Leaving Islam



A debate between 
Ali Sina 

Dr. G. R. Farhad Assar
Edinburg, Scotland, UK  
Email: [email protected]

Part II

If you are a true Iranian, unaffected by the corrupt values of the west, you should know that it is not in our tradition to have our wives, mothers, sisters, etc. appearing in public in bikinis. If you study the Iranian history and culture you will find that even the Achaemenid queens and princesses were fully covered over 2500 years ago. With the exception of their faces and hands, no-one, but the kings and some eunuchs, could glance at their faces. Adultery was the most abominable of all sins among the Persians and Parthians and there are clear testimonies in the Greco-Latin classical literature that the Parthians severely punished their adulterous wives. If you are a true Iranian, you should know that this has been part of our culture for several millennia and has nothing to do with Islam. The corrupt western standards will never ever be allowed to take root in Iran and among many other nations. Why is George W. Bush against same-sex marriage and homosexuality while no-one dares utter a word against these sinful practices in Britain? As you see, your attack on Islam and defence of the corrupt western values are so obvious that even an uninformed individual like myself has unmasked their lack of credibility.

First of all you misunderstand the meaning of the word “corruption”. Going to the beach with bikini is not corruption. It is a personal choice. If your wife does not like to wear bikini, no one is forcing her to do that. Also you have no right to dictate to anyone including your wife what to wear or what not to wear. If your values and her values do not match, both of you can go your ways and find someone that shares your values. The point is that no one is allowed to impose his values on others. Corruption is this abuse of the rights of others.  

I am monogamous and when I marry I would like to find a woman who is also monogamous. I will also teach monogamy to my children. But it is none of my business if my neighbor likes to swap his wife with someone else. As far as I know, wife swappers are extremely rare. There are always weirdoes in every society. But even if they were many, it is none of my business. I will defend my right to make sure their values are not taught in the public schools were I send my kids. I have no right to tell others how to live their lives just as they have no right to tell me how to live mine. If it is a sin, it is between them and their God. But because I live in a society that allows freedom of speech, I can talk about my values and promote them. That is what I am doing. Because I am a free man, with free mind, living in a free country, I have the power to change the world with my thoughts. People are free to read my thoughts. They are free to accept, some or all of them, and are free to reject them. This is democracy.  

But when you try to shove in my throat something in the name of God, you must first convince me it is from God. What is your proof that Islam is from God? You have none. Now isn’t it stupid to believe in a doctrine without any proof and then be so certain about it to kill others and yourself for it? 

What would you say if another religion had the same concept? How would you like to be forced to live the way this religion says? You wouldn't like it. You Muslims are the first defenders of free speech when it is about your rights but you deny the same rights to others. How many Baha'is you killed in Iran simply because they claimed their prophet is the promised Mahdi? Why Muslims are not allowed to covert to Christianity, Zoroastrianism or Baha'i but you demand absolute freedom to promote your religion in the non-Muslim countries? 

You talk about the old Iranians and how they treated their wives. First of all we have evidence (Tabari and Sira) that in Iran we had ruling Queens at the time of Muhammad. We have also statutes of women that show they were not wearing veil. In fact we have no evidence that women used veil. Some kings thought commoners should not lay eyes on their wives and covered them behind the curtains. But the average women walked freely without veil. The Parsis in India do not wear any veil nor the Zoroastrians in Iran used to wear. These tales you narrate are concocted by the Mullahs to legitimize the oppression of women under Islam. 

Now let us suppose what you say is true. Why should I follow the old Iranians way? Many things our ancestors did that we don’t do anymore. All the nations of the world have progressed, why should we remain slaves of the past? Who said our ancestors knew better than us?  Just as we are evolving physically, we are also evolving intellectually and socially. Today is the age of enlightenment and equality. Men and women should enjoy the same rights. Veil is the symbol of oppression and male domination. It is barbaric and must be eliminated.  

So, forgive me for imposing on your time by asking how to subscribe to your list. It was a mistake on my part. I wish you and your extremist subscribers good luck in your endeavours. Suicide bombing is not a genetic disease or disorder. If you trespass on people's rights, massacre their loved ones, forcefully occupy their homes, insult their faith, rape and degrade their mothers, sisters, daughters, etc., take all their human values and dignity away from them, and deny them the weapons you have at your disposal to fight them, then expect no mercy for your atrocities. Suicide bombing is the only way a man with no respect for human life can respond to the violation of his rights. What else do you expect from a de-humanised being? Absolute and unreserved gratitude for your evil deeds against him? Life is one of the most incredible and valuable mechanisms created by God. You take its worth and sanctity away and it won't be just a few pounds of TNT in a van that will go off to kill and maim. We have not yet seen the full extent of destruction we can cause and of misery we can inflict upon each other.

See my response to this below. But thanks for being candid about your intentions. I highlighted your words so the readers can peer into the depth of your dark soul and sense your hatred for mankind. The world must see what kind of monsters Islam is rearing. I have said it many times that if Islam is not destroyed in time and soon, the followers of this satanic cult will blow up the world. Of course they will be wiped out, but millions of other innocent people will die too.  


What you have done is nothing short of pouring more fuel on a flame which is increasing in size and intensity. And as long of we have gullible individuals like you among us who want proof of the things you have demanded, I am afraid, we all stand to be engulfed and consumed in the flame from man's hatred of life.

No, I am not pouring any fuel. I am unmasking you criminal savages. I want to save this world before it is too late. I want to help you brainwashed zombies to see you are being manipulated by the ghost of a psychopath liar. I want to save lives. It is very painful to see what I see. The world is heading towards destruction for just one lie. I want to expose this lie so haply, enough people can see Muhammad was a liar and stop this madness. You are adamant to kill millions of innocent people and are not abashed to say it, at least prove to us that you are not following a satanic cult. Give us one solid proof that Muhammad was not lying that I can't refute. You can’t do that but you are willing to kill people. Can there be anything more insane that this?

You call me gullible for asking proof. So in your view smart people believe any nonsense without questioning it and those who want proof are gullible? Could you have said anything more ridiculous than this? 


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