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 [email protected]

Mon, 23 Sep 2002

May you be buried facing West wrapped with swine intestines. Islam is evil? Allah is Satan? As much as you hate me, I hate you a thousandfold. As much as you want to kill me, I want to kill you a thousandfold. You cannot win. The TRUE God is on our side. Surrender now. Surrender to the one true God. The God of Christianity. Surrender. You will die and live in agony forever unless you do. Those are not 72 virgins, those are 72 pigs that you will have to fuck for eternity.



>>From: "a b" <[email protected]>

>>To: [email protected]

>>Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 04:23:52 +0000>>


Hey Asshole,

How old are you? From from writings, it appears hat you must have inherited a chicken brain from your ancestor. You also sound like a lost and confused ass, who does not have a sense of direction in life.

You wrote:

"Islam is the religion of peace, it is the only God given religion, purely given/came from God, Allah’s Mona-nitta Dharma (selected religion), every words of Qur’an are God’s word, Quran is full of all knowledge that mankind ever needs, Quran is full of Scientific knowledge, Quran has answers to all the human problems, Quran is the way of life for all mankind, Qur’an is the best code of life for all mankind etc. etc.  Orthodox Muslims fanatics even go one step further by claiming: After the arrival of Qur’an from God, all other previously evolved religions have been declared by God –Null & void.""  

hello asshole Mirza, the ideas produced by your chiken brain suggest that you need counseling to remove your repressed anger toward GOD or something is not wired properly in your system. Who he hell has told you these things???  

It has become apprent to ME that you have turned yourself into bigot and totally deviated from the stright path in life. The advice I have for you-

1)Get a translation of the Quran 2) Read the Hadith and try to REFLECT upon the meanings 3) Ask scholars (people who really know about Islam)4) Think, Think, and Think

My opinion is that you do not like ISLAM b/c it prevents you from playing with MONICA and cuban cigars, you want to do booze and hunt for women and all of the materialistic characteristics of secular world.  

However, I forgive you. According to the Quran, people should forgive each other b/c one day we will have to ask for Allah's forgiveness to save ourselves from the fire of hell. Those who have gone astray and forgotten the facts of Allah's creation and do not observe the measuring of Allah strictly, there is no escape from the fire of hell. It is coming. Just wait 72 yrs. Allah will show you.  

OR just wait to have a family/personal tragedy, you will see who you ask for help - is it going to be secular gov't of the west or Islam and Allah. Ha.. Ha.. it's certainly going to be Allah.  

You sound like Bengali kid who could not resist the emptation (to fuck around w/ 20 different men, engage in hardore playfulness etc..etc..) present in the environment of the western sick society. Learn about all the religion, not just Islam. You have learned little and makes me think of the expression "LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS A DANGEROUS THING". 

I am a Bengali kid, too. I have tried live like the people of the west. Never found hapiness, only trouble. Now, going back to Islam again b/c it is the complete way of life - no fucking around allowed. If you do not like it, convert or be a GODless ass.



From: "ssteinlight" <[email protected]>

>To: "Jamal Hasan" <[email protected]>

>Subject: Re: A typical hatmail freethinkers occasionally get

>Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 13:41:12 -0400


Well, Jamal....

Such is the voice of Muslim charity and kindness.  This ludicrous screed is actually more sad than comic. This foolish child can not see the vast chasm between his brutal, ugly aggressivity and the majestic claims he makes for Islam.  It's also invariably the case with those filled with religiosity of all backgrounds (such moronic Muslims, as you know, have plenty of interfaith company, among my own flock as well) that it is their inability to deal with life's complexities, ambiguities and subtleties that drives them to absolutism -- God is just a symbol for absolutism.  He has problems with his sexuality and drinking and smoking so he needs Allah to reign him in.  What he needs is a good therapist, a 12-step method, or a swift kick in the ass!  But I suppose if his religious zeal were simply a matter of controlling his own "bad" impulses -- freed up by life in the sinful

West-- that would be acceptable if repulsive from a humanist's view-- but he is not content with that. He projects his own self-disgust on to you, sees all human beings as essentially filthy swine who need a harsh master, and then recommends the same solution: surrender your freedom of will, your freedom of conscience to choose the good (which I see as the essence of the holy) -- and enter the maximum security prison that he has made of Islam in his own sad, unhappy mind.

Well, I still love you in any case (but then I'm only a hopeless kaffir). 

Steve Steinlight

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