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A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

Part VII

As you note Dr. Sina, you have already been wrong about far too many points. At the same time I sense a great deal of anger and rage in you. Of course, this is precisely what I intended to achieve. I aimed to unmask your character and I got it. You simply walked into the trap. You are too quick to judge people. Fortunately for people like myself, your haste has led to the revelation of your true character. I am not going to respond to each and everyone of the things you accuse me of. You are simply not worth it. You are an attention seeker and I will be a fool if I give you the rope you want to hang me with. 

You do not have to tell me anything. Once you tell me you are a Muslim, I read you like an open book. The point of these debates is to show to the world that Islam is a failed paradigm, that Muslims canít be reached as some PC crowd thinks it is possible, that everything is not a shade of grey and that black and white also are realities. I am not writing this for you. I am writing this for thousands of people who visit this site on daily basis. I want the world see the real ugly face of Islam and nothing is better than showing them a true Muslim.


I am glad that you posted my notes on your site. Let the readers of my comments and yours judge us. Of course, I am sure of the support for your views from Zionist and Christian terrorists and anti-Islamists. However, I made a real fool of you Dr. Sina. I wanted you to reveal your true face to the Iranians inside Iran and not those who live abroad. I am sure 99.999999999% of the ones living abroad will commend you for your ill-conceived responses to my points. But that is fine with me. Perhaps the same number of Iranians in Iran will access your site. I wanted them to know that they must never ever be fooled by such dubious characters as you. 

And what makes you think the Iranians inside Iran are on your side? If they are, why there are no free elections? Why you fear referendum? Do you dare to call for a referendum to see what percentage of Iranians want you goons to stay?


You, Dr. Sina, and those who share your views and values have no place in Iran's future. You go on shouting for help from Bush and people like him to liberate Iran for you and people like you. Thanks God, your attempts are to no avail. Your calls, no matter how loud, are falling on deaf ears. Already the British, German and French governments are reaching some sort of agreement with Iran and are in the process of signing many lucrative contracts with that country. These will bring lots of jobs and prosperity for the Iranians in Iran. 

These governments' fornication with Islamic Republic of Iran is well known. I already mentioned that these shortsighted Europeans have no regards for the well being of the Iranians. They prefer the dictators because they find it easer to trade with them. With a little bribe they can charge double or triple for the same goods that they sell. So why push for change and democracy? But what these idiots do not realize is that they are rearing a poisonous snake. Soon they will wake up from their dream and they will regret what they did.  

The nearly $50/barrel of oil has given Iran a huge surplus of foreign currency. As you see, there are no more "unrest" in

Iran and people are finding it more and more easy to cope with their daily chores. They have witnessed what kind of mess America's intervention has created in Iraq. I am 110% confident that they will not invite Bush to "liberate" their country for you. That must come as an unauthorised invasion which will be met with the full might of Iran's nuclear arsenal. I reassure you that Mr. Bush will not take such a risk. He simply have no stomach for it. The whole of the Middle-East will be a no-go area for the western powers for thousands of years if Bush or another idiot decides to invade Iran. Do you know anything about the half-life of some radioactive materials? Have you heard about the effects of Cobalt-60 on human flesh? Of course not. I don't know what your PhD is in. Surely it has nothing to do with any branch of science. But, if it has, then I very much wonder which university awarded you the PhD degree. So, go and widen your field of study. You are living in some kind of dream. There is nothing wrong with this. However, you should know that there is a big difference between dream and reality. 


I am perfectly aware of the dangers of the Mullahs and I try to alert the world and especially the Europeans to it. Thanks for giving me a free hand. I hope the Europeans pay attention to what you wrote and realize they will never have peace as long as dangerous criminals such as the Mullahs are in power in Iran.  

Are you going to post this note on your site? What about my previous note regarding your utter ignorance of the incestuous marriage among the Zoroastrians? Remember that? You claimed this kind of relationship was non-existent. Please have the decency to post my response to your unfounded claim on your site. However, even if you refuse, I won't be too unhappy. I have already made a laughing-stock of you to the point that you mistook me for a medical doctor and thought I was a terrorist. Well done Dr. Sina, well done. I am enjoying a very simple life (being currently unemployed) in the UK and making full use of the excellent facilities here. All the big and small libraries and museums are open to me. I have spent the best part of the last 15 years extensively researching the political and numismatic history of Parthia. I am currently the world authority in these fields. I owe all of this to the facilities available to me in the UK. However, as a free citizen,  living in a real and not false democracy (like that of the USA) I am allowed to voice my disapproval of certain actions of the Government I voted for. You Dr. Sina with your twisted brain call this terrorism because you are living in a country that leads the world in state-sponsored terrorism. Here in the UK you cannot call someone terrorist because he/she disagrees with certain acts of his/her government. Wake up Dr. Sina, wake up man. It seems the Wild-West culture has badly affected your faculties.

Itís my duty to sound the alarm, it is the duty of the British citizens to report you to the authorities and it is the duty of those authorities to investigate you. Perhaps you are not a terrorist. But based on my experience, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.  When you write things like this: "Let me make it plainly clear to you Dr. Sina. I will do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing" I think it would be wise to have an eye on you.


So, let me thank you for kindly posting my comments on your site; this gave me the opportunity to unmask your dubious and evil character. Lastly, please do go on expanding your site in the same way as you have already done. I am not concerned about its effects on the Iranians abroad. I want the Iranians in Iran to judge your mettle. Thank you very much Dr. Sina. God bless you for your endeavours! You want this debate to continue? Fine with me. Post my last two emails on your site and I'll give you more. Let's see if you have the courage and decency to do so. I very much doubt it. Prove me wrong if you can.  

Dr. Farhad Assar

United Kingdom of Great Britain

What are you going to talk about? If all you can do is hurl insults, keep it to yourself. I think the readers have got the picture already. But if you want to answer to the questions that I asked and you did not respond then you are welcome to write.  

Here are the questions again:  

What solid proof is there that Muhammad was indeed a messenger of God? What he had that other impostors and cult leaders like Jim Jones, David Koresh or our own Mazdak did not have? This is fundamentally important. You hate the entire world and the news that Iran may have hundreds of atomic bombs to your ear is music. You dream about sending those bombs to level Israel and may be Europe, kill millions and make Islam rule the world. At least give us one solid evidence that Muhammad was not a charlatan. Although the burden of proof is on the claimant, I have proven beyond doubt that Muhammad was an impostor psychopath. You have not been able to disprove any of my charges and you decline doing it. At least give us one proof that he was a messenger of God.  

The next question that you did not respond to is about theocracy vs. democracy. You decried democracy in your first email and said it is corruption and exploitation of man over man. I showed to you that what you said is pure nonsense and in fact that is the descriptions of theocracy and mullahcracy. Prove it to us that theocracy is better than democracy and tell us what are the credentials of these men who claim to be the "guardians" and the "signs" of God on earth. Who vested them with that authority?

If you are going to respond to these questions then write, but if you want to continue with your mindless charade, we got the idea already. Thanks but no thanks. 

You can always post in the forum if you dare to face other ex-Muslims. 

(Email 4)

Dr. Sina, So silly of me. I forgot to mention that as soon as Ramadan started, President George W. Bush sent his personal greetings to Muslims all over the world. That shows how stupid I can be occasionally. I thought the whole world was and is against us Muslims. BTW where did you say you are training the 200,000 strong Iranian army to attack Iran? This is the greatest of all jokes. Please give us more. Do you know that I know your real name ain't Ali Sina? BTW, any support for your latest postings? It appears that things are pretty quiet on your site. Remember, you haven't yet responded to my last queries. So you force me to repeat them here: 

1 - are you a Zoroastrian? 

2 - are you a supporter on an idiot called Reza Pahlavi? 

Dr. Farhad Assar 

United Kingdom of Great Britain

Actually you are a lot more stupid than what you think. Bush is the president of the U.S.A. He is a politician and has to play the political game. If I were in his place, with all the things I know about Islam I would say exactly what he says. He has to have the support of those Muslims who are not really Muslims but think they are to fight terrorism. He can't afford alienating everyone. 

As for your questions: 

1-No, I am not Zoroastrian 

2- Read my debate with Mr. Reza Pahlavi    

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