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My Discussion with the Terrorists

By Ali Sina 

Despite the myth that the terrorists are a small minority, they are actually more numerous than what you think. And despite the misconception that they are mostly Arabs or from the Middle East, they come from all nationalities including Americans and Europeans. They are basically everywhere. You can easily meet them on the Internet. All you have to do is to log in to a Muslim forum.

I went to one of these forums where the members talk openly about the merits of killing the non-Muslims and the rewards that are stored for them if they become “martyrs” by killing a large number of people. The site is called; firdaus.org Firdaus means "paradise".  (The terrorists have removed my discussion with them. But we have saved that debate here. Page 1  Page 2)

I thought if I stayed long enough, I may be able to sow the seeds of doubt in at least one of them and this would eventually force him/her to question his blind faith in this cult of death. Knowing they would kick me out of their forum if they knew my identity, I joined them in disguise and said, I see you people are eager about killing the non-Muslims and think by doing so you attain martyrdom and will go to paradise, tell me how can you be so sure of this?  They were not apologetic and with total confidence said that the Quran gives them this assurance. Here are some quotes from their responses to this question:

Have you ever read the Quran??

yes absolutely hundred and one percent.

in the same way you may be sure that tomorrow is saturday and not sunday we are sure that islam is the true religion...u cant find even one mistake if u looked.... so from this belief we have been told of the status and promise of a matyr in heavan..this we hope and wish for everyday..if eyes were open and you saw what this status and reward is..you too would strongly desire to be a martyr in the path of ALLAH the Most High....


inherently, if my belief system dictates that dying for its cause will take me to paradise, I will be inherently intolerant of other views ie that I wil believe it as truth, because it is since I am a Muslim.


First of all, no one commits suicide soleley for the sake of committing suicide in Islam, and if this was your intention then you go to hell. No, the intention was to kill as much of the enemy as possible, and an easy way to do this would be to diguise yourself as a normal person in every day clothes.


So now you say, "why do you die for Islam?" I die for Islam because I believe, 100%, that it is the truth for all of mankind.

So it is clear that Muslims want to kill us, not because of what we do but because of who we are. They are absolutely certain that since we do not believe in their religion, we must be killed.

I pressed them to "open my eyes" and prove to me that the Quran is from God, so I too, can achieve that orgiastic paradise. “If you prove to me that Islam is a true religion", I told them, "I could enter in the kindergarten cross my street, and kill all the children. All I need is one proof that Islam is from God”.  

Here is the list of the “proofs” they presented:   

1-     Quran is inimitable (u cant find even one mistake if u looked) 

2-     Islam is the fastest growing religion

3-     Muhammad had knowledge of dermatology

4-     Muhammad had knowledge of embryology

5-     Muhammad knew that death is like sleep  

I debunked all those claims. The forum administrator  warned me that I should not ask “hundreds of questions” and only I am allowed to ask questions about the "concept of one God" and not on the subject of martyrdom. I actually asked only one question. The question was “prove to me that Islam is a true religion”. I told him that I have no questions about God and whether he is one or many. My question is about Islam and whether it is a true religion or not. Billions of people believe in God but their God is not telling them to kill others. My question is about Islam because Muslims think by killing others they go to paradise. He locked the thread and banned me, accusing me of “turning the whole debate to my advantage”.

As you can see in this site, and virtually all other Islamic sites, Muslims openly discuss how they should kill us and they are sure that killing the  non-Muslims is their ticket to paradise. They are sure of that because they are sure that the Quran is the word of God and this is what the Quran prescribes. At the same time they are unwilling to talk or reason with us.

The rule number 5 of that forum states: 

5.) all kaffirs are welcome, if they come to understand us and learn - they may ask their  questions in islamic discussion section. however, they are not allowed to challenge or question our beliefs or actions especially when they show complete ignorance of our deen. and any kaffir that comes in a hostile manner will be dealt with accordingly. any insult to islam or muslims, especially mujahideen, will result in an instant ban.

In other words these "people" believe that it is their God-given right to kill. Their actions reflect their belief. But you are not allowed to challenge or question their belief or actions. Muslims think of only one thing and that is how to kill us. They are not open to discussions. They are convinced of their belief but you are not allowed to question their belief. 

It is very much like having a pack of ferocious beasts entering your town to feed on humans. You can’t argue or reason with animals. What would you do?  

In my first message in that forum I asked whether it is permissible to ask questions. One of them said “i think u are allowed to post here as long as you say nothing bad about islam...”   But questioning Islam is considered bad and you are not allowed to do that. 

Muslims are not coming to our forums and we are not allowed to theirs. Reasoning with them is out of question. Discussions about Islam are simply not permitted. If anyone writes a book questioning  Islam, there would be fatwas to kill him. All they want to do is to kill us.  Listen to this audio if you are unconvinced.  

What should we do? It seems that we have very few options:

  1. Do nothing and let them kill us.
  2. Separate the Muslims. Keep them away from ourselves the way we keep the ferocious animals away from human populations.
  3. Destroy them before they kill more people, or
  4. Eradicate Islam. 

Are there other options?  

My hope is that we eradicate Islam. This is more humane than all the other options. We may be able to awaken at least a good number of Muslims from their slumber and bring them to the fold of humanity before it is too late. If we don’t, we may be forced to isolate them in concentration camps or destroy them. That is not a good solution. Neither letting them continue killing us is a good alternative. Eradicating Islam is the best way I can think of. If you know of a better way, please advise.

What is going on is insanity. There is no other word to describe it. We have to stop this insanity. How could we let a billion people believe in a cult that says killing us is their duty? Islam is not a religion. Muhammad was a psychopath and now a billion people are infected with his disease. How can we let this continue? We have to stop this patent lie. If we do not stop Islam they will continue killing us and we will have no other option but to kill them and millions or billions will die for a lie.  


Why continue with a lie? Why bring humanity to the brink of extinction?  

Don't tell me the terrorists are a minority? Where is that "majority" who disagrees with these terrorists? The terrorists have the Quran on their side. Can any Muslim argue with the Quran? Do you know of any ongoing debate between the so called "moderate Muslims" and the terrorist Muslims? There is none, because the so called moderate Muslims know too well that in a debate they will lose. The terrorists have the Quran to back them. The so called "moderates" have only their own words and the borrowed western ideas. They can only fool the westerners who know nothing about Islam but they are no match for the terrorists. 

For how long you want to fool yourself? How many more people should be sacrificed before you wake up and face the truth? 

Please join us. Please promote this message. Let the world know the truth about Islam. Put to shame the politically correct and the hypocrite defenders of this evil cult. Let the world wake up. Islam is far more dangerous than Nazism. Do not listen to what I say. Go to an Islamic site, see for yourself the venom that they spew and be the judge yourself. Listen to this audio  or read this sermon






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