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 "Faisal Haddad" <[email protected]>

29 Apr 2002

Hi how are you.

I have been looking at your website, and had been there many times.  However, I have noticed that on your gallery section you tend to be mixing between Islam as a Violent Religion with the Palestinian Struggle and right to resistance.  I hink that these two issue and not connected.  I think that you need to correct that part.   If you question how peace can be achieved with this much hate, then I wonder what exactly you know bout the Mid-East history????  Let me tell you one thing:  its not just Muslims who hate and disrespect America its also Christian Arabs like me too.  What peace are you taking about????   They kill, butcher, rape, demolish, uproot, confiscate, terrorize, etc etcin the name of democracy and human rights.  I hink you are wrong on this one Dr Sana.  

Love in Christ  




"Rezwan Alam" <[email protected]>

29 Apr 2002

Mr. Ali Sina, 

You can't even see your face and back without the help of mirror. So would you believe yourself? Why vilify Allah then? After all, you are not greater than Namrud? Are you? 




 "Hassan Hijaz" <[email protected]>

26 Apr 2002

who ever mad this website, knows nothing about islam and should be killed.

You are a ASSHOLE, u should not present false information u fucken monkey, if i personally see you i will cut ur balls off and shove them down ur throat. 






 "Khilola Nasyrova" <[email protected]>

25 Apr 2002

by the way. :) 

 you are professional of writing about hate but still you are biased. You  really could refute some of the debates :) Jack Angel Augost 8, 2001  [email protected] 


 The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Do not hate one another,   and do not be jealous of one another, and do not desert each other...It is  not permissible for any Muslim to desert (not speak to) his brother  (because of a dispute) for more than three days." 

 Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Hadith 91 


 Ma'a salaam



Ali Sina responds:

This is about how Muslims should reat each other. Have you checked what Muhammad says about the reatment of non-believers?  



"Khilola Nasyrova" <[email protected]>

25 Apr 2002

Salam Aleykum 

I am afraid that even if any muslim will come out with important point that might push you to remove this site you wouldn't have done it. Because your purpose is clear; To show everything from its violent mood. Especially now when All these nonsense accur about Islam. However non of them was  proved. Just low probability. Personally I believe that Islam is a religon of  peace and what you say is nonsense. 

Thank you for you attention, 

Ma' a salaam




 [email protected] 

22 Apr 2002


You say you hate Islam. But not muslims. So you hate heir way of life? Therefore, with that logic you hate everything that is 'islamic'. You do hate Islam. Don't try to twist words. Islam is personal, if you attack Islam for being barbaric etc..Most muslims take it personally. Therefore, you're wrong to say that you do hate muslims.

You're logic is not very good is it. 

That's the first thing. Secondly, the above statement being correct means that your mission is contradictory. Where is freedom of speech? You want muslims so much not to follow Islam, what about if hey want to? The same way satanists have the freedom to follow their religion. Satanists are far more evil than Islam, why don't you protest about something REALLY evil? 

What about the bible. Have you read it? How barbaric and backward is that? Why don't you protest about christians?   

You wrote: "Islam would have had no chance to grow without military might. Today that sword is useless and words are mightier than sword, Islam is unable to defend itself." You're wrong again we have the word always have had the word- The Quran. 

You see Ali - nothing you say can change many of the muslims minds out there. We KNOW that islam is the truth. We KNOW islam promotes peace, and there is nothing you can do about it. Apart from those who Allah wishes to lead astray, and he just makes them deaf, dumb and blind..You will never see what we muslims feel. 

The amount of knowledge, scientific, metapsychical, sociological literary we have given to the world..the world cannot deny.  Don't forget the sufis, whose main aim in life was to spread peace and love. They were the 'sword' of islam. 

You have no power only God is the greatest. 





 "fh-mhb2" <[email protected]>

17 Apr 2002 

u dum SOB

u don even no wot islams bout islam says only raise ure sword if he/ she has 1 asimed at u! iskolam orders if der r less (non-muslims)of dem n more of u(muslims in one place, it is each n every1's duty to protect dem the non-muslim u don even no wot islams bout n if i'm gona fin dat ure a muslim wiv dat name Ali

ure ded rong 



 [email protected] 

11 Apr 2002


All praise is due to God alone.
May peace and blessings be upon our prophet.
o proceed:

         You have said in your mission statement: We strive for equality of genders, for elimination of prejudices, for freedom of beliefs and statement, for democracy and for unity of humanity. Please help our cause and spread our message of love and unity.

         You seek help in your cause and  this reminds me of a hadith from our prophet (s). He said to his companions, aid your brothers whether they are doing good or evil. They asked him, we understand how to aid them if they are doing good but how do we aid them if they are doing evil? He replied, stop hem from it. This is the aid you have asked for.

         You said that you call to equality of gender yet you look down upon muslim women who make heir knowledge based decisions to cover their heads so this is not truly what you want.

         You say you call for he elimination of prejudice yet your site is developed to spread it against Islam and the muslims. So again, this is not your mission or your agenda.

         You say you call for freedom of religion and statement while you attempt to defame and discredit Islam and the muslims while criticising their statement of their beliefs...once again, you act against what your mission statement claims.

         You say you call for democracy, i say, 'why'? Is this a religious movement? is this upheld according to the bible? is this justified in the life of Jesus, peace be upon him? Is democracy the be all end all political system or is this just he preference used by many nations of greed and disbelief? Does democracy work as a blanket system...that is one size fits all? Is the U.S.  a democratic state or is it a constitutional republic? does not a people under your call of democracy have the right to live under whatever political system they favour? I truly think this mention of democracy was a simple ploy to attract people after the tragic 9-11 attack and that is not just sad but contemptable.

         You said you call for the unity of humanity but you are calling throughout your site to alienate a full fifth of the world population due to your own belief system. You call to unity through disunity? can you claim to build a chair while breaking it?

         You asked to spread your message of love while I read more hate than any compassion, let alone love! You said it is a message of unity, I ask, unity under your belief system or no true unity at all...Is that what you call to?

         You asked to help you and I am doing so. I point out your many inconsistencies in just a short part of a short paragraph in your very long mission statement...I haven't touched the rest of your message here nor any of your hate filled, instigating posts. If you want my aid i aid you with advice...stop preaching hate!

            Even if you do not agree with the religiouse system of others you should not attack the people or their faith. if you want a dialogue invite to it but do not put out hatefull articles blatantly without even a second thought. If you feel you are right than know that over half the globe believes you are wrong. If you think you are right than know that people are willing to hold talks on this. If you think you are right than perhaps you should put out your beliefs with out attacking the beliefs of others as you have here.

         I want, in my closing, to say that i chose this small portion to address because I would be here all night and into tomorrow refutting the many lies and errors dissimenated through many of your articles. I hope this has been beneficial to you.

Thank you for your time:)



"Salman Syed" <[email protected]>

8 Apr 2002

I emailed u yesterday because that was the first time i came across your web site.  It seems to me that your goal is to bash Islam.  I just went through some of the articles on science in the quran.  Believe me all your accusations have been answered by Dr. zakir Naik in his debate with dr. william cambell.  I'm not sure if you've seen it.  Still, you dont' want us to ask u to refer to web sites.  You want us respond to your claims.  Inshallah, u'll be seeing one this summer.  I apologize for writing again without any answers, but I just couldn't help myself.  Take care.

Salman Syed



"Salman Syed" <[email protected]>

7 Apr 2002

You wrote in ur web site that bring me any islamic scholar who can prove u wrong.  I'm sorry to say, i can bring you plenty.  First of all, I don't think that you know arabic.  Quran was revealed in arabic, and you may or may not know this, one arabic word can have several meanings.  For example, "yaum" could mean a day or a long period of time.  But the translators of the Quran have made a mistake in translating "yaum" when it's referring to the creation of the universe.  Translators are humans and they can all make mistakes.  Alhamdullillah, Quran exists today in its original language.  So you can correct the translations.  Now, who can prove you wrong is the big question.  As i said, i can give u the names of many scholars.  For instance, DR. ZAKIR NAIK, DR. JAMAL BADAWI, SHABIR ALLY, just to name a few.  Inshallah, i'll reply to all of ur misconcepetions about Islam, using the Quran.  Even I as I lay man, can answer all ur misconceptions let alone the scholars.  Inshallah, I'll have plenty of time this summer, and wait for my reply.  Thanks a lot!

Salman Syed

Freshman: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Molecular Biology



  "mohammed yousuf" <[email protected]>

03 Apr 2002



I just happen to see your site, i am sure you are not a muslim in first place, whatever you have mentioned about islam is full of crap, i think you need to review your knowledge about islam, and what you have quoted from quran is all crap, just made a stupid web page and you linked it, that does'nt mean that no one can make out, i suggest y don't you read the quran yourself and prove it, if you find even a single verse which talks wrong or

indecent. Check out the link below to download the quran, and fear god. 




Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearings, (i.e. they are closed from acdepting Allah's Guidance), and on heir eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be a great troment. (Q 02:7)



 "email2000" <[email protected]

1 Apr 2002

Dear Mr. Sina:

I can not disagree with your comments about Islam and Muhammad. But is not rue that many religions of the world, including Judaism and Christianity have been used by the powers that be to create hate and destruction? The crusades, the Spanish inquisition, and many other cases come to mind. I believe that religion, ANY religion, can be used by dictatorial powers, whether it is the Mullahs of Iran, the Taliban of Afghanistan, The "Aryans" of Hitler's Germany, the Crusaders of the middle ages, o subjugate the people and get the masses to do the bidding of those in power. There are difference among religions. Perhaps the most gentle of religions is Buddhism. But ultimately, what will save us from all these religious follies is Democracy and separation of church and state. So I hink your mission is a good one but you must remember that the real evil is not religion but religion uncontrolled by police and government. Intolerance of Islam can easily change once the state comes squarely on he side of the individual human rights and protects people against others, no matter what their belief systems. People of all beliefs, including those with no belief and atheists have a right to express hemselves and this right should be held holy.




"Mazheruddin Aliahmed" <[email protected]>

1 Apr 2002

Ali Sina,

Whatever your site has to say doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that you were once a muslim. It really doesn't matter. You may be the king of your skewed logic, it doesn't matter.  

Bear in mind that you are not the first one to come out with this kind of crap. There were thousands stupid bigots who in the name of using rational thinking came out with paradoxical answers. 

The pictures of Shias mourning doesn't represent true Islam, you very well know it, but you still want to carry out your bigoted propoganda and mislead people, it will not matter. No matter how hard morons like you try, you cannot stop Islam from becoming the dominant religion eventually. 

You claim you use rational thinking, but I was reading your comments and refutations that are nothing but filthy answers without any sensible thinking. You say that " I say 1+1 =3", so everybody should believe it. 

I will not try to put sense into your crappy brain, because it is not your brain that is the problem it is your filthy heart, and you very well know your final abode. So keep indulging in these stupid comments and refutations as long as you live.






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