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 Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar contacts Scotland Yard 

A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]



After daring me to publish his emails, Dr. Assar suddenly has changed his mind and fearing to receive a call from the Home Office he decided to contact the Scotland Yard first and ask them to to force me to remove his emails. 

From: "G.R.F. Assar" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Re: request for action
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 22:56:06 -0800
Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing in relation to some of my comments on the views of an anti-Islamist Iranian (Dr. Ali Sina) in the USA. He has posted my notes on his website. These may be accessed at:
I must admit that after reading Dr. Sina's insulting and abusive remarks about Islam's Prophet Mohammad I was deeply affected. As I have publicly announced I am not a typical Muslim, neither do I pray to God five times a day nor fast during the month of Ramadan, etc. However, I respect Prophet Mohammad as much as I do Prophets Moses and Jesus. It now appears that some of my comments have caused anxiety for some readers. For this reason, I am writing to you in the hope that you will take necessary steps to contact Dr. Sina in the USA and instruct him to remove those comments of mine from his website (his email address is: faithfreedom2 at gmail.com ). He will certainly not respond to my direct requests. I will forward to you, in a separate email, my full details so as to enable you to contact me for clarification of any point. I am now fully aware of the impact of some of my comments although they were and still are only hypothetical. Mr. Bush has no intention of invading Iran (my country of birth) and my old mother, sister, relatives, etc. are not going to be killed in any American invasion.
Dr. G.R.F. Assar,



My dear Dr. Assar; What made you change your mind?  You kept insulting me only because I did not publish your emails immediately after you sent them to me and now you call the Scotland Yard to force me to remove them? Are you not going to stand behind your own words my good Doctor? 

Okay, if you want them removed I will certainly remove them. But not before you answer the two questions you left unanswered because you thought I am worthless. I may be worthless for you, in fact millions of Iranians are worthless for you people and that is why you throw them in jail to rot, torture them, flog them, gouge their eyes, mutilate their limbs, stone them or hang them if they disagree with you and never bother to consult them whether they want you to rule over them. They are all worthless. But this site is visited by thousands of people every day who are not worthless Iranians and I assure you that at least some of them are worthy of your response. 

So would you kindly answer to these two questions?  

1- If you want to: "do my best to kill as many innocent Americans as I can, be it with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons or through suicide bombing." at least give us one convincing, objective proof that Islam is a true religion so the innocent Americans go to their tombs knowing they are being killed because this is the will of God and not because a billion zombies follow a psychopath.  

2- Also you said democracy is "corruption and man's exploitation of man". Obviously you think mullacracy is superior to democracy and it is not corruption and man's exploitation of man. Please give us one evidence that the Mullahs are legitimate representatives of God or earth. 

These are two simple but vital questions. people are being killed everyday because they do not have an answer to the first question and millions of Iranians are being abused because they do not have the answer to the second question. Once you respond to them satisfactorily I will not only remove your emails, I'll actually remove the entire site. How about that? Who knows! I may also join you in the orgy of killing innocent Americans. Hey, I am a human. I have sexual urges too. 72 virgins and an eternal supply of Viagra is nothing to sneeze at. 

I await your response to these two questions.

Kind regards 

Ali Sina 

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