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[email protected]

Mon, 30 Aug 2004

i would love to meet you talk to you and help muslims mend the error of ther ways i am not as educcted as you but have sound knoledge of religion. i am a christian and bielieve jesus was a true prophet of god & mohammed was a man who lied for is own perposes only i am fighting my own demons on whever to fight these muslims there hatred is so passionate its un real do i fight and kill them loose my family spend many years in prison or let them go on spouting there hatred and do nothing.



Dear Keith  

You are the first Christian who calls Jesus a prophet and then thinks of killing others. This is very odd. You surely think like a Muslim. Christians do not think about killing people.  

Then why you want to meet me in person? What is wrong with the Internet? If you want to exchange ideas with me we can do that through the Internet better.  

Take care my friend and do not think about killing people. No real God would want us to kill other human beings. Muhammad who did that and taught that was not a prophet of God. He was an evil man after his own desires.  

May God help you so you can feel love in your heart too.  

Best wishes  

Ali Sina

P.S. My English is not good either but I pass everything through a spellchecker.  May be you should do that too, especially if you want to pose as "Keith"  ;-)



Sat, 21 Aug 2004 04:46:39 -0700 (PDT)






"Mohamed Kassim" <[email protected]>  


Re: Your Website


Dear Ali Sina,  

Your materials over the faithfreedom.org, is very very offensive.  

You have proofed that your a true kafir who will end up in hell.........deep in hell.  

Your mind have been poised by satan........  

I taking my chances to track you down......the moment i see you .....you are a one dead meat, thats for true.  

Go to hell


"imtiyaz khan" <[email protected]>[]


 Hey Shit Sina,  

Did you discover yourself..that is what is important for you. Go ask someone... am sure, they would be embarrassed to tell you about that...

And, listen you piece of dung, we don't want to prove anything to your shitty conclusions. .you don't have to take off your site because it doesn't make any difference.

For Allah TabarawaTala gives hidayah to some and let some dogs like you do their bits..

It is because He instantly punishes those whom he like for their slightest of mistake but wait for you and your bandwagon to kick you into inferno eternally.  

May Allah never bless you and may you never be shown the path to truth....because you have done enough damage and your sins are beyond repentance and forgiveness.


"imtiyaz khan" <[email protected]>[]


Rajul Fi Jahannam,

 O man of hell,  

I have gone through your website, and Alhamdulillah you have helped me to become more staunch, more devout Muslim.  

Continue with your efforts. And, I have got something more to tell you....  

We have started reporting about your website to the Internet Providers worldwide. Unfortunately, for you the response from almost all Muslim Countries is positive and encouraging.  

So very soon, you will be off Net... and damned to hell for that is the place where you belong.  

With all curses from Ummah to you and your bandwagon...  

No matter what shit you write, you are not harming Islam with your handful followers.  

We don't give a damn how many join you. The figures should be concerning to a disgusting bastard like you, for Islam even if the entire population turns away from it, it is least bothering.  

Your opinion and your statments reflect your real character and your dirty blood (am sure you don't knowwho's brought you into this world). Discover that first.  

We will make sure your site goes to shit soon.  

Cursing you and your family to hell.  

Your children will survive to tell their friends how tragically they lost their father who met a violent dogs death. But wait...do you have children, I don't think they are yours for you are a born impotent.

 Imtiyaz Ahmed

abdulla a" <[email protected]


 is the same. No one can frustrate God's plan. God is God no matter what you say about Him. You are one ungreatful rebellious slave. Whether you like it or not this world & all creations witness the existance of the Lord of man kind. Even your friend iblis (satan)knows this open fact. If u can i will urge you to repent and get forgiveness from your Lord. you might not remember me....but i do.

You have no a damn right to speak about what african to do. We are not blid. Our mind's eye could see as far as your mind ever explore. If those who leave ilsam make you happy, you will not be succsesful. Stop worring about others, try to make a decent life. B a clean man....in short!

If you give me a chance, i can tell you how many new converts out there....you will surprised i mean, pissed off.

stick with the truth, you can't stick with this cunning world forever.

take my advice it is the best e mail you might get.


[email protected]



Your name Faithfreedom is an anomaly. It shoulld really be hatemongering.com
You are an abortion of morality. Inciting hatred. Removing context and furthering polarization and hatred.  Congratulation

suleiman said" <[email protected]>


I think you are a big piece of shit

you are nothing but stupid asshole

can I fuck you please I will give you more than what you get for wrighting these stupid articles so please suck my dick whenever you wright anything put your finger in your mouth and suck it as you suck my dick


please reply  


RAMZAN JABBAR" <[email protected]

Your web site is a pile of SHIT with lots of more shit and some more.

What do you gain from it? NOTHING. Those who are good Muslims need no explanations from you about ISLAM... Do something useful in life... GET A LIFE YOU SICK SICK SICK PERSON!!!!!!!!  




aishah bilal

wats wrong with you....y u dissin Islaam....look at ur name ALI...do u even kno its meanin...how this man was...his qualities....wots wrong with u Subhaan Allah....bruv if u diss Islaam u gna burn  


DEAR Mr.Ali Sina.

i understand what your site where about, and i also see how hate you and your friends to Islam. well it doesn't impress me much about what you and your friend had wrote on face of Islam. but there are a few questions.. 

first..without faith who we are or be precise who you are? 

second..if one faith prove satanic to you, so what the second best? 

third..what prove that the second best is better? 

last bu not least...what your will do with another 1.3 billion Muslim around the world...kill them..or deviated them from what they believe? 

AFTER ANSWER MY VERY VERY SIMPLE AND UNEDUCATED QUESTIONS..i like to put my own challenge to your site.... 


For 700 year lot of people like your tried as much as they can to humilated Islam and encourage Muslim to abandonned what Muhammad had teach us, but...Sad to said to you..they failed. You will the next unless you can answer my challenge.


 Dear Permatang,

Here is my brief response to you. Other friends will respond you in more details.  

1-     Without faith I am a thinking man. I do not believe in anything but rather doubt, question, investigate and try to understand.

2-     All faiths are false because they are based on unsubstantiated claims. However many people need something to believe in and therefore they must have that freedom. But Islam is an evil doctrine that foments hate and advocated violence. Islam must be eliminated not because it is false but because it is dangerous.

3-     A religion that preaches love and brotherhood of mankind is better than one that teaches hate and war.

4-     Killing is not the solution. Muslims are misguided. All we have to do is show them the way and lead them out of the darkness of Islam into the light of love and make them enter into the fold of humanity.  

I canít make you hate Islam. All I can do is show you the truth and answer your questions. It is up to you to follow the truth or reject it. If you care about the truth you will hate falsehood and hence you will hate Islam. But if you are attached to flashood and there is hatred of people in your heart then nothing can make you change your mind. Some peopleís hearts and minds are sealed and no amount of truth will change them.  

ď The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.Ē-  Oliver Wendell Holmes  

In the past people could not speak against Islam. Those who dared were killed and their books were destroyed. Today we have the Internet at our disposal. Nothing can stop the spread of truth anymore. Muslims can kill me or others who are telling the truth about Islam but they canít silence us. Our voices are going to be heard in the cyberspace forever until Islam is destroyed.  

Truth will destroy Islam. We need no force and no violence. Those who leave Islam join us and our army of light and love will keep growing.  The exodus of the Muslim intellectuals from Islam weakens the foundation of Islam gradually and suddenly this whole edifice of lies will collapse. This will happen and most of us who are alive today will see it.  

People doubt my statements and think this is impossible. These people see the mighty structure of Islam, but I see its weak foundations. I am not suggesting dismantling Islam break by break. That may take another thousand years. I am dynamiting its foundation. When enough damage is done to the foundation the whole edifice will come down at once, no matter how big it is.    

Destroying Islam from its foundation is very easy because Islam is not based on solid rock of truth but on  soft terrain of lies. If you read the articles in this site and if you have any humanity in you, youíll not only leave Islam but will join me and together we will work to liberate the rest of the Muslims. If you love them you will not want to let them perish in falsehood.  


Ali Sina

Comment here 


"HISAM SIDAOUI" [email protected]

Mr Ali Sina,

I am Al-Hamdullah a Muslim , born and bred in Australia for 43 years.

Being an individual who has made his convicted religious choice of living, and a minority member in a Western society, has its challenges particularly in these troubled times. Then there are the mischief-makers, rather, scavengers like yourself who feed in a frenzy on trouble, just to make a name for themselves.

I have never heard of you before. I accidently crossed your website whilst linking to the Aljazeera site. So don't think Iíve overrated you, or the name you have made of yourself yet. I write this message because it is Friday and I am preparing for prayers. I am duty-bound to confront your evil. Yes it is evil, because I can read straight through you and your motives.

You are not about advising, informing, enlightening or arguing any bona fide academic religious debate. You are about yourself , making a controversial name with your provactive statements, a ratings seeker, targetting the vulnerably misinformed.

You are an entertainer, a shock-jock, a Jerry Springer (equal sophistication), desperately seeking personal gain. You ultimately reveal your weakness by not being content in any of your purported arguments about Islam per se, rather you irresistably couple your views with a self-"plug". And so your alleged prohecy follows.

In a lawyer's language your credibility is undermined because of your ancillary motives, your conflict of interest. Unlike a true intellectual whose arguments are presented at "arm's length" from himself, you fail to meet this academic criteria miserably. In your quest for "Me" you unleash your evil and await applause. The "Me" assertion was the originator of sins, when Satan argued his superiority over Adam before Allah. So congratulations, you share with Satan a self-fettish.

" I " am a humanist you write. (Yet in exercising your humanity, you do not hesitate to offend 1.5 billion Muslim adherents- the humanity in you really secretes from your ears). And what else are you Mr Prophet? A sincere man. A courageous man. A good driver. A fine cook. An honest gentleman. A fantastic lover. Come on; give us the complete list, the world must be eagerly awaiting and can't have enough of you.

As for your decision to leave Islam: Do you really think it makes an iota of a difference to one-fifth of the world's population. And whilst you are so open, why don't you audition for "Big Brother" and expose your other worldly decisions such as whether or not you like eating broccli? Who knows, according to your own overration, your decisions on vegetables may have an impact on the world's farmers. I'm sure you'll find someone bored out there willing to share your vegetable experiences on the internet.

Finally, with respect to your self-proclaimation of prophecy, if this contention is not a joke, then please place me on the record, on this holy Friday day that I strenuously DENY IT.

You see, now I have confronted you and the evil you propagate, I have earned a good deed before the Almighty Allah hoping to be rewarded in Judgment Day at your expense. Ironically, you have made me stronger. You were better off shutting up living your chosen un-Islamic way, without notice or commotion.

In conclusion, I challenge your courage, your fake prophecy and whatever manhood you possess to publish my response on your evil website. I identify myself as: HISAM SIDAOUI of Melbourne , Australia .


Mr. Hisam Sidaoui

I wonder why instead of attacking me you donít prove me wrong! If you are so sure that Islam is such wonderful religion and Allah is going to reward you for defending it then why instead of ad hominem you do not defend Islam logically? All you have to do is to go through my articles, tear them apart and show the world that I am wrong. That is how I prove Islam is a false doctrine. I prove Islam is not from God by going through the Quran and the Hadith dissecting them verse by verse. All you have to do is to go through my writings and show people I am wrong.

It is nearly four years I am challenging Muslims to prove me wrong for me to remove this site. I am still waiting.

Your ad hominem attack on my person really is of no interest to anyone. This is not about me. No one cares about Ali Sina and no one should. Suppose I am all what you say, who cares? Suppose I am a Jew, a Christian missionary or a selfish megalomaniac doing all this for praise. Does this make my arguments against Islam any less relevant?

Here is your problem my friend. You use ad hominem instead of logical arguments. This is not new. All Muslims share this trait. They actually learned it from their prophet who never had any good response for those who criticized him. He just kept calling them deaf, blind, ignorant, people with no understanding and other disparaging remarks. He retorted with ad hominem to those who sought  proof of his claim. And of course when he gathered enough fools around himself, he assassinates and then massacred those who questioned him.

Like prophet, like followers.

Now as for your compliant that I am offending 1.5 billion Muslims, first the number is just one billion, most of them are also leaving Islam after realizing it was just a hoax.

Second, your demand is absurd. If Islam is a false religion and a danger to mankind, why should we not mention it? Why hide the truth? If this lie is taking the lives of the people why should I or anyone remain silent?

On one hand your prophet insulted everyone else saying they are destined for fire :2: 39, 2:90 , his brainless followers are killing innocent people left and right, they have brought the world on the verge of catastrophe and on the other hand you tell us we should not even criticize this cult of terror because your tender sensibility may get offended? Damn with your sensibility. Who cares about how much you hate the truth and how much it offends you. I am not going to be an appeaser. My job is to call a spade a spade. If what I say is a lie, then you are invited to prove me wrong and I will remove this site. If what I say is true and you canít prove me wrong then you can die in your rage. I do not give a tinkerís cuss about the feelings of a bunch of deluded arrogant people who are hell bent to blow up this world.

Be a man Mr. Hisam Sidaoui of Melbourne , Australia . Go through my articles and prove me wrong. This is how you would defend Islam, not by attacking my person. 

I am not running for any office and I am not asking people to believe me because of my authority. So let's talk about Islam for a change.  


This debate continues here


<[email protected]>


I read some of your articles and I admit they made quite an impression on me. From the name I figured you are a Pakistani or Indian, perhaps an Arab who knows. It seems that once you were a Muslim before you convert to .. who cares .. the important thing is that you are no longer a Muslim. When I read your articles I can feel a lot of hatred towards both Muslims and Islam, although you took the liberty of preaching Muslims through your writings that they will go astray unless ÖÖ they convert too. So let me ask you this.. Whatís in it for you?

Not as if I care, hell no, I know that I may commit a lot of sins.. Some may vary from drugs addiction to adultery but I know that I believe in Islam and Mohamed as the prophet of Allah and that the Qura~n is the words of Allah. I may not be well educated as you seem to be to go into a detailed discussion to support my sayings and even if I were I still wouldnít.. Cause it is pointless.

I guess you have plenty of demons to fight on your own, and by the way .. not that I wish .. but it will happen whither you like it or not .. you will burn in hell for the things you write .. and there will plenty  of time for you to reflect on the things you said, wrote and done ..

I pity you already - excuse my French - You WORTHLESS piece of shit.


In a Private Mail, "Punk Boy" a Muslim participant to our forum sent me the following:
Subject: Serious Threat
Did u see the video of the american that was beheaded in Iraq??Thats what gonna happen to you when i and my friends are gonna catch u.We are currently working on finding information about you,one of my friends is a computer genius.I have gathered muslims all over the world to dispatch any of them to your location.Once u have been beheaded we will use your head to play soccer and your body will be cut into pieces and fed to the dogs.Shut down this website,then we shall not kill you.I give you 1 month to think about it.Make your decision wisely.


[email protected]  


To whom it may concern,

      I believe your website is appalling. I have numerous comments.
1. About Imam Husayn (as) and the attacks at Karbala --Imam Husayn(as) was brutally martyred as was his son because of his beliefs. This crime was committed by a disbeliever.

2. Ashura, the celebration marking these vicious attacks is done in mourning of Imam Husayn(as). The people who participate beat their heads and chests in mourning, and it is haram (forbidden in islam) to harm yourself or another human being. The people who beat their chests and heads are not injured or in pain, because if they were beginning to feel pain they would have had to stopped.

3. These "suicide bombers" are angry with people who try to mutilate the ethics of islam, as you are doing right now. They are willing to die for islam, because they know that their beliefs are correct and they will be allowed into paradise.

4. The women who were hung most likely were probably homosexual, and if it is approved of in christianity, then christians are morally wrong. It is not fair to a young child to grow up knowing that their parents are both female or both male.

5. Islam as well as christianity have justice systems. In the U.S. people are killed for crimes by electricution, firing squads, and lethal injection. In Islamic countries criminals are killed by lynching, or occasionally stoning. (old-fashioned) Please note that Islamic countries are poor.(they do not steal or create trouble with other countries to get money, they just do without) Also note that christians lynched people for the color of their skin. In no way is that a crime.

      I know that my letter will not be posted because I am not praising your beliefs, but at least I know I have the satisfaction of informing you of your wrongdoings, and Inshallah (God-willing), you will change the information on your website. If you decide not to, I am 100% sure Allah (swt) will straighten out the facts. If you have questions about Islam, I will be happy to imform you of the truth. Until then, please try to fault your religion before speaking of things you know nothing about.

                                    Mrs. Haadiyah Summayyah Abdullah-Aziz


"Anonymous Anon Anon" <[email protected]>


you are not just apostate you are a wicked hypocrite...you fill your stomach by pleasing US and say that it is the cheapest way to fight terrorism.....foolish is your desire....

May God curse you.



<[email protected]>


There is no need to prove that you are wrong.People who are trying to debate are wasting their time. 

The prophet Muhammed was a true messenger of Allah.Even his enemies admitted that he never lied to anyone.He was universally praised as 'Al-Sadiq' and 'Al-Amin'. 

Whereas all of you are liers.  History has witnessed mad dogslike you.  You are follower of 'Saitan'.

All of you will end up in hell forever.

"Mohammed Zahidz" 


If Muhammad was "universally praised as al sadiq and al amin" (truthful and trustworthy) why he was called a liar, a lunatic and a poet as stated in the Quran? Why those who believed he is truthful did not believe in him forcing him to wage war against them and FORCE them to believe?. To see this contradiction, Muslims must think and that is a difficult thing to do when you are a believer.  


[email protected]    

You people are the really evil people. Spreading lies and creating hate to a peaceful and wonderful religon which teaches tolerance and love for your fellow man. You people are just taking part in bashing muslims for your own political beliefs. If you knew anything about Islam, you would know that Islam does not allow for the brutal treatment those men in Falluja recieved. But I do find it odd that no one mentions those mens connections to the cia and how heavily armed they were.  And I have a little secret (consider it a reward for actually reading this far) I am shocked my self! Well here it is: In my heart I am 150% sure you don't give a damn about these innocent children who have been killed, I bet you think those filthy arabs disurb it. And thats describing how you feel on a G rated level.  oh oh step back, whos the really evil person? Not that you care, of course not (duh) This whole e-mail was a waste!  


All you have to do to see that Islam is evil is read the Quran and study its bloody history. All you have to do is to see how the Islamic terrorists plan to kill innocent people in trains, buildings, plains and everywhere they can find them and the rest of Muslim never condemns them.

The civilized world has to protect itself and go after the terrorists. It is only by accident that children are killed in the process. The killing of innocent people is never contemplated or desired. The fact is however, that the terrorists hide behind their children and put in danger their lives.

As long as Muslims like you are so filled with hate that are completely blinded to the atrocities committed by your fellow religionists, as long as you do not value life and think it is okay if non-Muslims are massacred, and only cry for the death of Muslims, you are promoting hate and this hate will eventually bring the doom to mankind.

Stop dividing mankind into Muslims and non-Muslims. Think of humanity as one. All lives are sacred. Why canít you see that the life of a Jewish child or a Christian child is just as precious as the life of a Muslim child? Children do not have religion why you canít see human beings as human beings?

The difference between Muslims and humans is that the Muslims do not think of themselves as humans. They kill humans with joy and gleefully. But if humans go after their killers and in the process a Muslim child is killed accidentally, they show off those pictures to portray themselves as victims.

What about the Muslim children who are used as suicide bombers? Why you do not show their pictures? They are killed by design while if non-Muslims kill a Muslim child it is by accident. It is sad that you are so brainwashed that you canít see the difference.  


[email protected]    

God Bless America for all those who speak out against atrocities! I am a true american patriot! I want whats well for the people of this country. Bring the troops home! let them be safe in their families arms! You are the people who want them dead, and by sending them to war you are only causing more death to a never ending cycle of violence. God Bless everyone and PEACE ON EARTH!



Americans were sitting in their homes when they were attacked by your fellow religionists. What you want? That they leave these murderers alone so they can continue to kill more innocent people in America , Madrid , Bali , and virtually everywhere else?   

There is a difference between the law enforcement and the violence used by criminals. Sadly you can't discern the difference. You are after all a Muslim and truth is fuzzy for Muslims.  

Your allegiance is not to America , stop pretending. Your allegiance is to Khilafat. You want to topple the democracy in this country and establish the rule of Sharia. 



[email protected]

Your downright ignorance is apparent in regarding Islam.  Either you're a  Zionist, CIA agent or just an Evil Jinn.   I hope you receive your punishment in this world soon; as well as, when your sorry self breathes your last breath.



"Dr BHAISAHEB Z.Z." <[email protected]>

Dear Jahannami,

it is no surprise that Iblis like you have tons of  animosity of wild animals against Prophet Mohammaed( SAV).

Because when Kafirs during the propagation of Islam like Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab who were the real uncles of the Prophet,were out to malign him and torture him, who are you to do this?

May Allah give you noble taufeeq and save you from Hell fire!



Dr. Bhaisaheb.

26,Shepherd apartment,

Shepherd Road,


Mumbai, Maharashtra , India .  


Please study the following websites with a pure sincere heart and let me know what you think:  



Islam was peaceful at one time when Sufism was practised.  When the Ottoman Empire collapsed, the Wahhabis/Salafis started to make Islam into a militant religion, then they declared Sufism to be outside of the fold of Islam, when in reality, Sufism is at the heart of Islam.  Classical Islam came to purify the muddied hearts of the people, and to bring people closer to the Divine. 

Islam is to be immersed in the Love of God.  It is a historical fact that the old British Empire established and funded militant Islam (Wahhabism) to fight against the Ottoman Empire, then later, when oil was discovered in Saudi, the CIA funded militant Islam (Wahhabism) to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan .  So militant-Islam has some of it's roots in the West, and the West needs to help the Muslims to revive Traditional Orthodox Islam (Sunni Sufism).  Militant Islam is only 200 years old.  

See: Islamic Spirituality, The Forgotten Revolution


See: the Wahhabi Fitna (Wahhabi turmoil, confusion, rebellion, etc.):


If you are really searching for the Truth, then it would not hurt if you read the above material and reflect with a pure sincere heart.  Check out thiese spiritual websites:  





You may be right. Islamic militantism is not old. However Sufism is not a good representation of Islam. The pure Islam is Wahhabism. Khomeini who was not Wahhabi was just as ruthless and terrorist as others. In fact he was the inspiration of Osama Bin Laden. The root of Islamic terrorism is found in the Sunnah of Muhammad and his teachings in the Qurna.  At any time when Muslims want to return to the pure Islam and revive it, they will not think of Sufism but of the Sunnah of Muhammad and the Quran.  

See this site. Here a hardliner Muslim is declaring that a moderate Muslim is a blasphemer for saying Jews and Christians are not Kafir. He quotes the verses of the Quran to back his claim. Can you rebut him without attaching the Quran?  



 "SAR" <[email protected]>

Subject: Stop Spreading Hatred  

I think being a Muslim you are not working for peace. You are misguided, mistaken and spreading hatred through disinformation and false accusations, which is resulting in death and miseries for number of innocent people living around the world at the hands of merciless KILLER MUSLIMS and also bringing bad name to MOHAMMED as Founder Of Islam.  

Try and work for peace and reconciliation, and prove to the WORLD through your deeds that MOHAMMED teaches "love & peace" and not Cruelty, Inhumanity and "Hatred & Killing" of the innocent civilians.  



 Dear S.A.R.  

I am not just expressing my opinion but presenting facts from the Quran, the hadith and the history of Islam. Why should I or you or anyone try to prove that Muhammad teaches love and peace when this is not the case? It is a fact that he was a cruel, hate monger monster and the killer of many innocent people.  

Please understand that neither you nor I owe anything to Muhammad. We owe to the truth, to our selves and to humanity. We have to be honest to ourselves first. Why instead of trying to fool yourself and others you do not read the facts about him to find out the truth?  

This man was not a messenger of any god. He was a narcissist liar like Hitler who used the religious naivetť of people to manipulate them and gain total control over them.  

This fact is clear from both his shameful examples of terror and lust and his stupid words in his book.  

Donít be a fool. You will not go to heaven by lying about Muhammad and protecting him. If there is a hell and heaven this man is in the lowest pit of hell envying Hitlerís abode.  

It is enough of stupidity. It is time that you wake up and face the truth. Read the facts that I have presented in my site and discover the evil identity of this monster. If I am not telling the truth, show me. Tell where I am lying? Write in the forum of the site and prove me wrong. I promised if I am proven wrong I will remove this site. This challenge is nearly four years old. If you canít prove me wrong then stop following this Dracula and join me to awaken the rest of the beguiled people.

Muslims are immersed in poverty, misery, ignorance, wars and terrorism. Why is that so? Why if the Quran contains so many sciences, as the benighted followers of Muhammad claim, none of the great inventions were made in Islamic countries?  

For how long you want to keep your head under the sand and not see the plain truth in front of you? The Muslims are plunged in darkness and misery and all they want is to pull the rest of the world into their pit of ignorance.  

This is insanity. Wake up for the sake of heaven. Wake up from your slumber. By falsifying the truth and presenting this monster as a messenger of love and peace you are only prolonging the life of Islam and giving legitimacy to Islamic terrorism. 

Islam is not about love an peace. It is about hate and terror. When people die because of Islamic terrorism YOU are responsible. YOU are responsible for the poverty and ignorance of the Muslims. YOU who try to pull wool over people's eyes are responsible for all the killings and wars, all the misery and pain caused by Islam. When you deliberately lie, presenting Muhammad as a man of love and peace, you are evil yourself. 

Open your ears. Your responsibility is not towards that criminal whose corpse is putrid and whose soul is being torched. Your responsibility is to the truth and to humanity. Do not talk to me of love and peace when you know there is nothing loving and peaceful in Islam. 


Ali Sina 





Dear Mr. Sina,

I am not quiet surprised by an Iranian shiyats point of view about Islam. We all know how you guys are. But got couple of questions for you, 

1. If you don't like Islam, or hate Islam, you are welcome to change your religion at any time, that's completely ok. But why are you putting all these stuff on your website? It seems like you are convincing people to start hating Islam or change to some other religion.  It also looks like Islam has done something to you that you had to take revenge on the belief of Islam. 

2.  Why do u have a muslim name? A person who hates Islam that much shouldn't have Muslim name. 

To me it looks like you are faking your name, you are probably a nonmuslim by birth, and trying to say something bad about Islam.  

You say as many stuff as u want on your website. but good luck converting people from Islam to some other religion.  

And by the way, I have lots of Iranian friends, I know how Iranians are when it comes to believing Islam.  




Dear Irfan.  

Thank you for your email.  

Yes you are right, we Iranians hate Islam. We are going to get rid of it soon in our country and will help you also to get rid of it so you too can be free, prosperous and happy.  

And you are right; Islam has done something to me that I canít forgive. Once upon a time my country was the cradle of civilization and we were the superpower of the world. We wrote the first charter of human rights, we respected all beliefs and even had women as rulers. That all changed with Islam. Today my country is a backward country. It is run by thugs and criminals. Poverty is rampant. Corruption is everywhere. Violence and discrimination are the order of the day. And all that thanks to the religion of the terror and hate called Islam.  

Why I am writing about Islam and trying to expose it? For the same reason you do the Daíwa. This is my daíwa. You tell people, how wonderful Islam is and I tell them how terrible it is. People need to hear both sides of the story to make an educated choice.  

My name is not Islamic. It is an Arabic name given to me by my Muslim parents. Ali is not an Islamic name just as Adolph is not a Nazi name. Abu Talib the father of Ali was the man who chose this name for his son and he never accepted Islam  

So my name is not Islamic. The Middle Eastern architecture is not Islamic. Our art, calligraphy and science are not Islamic. The only thing which is Islamic is terrorism. The Quran does not teach architecture, art, or science but it teaches hate and terrorism.  

I am far more successful in making Muslims see the truth about Islam and leave it than you can imagine. People are not fool. When they realize Muhammad was not a messenger of God but a charlatan whose only motivation was power and domination, and when they see how pervert and criminal minded that man was they will not want to fool themselves anymore. They leave Islam and hate that cult.

I invite you to read several of my articles and I promise you canít keep your faith in Islam after that. After all you are an intelligent person also and when you come to see how Muhammad lied for his own ends you will despise this man as much as I do.  

Here is my challenge to you: Read several of my debates with the Muslims and then try to prove me that Islam is from God. If you manage to show I am wrong I will remove this site and convert to Islam. Who knows I may also become a suicide bomber for the Glory of Allah.  However if I win you leave Islam. This is a challenge. Do you accept?

<[email protected]>


Hi Mr............
I don't ever wanna know who you are because you are nothing and your web means nothing at all for me it's just garbage, and you are not categorized to talk about real Islam , cos' you don't have knowledge about Islam. . You are only imaginative a person or may not more than idol and may be your face just like this  hi man you are so lucky enough as the most real satanic verses of human.  
hi I am an Indonesian with more than 200 million people. about 90 % of them are moslem, and the rest other believers of their own religion.
Hi man , come and join us to dive deeply Islam. Dive in Qur'an deeply inside. Get into them and you will know. Try to know us, come to Indonesia. What a pitty ! You are not categorized as the man who have sight.
Your web didn't hurt me at all because once again you just nothing you just the most real satanic verses of human. every moslem will know and understand who you are. You know a satan never appear him self. H e appear through a web that is you!!.
"He it is who made the sun shining brightness and the moon a light, and ordained for it mansions that you might know the computation of years and the reckoning . Allah did not create it but with truth; He makes the signs manifest for a people who have knowledge" (Q 10:5)


Dear Ali:

You are surely mislead about Islam. I'm guessing your views towards it are not aimed at the the religion itself, per se, but directed toward someone you know who was Muslim, most likely your parents, or yourself. You either could not live up to their expectations, are trying to "rebel" in your own way, or was deeply hurt by someone Muslim.

Islam is a very private, solitary religion. Perhaps there is joy when someone converts, but after this fleeing moment, Ali, you are left alone between the words of a book, most people aren't going to surround you in a "cult' to make up for your self esteem  



Oh sure, it is a very private religion and here is the proof:  

9:123, O ye who believe! fight the unbelievers who gird you about, and let them find firmness in you: and know that Allah is with those who fear Him.  


   "kamil arif" <[email protected]>

Dear Ali Sina,
   I am an Engineer and I have done Masters in Elecronics Engineering. I am an athiest .I introduced myself as an engineer to clear only one thing that I only believes in Logic and solid reasonings.I spend around 10 years in USA and Europe as well.
  I have gone through your readings but I was extremely disappointed with your work.Most of your work specially at later stages has more ting of bias then logic and solid reasoning.You left so much question unanswered that your work is more of confusing than convincing even sometime it got illogical and based on assumptions of your liking.Some of your answers in FAQs are answered just for sake of answering and lacks logic behind it.I am an Engineer,I know there is some logic behind every event.Please don't mind, human psycology donot allow a person to see his short coming in the work.You said alot of bad thing about Muhammad but you still fail to answer that why Muhammad's religion spread to such vast level?Again you said yourself that this religion is still ruling the minds of people after 1400 years why?Why not any other religion still ruling the minds of people.You failed to give logical answers.You said yourself that there are 2500 people on the average claims their prophethood in america in a decade  and must be much more people in the whole world who claims, then why not even a single of the prophet got so much influence on the people as that of Muhammad. There must be something in Muhammad that is extremely different from the other people.Again you failed to address properly.Unfortunately you write bad against Muhammad with "muslim style bias".Your repeated abusive language against Muhammad which bores the reader than convince him and also reflects your bias.
  I was looking after the knowlege to satisfy the muslims but Unfortunately your site failed to serve my purpose since it is based on the self liking assumptions and lack soild reasoning.My thirst was not quenched!
  I was know as having pro American views but after americans intervention in many muslim countries I failed to justify their action?Americans killed around approximately 3000-10000 civilains during war on Iraq and Afghanistan.Should innocent men,women and children be punished for the deeds of few?.Is this not the gross human right violation?People ask me, Is the blood of muslims cheaper than the westerner? I failed to reply.You failed to reply too!I am sorry your statements carry fake weightage which may satisfies to less educated persons but not to an Engineer! I know You might not like my views and may not be published(since I understands the human psycology as well) but it is the truth!!
 Thankyou for your patient hearing
Kamil Arif Satti


"silly s" <[email protected]>

First of all, i would like to ask u where r u from? I have nothin against whites, blacks, chinese or another other race, but you have taken it over the top. I think that u have no clue about ISLAM. Why r u doing this anyway. U know that this will take u rigt to hell!!!!!!!!!SEE......... like u said that u have visited all the Islamic websites and know everything than dont u think that u would have been a muslim right now? Yea sure i will promote ur website, but keep in mind that one day or another this will slap u in ur face and u will regret it. So i will ask u nicely to close this site and find urself a job. this is only creating hatered amongst different ppl. Why do u want to destroy the world? Just to refresh ur memory Islam is the fastest growing religion and it will not stop!!!!!!!! By the way isnt ur name ALI which  actually happens to be an ISlamic name? I wonder why would u chose this name, when there are about a katrillion names in this world!!!! I was just going to the website,  i read ur stupid website which made me realize how important my religion is, it actually opened my eyes and thought me a valuable lesson. People can be so cruel, but they should never let u down. I can curse my tail off, but im not goona do that because I known that aint gonna help u. the only thing that will change ur mind is when YOU realize what YOU have done wrong. I hope u change urself and try to become a good person. How come u chose ISlam to spread the dirt on? I hope u realize ur mistake before it is to late. Peace out bro. I AM A MUSLIM AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!


[email protected]

your gonna go to hell and i will be laughing, i cant wait. in hell please remember what you did and then you will regret it. we muslims dont have to say anything bad about other religions you just cant take it that islam the true way of life is gonna dominate this world. keep trying. a true believer will never even once think what you think can possibly be true.                                    unlucky , timewaster



Mohammed Kulmiye" <[email protected]>

Why Islam my friend when the Jewish pigs have feasted on Muslim flesh when the Christian mongrels enslaved Africans and shipped them to be treated like

Animals and finally when the Christians engage in homosexual inhuman activities, you are a fool to think u can stop Islam are u willing to die for your beliefs I think not.  

P.S I am currently a pre-med student in Canada who has taken extensive courses in Logic, philosophy and religion, and throughout my educational career have never come upon a more

Bitter and selfish individual were you abused as a child maybe one will never know.    


Just wanted to say that you are not doing any service to Muslim community of India by causing rift between Hindus and Muslims. We Muslims, as minority in India, are far more liberated than the majority Muslims of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan. And make note of  this fact that Muslim women are far more happy in democracies than in Islamic states which are ruled under Sharia.You need to see what you accomplish by fanning flames of hate. We also need to see that even though we are minority in India, a Muslim person has been President of India three times in 56 years of its Independent History. Even now Mr. Kalam, a Muslim, is President of Indian democracy. Watch what you do, because just for a few fanatics,whole Muslim community suffers with 


Roohie Qureshi


There you have your own response. As a minority Muslim in a Hindu majority country you are not discriminated against and in fact can even aspire to become the president of the country. Why in no Islamic country a non-Muslim can dream ruling over the Muslim majority? Such thing would be against the teachings of the Quran that says Muslims should not take non-Muslims as awlia (rulers, protectors, friends). 

Hence the freedom that you enjoy is thanks to the tolerance of the Hindus. The credit goes to Hindus not to the Muslims. I can assure you as soon as the majority of the Indians become Muslims (hypothetically or through birth) they will take away all the rights of the Hindus and reduce them into dhimis. Then the Hindus in India will suffer the same fate that their coreligionists suffered in Pakistan and Bangladesh, namely, persecution, forced conversion and ethnic cleansing. 

It is mind boggling that Muslims try to take credit of the things that do not belong to them at all. If the Muslims in India have more freedom it is not because of Islam. It is because of the tolerant nature of the Indiaís secular constitution. 

My goal is to eradicate Islam from the face of the Earth so all the people of the world, even those living in Islamic countries have the same rights and freedoms that you have in a non-Islamic country.

.Ali Sina


[email protected]


you are much like the fundamentalist idealoques you present in you're limited body of work, in that they too were selective as regards to historical and spiritual references to defend their point of view.  You dismiss this and include that - you must be incredibly boaring to you're lover or wife (if you have one) and friends - unless their intelligence is as limited as yours.  We actually had a bit of a laugh anyway. ciao, mate. 



Well mate roni, when you are done laughing, may be you or one of your laughing friends could come up with a response to the horrendous charges that I have made against Muhammad. Don't laugh alone, please share your unique knowledge so others can laugh too.  


[email protected]  

whoever created that crap site of urs is a complete idiot.infact, u r a complete idiot. u have nothing better 2 do in ur life. u r a complete saddo, and sound american.

u know wot? u cannot face up to the truth. wot is it with non-muslims? allah gives you evidence rite infront of ur face, and yet u remain blind. i pray 2 allah2 giv u sum sense, coz ur gonna need it. u do no that ur gonna go 2 hell, dont u? i bet ur thinkin tha im spoutin a lot nonsense, u will regret it when burn in fire, and ive never wished this on anyone, but i really hope you do. wot r u, hindu? u freeeeek. ur an even bigger freeek if u do not have a religion.

u no all this bull**** ur puttin on ur site? ur trying to make muslims athiests, rite? well, its not gonna work. islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, and more than half thw world are muslims. face up to t. no muslim is gonna leave thier faith 4 u. ur scum.

and those fotos? they are miracles rite in ur face. u r sooooooo blind.

but theres no worth in riting tjhis 2 u. all  i can do is pray 4 u 2 get sense, and for me 2 b a good muslim. that way i will be in heaven, while ur burning in hell.

i presume ur an athiest. if u dont have a religion, then where do u think humans came from? where did the world come from? and dont give me no science crap saying  atoma joined 2gether, because u need to no where they  from.

all i can do is pray for u./ after all, there being more ignorant ppl in the world are all signs fo the Day of Judgement. UR A freek. I HOPE 2 NEVA HEAR FROM PPL LIKE U AGAIN.




[email protected]

I have read through most of your 'anti-cult' website which concerns Islam. I am a learning Muslim and I find that your beliefs are closed-minded, biased and written out of fear. Don't you understand that the reason Islam is used to murder is when people like yourself are trying to persecute the Muslims for no reason? 

If you take a step back and look at this situation in perspective, it makes absolutely zero sense to write the kind of rhetoric that you are and then claim that you only want peace. How hypocritical of you. I am ashamed that a person could be so misled and give such horrid, apathetic views. 

You also mention that no other religion, aside from Judaism, has had the killing history of Islam (with a tie to God). Ever heard of the crusades? When the Christians savagely ripped apart the Muslims? 

-Ali Yousef Hamdan

This gentleman is not one of those angry Muslims that swears at you and insults you. He is an "educated" Muslim who thinks I should be murdered for expressing my contrary views about the "peaceful Islam".

Dear Mr. Ali Yousef Hamdan, 

Christ did not authorize the crusades or the inquisitions. That was entirely the decision of the Church. Jihad is a pillar of Islam ordered and practiced by Muhammad and is mandatory on all Muslims. That is the difference. Christians now denounce the Crusades but Muslims cannot denounce Jihad because it is part of their faith. 

Although the inquisition was a mistake, I am grateful for the crusades. If it were not for that The Europe and the entire world would have been left in the dark ages up to this day. So I say to Europeans, stop apologizing for the crusades; that saved mankind. Crusades were not attacks but counter attacks. It was bloody! All wars are bloody. What Muhammad did with towns that he raided? What he did to the Jews of Arabia? He massacred them, banished them and took their wives and children as slaves. Were the crusaders more barbaric than Muhammad? Why this double standard? The crusaders were humans. No one is following them today. You Muslims follow Muhammad, praise him and think he is a perfect example to follow. I doubt any crusader was as brutal as Muhammad. 

Finally Mr. Ali Yousef Hamdan, I am not trying to "persecute the Muslims". I have no means for persecution. This site does not persecute Muslims. If you feel persecuted reading what I write, relief is just a click away. Murdering people for expressing their views is persecution. 

Ali Sina 



[email protected]  

I am very interested if you are up to a challenge for a debate with either Shabir Ali, Jamal Badawi or Zakir Naik.  I have seen their ebates and each and every statement I have seen by you has been answered by them in their debate.  It actually has amazed me that everything the Christian Missionaries brought up seem to be the same things that you talk about which has interested me in knowing that you may just be a Christian Missionary under disguise behind a website.  But all the claims that you have made have been refuted and if you believe that you are right then I CHALLENGE you to a debate with the brothers above.  It would be a cop out for you to reply in the sense that they should come to your website.  If you are so confident then a debate in an auditorium just like the Christian Missionaries have done with these brothers would be a more suitable way.  If you are not up to the challenge then I guess you can go back and brainwash yourself and as many people as you like since you backed down from a challenge. 

Thank you for your time 


Dear Muslim,

I am ready to debate with anyone at anytime but not anywhere. I see no reason to show my face and put my life at risk in order for you Muslims to prove me wrong. If Islam had any answer to these questions someone would have been able to respond to them by now. You can easily refute me by email, which I always publish, write in the forum of FFI or publish your rebuttal anywhere on the Internet. Iíll provide a link to it. I have earned the dubious "honor" to be amongst the most wanted Muslim hit list. You can call it, ďcop outĒ, I call it instinct of self-preservation. I have no desire to be assassinated and become a ticket to the orgiastic Islamic paradise for a nutcase Muslim, when both of us know the punishment of apostates in Islam is death.  

These questions are not new. They are as old as Islam. They were first raised by the thinking people of Quraysh and later by others. Even if I were a Christian in disguise the validity of these questions are not diminished. This is called ad hominem. You have no response to the questions raised and hence you resort to discredit the questioner. However, ad hominem is a logical fallacy and not a substitute to answer. Suppose I am a Christian missionary. What is the Muslim response to these charges I bring against Muhammad?

Ali Sina


Islam-is-peace sent me the following PM

ali sina shut this website down i dont need to prove u any thing . i am telling u nicely thank you . 
if u want i can give u a new domain and u can start a website about iran. not islam 

contact me back

Islam is Peace 


 Mr. "Islam :s Peace" 

Would you please explain why should I close this site? We have over 70,000 visitors per month and this number is growing fast. It is tripled in just one year. All these people come here because they think they are learning something and they think this site is worth keeping. Can you please tell us why you think this site should be shut down? Shouldnít people have an alternative view about Islam? Shouldnít they listen to both sides and then make their minds? 

I have given my word to remove this site if anyone can prove me wrong. You want me to remove this site. Fare enough. Why don't you play by the rule and just don't prove me wrong? Many people have tried to do that. See the debate section in the main site and read the discussions in the forum between the Muslims and the apostates. Why you don't just prove us wrong? That is not much to ask. After all people want to know Islam is the truth not because Muslims bully and threaten their opponents but because it is logical and has answers to all the questions. 

If you can't prove us wrong, and no body can, then obviously Islam must be false. Would you care to tell us why you want to uphold a false religion? I believe truth is from God and falsehood is from Satan (Let us say there is such thing as Satan). If Islam is not the truth then it must be from Satan. Why do you want to uphold a satanic cult? Are you a follower of Satan? If you are go to hell where you came from and if you are not then you should not worry scrutinizing Islam because at the end truth will come out and if Islam is true it will shine like the sun. 

Finally. If you do not engage in debate and cannot prove us wrong this website will stay. However, your tone is threatening. What are you planning to do if I do not remove this site? What is your strategy if I do not bow under threats, bullying and pressure? For your information, I created this site but it no more belongs to me. There are a host of volunteers working on it and running it and their number is growing also. Assuming you get hold of me and kill me, the site will not go away. It will grow even faster because of the publicity created by my assassination.   

Muslims have always tried to appeal to force to push their way. This kind of ďlogicĒ is called argumentum ad baculum. It is a logical fallacy. Might is not always right. For 1400 years Islam grew by killing anyone that opposed it. That logic does not work anymore. Today Muslim dissidents are coming out of their closets and are invading the cyberspace. Soon with the power of sound logic we will show the entire world that Islam is nothing but lies that has grown out of proportion by terrorizing people. 

Wake up from your dream. The days that you could threaten people, bully them and push forward this ideology of hate is over. Today we are taking back our freedom. Good people who think they are Muslims just because they were born in this cult and indoctrinated in it are waking up. They are realizing Islam is nothing but hoax and they are leaving Islam in troops. The evil men, the followers of Satan, the devil worshippers, the murderers and the terrorists will stick to this cult of terror. 

This is the turning point in history, where good is separated from evil, where light is divided from darkness, were humanity goes one way and Islam the other. 

No my friend, I am not afraid of threats and I do not bow under pressure. If you really want me to remove this site, JUST PROVE WHAT I SAY IS NOT TRUE. That is all you have to do. 

If there is any shred of humanity left in you, meditate and ask yourself why in the world you have to defend an evil man such as Muhammad who lied to you and fooled you, causing this much devastation and pain? You owe that monster nothing. If he was a messenger of God then at lease one person should be able to prove I am wrong and if he was not why you defend him? If Muhammad was a liar youíll go to hell.  Donít you think it is time that you use your brain and think rationally? This might save your soul. Do it for the sake of heaven. Do it! Use your brain, damn it! Are you human? Can you think? Why are you so adamant to follow the Satan? Why donít you wake up from your dreams of ignorance? Why you follow a monster? How many more death you people want to cause? How many more innocent lives you have to take to appease your bloodthirsty god? That god is not the God of this universe. He is impotent. He canít harm anyone. All he can do is to fool you and use YOU to do his dirty work, spill blood and cause mischief. You are now an instrument in the hands of this Satan called Allah. 

The one who used to visit Muhammad in the cave was not Gabriel; it was Satan. He fooled Muhammad and Muhammad fooled you. Do not perpetuate this foolishness.   


i think ali sina is follish if u read around his site he claims hes god and stuff crazy mother fucker...... whatever i dont care im a muslim and im proud why cuz i read the real quran and not fucking quetes from this gay website this website is gay ... i bet mr. ali sina got in some shit in iran and is blaming it on islam like my stepfather which i brought back in the faith...he was looking around the internet he found out about this website and he used this to make fun of me and my religion i went back on i went thru this and i was thinking that who ever converted is fucking retarded ...DONT LISTEN TO THIS ALI SINA HES A FUCKING LSD PILL POPING FAGGOT ....i bought the koran ....there is no such thing as most of these quotes he puts on ...i told u hes on drugs ... god please just shut this site down and retards like my step dad wont come here.... by the way .
go on amazon.com look for Empire of Faith: islam on DVD's watch that and it will prove this wrong this whole site.... and also if u think islam is currupted
The Da Vinci code by dan brown : book
and look at these

Fuck satan,Fuck Ali Sina
and forgive the retards who went to this site
Allah Akbar . besmeallah
Salam with u

MUSLIMS WERENT THE CAUSE OF 9/11 it was free masons do some research Byeeeee


"Navaid Hussain" <[email protected]>  

 Dear sir,

I have always hated Islam my whole life and never liked it. Now after viewing your awesome website it has changed me. I now pray 5 times a day and read the Holy Quran everyday. Thank you very much, may Allah bless you for this, you have really changed a man who was once lost


 Dear Navid

That is so wonderful. So now that you learned Muhammad was a pedophile, a thief, an assassin, a mass murderer, a lecher and a liar you started believing in him. Allah u Akbar. I am so pleased to see you finally found what you were looking for. However be careful because if you follow Muhammad too strictly, you may end up in Jail. 

As you know Islam is very popular amongst the prison inmates. It it the perfect religion made by one criminal for other criminals. Now the criminals can commit even murder and expect to receive the blessing from their bloodthirsty Allah. 

Please advertise this site so others may be guided too. We hope good people who still believe in Islam learn the truth about Muhammad and leave it while evil men gather in Islam for easy identification. 

Now that I helped you find your way, you may want to consider  making a donation to this site. 



<[email protected]>







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