe what I'd written. So, I went back and read the whole of my comments and your responses carefully. To be honest I'd not done this before because I do not pay much attention to your comments. As for myself, I just type what comes to my mind and don't bother reading them one more time either. So, my advice to you is to be a "Mard" and don't try to get advantage by twisting and turning facts. I know I am not a terrorist or a murderer and so do the Scotland Yard. In fact, I had no idea of the "New Scotland Yard". That ONE person who had complained about what I'd written said he/she has reported me to the Scotland Yard. So, I myself voluntarily contacted the Scotland Yard, gave them my full address and telephone number to contact me if they wished. And, the reason for asking you to take those comments of mine off was because they have offended at least ONE human being. Unlike you who goes about hurling insult on people and falsely accusing them of things they are not without any apology, I do respect people's feelings. Also, I didn't ask you to accuse me in a public forum of murder and terrorism. Did I?


I did not add or subtract anything from your words. People can read what you said and they will come to their own conclusions. I simply comment on things that you say. Every criminal and terrorist finds justification for his actions. People just don’t go about killing people for sport. They find excuses and pretexts and justify their actions. The terrorists who kidnap completely innocent people, truck drivers, interpreters, health workers, Nepalese, Koreans, Japanese, Iraqis, etc and behead them, justify their dastardly crimes and in their minds they are the “righteous” ones.  

You tell us that “Suicide bombing is the only way a man with no respect for human life can respond to the violation of his rights” Then you say that if America invades Iran and this results in the death of you mother, “I will do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing."  

Doesn’t this mean that you have no respect for human life? Suppose Bush kills your mother, why should you kill someone else who had nothing to do with Bush and may be even did not agree with him? By your logic the relatives of the victims of the Iranian regime are entitled to kill you and your family because you are related to the Mullahs. Actually there is more justification to kill you and your family because you are part of that Mafia. Does this sound logical to you? And this has been the logic of your terrorist prophet and the Muslims. 

Tell me why it is okay to kill innocent Americans for a perceived injustice of their president and you and your mother should be treated with respect and protected? Why we should not give you the same medicine that you prescribe for others? Why your life should be worth more than an American or a British child? You already decided that we Iranians are pests and parasites. Are those innocent Americans you want to kill pests and parasites too?  

The Mullahs are endangering the peace of the world. As you yourself boasted, Iran is building hundreds of nuclear warheads and this is music to your ears. Rafsanjani also said that in a nuclear confrontation Israel will be completely destroyed while Muslims, because they are a lot, will survive. And he thinks that even though millions of Muslims perish this is still a victory for Islam because Israel will be leveled. Israel has had nuclear bombs for decades. But they are only for self defense. Israel does not harbor the dream of the destruction of the Muslims. Muslims on the other hand hate Israel. The Mullahs finance the terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas and have not made secret their enmity towards Israel. Khomeini promised that he would first conquer Karbala and then Jerusalem. So hundreds of nuclear bombs in the hands of thugs is a very dangerous scenario. It would be foolish for America , Europe or Israel to let the most criminally minded thugs alive have hundreds of atomic bombs. Any sane person must stop these thugs from arming themselves. So it is possible, and in fact very likely that in the event of non-compliance Iran be invaded by foreign countries. And if that happen your mommy and my aunts could be killed too. Now who is the culprit here? The culprit are the Mullahs.  

The solution is that you stop your oppression, stop imposing your will on people. Stop exporting your Islamic revolution. But you don't allow others equal rights. Like vampires you depend on the blood of other creatures to survive. Now who is the parasite?  

One thing is certain and that is the civilized world must not allow criminals like “your close Iranian connections” get their hands on nuclear bombs. These Mullahs are not the legitimate rulers of a democratic country. They are murders and thugs who have taken the people as hostage and treat all those who disagree with them as “pests”. They must be stopped. Otherwise once they posses nuclear bombs nothing will stop them using them or simply passing them to terrorist groups to act as their proxies. When that happen, millions in Europe, America and in Israel will be at risk. The world becomes a hostage to terrorists. To avoid this disaster, preemptive strikes are necessary and in these strikes your mother and my aunts may get killed. Are you telling me that then you’ll do your best to kill as many innocent Americans as you can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing? And this is not terrorism?  

Let us be reasonable here. Judging by what you wrote you sound dangerous. You think over 95% of us Iranians who disagree with you are pests and parasites. Who is living off whom? Are the Mullahs sucking the blood of people and enriching themselves with their wealth or is it the other way round?  Isn't it obvious that they are the pests and parasites, not me? 

Your “connections” jail the Iranians, torture them, hang them, stone them and have no regards for our rights and our lives. 95% of Iranians hate them and want to get rid of them. That 5% which is ruling, who are the the real pests and parasites is now taking the country into a dangerous path where millions of us and millions of other innocent people could be killed.  What should the civilized world do? Should they sit on their hands and let these goons have their nuclear bombs? That would be utterly foolish. These Mullahs are like a bunch of criminals that have rammed into a building and have taken the people there as hostage and now are threatening to bomb the entire block. Of course they must be stopped. It is necessary to raid that building and kill and subdue the terrorists. In this process innocent people could also be killed. But is there any other alternative? Can the world afford the Mullahs and the terrorist arm themselves with nuclear bombs?  

The Mullahs present a danger to world peace. If they continue with their evil designs of having nuclear bombs, Iran must be attacked. If Iran is attacked your mother and my aunts could be killed. If your mother gets killed you promised to do your best to kill as many innocent Americans as you can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing. And you tell me you are not a terrorist?  


As for your request from me to give you a reason that Islam is a true religion I am sorry, I haven't got any. You are already ABSOLUTELY convinced that Islam is NOT a religion, etc. So, does it matter if I give you one single or ten reasons that it is? Could Prophet Mohammad convince everyone that Islam was a true religion? You know and so do I that he failed.

So, how do you want me to prove it to you?


Whether I have made my mind or not is not the question. The question is whether you have any proof that Islam is a true religion. You have none. Then why in the hell you impose a religion on Iranians that you can't even prove? Why you murder them if they leave Islam? Why you rule their country according to Sharia, chopping their hands, flogging and stoning them or kill them for blasphemy when the legitimacy of that Sharia is questionable and you can't even prove that it is not false?  

The Mullahs that you defend claim their legitimacy drives from Islam, which you have no proof to demonstrate that it's true. Then why kill people for a faith that is dubious at best? Why you call me and millions of Iranians pests and parasites and deny us our rights and nationality when we disagree with you and your imposed religious rule? You disregards our will, because you claim you get your authority from God and now you tell me you can’t even prove that?  

Isn't this bizarre?  it's like someone pointing a gun at you and confiscating your property claiming to be a cop but can't prove his credentials. If he can't produce his credentials, he is not a cop. He is thief. These Mullahs are thieves not the representatives of any god. They have no legitimacy to rule over us. We have not elected them. 

The Europeans must stop doing business with these gangsters. Trading with these usurpers of power is unethical at best and criminal at worst. People of Europe must deter their immoral governments fornicating with the Mullahs if Iran. The profits that they bring to your coffers have been gathered by the drippings of the blood of the oppressed people. Have some conscience and do the right thing. Ban trades with Iran and support the insurgency.  

At the end Mohammad said "Lakom dinokom vali a'ddin", i.e., "you stick to your religion and I'll stick to mine".

No that was what Muhammad said at the beginning. At the end, when he came to power, he said. “Fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them9:5,  

Okay, I want to stick to my religion, which is disbelief. What about my human rights? Why you deny me to vote? Why you deny me my nationality? Why you call me pest and parasite when in practice those are more descriptive of you? Who are you trying to fool? You are thugs. We Iranians have to get rid of you. We have to wage war on you and in this war your mommy could get killed too. But it is not our fault. It is your fault. Aren’t you saying that violence is the backlash of oppression? Then why you are oppressing millions of us?     

You are not Iranian. You hate Iran, its history and its culture. You try to vilify it and find any silly excuse to berate it. This is what Islam does to people. First thing Muslims learn is that their own culture is bad, they become alienated from their own roots, call it jaheliyah (ignorance) and then become slaves of Arab Imperialism. You say shame on me because you thought I did not published one of your emails where you vilified our culture and our ancestors. Let the history decide shame on whom. These communications will stay for decades from now. They will be read by our children and grand children. I am proud of what I wrote. But you feel the shame already and that is why you are so desperate to remove them. These emails of yours will remain as a testimony of your inhumanity and insult to Iranianism for decades to come.


As for your second question let me put it in a nutshell for you: Democracy and Theocracy are two different methods of crowd control. Democracy relies on man-made laws, rules and regulation while Theocracy is based on the same things sent by a God! Different societies have adopted different ways of crowd control and it is entirely up to those societies to decide how they want to be controlled.

 That raises two questions:

1-     What proof you have that the laws of theocracy are given by God? None!  Doesn't this mean that you are imposing a regime by torture and force without having any proof for its legitimacy?

2-     You say that choice is “entirely up to those societies”? Do the majority of Iranians want to have theocracy? Did you call for a referendum? As far as I know 95% of Iranians want democracy. So if the choice is up to the society why you deny the Iranians that choice? Is this not hypocrisy, lie and deceit? 


As for giving you a single reason that Mullahs are God's representative on earth, I am afraid, I can't. As I mentioned  above, you have already proven to yourself and your followers that they are not. That is fine with me. If Mullahs think they are God's representative on earth, that is fine with me also. Do you really think their being or not being God's representatives on earth changes anything? Even today we have people who claim to be in direct contact with the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. Has this changed anything? Unfortunately, you have confused so many different issues together and created a mish-mash. Of course, this suits your case. You want to prove that Muslims are all murderers and suicide bombers because of Islam. This is a very  narrow-minded way of approaching the issue.

People can believe whatever they want and yes that does not change anything but when someone imposes his belief on me it matters a lot. If the Mullahs want to think they are fallen from God's rear end it is fine with me. But when they assume the power, jail me, torture me, kill me call me pest and parasite then that belief becomes important to me. Is that my confusion or yours?


I told you to go and study the root causes of terrorism in the world and you came back and said you'd done: it was all because of Islam. Fine, so be it. But remember, apart from accusing you of arrogance and ignorance (which includes sheer stupidity, lunacy, etc.) I did not publicly accuse of inciting murder or planning to do so. But you did accuse me of being a murderer and a terrorist on some false pretext (by bending and twisting my words or taking my quotes out of context).

I published your emails after you wrote:

“Let me insist that if you sincerely believe in the validity of your arguments then you are obliged to post my notes on your website”.  

It is you, in your own notes that said you’d go and kill innocent Americans, will use chemical, biological and nuclear weapons or will become a suicide bomber. Let us say England comes to her senses and realizes the danger that Iran poses and jointly with America and other countries invade Iran to get rid of this illegitimate government. This is their right. They must protect themselves against the danger of the Mullahs or they will become hostages to the terrorists if Iran develops nuclear bombs. You say only then you would be a danger to the British public. In other words you are a POTENTIAL danger. You are a time bomb. If I were your neighbor or a citizen of UK I will be very concerned.  

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