Leaving Islam



A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

Part VI

Dr. Sina,  

Thank you very much for posting my first two notes on your site (what about the last two, including this one?). However, you have been less than honest, deleting some parts of my text (the part that says something about the incestuous marriage among the Zoroastrians). Why didn't you have the decency to quote me properly? Why did you take out what was crucial? The complete sentence of mine read "Finally, do you also advocate and endorse the incestuous relationships with ones mother, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, etc. which has been and still is encouraged in the Zoroastrian faith?". You see Dr. Sina, you took part of this sentence, twisted it and then stuck it to another part about the western civilisation. Shame on you

Dr. Sina, shame on you. You have revealed your true nature. You are just a real idiot who knows very little and is obsessed with an idea and nothing more than that.


Nothing from your letters is altered. The first four parts were my responses to your first two emails. What you accuse me of taking out is in your third email which I responded a day later. Now if you had any sense of decency you would apologize for your mistake. But that is not what I expect from someone like you.


You ask me to refer to the Zionist and Christian atrocities? What a fool you are! Where were you when 1000s of innocent and unarmed Muslims were massacred by the Serbs about a decade ago? Spending your days and nights at some go-go dancing clubs in down town LA? What did the Americans do in Vietnam ? Did they go about preaching Christianity to the Vietnamese? They used some of the most deadly, devastating and horrible weapons of mass destruction mankind has ever seen to kill men, women and children? Haven't you seen the pictures of burning little girls after American raids on villages with napalm bombs? What was all of that for? Nothing except a sadistic act of mass murder and genocide. However, you may want to know that the greatest of all superpowers was kicked out of Vietnam by a bunch of inspired Vietnamese armed with pee-shooters. Is that what the Americans wanted? Perhaps it was because that is what they got.

The hatred of the Serbs of Muslims has a long history of oppression done by Muslims against the Serbs. What the ancestors of these people did to each other is no excuse for what the Serbs tried to do to the Muslims, but it explains their hatred was not ideologically motivated as Muslims hate the non-Muslims but it was a historic backlash. Despite that Christianity had nothing to do with it. In fact we saw that many Christian countries headed by America came to the help of the Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo and bombarded the Serbs until they stopped the persecution of the Muslims. Why is it that you remember only the Serbian aggression but you forget the succor of other Christian countries?  

As for America’s war in Vietnam, America has done lots of mistakes and many of them seemed right at the time. The Americans were paranoid with the spread of communism and most of their foreign policies were motivated by that paranoia. Among their mistakes was the coup in Iran in 1953 and the removal of Dr. Mossadegh.  

Yes I saw the picture of that little naked Vietnamese girl hysterically crying on the cover of Times magazine. But I also saw her in a documentary as a grown up successful American woman. That is the difference between the Americans and the Muslims. Americans fight like men not like cowards. They do not deliberately target innocent children or civilians. But when bullets fly, it is inevitable that children and civilians get hurt. This is not by design but by accident. However when that happen, they often try to help the victims. There is much more humanity amongst the Americans than in anywhere else. Americans do not target children; they do not take them as hostage and murder hundreds of them intentionally and cowardly. Only Muslims are capable of that kind of savagery and inhumanity.  

Let me tell you this Dr. Sina, I am so glad to see you burning with rage and coming up with more ludicrous and laughable comments. You are wrong about my background. I am not a Medical Doctor. So your readers can be rest-assured that I have no connections with any hospital in the UK. I have come to Britain to learn about so many good and beautiful things this great country and nation have to offer. I have been in the UK for 28 years and have not had even one parking ticket. Unlike you, who advocates the killing of his brothers and sisters in Iran, I am not a killer. I love life and have done my utmost to encourage people to respect it. I received my BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Tehran University in the early 1970s. I came to the UK and got another MSc and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and did over six years of Post-Doctoral research in Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes. I then joined the ICI as a Technical Officer. Currently I am unemployed. However, much to your disappointment, I am not a terrorist and as long as I am in the UK I will remain abided by the laws, rules and regulations of this country. So, please save yourself time and energy. You don't need to alarm the Brits. The Scotland Yard and the Anti-Terrorist Agencies in the UK know who is whom. They surely know I am not a threat to the security of the UK otherwise they would have locked me up or kicked me out of their country. Unlike the

USA, United Kingdom of Great Britain is a free country. We are allowed to criticise our politicians without the fear of being arrested and screwed by the CIA and FBI agents or abused by the Police. You better think of yourself in the "Wild-West". 



If I were a British citizen reading what you wrote I would be very much concerned. The fact that you are not a medical doctor but a chemical engineer is no relief. You are unemployed and maybe on UI, in other words a parasite for the British tax payers whom you hate so intensely. Or you could be on payroll of the Mullahs. How the English people could know that you are not preparing chemical weapons of mass destruction to use in their shopping malls and undergrounds? Judging by your words you fit the profile of an Islamic terrorist. This is what you yourself bragged and I only highlighted. I think it would be wise for the British readers of this site to report you to the anti terrorist agencies in England so they put you under surveillance. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t just criticize the UK, like I do, you hate that country.  

I see suddenly you are praising the freedom in UK. What happened with your vilification of democracy? How do you like the freedom to criticize the government in UK when if someone criticizes the Leader in Iran he will have to spend the rest of his life in jail, be tortured or executed? If you are so pleased with the democracy and freedom in UK why don’t you think Iranians should have it too? Isn’t this because you and the Mullas that you extol are not Iranians but thugs that have usurped the power in Iran and have reduced that land into a giant prison?   


As for your comments about an Iranian army of 200,000 fighting men (and I assume women too?), I couldn't stop laughing. You can't be serious, can you? Do you really mean those young Iranians in the USA are capable of forming even a football team let alone a 200,000 strong army?



That is my proposal. The soldiers will be recruited from the Iranian youth crossing the borders clandestinely with the assistance of some local agents. No they do not have to come from the Iranians who live in Diaspora. That is however my proposal; whether it materializes or not depends on whether that proposal will be accepted or not.


Whatever next? As I said, I am glad that the Islamic Government of Iran has very effectively got rid of pests and parasites like you. The Iran you knew or was described to you by your parents is gone forever. There is certainly no place for people like you in that country any more. 


Yes I know Iran has changed. It is now a living hell. Prostitution is rampant and thanks to poverty, girls are even sold to Arab countries as sex slaves. Drug addiction is epidemic because the youths have lost their hope. People even sell their kidneys to buy food for their children.  

Why not hold a referendum and see how many Iranians support the regime that you thugs have imposed on them?

I have read some of your other comments on your website. Dr. Sina, let me be honest with you. You are suffering from chronic mental constipation and verbal diarrhoea. So, please go and seek medical treatment although unlike the national health service in the UK, such treatments are pretty expensive in the USA. Perhaps your Zionist and Christian supporters will foot the bill. Also, try to be an honest man and do not distort the facts or twist people's words. So, please go back to your site and correct what I wrote about the incestuous marriage that is encouraged in Zoroastrianism. This is not an Islamic propaganda.

This is a fact of life that you and I as Iranians must accept and live with it. Yes, our forefathers married their mothers, daughters, sisters, etc. So, that Pakistani man you claimed to have spoken to was correct. There is nothing to stop us copulating with our next-of-kin.  

Nothing of the garbage that you wrote was changed. Those stupidities that you think were left out were part of your third email which is published now. As for “There is nothing to stop us copulating with our next-of-kin”, you speak for yourself. My morality drives from my adherence to the Golden Rule, to logics and to commonsense and not to an old book written by a psychopath narcissist subhuman of the seventh century . I do not need a “holy book” to tell me incest is wrong, stealing is bad, murder is evil, etc. On the other hand since you blindly follow such book, you rape girls as young as 9-years-old, you beat your wife, you rejoice in the murder of the people who do not follow the cult you follow, you rape women who are not Muslims with clear conscience, you are probably busy putting together a poison to wipe out hundreds or thousands of the infidel Brits or Americans that you hate so much, because all that is part of your religion. You are not a moral man but a zombie. You follow blindly a psychopath. You dare not question what he said because he frightened you with his lies about hell. You have become such a miserable brainless creature that by your own admission you would have copulated with your own mother if your psychopathic prophet had told you it is okay.  This is what blind belief does to human brain. Once you lose your brain you are no more human.  

Is your faith in Islam not blind? Then prove it to us. Give us one solid and irrefutable proof so we can also believe. 


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