Leaving Islam



The Convoluted Mind of the Islamists and the Impending Danger. 

By Ali Sina   

I am posting here the latest email of Dr. GholamReza Farhad Assar, a man who aspires to become the future president of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI)  for anyone interested to peer deep into the criminal mind of a typical Islamist and the thugs that rule over Iran. If you are a European, this should be of particular interest to you for you can see the kind of elements that your government trades with and supports.   

My entire correspondence with Dr. Assar can be found here. His last two emails are published along with this article here

I highlighted parts of his last long letters, which to quote his favorite phrase, is the product of a “chronic mental constipation and constant verbal diarrhea”, for those who have no patience to read all the trash this character wrote.

In his letter he calls democracy "corruption" because, as he puts it, "immoral people can be elected". “Only Theocracy”, explains Dr. Assar, "explicitly and unequivocally talks about moral and ethical values”. Of course if you argue that the theocratic Mullahs are heavily involved in huge briberies, that have stolen billions of dollars while the Iranian population is in abject poverty, that many of them are guilty of pederasty, trafficking of young women and their sale as sex-slaves to Arab Sheikhs and all sorts of immoralities, indecencies and corruptions, you will be called an enemy of God and will be executed. So the main difference between democracy and theocracy is that in democracies there is check and balance, corruptions surface, cause scandal and are corrected and the offenders can be recalled, prosecuted or impeached depending on the gravity of their offence. But in theocracies the offences are often criminal in nature and they remain hidden while the whistleblowers are severely punished as agitators, disturbers of social peace and the enemies of God. The absence of check and balance, allows corruption in theocracies to be boundless.  

This wannabe president of the IRI, whose concept of government is “crowd control” as if people were livestock, admits that he can't show even one case where a theocracy has produced an ethical society. He also is unable to prove the legitimacy of  theocracy as a divinely ordained government. The most ludicrous part of his statement is that he claims in Iran “people have chosen to be governed by theocracy”. The truth is that more than 95% of Iranians detest the tyrannical Mullahs and when they ask for referendum they are jailed or silenced by assassination or execution. In my case, since this doctor wannabe president, can't do any of the above, he contented himself by showering me with a log of  insults some in English and some in Farsi that are not appropriate for translation and by giving me assurances that he would do his best so I will never be able to set foot in my natal country. Of course since he considers Iranians to be non-humans, when he says "people have chosen theocracy", he refers to the ruling elite who already have the power and control the lives of the real people. 

As it is clear from this man's writings, religion is for him a means of "crowd control". As long as people remain ignorant and believe in Islam, they can be controlled. Islam was created as a tool of domination and has always been used as such by the most despicable anti human criminally minded dictators and despots. If people start thinking and demand democracy, these thugs will lose their power. So those who protest, are eliminated because they become dangerous to the survival of tyranny of these goons. As long as ignorance prevail, they have a good hold of the masses. The greatest enemy of these criminals is freedom of thought and enlightenment.    

In this email Dr. Assar also claims I have taken “the best parts of his emails out”, as if his emails contained a best part. I published whatever he sent me verbatim. Nothing is taken out. But lying is part of Islamic identity. If there were any “best parts” in his “verbal diarrhea” he would have posted them in the forum of the site.  

Could a man as obnoxious as this Neanderthal become the president of the IRI? Yes it is entirely possible. In fact this evil character who wrote: Let me make it plainly clear to you Dr. Sina. I will do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing" has spent 28 years of his wretched life in UK and holds a doctorate. He is among the “intellectuals” of the goons ruling Iran. The rest are worse than him. 

I am publishing Dr. Assar's emails so you can get a glimpse of what kind of beasts your European governments are dealing with. Ask yourself isn’t it immoral for your government to even talk to criminals like these? Don’t you feel ashamed of being a British, a Frenchman, a German, a Dutch, a Dane, an Italian or a Spaniard, knowing that your elected government fornicates with criminals and monsters like Dr. Assar and his ilk? 

Don’t just sit there shaking your head. Do something! Write to your government and tell them to stop trade with Iran. Stop buying oil and selling military equipment to these enemies of mankind. Today the Iranians are hostages of these goons, tomorrow all of you will become their hostages. What would you do if the Mullahs pass a few of the "hundreds of nuclear bombs" that Dr. Assar boasts Iran is secretly building, to Al Qaeda or to other terrorist groups that they support and those groups ask you to comply with their demands or they would detonate an atomic bomb in London, in Amsterdam, in Paris or in Berlin? At first you may think they are bluffing, but what if they actually explode a nuclear bomb in one European city, killing hundreds of thousands of people? This sure will grab your attention. Wouldn't it? From there on you will become total slaves in the hands of the Islamic Terrorists and people like Dr. Assar and you will do whatever they say. Meanwhile the IRI will deny any connection with the terrorists. They will publicly condemn the terrorists but secretly will use them to completely subdue and control you. How do I know all this? I listen to them.  

Write to your government and ask them to stop propping these thugs in Tehran. This is not a time to compete with each other to get more contracts signed. Today your liberty, your democracy and your life are in danger. Come to your senses, These terrorists are not humans, you can't reason with them, get over your shortsighted greed and let us work together to topple these illegitimate goons and free the world from the danger of total slavery or extinction.  

With the passage of every day, this enemy becomes stronger and the chances of the civilized world becoming hostage to the Islamic Terrorism increase. It’s time that we all work together; America, Europe, Russia and Far East, Left and Right, and bring this empire of terror down. The entire population of Iran is ready to rise and is waiting for your help. Today is time for unity and action. Iran is the last stronghold of evil. It’s time that we stop this senseless tug of war between ourselves. The unity of the civilized world is the matter of life and death. The evil threatening mankind is so intense, that the old rules must be overhauled. We can’t cooperate with this evil. There is no room for compromise. The only way left, is to fight it and uproot it. If we fail to do that, they will uproot us. What we decide to do today, will determine whether our children will live in a free world or they will be slaves to a barbaric cult. That choice is yours and the time is running out. 


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