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A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

Part V (third email) 

Dr. Sina,  

I glanced at your "article" and, once again, witnessed your sheer ignorance and stupidity. Where did you get your education? How dare you mislead the world by such unfounded and nonsensical comments as "Incest for example is not practised in any society. There are of course individuals with abnormal mental development who are  exceptions to the norm. In fact, except for Bonobo chimps of Zair, that rub their genitals together for social binding, no other ape commits or procreates by incest. Usually the male individual visits other clans to find his mate". Did you buy your PhD in Turkey ? I have heard that all sorts of degrees are available for sale in Istanbul . Didn't you know about the many examples of incestuous marriages in the Achaemenid, Parthian and Sasanian Royal Families?  

These ruled our land, Iran , for over 1000 years and practised incest all the times. Do you know who Cambyses was, son of Cyrus the Great? Did you know what he did with and to his sisters? What about Artaxerxes II and his incestuous relationships with his daughters? Should I give you a few examples from the Parthian period? Let me give you one for the time being. Phraataces (ca. 2 BC - AD 4), son of Phraates IV married his mother after killing his own father! He even celebrated this with a coin issue! I have more cases but let's keep them for later when I decide to demolish your arguments. Do you want examples of the same kind of marriage among the Sasanian kings? Are you honestly unaware of the fact that incestuous marriage is not only allowed in the Zoroastrian faith, it is encouraged. You didn't even know about the incestuous marriages among the Egyptian pharaohs.  

How dare you call yourself a Doctor. Doctor in what? In stupidity,  ignorance and arrogance? I believe you should be given the title Professor in both arrogance and ignorance. Didn't you honestly know about the incestuous marriages among the Lagid kings who ruled Egypt after Alexander? Oh dear. No wonder why you've just managed to attract all sorts of lunatics and idiots to your site. Wasn't I correct when I said you must not remove any part of your website? It must remain there as a testament to your utter ignorance and arrogance. Be happy with the support and approval from your gang of Zionist and Christian terrorists who find your garbage quite palatable.  

You are an affront to every decent Iranian. You have certainly put many  true Iranians to shame with your lack of basic knowledge. No wonder why you have chosen to reside in America . Your stupid President cannot even string together two simple sentences. I am glad that the Islamic Revolution has very effectively got rid of parasites like you. Thanks God, you will never ever see Iran again. You will die in the USA and be buried there among herds of asses and donkeys.  

Let me finish by quoting two lines of poetry, one from Sa'di and the other from Hafez:  

1 - Sa'di: "Dalaael ghavee baayad-o ma'navee -- Na rag-haayeh gardan beh hojjat ghavee".  

2 - Hafez: "Ey magas arse-yeh see-morgh nah jo'laan-kahe tost -- Erzeh khod meebary-o zahmat-e maa midaari".  

Keep on misleading the asses and donkeys who endorse your "knowledge" and "integrity". Zekkee!!!  

Dr. Farhad Assar

United Kingdom of Great Britain



Incest is not natural. It is however an aberration. In exist and existed in all the societies. Walter Scheidel of Stanford university writes:

“In a number of pre-modern societies, relations of this kind were the exclusive prerogative of kings and remained forbidden to commoners. ‘Royal incest’ (Bixler 1982), which serves to emphasize the supernatural qualities of the rulers (strongly associated with mythological traditions of divine incest) and insulates ruling families against intrusions, can be found around the globe, from the Pharaohs and Ptolemies of ancient Egypt (e.g., Cerny 1954; Carney 1987) and ancient Near Eastern rulers (e.g., Elam, Persia, Phoenicia, etc.) (Kornemann 1923) to kings in Central Africa (de Heusch 1958), the Inca of Peru and the Mixtec aristocracy of Mexico (Christensen 1998), and the chiefs of pre-contact Hawaii ( Davenport 1994). In other cases, mostly in tribal societies, incestuous behaviour could be imagined to confer magical powers. By contrast, habitual nuclear-family incest outside ruling families was exceedingly rare.”

The reason endogamy was more prevalent among the royalties is first because kings and dictators, like Mullahs, often felt they were above the law and this feeling of omnipotence altered their sense of morality. They despised the commoners and hence tried to preserve the “purity” of their genes by marrying someone of their own royal blood. But as the Scheidel explains, incest outside ruling families was exceedingly rare.

This explains the prevalence of pedastry among Muslim men and especially the Mullahs. The reason they find boys attractive is because of their hatred of women. Muslim men grow up thinking of women as inferior and filthy. This inculcated misogyny and the conscious despise of women makes them find young boys attractive.  

Religions are created as instruments of power and if a cult or religion approves or encourages incest it is because it reflects the sickness of the mind of its author. The authors of cults were invariably abnormal and psychologically disturbed people. Muhammad is a case example of this psychopathology. We see this man breaches all social norms to satisfy his own lust for power and sex. His pedophilic marriage with a 9-year-old daughter of a beguiled follower, or his legally incestuous marriage with Zeinab, his daughter in law, or his raid and killing of a merchant caravan during the sacred month of Rajab, when killing was taboo are all indications that he thought of himself above the law, a superior being that did not have to conform not only to the norms of the society, but also to what he had prescribed for others. 

A good example of that is verse: 33:50 where he makes his Allah allow him to have sex with all sorts of women and then adds ” this only for thee, and not for the Believers (at large)… in order that there should be no difficulty for thee. And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”  

The point I tried to make in that article is clear. Incest is not natural to humans. It is an abnormality. We do not need religions to tell us incest is not right. Do you disagree Dr. Assar? Then answer the question that I asked in that article. Do you or did you lusted after your mother, sisters and daughter? Was/is Islam the only thing that stopped you fornicating with them? 

Obviously you do not want to answer this question. If you say no, then you would be agreeing with me and if you say yes, ...oh dear!  

I am afraid, in your desperate attempt to prove me wrong you put yourself in a big trap. Now you either have to agree with my thesis that incest in abnormal or admit you have/had incestuous thoughts.

The rest of your letter is nothing but insults and ad hominem. I don't think they deserve any response. They only reveal the incoherence of a mind disturbed by Islam.  


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