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From: "Mohammed L. Pasha" <[email protected]>  
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 11:11:58 -0500

Finally I found the despicable address of this despicable organization.

This person claims to have left Islam. 


"Kevin Mangan" <[email protected]>  


Re: A Letter to Mankind


Sat, 11 Sep 2004 02:21:05 +0900

Dear Mr. Sina,  

It comes as a quite a surprise that you should email me after removing my articles from your website after questionining who was behind 9/11.

This was the first clue that I knew I was on to something and, indeed, was the impetus for me to start reading more on this hoax, and much more. I am now 100% sure it was a diabolical ploy to defame Muslims and give a pretext to invade a Muslim country.

Furthermore, the fact that you are sending out this letter at this time confirms to me without a doubt either a) you are an utter fake or b) utterly misinformed and misguided. Your attack should be on Wahhabisim and the rulers of Saudi Arabia , not Islam. Bush is a phony and the US is being blindsided by Israeli interests. I do not need to go further as I know you know what I know.  

Please kindly refrain from sending me any more of your propaganda. Enough said.

Kevin Mangan  


Mr. Kevin Mangan

You received that letter because by mistake your email has been saved in my address book. I shall remove your email address and you'll not receive anymore letters from me. Until God give you a little bit of brain.  


Indeed, I thank God he gave me a brain, and one not to brainwashed. I am no fan of Islam as you know, but I can see the bigger picture. Anyway, thank you for removing  me from you address book. And peace be with you.  

Kevin Mangan


Read this article: Even Muslims are coming out and apologizing for terrorism and you still believe in conspiracy theories?

I am still to find one fool who actually agrees being a fool!

 Ali Sina



My reply is found below. When you can reply to this intelligently please spare me your insults of calling me a fool.  

I rest my case.  


Kevin Mangan


Dear Kevin 

What do you think is the definition of fool then?  Fool is one who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding. Osama Bin Laden admitted of masterminding the 9/11 attack.

The 19 who perpetrated this crime were all identified. The Muslims call them “Magnificent 19” and hold them as heroes.    

And you still believe in those stupid conspiracy theories created for fools and are offended when I call you fool?  

I publish this correspondence. Of course since in your opinion you demonstrated your superior intellect, you should be thankful and proud.

Ali Sina   

This was personal correspondence so I ask that you kindly remove it. Thank you.

Kevin Mangan


Dear Kevin 

I do not see anything personal or private in our correspondence. The subject matter is very much public and of everyone’s interest. Your views need to be heard also and I provide you with that opportunity. Are you not going to stand behind your words? Who knows, may be you are right and as you claimed you are "on to something". May be we are fools after all.     

Did you see the above links? See this one too.

Even the most extremist Muslims who think Bin Laden is a "great leader" are admitting that he did it and you still deny it? What would it take so you change your mind when the confession of the accused is not enough? You get carried away with total nonsense and become "100% convinced" that 9/11 was a conspiracy to give bad name to Muslims. You are capable of thinking that the American Government deliberately killed thousands of American citizens. The stupidity of this thought does not make you doubt it. The bragging of Osama that he did it does not make you doubt that he did it, the praising of the Muslims of these criminals that they call "Magnificent 19" and the fact that they show even their pictures and all the other obvious evidences do not make you doubt even 1% that Osama may be behind this. So you object being called a fool. What do you call this frame of mind then? 

Ali Sina 

hello Mr. Sina,

I have a question to ask you. What right do you have to criticize Islam. And I also ask you three questions,


Dear Mr. Faisal H.   

Any human being has the right to criticize any thing that he wishes. This is the indelible right of free people. You do criticize all the ideologies and religions liberally and quite vocally. However as a Muslim you think no one is allowed to criticize Islam. I am afraid freedom of expression is not a one way street. We all have freedom to criticize any idea that we wish and no one should stop us.  

What I say about Islam is either true or it is not. If it is true then why in the hell you want to stop me from telling the truth? If it is false then you should be able to prove me wrong. I have a forum that is open to everyone. Dispute my claims and show I am mistaken. If you can do that I have promised to remove this site. This is more than fair. Do any Islamic site have an offer like this? No! In fact they won’t allow you to disagree with them. Actually they won’t even allow anyone posting a link to sites that disagrees with them. In other words Muslims are lions where there is no other contender.  But where there is no contender even a mouse can pretend to be a lion.  

1. Do the Taliban represent all Muslims and Islam?  

Yes the Taliban represent the true Islam. They follow the Quran and Sunnah meticulously and they are more Muslims than all other Muslims. 

 2. Name one place in the quran which states that it is ok to kill innocent people.  

8:128:15-16, 8:608:65, 9:5, 9:3,  9:14, 9:29, 9:73, 9:123, 47:4,  

In all the above verses the instruction is to wage war against the unbelievers, and kill them. All it takes to be eligible for Muslim’s wrath and be killed by them is disbelief in the sick religion of Islam. If this was the teaching of another religion telling its followers to kill the Muslims if they disbelieve you would have made hell of this earth. You can't even take a simple criticism, how you would have behaved if someone said kill the Muslims or subdue them and force them to pay a penalty tax?     


3. What religion do you follow?  

I follow the religion of love and the Golden Rule and I am the Prophet of my own religion. I invite others to do the same. Don’t be a follower but a prophet unto your own. 


This is a fourth question but it is important.  

4. Why do you not have a similar website on christianity?  

Because Christianity is not a threat to the World peace! Because the terrorists who kill people every day and have no mercy even on children are Muslims and not Christians. Because we never hear Christians murdering other human beings and shouting Jesus is great. Because the prophet of the Christians never said kill others in my name. In fact he said turn the other cheek, something for which Muslims mock him. Christianity has no teaching for killing people. The Quran has hundreds of verses that instruct people to wage war and kill. In fact Muhammad says war is good for us.  

“Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you”? (Q.2:216).

 “Unless ye go forth, He (Allah) will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place”?  (Q.9:39).

Kind regards 

Ali Sina



"imad dayekh" <[email protected]


Hi there


Tue, 07 Sep 2004

 Look, i visited your website... n i was just thinking to my self WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU ON ABOUT. Look u obviously hate the religion of god, but dere aint no point u making no stupid websites that is sooo against islam via propaganda.... first of all the people cutting them selves are doing that out of choice because Our islamic leaders have clearly forbidden such act...

So do not use propaganda in such issues... secondly terorism AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, ISRAELI GOVERNMENT, and ENGLISH GOVERNMENT THOSE ARE TERORISTS.... those IDIOTS are the ones causing muslims to act in such a violent way... we are violent only in defense of our own land and religion.

Who do you think you are in spreading such CRAP to the world... all im gnna say  Is may god guide ya well n enlighten ure path cos u obviously have no clue about wot ure chattin bout... any ways this is like 4 mins a waste of my time trying to correct a ronged man/woman... Laterz n pls do seriously think about dis encouraging propaganda rather than using it...


Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 03:12:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Imtiyaz Khan" <[email protected]>  
Subject: Insanity

Ali Sina (or whoever you are!),

I have answers to each and every lie of yours about Islam and holy Prophet (Pbuh). But why should I or other Muslims waste our time on a fool like you.
The more we or the intellectuals talk about you or try to clarify your dirty accusations, the more publicity you 're sure to get. That's exactly what you are vying for and that's we don't want to give you.
You can post your messages, keep your site - nobody is going to prove you anything. 
You have mentioned that you don't believe in God. That's it!  When you don't have a faith or don't know what a faith is, then why are you insulting peoples intelligence.
A man who don't believe in God is talking about faith, world, heavens, hell, peace, humans and Prophets.......biggest joke of the century.
Imtiyaz Ahmed








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