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From: "G.R.F. Assar" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Re: How about posting this note on your site?
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2004 22:19:17 -0800


Dr. Sina,  

It is about 10:20 PM UK time here. I checked your site a minute ago and saw your "debate" with me still on. Let me give you some additional information in this regard. I have already been in touch with a lawyer and given reassurances that I have not committed any crime. I might have been a bit too passionate in some of my remarks but since those are all hypothetical cases, they do not amount to any crime. Furthermore, I have been informed that you have definitely and certainly stepped your limits by publicly accusing me of inciting murder and terrorism. More on this later. I am now writing to let you know that you are welcome to post on your site anything I have written to you so far, including the contents of my last email and this one. I have no fear of anything. Tomorrow I'll check your site once more to see if the page in question is still active. I am also going to contact the Iranian Embassy in London to find out if I can bring forward my departure to Iran . Faced with characters like you who misuse their position and advantage, I am planning my retaliatory measures against you in Iran .  

You have given me enough excuse to return and ensure that characters like you will never ever have the opportunity to set foot on Iran 's soil. You have taken advantage of your position, twisted and bent my views and  portrayed me as a murderer and terrorist. That is fine with me. But, let me tell you this Dr. Sina, your stupidity has given me the excuse I was looking for. You stay outside Iran and shout for help. I'll go back there with the ammunition  you have given me to ensure that your pleas for the "liberation" of Iran will be to no avail. That is precisely what I required from you. To reveal your true character and then allow me to introduce you to the students I'll be teaching and as many fellow Iranian men, women and children as I can contact. After all, you said 99% of the Iranians in Iran do not support the Islamic regime. Well then, people like myself must go there are make sure that the 1% support will rise to 99.9999%. You are nothing except an idiot and a dreamer. You'll waste the rest of your life abroad and achieve nothing. Your 200,000 strong army of the Iranian boys and girls will never reach Iran . What a way to win the hearts and minds of the Iranians outside Iran . Publicly accuse them of murder and terrorism. Well done Dr. Sina, well done. The more you reveal your true face to people like me the better. Even if I had 1% doubt in my mind whether or not I should support the Islamic Regime in Iran, I am now 10,000% sure that I should. Can you come up with a plan to stop people like myself withdrawing our support of the Islamic Republic of Iran and come to your camp? I tell you what to do: do to them exactly what you have done to me, that is, publicly falsely accuse them of things they are not and force them to go back sooner rather than later and join the camp of the supporters of the Islamic Regime. You certainly deserve a gold medal for your achievements. Keep up the good work and add to the army of the supporters of the Islamic Regime in Iran . I am sure the Mullahs couldn't wish for anything better, could they?  

So, thank you very much for all your efforts. I'll send you an email from Iran and keep you informed of the developments there. I'll also send you emails, from time to time, during my stay in the UK . You are more than welcome to add them all to your page concerning your "debate" with me. Let's see who the ultimate winner in this duel will be.  

Dr. Farhad Assar

United Kingdom of Great Britain


Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, 

I checked the web-page concerning your debate with me and noticed that you had only managed to post my penultimate email. Perhaps you need more time to respond to the points in my last note. I am sorry if I am imposing on your time but since you show so much appetite for garbage, it is my religious duty and pleasure to provide you with as much as you can take. 

Now, as mentioned in one of my latest emails, I hardly read my own notes never mind yours. However, I would like to thank you for spending a great deal of time commenting on my comments. The more you do this, the more I and people like me would discover the "ins and outs" of the satanic characters like you. I would also like to extend my gratitude to you further. As you admit, you've provided me, free of charge, with the opportunity to voice my views. As you see, I don't have to pay for anything. You foot all the bills? Don't you? 

Anyway, let me update you on some developments. Today, I took advantage of the cheap rate phone calls to the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN and phoned both my old mother and not-so-old sister in Shiraz , one of the most beautiful cities in that GREAT COUNTRY. Don't you agree with this? Thanks to Allah, they both were safe and sound, looking forward very much to seeing me there. After the usual conversations were over, I alerted my sister to your website and advised her to alert others and ask them to alert other ones and so on (i.e., like a nuclear chain reaction when fast neutrons begin bumping into one another and also crushing into the nuclei of the radioactive material to cause the devastating atomic explosion -- use this to claim that I am preparing an atomic attack on the UK or the USA). So, as you see, I am doing you a great service and that you must now expect more visitors to your site. Of course, the majority of these new visitors will not be the kind you want them to be. They are the ones that are waiting to "welcome" both you and your 200,000 strong army of the Iranian boys and girls, mostly recruited from the LA area (I presume). So, as you see, I have already began my efforts to make sure that you will NEVER EVER set foot on the soil of the country now fully established and internationally recognised as THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. To be honest, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to visit your website. You opened my eyes and the eyes of many people like myself to a certain "reality". You claimed that over 99% of the population of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN do not support the ISLAMIC REGIME. Although I have no doubt in my mind that this is simply nonsense, I convinced myself that there is no point in being complacent. So, I have decided to send a "selective" copy of your views (as you do with those of mine) about ALLAH, ISLAM, PROPHET MOHAMMAD (May God's Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him, His Disciples, and Followers), and THE HOLY QURAN, to a friend in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. This friend has a BA and a MA in English. So, I am sure his translation of your notes to Farsie will be as perfect as one could expect. Then, I'll ask him to circulate the translated notes among as many supporters of the ISLAMIC REGIME as he can find. I believe you said only 1% of the population in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN supports the regime. So, he doesn't have to invest excessively in photocopying. The main objective of this initial attempt of mine is to bar you and your supporters from ever getting back to the country that once was known as Iran and now is the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. We will make those "1% supporters" realise what kind of danger is looming abroad. We will emphasise that foreign agents and lunatics like Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina are preparing to attack THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN in order to topple the ISLAMIC REGIME. We will tell them that our crazy Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina claims the number of these mercenary armies are apparently quite high. So, we must act now, reveal their satanic intents and alert the unwary. We must stress that these agents of the Lucifer are becoming increasingly bolder in their claims. Maybe there is a 200,000 strong army somewhere. Maybe there is already preparations in place to attack our country and turn it to a hell 10,000 times worse than Iraq . So, why should we wait to face the enemy when it is upon us? We too must up our preparations. If we have 1000,000 combat-ready army and many 10,000s of revolutionary guards (I won't tell you how many), we too must double, triple or even quadruple our armies and fighting power. If the production rate for Shahab3 missile is as high as what "Paykan" car once was, this must be now increased further. We don't need 1000s of these missiles to defend our country, we need 1000,000s of them. So, the preparation must begin in earnest right now before it is too late. Surely we don't want to see "King Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina" on the Peacock Throne? Or even "President Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina"? This last one reminds me of Eidee Amin. He wanted to be called "President, Field Marshal, Professor, Dr. Eidee Amin, DaaDaa". As you see, "King/President Designate" Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, you opened the eyes of people like myself. God bless you. Your actions have made people like me stronger in their resolve. To be fare, I give you a 0.000000001% chance of returning to Iran . This is only slightly less than the chance the Red Indians have in the USA to reclaim their rightful country or probably the same as that of the Australians aborigines to secure the continent for themselves. However, I am sure, no-one in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN would want to have a lunatic, a psychopath, someone with personality deficiency, an attention seeker, a man with chronic mental constipation, a man suffering from constant verbal diarrhoea, an ethically and morally bankrupt ass-hole, and the Agent of Satan, to head his/her country. You have done me a great favour Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina. The more you force the Iranians abroad and in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN to follow my line the better. You have asked me to prove to you that Islam is a true religion of God. What an ass-hole you are. Today, over 1,200,000,000 human beings are Muslims, good or bad is not the question here. How many followers do you think you have Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina? Or, let me put it this way: how many followers do you think you'll have in about 1400 years? The response in Farsie if "Gooz" meaning a Big Fart in English. Although, according to Sa'di: "Cho baa sefleh goo-yie beh lotf-o khashee --- Fozoon gardadash kebr-o gardan kashee", I am prepared to continue this "debate" as long as you wish. As said in my last email, I need the ammunition you have provided me with to hit you back. Your comments will come back to haunt you when you are lying in your death-bed somewhere in the USA . Even your corpse will not be allowed back in Iran (exactly as the Israelis denied President Arafat being buried in the Al Aghsa Mosque in Jerusalem ). The ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN is no longer your country and you have made this plainly clear. So, as I've repeatedly said, you'll die in the USA and be interned there in a graveyard set aside for donkeys and asses. Well done Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina. With your name being Ali, I wouldn't be too sure if your tomb-stone will be in its place, say in 50 years' time, in the USA . Some Christian Extremists will take your grave as that of an Arab or a Muslim and desecrate it. Oh, I should add that while I was speaking to my mother on the phone, she informed me that one must now-a-days go to the villages in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN to see what the ISLAMIC REGIME has achieved. Under a western puppet called Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, we were led to believe that we had everything whereas in reality we had nothing and no-one took us seriously. If the Americans didn't want us to have spare parts for our jet-fighters, that was it, the whole Iranian Air Force would have been neutralised and made worthless. At the same time, if the British refused to give us spare parts for our chieftain tanks, the whole of our Army would have been annihilated in an Israeli attack. Now, lo and behold. According to the statements broadcast on Radio Israel , the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN is producing some of the most advanced and sophisticated weapons in the world. THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN is now absolutely self-sufficient in manufacturing all sorts of things necessary for the defence of a 75,000,000+ nation. Even Mr. Bush, with the might of US military at his disposal, cannot dream of attacking THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. And I believe Israel has now come to realise that its very existence will be in danger if it launched a pre-emptive attack on Iran . Thanks to the constant threat from the USA and Israel of a pre-emptive and unprovoked attack, THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN is now armed to its teeth and far beyond with everything you can think of. Israel knows well that by attacking the nuclear power plant in Bushehr it will achieve nothing. The "Mullahs" are not that stupid to put "all their eggs in one basket" and then invite the USA and Israel to come and destroy them. So, Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, how do you think you can invade and conquer a land which is now at its 

strongest? THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN is now the SUPERPOWER of the Middle-East. Are you serious about your 200,000 strong army? Don't you think you should put a couple of extra "Zeros" after the last one in that figure. In other words, aren't you going to revise this figure? I am sure, some of Iranians in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC have already accessed this "debate" page of yours and rushed to review their figures. And I reassure you, I'll not rest until I am fully satisfied that evil characters like you pose no threat to the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. Do you feel better now? Are you satisfied that I too now refer to my motherland as THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN? This is just the beginning Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina. You stay put where you are and don't come any closer. You'll get your ass busted with Shahab3 missiles if you get near the borders of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN (wait for Shahab4 which is in the pipe-line). Oh, before I forget, you have my blessings to put the entire content of this email on your site. Surely you want your supporters to realise what sort of people they have to overcome in order to get "their country" back. Right now you must say Bye Bye to "your Iran ". That country is THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN and will remain so 1000s of years after your bones have tuned into dust. Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, you are not a dreamer. I apologise for calling you so in my previous emails. You are a fool and what the Americans call "ass-hole" or "jack-ass". We use creatures like you in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN for transporting goods such as Carrots, Onions, Hay, Horse's Shit, Cow's Dung, Human Crap, etc. And, to be honest, we have enough of these creatures. So, we sincerely apologies, we must turn down your application for entry and wish you luck with your endeavours elsewhere. Oh, I think I saw an ad somewhere in the UK that there is demand for a few donkeys in the Black Pool area. You know, Black Pool is a holiday resort and many holiday makers love to go on a donkey ride there. How about applying for the vacancy? I can twist an arm or a leg here to get you the job. Just drop me a line you ass-hole if you are interested. Oh, another thing. Why do you take the best parts of my emails out and just post the parts that suits you and then shamelessly claim that you have posted everything? You see Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, you are the one who is frightened not me. I have a motherland to go back to in a few months' time? What do you have? Only a website loaded with crap. But, let me be fare to you. We Muslims have been ordered by ALLAH THE MOST COMPASSIONATE THE MOST MERCIFUL to be compassionate and merciful. If you decide to be a good boy, repent your sins and sincerely apologise to us for your relentless insult on what is so sacred and dear to 1,200,000,000 men, women, and children, we may forgive you. But, don't count on this. Your sins may not be forgivable. In that case we will not receive you in our midst. We will consign you to a "Chaah-e Mostaraah". This is because you stink and are therefore bad for our health. As for your assertion that a Google search will now throw up my name and that now I have been immortalised, I am sorry, this wasn't because of you. Go back you ass-hole and see to what else my name is linked. And, "you ain't seen nothin yet". You will certainly hear from me and also a lot about me in the future. I am determined to ensure that you and people like you will stay where they are. So, do not be surprised if one day you find me as the President of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. Then, I will put a definite end to all your dreams by revoking your Iranian nationality. Iranians in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN have chosen (yes they have) to be governed by Theocracy. This is their God-given right and if you don't like it you can go and get yourself screwed (if you have difficulty with that let me know). We do not want your kind of "Democracy". That thing you call "Democracy" is a different name for corruption. America was the closest ally of Iran from the early 1950s until the ISLAMIC REVOLUTION. Give me one example of the good things the Americans left behind in Iran . You can't, because there ain't any. But, do you want me to give you the details of just a few (not all) cases of rape of Iranian girls by the American military personnel in Iran , i.e., those who guarded the American interests in Iran ? All of those cases were dropped and the families of the victims were told to shut up or else! Please don't get me wrong, there were and still are tens of millions of extremely decent Americans around. The sad thing is that they don't get the opportunity to do the things they want. We have no problems with those people at all. In many cases we look up to them in order to learn a thing or two from their knowledge and integrity. But unfortunately, things stop here and we are forced to deal with the ones who want to annihilate us. Now, tell me Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, how many of Iran 's universities, hospitals, schools, roads, etc. were made by the "democracies" you talk about and support? These "democracies" want agents like you to go and open the markets of countries like the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN to the flood of garbage from their rubbish-producing factories. They want you to go there and tell the people that it is good to be ethically and morally corrupt. Do you know why? People like you want us to be easy preys for foreign exploitation. Foreign capitalists know very well that a single dollar out of each Iranian's pocket a day amounts to over $75,000,000/day. So, they want Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina to go back and undermine what the Muslims consider to be the word of God and tell them that Islam is vile, corrupt and not a religion. Even if we stick to your brand of "democracy", the majority of Iranians in Iran have backed the ISLAMIC REGIME and chosen to be governed by theocracy. But, you jack-ass want to deny them this right by imposing on them your defunct values. Go and get yourself screwed you ass-hole. You are a foreigner not an Iranian. Even if we assume that you are an "Iranian", you are in the minority and must therefore keep your effing mouth shut. George Bush got about 52% of the popular vote (I am not referring to his first term when he didn't even get the popular vote). This means that about 48% of the voters in the USA  were against him and his policies. However, according to what you term "democracy" he won the election and that's it. Those who don't like him must put up with him. This then means that in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN anyone who gets 50% of the popular vote plus ONE SINGLE vote must be allowed to rule. You don't like this. That is your problem. Go and screw your own ass if you can or get it screwed by someone else. That may take your mind off and make you feel better. What is plainly clear but must be made even more clear is that "democracy" in the west is an alternative name for corruption and exploitation of others. You jack-ass disagree with this because you are part of this global conspiracy. You have been, are, and will be financed by the crusaders of this corrupt notion to champion their cause. Yes, in its true sense democracy means people ruling themselves. But give me one single example of this in the world we live in. We have been told that the  United States of America has some of the most educated people in the world. Fare enough. I have nothing against that. But, name one of these as a President of that country. How many of the ultra-educated Americans can run for the presidency of that country? None. Before you get too upset or offended let me tell you what I watched on Channel4 TV here in the UK just before the US Elections. The title of the programme was "White House For Sale". I believe this speaks for itself. Do you know who funds the US elections? Do you know how much money one has to raise or have in order to stand a reasonable chance of entering the  US election campaigns? Do you know the identity of the real "backers" of the candidates? Do you know that none of those ultra-educated and fare-minded people in the USA have the sort of money you need to "Buy" your way into the White House? You call this Democracy? I think I better coin another phrase here: "Cash-cracy". So, as you note, Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, you are in a coma and not a dream. What you call "democracy" is no more than "cash-cracy". You get the backing of those who put Bush in the White House and tomorrow you'll be there, in the White House and not outside shouting for help from Bush to invade Iran , kill a few million innocent men, women and children, and put you on the Peacock Throne. As I said: Zekkee Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina! Dream on man, dream on. While I have revealed everything about my education, you haven't uttered even one word about your background. Can you tell us what your PhD is in? With your kind of mentality and the things I have seen coming from you I think you have a PhD in garbage-collecting. You lack basic understanding and don't even have an average general knowledge. Your IQ must be -2 (minus two) or thereabout. You are just obsessed with an idea and that's it. And, you want to make a name for yourself by insulting what is dear and sacred to over 1,200,000,000 people all over the world. You want to portray all Muslims as murderers and suicide bombers. You are nothing but a coward. You just love to show that you've defeated everyone who has entered into a debate with you, including another dreamer, Mr. Reza Pahlavi, and Ayatollah Montazeri. Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, you have serious personality problems. For God's sake man, go and seek medical advice before it is too late. You'll end up in a loony asylum in a few years' time if you carry on like this. When I talk of a hypothetical situation that "IF someone invades my motherland and kills my innocent mother, sister, loved ones, etc., I'll do the same", you go and take that part of my comment out of context and publicly accuse me of being a murderer and a terrorist. Even some of your followers failed to appreciate the hypothetical nature of the scenario I presented them with. They forgot to see the "IF" at the beginning of the sentence. As they say, "IF" is a small word with loads of meanings. Let them think what they want of me. Again, as Sa'di has said "Do sad gofteh chon neem kardaar nist", i.e., action speaks louder than words. But in your case Sa'di has said "Moshk aan-ast keh khod be-booyad -- Na aan-keh attaar be-gooyad". I think I am doing OK so far. Now, let's proceed further. As you see, Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, the kind of democracy you advocate does not exist. It never existed and will never be implemented in any human society. In fact, the greatest flaw in the real democracy (not "cash-cracy") is that it allows humans to act on their animal instincts with impunity. In other words, the law of "survival of the fittest" will come to play a central part in democracy. It allows some individuals to get as much as they want (i.e. cream off the wealth of a nation) and leave others destitute. Remember Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, democracy has nothing to do with "ethics and morality". Democracy does not even imply that if you find your neighbour dying of hunger you MUST share your loaf of bread with him/her. Democracy does not mean that you are obliged to care for the needy and under-privileged. Democracy means "people ruling themselves", that's all. Only Theocracy explicitly and unequivocally talks about moral and ethical values as well as how to rule and govern, all combined in one single package. The introduction of "moral" and "ethical" values in the so-called democratic societies has nothing, whatsoever, to do with the word Democracy. In an immoral and unethical society, you can be a democratically elected president but, of course, devoid of moral and ethical values. However, there can be no objections, whatsoever, to your stance. Let me quickly add something here: today, in most democracies, you can be democratically elected in spite of having almost no moral and ethical values. Do you want to know why? I'll tell you. The very same democracies have "moved the goal-posts" of the moral and ethical values so as to suit themselves. As you have asserted, what was once considered immoral and unethical has now become acceptable and we are told that there is nothing wrong with this!!! You can be a notorious womaniser like President Chriac of France but also a democratically elected leader of a democratic country. Nowadays, you can have any kind of sexual preference but still be elected as a priest or even a president in these democracies of yours because there is nothing wrong with that (and you like all of these, you ass-hole, don't you?). You can have a sexual relationship with a married woman, as Mr. David Blunkett has and says there is nothing wrong with it, and still be the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, the bastion of world's democracy. If, however, as well as being a democratically elected president, you are bound by certain moral and ethical values, then that is an added bonus but not a pre-requisite for being the leader of a democratically governed nation. Whereas, in theocracy you cannot be a ruler without unquestionable moral and ethical values set, let's say, by the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, or Mohammad (May God's Peace and Blessings Be Upon All of Them). You will simply be un-electable. Now, Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, don't ask me to give you examples of real theocratic governments. We are dealing with the interpretation of DEMOCRACY and THEOCRACY. Whether different human societies have ever seen or benefited from any of these "crowd control modes" is a completely different matter, since it involves the "Human Nature" too. And, that is when problems begin to surface. Mr. Bush is from a very wealthy family. So, in order to guard his own interests, his decisions will definitely and unquestionably be affected by that single factor (if not more). The Italian Prime Minister too is quite wealthy as well as being connected with some dubious characters. So, no wonder why last week he called for the Italian antiquity laws to be completely overhauled. He now wants people who unearth artefacts that constitute Italy 's national and cultural heritage to own their "treasures" if they promise to pay 5% of the proceeds of the sale of their finds to his government! In other words, he wants to decriminalise the trafficking of antiquities. But remember Dr. [Abu] Ali Sina, he is a democratically elected PM with no moral and ethical values (although he claims to be a devout Christian!). There are hundreds of cases of past and present examples that clearly demonstrate the failures of what you call Democracy. So, faced with such obvious failures, some people have chosen to be governed by theocracy. This includes the great majority of the people in the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. You don't like this, go and get your ass busted. You ass-hole are in the minority (although you jack-ass think otherwise). Either put up with it or shut your trap. People like myself will ensue that your corrupt and defunct policies will never ever affect us and our country, THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN. What do you want to do with this? You can't do anything except busted your ass or have it busted for you. 

By the way. I am still here. If and when the security officers arrive to arrest me as a murderer or a suicide-bomber, I'll beg them to give me a second to send you ass-hole a short email confirming that I have been arrested. 

Now, do you still want to continue with atrocities and genocidal acts committed by the Zionists and Christians to know that it is not only Muslims who are capable of killing? Do you also want to proceed with the problem of prostitution in Iran and elsewhere? Do you think you have the appetite for this kind of trash? let me know on your website you ass-hole? 

Dr. Farhad Assar

United Kingdom of Great Britain

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