Leaving Islam



A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

Part IV

I want to unmask the true faces of the characters who have posted their messages of support for you on the same site. Some of them appear to be British citizens. These shameless individuals seem to be unaware of what their previous government did. I saw it with my own eyes and heard it with my own ears what Alan Clark (God damn his soul), one of the prominent ministers in Margaret Thatcher's cabinet said in a televised interview. He was asked why his government was sending UK made strap-boosters to Saddam Hussein in order to make his Russian built Scud missiles fly farther and hit Iranian cities, towns and villages, killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. He shamelessly responded that he did not care what those missiles hit or where they went. He was just saving British jobs! This is just one example of the satanic deeds of the western powers. When they needed Saddam Hussein to massacre the Iranians and Iraqi Kurds with his chemical and biological weapons, they armed him to his teeth and turned a blind eye to what he did. But, when he passed his sell-by-date, they falsely accused him of having WMDs and invaded his country. The rest his history. Over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, mainly women and children have died as a result of the combined efforts of Messrs Bush and Blair. Do you think decent Iraqis will ever forget this and forgive the USA and Britain for what they have done in Iraq? And lo and behold, all of that in the name of democracy and freedom! What a farcical scenario and ludicrous claim by the invaders as the guardians of human rights! They and their evil deeds are the root causes of terrorism in the world. They are the ones responsible for the death of countless innocent civilians and by-standers, not the suicide bombers. What do you think I'll do if Bush decides to attack Iran? What do you think my response will be if his lunacy leads to the death of my mother, sister, close relatives and loved ones? Let me make it plainly clear to you Dr. Sina. I will do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing. If my loved ones are killed by Bush's actions, he cannot expect mercy and forgiveness from me. He will meet murder with murder.

First of all you do not have to convince me about the British greed and their disregard for human lives and human rights in other countries. I have denounced them on several occasions and I will continue to do that.  Just as it is natural for Muslims to be terrorists, it is natural for the British to be greedy. Even the good Brits can't see the evil of dealing with thugs such as your "contacts" in Iran. They will soon come to regret it. You will do your job and will bite the hand that feeds you. You are a devout Muslim and will murder them as you promised. So eventually the Brits will also understand that the price if sleeping with dogs is to get bitten by flees.   

Now may I ask why you are living in a country that you hate so much? Aren’t you a hypocrite? Are you a "sleeping cell" waiting to strike and kill your hosts? On one hand you take advantage of all the comfort and freedom that that country provides you and on the other, you harbor such a hatred for her. I disapprove of British policies but I do not hate the Brits. I openly speak out and condemn them and I hope some of them start listening and start realizing that supporting criminal regimes such as Iran (or Saddam during the Iran-Iraq war) is foolish. At the end those thuggish regimes raise hate mongers like you who come to their country and swear to kill them. I hope the Brits read what you wrote and see how short-sighted and how stupid is to support thuggish regimes. Their sin is coming back to haunt them. Now they will have to deal with you, and a million others like you, terrorists among them.

This man with whom I am corresponding is a "doctor" (I assume an MD). He was trained to cure people. But see  the hatred in his letter. How can anyone put his life in the hands of this man or other Muslims like him?

We had discussions with a British born convert to Islam who was a nurse. She too hated he country. So watch out when you put your life in the care of a Muslim doctor or nurse.   

Now back to you Dr. Assar. America did not start this war. The Muslim terrorists started it and America had to respond. This war must be fought. The Europeans are fools to stay on the side. Soon they will realize their inaction is going to cost them dearly. Sooner or later, they will join America but unfortunately this delay will be their biggest mistake, because through this delay the terrorists will become invigorated and fighting them later becomes much harder.  

To be honest, I don't really care who is in power in Iran. As an Iranian I am proud that the present regime has stubbornly stood against the great Satanic Powers of the West. I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Bush and his allies know well they can't touch Iran. Only a couple of days ago Mr. Jack Straw, the British Foreign Secretary, stressed that neither the Bush administration nor any other country contemplates attacking Iran, full-stop! Do you know why? I have a string of close connections in Iran. They have reassured me that Iran is already armed with N-bombs and that the dedicated Iranian scientists and engineers are planning to increase her nuclear capability to several hundred warheads in the near future.  

This is music to my ears. It teaches the Zionist terrorists that any pre-emptive attack on Iran by Israel will be met with devastating consequences and will result in the mass extinction of the sons and daughters of Zion. So, the Zionist and Christian terrorists must be under no illusion that Iran cannot be invaded like Iraq.

This is what makes me proud of my country.  


Don’t be so jubilant yet. Those bombs are the death sentence of the Iranians. Those thugs in power are not legitimate rulers of Iran. Over 90% of Iranians want them gone. Why do you think they do not call for a referendum or free elections? They know they have no chance. But they will use the bombs and there will be retaliation and millions of innocent Iranians, my compatriots, not yours, will be killed. You are not an Iranian, you are a traitor, a fifth column, a slave of Arab imperialism and a hater of Iran. This regime must be toppled soon. The Europeans are making a huge mistake by working with Iran. They are fools to think the Mullahs will comply with their obligation and stop the production of atomic bomb. The Mullahs are far more dangerous than Saddam. Muslims sign treaties only to buy time. They have learned this trick from their prophet who signed a bogus treaty in Hudaibiyah for 10 years but broke it after two years.  

However, I am not proposing that the Americans invade Iran. My solution is that America and whoever is interested, finance the creation of an Iranian army in Afghanistan and Iraq, made entirely by the Iranians who would cross the borders, get the training and then march back to Iran in a D Day to liberate that country. Invading it from East, South and West. This would not be an occupying army but an army made entirely of Iranians. There are millions of youths in Iran, far more intelligent than you and I who unlike you did not have the connections that you had and could not get out of Iran to get a better education. They are unemployed or underemployed. Have no hope and find refuge in drugs to escape their reality. They will cross the borders and will join this army. They will be paid decent salary as soldiers. Joining that army will provide instant relief from their squalid life and gives them hope. If America and/or other countries finance us, we can build an army of 200,000 or bigger in a year. Then this Iranian army will march into Iran and will reclaim their country from the Islamic usurpers who are hated by everyone. No Iranian will resist them because this is not an occupying force. Tthey are the sons and daughters of Iran going back home to free their motherland.  In fact people will rise to receive them with joy. The soldiers in the present army also will desert to join this army in exile. They will have superior tanks and will be backed by American air force. Your connections in Iran will shave their beards and flee the ship like rats. 

Then of course, Iran can have nuclear power, because then, a democratic Iran can be trusted.  But the world must not trust the savage Mullahs.    

At the same time I am an ordinary Muslim. Neither do I pray to God five times a day nor fast during the month of Ramadan. Yet I respect Islam for its stance against corruption. There is no other faith except Islam that confronts evil head on and encourages its followers to root out corruption. Islam certainly does not decriminalise crime to suit criminals.  

Stance against corruption? Islam is nothing but corruption. What the hell are you talking about? Islamic countries are the most corrupt countries in the world. Muhammad himself was a corrupt man and his followers are all corrupt. How can you justify raiding merchant caravans, attacking villages without warning, killing innocent men looting their livestock and property and enslaving and raping their wives? Are these ethical actions? 

When Muhammad went to Medina he had nothing. Sometimes he dined with a few dates. Only a few years later he owned the entire peninsula. How do you think he made his wealth? It was all stolen property, obtained through massacres. Go and fix your religion and your world first before talking about corruption of the west.  


I believe you too are proud and happy about living in a society that encourages its citizens to swap their wives and share their husbands and that its annual income from infesting the world with pornography is fast approaching a trillion dollars. I certainly have no desire for that kind of "democracy" and "freedom". In spite of all its faults and drawbacks I respect Islam's anti-corruption stance


What the hell are you talking about? No one encourages wife swapping and pornography here. The majority of people here have much higher moral standards than the Muslims. Most of the money made in pornography industry comes from Muslim countries. I too grew up with that stupid nonsense Islamic propaganda, but it only took me a years living in the West to realize it was just sheer lies and slanders. There is much more corruption, incest and moral decay happening in Islamic countries were sex is taboo than in the western countries. But it all happens behind closed doors. No one talks about it. Here the problems come to the surface and they are dealt with. Islamic countries are far more corrupt in every sense than the western counties. Here if someone molests a child it becomes news and that person is prosecuted even years after he committed the crime. In Islamic countries, everything is swept under the rug


Do you know this beast? Is he one of your “connections?” Who can bring him to justice? He is the law. Who dares to prosecute him for molesting children?  

Do please save yourself time and not mention to me the corrupt Muslims who thrive on evil deeds. Their immoral and evil actions has nothing to do with Islam. 

Why not! That is what you get when you have a few men claming to have God given authority to rule? In democracies criminals like these are brought to justice. But how you can bring to justice a man who claims if you oppose him you have opposed God and must be killed for that offence?

 For me the way Imam Ali lived his life is the best example of human courage, dignity and decency. In spite of having the income from the whole of Islamic world at his disposal he ate a piece of bread with a cup-full of camel milk and a few dates a day while tending the land and caring for the sick and needy. The ruins of his humble house is still standing. Even a glance at the photo of those stone walls brings tears of joy and pride to my eyes. His memory will last forever as a symbol of bravery, determination and justice. It does not matter what you or people like you say about people like him. Mount Everest will not be washed away by a passing shower.


I grew up with that kind of brainwashing too. The truth however is in the old Islamic books. Go to this link and read how Ali and his uncle Abbas used to fight over a property that Muhammad had stolen, after that madman died.  

This is only one example. There are many that prove without any doubt that Ali was a criminal. For those who understand Farsi here is one link describing the murderous nature of Ali. We were just cocooned in lies. I too used to believe in those lies. But truth has a sobering effect.  

My advice to you is to set your criticism of Islam aside for a while. You have already said and done enough in this regard quoting even a British drunkard called W. C. I believe you should now spend some time studying the root causes of terrorism in our world and the real beneficiaries of the suicide bombing. As they say, there are always two sides to a coin.

I already did that and I found the root cause of Islamic Terrorism is Islam, the Quran and the sunnah of Muhammad.  I explained that in this article. 

During the 1990s the U.S defended Muslims in Kuwait, Somalia, Bosnia, and Kosovo, while pressing for Israeli withdrawals, through the Oslo process, for the sake of the Palestinians. Did Muslims ever thank her for that? No. They are only looking for pretexts to continue with their hateful agenda.

Recently, your coreligionists slaughtered Nepalese workers in Iraq. They were not killed because of Nepalese policy (which opposes the U.S. on Iraq), but precisely because of who they were - non-Muslim Hindus.

You can fool others with your tales of “desperate reaction to oppression” but you can’t fool me. I know perfectly why Muslims hate others. It is simply because they are not Muslims.

In fact Muslims of different sects even hate each other because hatred is the intrinsic part of Islam and violence was the example set by the savage Muhammad.

Tell me what was the oppression of Abu Afak, a 120 year old citizen of Mecca or the oppression of Asma bint Marwan a mother of five small children that were assassinated at Muhammad's behest? Their only crime was composing lyrics critical of Muhammad. They were killed for the same reason Theo Van Gogh was assassinated. Tell me what was the oppression of Salman Rushdie that your hero Khomeini ordered to be assassinated? What was the oppression of Ahmad Kasravi, Ali Dashti or Razmara? You people cannot talk except through violence. 

Unfortunately, history has been and is written by the victors. It is about time you listened to the cries and grievances of the vanquished. In 53 BC, Julius Caesar massacred over 1000,000 Gauls to secure his position in Rome as a liberator. This is what he himself recorded while on his genocidal spree in the Gaulish land. Yet, he is one of the most respected and prominent "western" commanders and many Italians are proud of his psychopathic and murderous deeds. The majority of western values simply stink.

Julius Caesar was a historic figure. He is not worshiped or followed by anyone. Muhammad also massacred his prisoners of war, raped their women. During his last years tens of thousand of people were killed by his men. Not in wars but in unprovoked raids. You seem not to know the history of Islam. He wiped out entire populations, beheaded their men or banished them after confiscating their belongings. But Muslims think that monster was the most perfect human and follow his examples. You are comparing apples to oranges. No one gives a damn about Caesar but a billion befogged and benighted idiots follow Muhammad and are killing people today because of what he said and did. How can you not see the difference?  


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