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 [email protected]

27 Jul 2002

Poor jews man, you are very very very mad or you don't afraied of 
In the life in the earth is game and "Joke" but after the died is 
eternity in 
Paradise or Hell.

And you, you go in the Hell if you don't return.

Come back in the road right of ALLAh.

You do that you want and good luck in the paradise if you come back and 


 "Mike Thomas" <[email protected]>

27 Jul 2002

"this site is created by mostly ex-Muslims to educate Muslims and others about the "real" Islam. We are against Hate, not anyone's Faith" 

bullshite u never wear a muslim! about 

"We are against Hate, not anyone's Faith" 

- the subjects are all about islam,muslim dum ass! Treat all relions same! it's a shame people are teaching hatered!




Subject: Ignorance is the worst enemy of humanity!
From: "" <[email protected]
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002


As salamoalaikom,

My search on the net led me to your site that I read the articles before making an prompt opinion about the site itself as you recommended.I am sorry that people like you don't take more time to search and learn before editing anything.Most of your articles are taken from some "muslims" behaviours and especially leaders.You don't know what is Islam and you want people to make their judgement about this religion through people's behaviour.Why don't you discuss some christians or jewishes behaviour's and accuse both religions.Do you mean these people are perfect because they are christian or jewish.And I don't want to give examples that are the shame itself, because I am not like you.
You are blind and all people that support your site are too.You promote hatred against muslims without knowing what is Islam.If I were you, I would recognize my ignorance and remove the site until I know more and can answer my statements.I hope I can expect a answer to my message or do you answer only people that support you?


Dear Soumia

Please read  my challenge. I will remove this site if you can meet this challenge. If you cannot, find someone who you think can. If no one can then perhaps I am right and you should rethink about Islam seriously. May be the ignorance is not on my part. If I am ignorant someone should have been to set the things right by now. Please read the debates that I had with other Muslims before responding. Most of what you want to say is already discussed.

Please do not write to me. I do not have time to read all the messages that I receive and I may miss yours. If you want to respond please post your message in the forum. 



Ali Sina


 [email protected]

Fri, 26 Jul 2002

We can accept you o discuss any issue about islam if you have a proof and enough knowledge about quran interpretation. What is not acceptable to attack a religion and distort its image because of your ignorance and stupidity. If you are psychotically ill from what Muslims in your country are doing; for sure his not the responsibility of Islam as a religion; but your country responsibility. Islam as a religion is very clear and all right muslins understand it very well. And it is the truth, the proof is; it is the only religion spreading among people allover the world , however the presence of so many people like you are lying and destroying the truth. Finally, I will tell you one advice try to deepen your knowledge about that religion first then start to tell your opinion; however it will not make any difference for any right Muslim either in or against the side of Islam. But you may have a benefit from that for your next life (I mean eternal life) if you do believe in and ! ask god to help you not to be blind like hat and see the truth whatever it is. 

regards a helpful person


 S o m e b o d y" <[email protected]>

23 Jul 2002

Hi... I am a muslim. To the owner of this web: Nobody can stop or even decrease the growing of Islam religion exept Allah. I know you  feel terrible because more and more people from your nation, from your religion have been converting to Islam. Come on.... your web is useless! make another one wich is more useful.

 Thank you :)



17 Jul 2002

The following email was sent to my email address but it is not addressed to me. If someone knows the person who describes himself as a genius and leader please advise him to come and pick up his mail and answer this fine gentleman.   


"Riz 2001" <[email protected]>

For the attention of the person who describes himself as a genius and leader.

I greet you with the traditional islamic greeting of peace and humility,


Assalamu Alykum,


The problem I have with your thesis of rational thinking is that it is too reliant on stereotyping.  This is also displayed in your 'evidence' it seems that in the Quran  - a book with over six and a half thousand verses - you cannot even muster a mere one percent or sixty verses pertaining to military conflict. So how you come to the conclusion that Islam in its totality is violent, is far from being rational. After viewing your site, I wonder whether even the public relations people belonging to Bin Laden's of the world could have made such a strong case for their actions.  I say this because in an interview (after Sept 11 with a Pakistani journalist) even Bin Laden stated that killing was a matter of jurisprudence of which he takes a particular view - whereas you try to prove conclusively that Islam sanctions violence.


In relation to Sept 11 there are NO VERSES in the Quran that say you can kill yourself—for any reason.  Personally I was appalled by the terrorist attack, the people in those buildings were earning a livelihood for their families and were in no was connected to he US decision-making process - including hundreds of Muslims. Yet, I am surprised as to why you regard the lives of 3000 Americans more valuable han those of the over 8000 Muslims massacred in Srebrenica of former Yugoslavia in 95. But Muslims realise that this is in no way connected to orthodox Christianity, and you will not find any Muslim trying to prove other wise. Why is there no mention of the thousands killed there or in Chechnya or Kashmir? If you were genuinely concerned by the welfare of human beings, these problems would’ve also been addressed. Islam had nothing to do with any of the world wars or the production of the Hydrogen or Nuclear bombs – Many of the current conflicts in the Muslims lands are civil wars, or  are undertaken to become free from occupation.


Many western historians of Islam, have argued that for much of history religious minorities did better under Muslim rulers than they did under Christian ones. All that has changed in the past few decades. So surely he relevant question we must ask is, why are we in a particularly difficult phase right now? Why cannot people see that people like Saddam and bin Laden are products of US foreign policy and NOT Islam. Why does he US fail to encourage liberalisation of arab countries..... Because its bad for business?  I think your answer lies in the contemporary politics rather than in the Quran revealed over a millennia ago. Your interpreting the Quran has more to do with political grievances than genuine scholarship. The Quran is a vast book filled with poetry and like the Bible contains contradictions (in hese sense that) in these scriptures you can find condemnations of war and incitements to struggle, beautiful expressions of tolerance and stern strictures against unbelievers. Quotations from it usually tell us more about the person who selected the passages than about Islam.  I present just a few examples of the contexts which were conveniently forgotten to be included by yourself - I guarantee that these contexts be juxtaposed along with the relating verses, it would bring a much needed air of reasoned debate to your site rather than an attack on Islam, but doing so would probably kill the aim of your venture. I will not address each of the verses because in all honesty. I do not have the ime, neither do I have any faith in honouring your promise of removing he website, if you are sincere then do a little more research into the varying contexts and scenarios that these verses were meant to address, and display them next to your other opinions.


verses pretaining to women being 'stupid' and the witness of 2 women being equal o one man - these are relating to financial transactions ONLY, at a time where there was a huge gulf between the education of the different sexes, but of course you may prove me wrong by providing an example from the time of the prophet in which this rule is applied to a non-financial case and had the prophets approval.


verses you highlighted in relation to justifying violence - i.e 3.149 ' We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers' was revealed afore the battle of Uhud, of which you are probably aware the opposing force was bigger numerically and in armoury and weapons, these verses were to assure he prophet who would've been questioning the outcome of the battle. So it was not (as you try to project - a green light for suicide bombers) but to allay the fears of the prophet and encourage faith in Allah.


For example c4v3 You claim Muhammad gave license to sleep with their slave maids and as many 'captive' women as they may have. When earlier on in the same verse the subject in context is that of marriage, it is OBVIOUSLY an injunction pertaining to marriage. Then why you insinuate that this is in relating casual sex is simply a fallacy.


There is a very simple formula in Islam - Islam does not forbid something that is inherently good and pious - conversely Islam does not allow something hat is sinful or leads to sin.


In relation to this I would care to address the other 'discovery' unearthed by yourself included the 'prohibition' of adoption. At the time of the prophet, adopting a child AND imposing your family name upon this child was forbidden. Not the act itself, but the cultural practise that was rife in Arabia at that time, which was to usurp the inheritance of orphans before they reached their age of maturity. Adopting a child and enforcing a new family name upon him contributed to erasing the lineage of that child. There are many verses in the quran relating to treating orphans kindly, and theses repetitive commands are an indication as to the gravity of the problem in Arabia in that era.


Secondly, you claim that another sign of the barbarity of Islam is the legal ruling of apostates to be put to death. I would care to explain that Shariah, which you may not know, is a human construction. Therefore the understanding of these laws i.e  Fiqh was done in the context of that particular time. Now this rule pretaining o the apostates was done during the Abbasid period where the muslim empire was in its expansionist phase, and the fiqh became incorporated the logic of Muslim imperialism of that time. It has nothing to do with the prophet or the quran. But of course you will again probably prove me wrong by giving an example of the time of the prophet where he sanctioned the stoning of an apostate.


Finally, your most vicious attack on the prophet himself claiming he was a peadophile .................... Isn’t it strange that this practise of he prophet rather than scaring and emotionally disturbing A'isha for the rest of her life, becoming a nervous wreck or displaying other types of abnormal behaviour in her adult life as a sypmtom of the 'abuse' she endured - Conversely she went on to be a woman who lead Muslim armies in battle, became a foremost narrator of hadith and scholar. She is regarded as one of the four greatest females in history. Through A'isha many of the issues relating to the cleanliness of women (menses,pregnancy, etc) were relayed to the prophet by her as she was growing through the changes herself, and in turn revelations would be sent down in answer to these issues. The father of Aisha was Abu Bakr, a lifetime long friend of the prophet - I am sure that if this custom was taboo, or were she to come to any harm he would have objected - as any father would.


My friend every religion is compatible with the best and the worst of humankind. Through its long history, Christianity has supported inquisitions and anti-Semitism. Even today in Spanish churches you find statues of the apostle James being glorified as a moor slayer, and you have Priests indicted by the War crimes tribunal for their role in the genocide of Rwanda, BUT Christianity also contributed to abolition of commercial slavery, human rights and social welfare. Islam at the time of he prophet was politically democratic, and accepted multiculturalism - In he quran you will not find an attack on another religious faith, you may find the condemnation of the actions of a religious group.


One of the most striking and transparent comment of your comes from your correspondance with a Jin Rea - in which you state that 'We don't see hindus abusing the rights of muslims in India' This to me is the most clearest statement from yourself confirming that you firstly are completely indifferent to muslim suffering (and you contradict yourself when you state otherwise) and secondly illustrates the prospective in which you view current worldy affairs.


Finally, I am not a religious person but I find your site very offensive and also am very sad to the fact that you come from a muslim country, but historically the destruction of Muslims has been down to infighting and raitors amongst their midst. And to this day we have people amongst us willing to win the favour of the old territorial colonialist, seems this practise has continued to the modern day financial colonialists.


May Allah be with you



16 Jul 2002

what's all this false informations bout ISLAM, heay man, first of all know better about those verses you presented,

know why they came and on whom they were argeted?
YOU should never distort the image of ISLAM, according to own understanding of those verses, ok?
there are shcolars out there TO ASK, OK?
AND another thing, you are saying that moslems are terrosists, this is definately NOT true. if you read the Quran carefully you will find many verses that prohibits this terrible act. and the HADITH is full of examples that ban this action, also the Prophet(PBUH), if you read his biography, didn't let his followers to cut a tree, or touch a woman, an elderly, or a child in times of war!!


 "ahmed assadi" <[email protected]>

08 Jul 2002


you motherfucker jewish, all you jewish people sucks you dont have to be treated like human because you jewish are made from shit. you mother fucker you dont even have a mum you gay basterd. if you are  a reall man face us and chat with us so we can discuss this case and other people can hear what our religion says not a motherfucker jewish like you trying to make our religion the worst and unbelievible religon. i wana tell you somthing about you jewish people, you talk about islam and we muslim people didnt invade no country and kill their people and uyou cant say that you shit jews didnt invade palastine and believe me one day we will get back our muslim country and kick you motherfuckers jews out of palastine. if you are a reall man give me your fone no. and we will discuss it live u piece of shit.



 "Mansoor Eqdam" <[email protected]>

4 Jul 2002


I am not yet a devoit Muslim nor a hater of Islam like you. I have studied Islam and its consequences and the people it produced. Many, many of the things you have said are wrong, and taken out of context. If you are an iranian, Mr Sina are you telling me that you refuse to believe in the beauty of the poetry of Rumi, Hafez, Saadi, Jami, Araqi etc etc. Are you telling me that some of the geniuses of Islam were not rational thinking. In fact in Islam there was a strong discussion between the rationalists and people who believe rationalim cannot give rue enlightment. Before islam we had a class society in Iran, after islam everyone were equals. What you are doing and what many people who have little true knowledge of the history and the meaning of Islam do is that hey confuse the leaders and those who have power with true Islam. Khomeni cannot be considered a muslim, the mullahs in Iran cannot be considered as muslims. For even the prophet himself said that there is no monkery in Islam. You have much to learn about islam and it is your sceptism that makes you think you are so superior. Were it not for Islam, where would modern science be today, where would Copernicus be today? Copernicus himself writes his invalubable depth to one of the more famous islamic astronomers. A hospital in Paris is named after Ibn Sina. These were all devoit Muslims.

I cannot refute you, nor I can change your mind. Jiihhad is not an outward action. It is an inward action for the purification of the mind.

Secondly the stories regarding the prophet and the jews and the removal of the idols. Please for god sakes do some background reading on the events that took place before and after it before you say anything.

Believe in anything you want, but most people do not like to wounder around in the bazzars and the streets for nothing..

It is simply a pity that you can post anything without any clear background reading and clear knowledge of Islam.. 

Mr Souciance Eqdam Rashti

a rationalist, a supporter of religion and an opposer of the stupidity that exists in some people..



Dear Mr. Aqdam,

Rumi, Hafez, Sa’di or Jami have nothing to do with Islam. They are Iranian poets. You should not credit Islam for Iranian or even Arab genius. If these people happened to be Muslims it was not because they investigated Islam and found this religion to be true. They were born in an Islamic society and had no way o make an independent search of the truth. Some of the great minds of Iran actually rejected Islam. Razi called the Prophets billy goat charlatans. Khayyam is famous for ridiculing Islamic dogmas, Bu Ali Sina was called an apostate by Ghazali. 

Islam contributed nothing positive to our culture. In fact Islam is to be blamed for suffocating the light of rationalism in Iran. Without Islam it is very likely that Iran would have lead the world into the age of enlightenment 400 years before he West. Imagine where we would be now if 400 years ago we had discovered he science that we discovered in the 20th century. Islam has been a curse to humanity. The portentous effect of this cult is clearly visible in all the countries that call themselves Islamic. All Islamic countries are entangled in the grips of poverty, ignorance, wars and dictatorships. Do you need another proof to understand that Islam is evil and not from God?

As for Jihad I believe you need o read the Quran to understand the true meaning of it. Jihad is waging war against the infidels in order to convert them to Islam. This is what Quran says. The explanation that you give is what the Muslims apologists have invented to fool the gullible Westerner. You and I know perfectly what Jihad means what a Mujahid does.

Ali Sina  





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