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Subject: haram zad


u r a sob. haram zada . i have planned 2 kill u. now just wait for ur death or close ur site.


This message was sent 145 times. Probably the author wanted to make sure that I understand that he really means what he says :-) (haram zada means bastard) 



 "emotional robot" <[email protected]>

30 May 2002

Subject: Re: Challenge - wont disappoint you


 I probably wont be able to answer you (not that I cannot hold my own) - oo young (good excuse - pity it wont last forever).

ever Heard of Dr. Muhammad Tahir Ul Qadri. Currently he is the greatest Islamic scholar. Extermely popular - as he has the world largest Islamic Organisation in the world. That is true. Its in more then 70 countries. And as you put it a "Fundamentalist"  of course we muslims perefer "Advocates of Political Islam." (charming)  

He has also the largest educational agenda under he heading of NGO. He has recieved many international awards (biographical) and for achievement.  

Under the american biographical institue.... he is recognized as one of the greatest 500 intellectuals.  

If are serious about a CHALLENGE then why dont you go and meet him. You will not be the first... many have done so before you. Sorry I am too "Junior" to get you the relevant contacts .... but if you contact him directly .... you will be heard.  

Here are the contact details..... 




Of course if you are not a small fish in the pond like me .... and simply hate islam (which you do) without any "intellectualism" and "compassionate". Not like hose listing of dfferent anti -islamic sites you list ... not like hat.... pah! do you accept christianty or hinduism or judaism, or Secualarity. You can only accept one point of view. Then in "Islam bashing" you cannot er allaince up with others .... considering you know most of them are flase accusations and oppose your point of view.  Just because its against islam, it does not make it true!  


Well over a billion adherents of Islam, are human oo...  and dont kid your self (the majority do not hate other on grounds of religion).  

Plus in your er "Islam Bashing"  (been done from the start) when you do join with other "anti-muslim" what about Justice.  

Let me ask you ... are you Just? What about injustices committed against innocent muslims .... (of course, i do not mean religious )  

... take case of Palestine ..... over a thousand killings of muslims in Gujarat .... over 2,000 killed in Lebanon by christian Phlanges? ... 8,000 men killed by Slobodan Milosviec  

If you advocate such brutality and er complete wipe out of muslims (many do on the WWW and you know that too).  

Although you have never made your position clear? Have you?  

Hope you luck? And yes I will personally love you seeing head-off with man i REGARD TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD.




M.Amin www.instella.net


Ali Sina Responds

Dear Mohammed,. 

Please contact these people and tell them to disprove me. I bet they won’t and they will tell you not to read my site. You want to bet? 

And to answer your questions, no I am not in cahoots with any other religion. I believe humanity will be much better without them. Yet I do not oppose beliefs that do not advocate violence even though those beliefs are false. 

As for killings, I am against all killings irrespective of the beliefs of the victims. However the Muslim victims are not victims of religious hate. No body kills Muslims just because they are Muslims. Innocent Muslims are often killed in retaliatory attacks by those who have been victimized by Muslim errorists. In every case I can think of the war has been instigated by Muslims. They are to be blamed to start the hostilities. The reason is quiet obvious. You just have to look into Quran to see why Muslims hate everyone in the world.


Ali Sina  


"Sarosh Hashmi" <[email protected]>

29 May 2002

U Basturd go to hell

How dare u write about our Holy Prophet (PBUH)


Go to hell

Go to hell

Go to hell

Go to hell

Go to hell

Go to hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll



I fond this site is rubbish, full of sick,complicated, weak people don`t know any thing in life exept hate. so die in your anger.
for every one talking badly on MUHAMMAD, I want to tell him that his shoe when she is full of mud is more cleaner than the one who alking`s head. so take a bone and settle down.
PS. I`m not waiting for your responds.
without bye :lol: :lol: :lol: [/b]


This message was posted in the forum


 "REZA NIKOO" <[email protected]>

27 May 2002

hey  what  u thing eslam is bad or  u triying to  show  people islam  is   bla  bla  bla   u  r  juish and nother  fucker  in  the  world  ass  hold




>--- Dr Khalid Sager <[email protected]> wrote:

Mate, I dont know who you are but you are certainly spreading lies about Islam. May Allah (SWT) Guide you. That is only one prayer I can pray for you. 

Prof.Dr.Khalid Rashid Sager

Sydney, Australia


 Ali Sina Responds

Dear Professor Doctor.  

If what I write is lies you certainly can demonstrate them. I have issued a challenge: Should any person prove me wrong I will remove my site” The fact that neither you nor any other person has been able to do so is clear indication that Islam is a false religion and Muhammad was a sick man. No wonder ALL Islamic countries are so poor and miserable. As if we needed more proof. But my whole site is full of proof if you cared to read.  

If you want to respond please respond in our forum.



27 May 2002

Dear Mr. Ali Sina 

You are certainly one of those perople whose eyes have been shut and I dont want to waste my time with you. I can only pray o Allah Almighty to open your eyes. Dont bother to reply me again as I would delete your email without reading it .

Prof.Dr.Khalid Rashid Sager


This Professor Doctor send me an email and I responded. I did not approach him first.  See his reaction! This is the state of the mind of a Muslim "Professor Doctor". What can we expect from the illiterate Muslim masses? Unfortunately he majority of Muslims, just like their prophet, are illiterate. May God (if he exists) help the students of such professor doctors Now you know why ALL Islamic countries are is such miserable state.



[email protected]

24 May 2002


ali sina

you are mistaken, and in grave danger..... bad combination

point is ... you humiliated over a billion. you used false interpretations of the Ayat of the Quran

that's why you have in mind that we think the earth is flat. Well guess what , we don't, the quran doesn't say that the earth is flat.

Before you go on givin false statements about Allah's religion and prophets , read Ahmed Deedat's books. May be they'll put some sense in your head.

and if there were errors in the Quran, don't you hink that Arabic teachers would have identified that......?

We are not racists...i got best friends which are non-muslims, and islam urges one to free slaves on many occasions and as you can see most of the Muslim thinkers have said that people had no right o enslave other human beings.

The prophet had many wives to spread Islam and that's another story.

Allah was there before the universe for He created everyone and everything.

One piece of advise , although you and your likes don't deserve it.... read the Quran again, with it's proper TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION, Ahmed Deedat's books and debates on video would help alot and see what White, American , Women and men that converted to Islam have to say about what you say



Ali Sina responds:

The most obvious proof that I am wrong is of course the fact that I am in danger. This irrefutable proof of Islam has helped it remain unchallenged so far. 

Also it is always the fault of the ranslations and interpretations. I wonder which translation is the right one? However in my case I do not rely on translations. I read Quran in  Arabic and I find it even more damaging.    


ANPaul" <[email protected]>

23 May 2002

I was going through your site today and found out how people have been using internet for propoganda purposes so such an extent. This is such a catostrophy.. such a shame.. you guys have no knowledge of the religions of christianity and islam and are commenting on what is never said in the religions. Your interpretitions of Koran is extremely biased and is based on your personal hatred towareds islam. I am a research worker on "Christianity and Islam" and have found some useful books on the topics of Jesus, Koran, Mohamad and jihad etc.I also study economic and social system suggested by islam and christianity (the comparison). If you guys want, i can farward you a list of hundreds of books (ones written by non-muslim scholars on islam or non-christian scholars) about christianity and islam. Also, please note that Shiism is quite different from mainstream islam. Shiism belives in self-torture but mainstream islam doesn't.

Please ry to be sensable. This is a world of information and propoganda. For any contact, please use:
[email protected]
Thanks alot for consideration,
Frederick, MD 21703



[email protected] 

19 May 2002



"Wahid Hussain" <[email protected]>

19 May 2002

Bismillah-hiorahman-irahim. Peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad. 

Wouldn't it be more wiser for you to follow the teachings of a religion which grants you spiritual and secular freedom rather than indeulge in racial hatred which is causing you to follow the devil's every whisper? Will you reply to this?



"Abtarvi Mumin" <[email protected]>

14 May 2002

the images shown on your web site are nothing but lies, they are of your own creation and fancy. you have the power of media and advertisement so you show the world what you please. the murder of innocent muslim woman  and children go unnoticed. while the jews splatter every incident inflicted  on them with massive exaggeration. you kill muslims in their hundreds in Palestine for no valid reason, and all the bbc and cnn highlight is the death of a few jews. but carry on as you may, you are fighting people that find peace and happiness in death. so continue doing us the favour. may Allah have mercy on you all, as a day will come where there will be no mercy. and the time will come when all the innocent people that you are erasing, will say 'I TOLD YOU SO'.


"Christopher Wellers" <[email protected]>

11 May 2002

Hello Ali 

You know, you got a quiet interesting website over here that has attracted many attentions, And guess what? It got mine, should people give you credit for that? 

You say that you have exposed the truth behind Islam, And you mentioned how aggressive Islam is, And you pretended like you care about others religions, which is obviously bunch of porpaganda, If the point of that website is to tell muslims how bad their religion is, then I am afraid that's not going to happen, Because the way you attacked their religions, and of course any non-muslims who will visit your website will see how ignorant you are, We all know that each Quranic verse that was used in your website had it's own incident, And it's not like The bible or he Talmud do not have such verses.

Anyways, Any muslim would know that your excuses are all false by reading the quranic Tafseer... 

Funny thing is; you say you care about people, yet you hurt them by attacking their religion, and it's very unfortunate to see a person with all of this knowledge carrying some real bad intensions owards something beautiful such as Islam. 

I used to be a muslim hater myself, And decided to do he same thing as you, I read the quran, And found a lot of verses which recalled for killing infidels and so on, But at the end I discovered that it was helping me in any way so I decided to drop it, and read the quran once again with good intensions, And guess what? I was totally convinced, All of these recent theories mentioned in the quran that was revealed a housand years ago didn't only convince me but made me convert to islam, And I even thought about it, You say Muhammed was a false prophet but how was he able to create such a nation in 20 years only? Can a man do the same thing right now?  

Reading the quran has made me learn one thing, That he radicals we see on TV do not represent islam at all, Each religion has it's own radicals and they are all worse than each other, And if we ever want to know what islam is really is, Look at it back then when the prophet was alive, They had such great prosperity back then, Nowadays muslims lack the knowledge of their own religion so you can't blame Islam for that. 

Also something else which attracted my attention was saying that Allah means a moon god? Have you ever encountered an arab-christian and asked him what they call god? I am sure he's going to say Allah, therefore it's the arabic name of god, either way; The god muslims worship is the creator of the universe, the creator of me, you and all of the mankind. 

And finally, I'd like to say, do you enjoy shoving words up people's mouthes? Is hurting and attacking others is your defination of Respect and rational thinking? Why don't you show people what better religion they can actually follow then? And don't forget to compare it to islam with open minded intensions because I am sure you'll notice how wrong you are at the end. 





"muhammad nadeem" <[email protected]>

10 May 2002

you bloody bastered think about your eternal life




 "bali kilva" <[email protected]>

10 May 2002 


Good point.  It doesn't sink only if they don't try to understand why something is being said.  Unfortunate for you hat you are a great writer and researcher but with a less open mind.  Don't take it offensively, I was the same way, perhaps still am. 

You spend too much time researching Quran and Hadith.  What you should do is

try to understand them and do it alone.  You will know. 

Great article though with misinterpretetions, hope you catch on to the truth. 



Bali Kilva



"jennie lavine" <[email protected]

7 May 2002

You know this is the biggest load of crap i have ever seen.

Why is it that only islam is shown as bad,,why is the barbarities of Charles manson not shown here, or Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The 2 who killed Jamie Bulger? The Yorkshire ripper, Jack the ripper, Plus hundreds of more murderous ppl who are not seen as ''that bad'' cos they are non muslim. This type of rubbish really just makes ppl find out the TRUTH about islam and converts more and more ppl...so i would like to congratulate you on converting another muslim in me and the other 1 million or so ppl who are converting each year.....Salam aleikom!! May Allah bless you souls and you too could follow in the religion of peace...Inshallah!!



 [email protected] 

6 May 2002

Islam will stay and growing and growing. Islam is God chosen religion which started in Arabia God chosen land. That all I have o waste time and write to you.

Got it stupid.



"John Hoff" <[email protected]>

2 May 2002

By he year 2050 it is estimated that two thirds of the World population will be Muslim.Also by that time,the Islamic World(as will Arabs,whom millions are Christian) will have a good sized nuclear arsenal.Rest assured that Israel's (and the Jewish people's) future on the face of our beautiful Earth will continue be in grave,desperate peril.Time and Numbers are on Islam's side.Face it.Maybe today you are able to sleep at night,but sleep will not be easy for you and your coming generations.Muslims and Christains(as well as all other religions)are able to co-exist peacefully i.e,Syria,Lebannon,Egypt and The United States Of America.e.t.c. Sorry Judaism and Jews,but you are the weakest Link....Goodbye.

p.s.If you cant beat them ,then join them.  ALLAH AKBAR.



"Ramin" <[email protected]>

2 May 2002

I just stumbled onto your website and I am sickened by your ignorance.  You must be completely retarded.  You think the actions of a few muslims are enough to characterize an entire religion.  By your terms, you have just shown that every religion spawns terrorism.  You are an idiot I hope someone eaches you a lesson.







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