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We are Against Hate, Not Faith

Author Archives: Mumin Salih

An Error Free Quran

11/24/2013 Premise: The Quran is such a good book and is free from errors Conclusion: I conclude it is from Allah Introduction The above short statement helps to explain why there are Muslims in the world- because they believe the Quran to be “such a good book with no errors”. The issue of “errors inContinue Reading

The Khilafa Delusion

Mumin Salih As we know, the Islamic Khilafa ended by the collapse of the Ottoman empire in 1924. Not many Muslims at the time mourned the death of the Khilafa, certainly nothing on the scale we see these days. The Turks were thrilled by the prospect of cultural freedom in the modern and secular TurkeyContinue Reading

The Morality Delusion in Islam

10/17/2013 The Deluded Muslims The great Egyptian Muslim reformer, Muhammed Abdu (1849-1905), made a famous comparison between France, where he spent sometime of his life, and Egypt. He said: “In France there is Islam without Muslims and in Egypt there are Muslims without Islam”. Mohammed Abdu was very impressed by the high morality of theContinue Reading

Dictatorship Through Democracy

Simon Hughes case was not an isolated incident, it is increasingly common to see politicians who are prepared to bend over backwards to accommodate the endless list of Muslims’ demands. It is a bad sign and unfortunate that an increasing number of those who join the political parties are ‘career politicians’, who are only motivated by their wish to make good living at any cost. They are keen to win the elections, not to serve their country, but to acquire power and financial gains. Continue Reading

The Qur’an: Jesus is God

9/11/2013 Introductory Background Note: This article looks at Jesus from the Islamic perspective. Therefore, and for the sake of arguments, Allah will be considered as God, which is believed by Muslims, although not shared by non-Muslims. The Islamic perception of Jesus is clear to Muslims of all sects, in fact it is one of theContinue Reading

The War on Syria

8/28/2013 Introductory Background What is happening in Syria is not a revolution against the Assad regime, it is an invasion of the country. From the beginning, the Islamist rebels were gathered from inside and outside the country and were generously financed, organized and armed by outside powers. Many of those rebels were  not Syrians atContinue Reading

The Most Peaceful Verse

8/26/2013 …whoever kills a person, it is as if he had killed all mankind. And whoever saves one it is as if he had saved all mankind… Introductory Background This short article discusses verse 5:32 in the Quran, which Muslims commonly quote when debating critics of Islam. Muslim intellectuals and Imams, as well as WesternContinue Reading

Hats off to Egypt

8/20/2013 The Egyptian people made the call loud and clear Egypt is making history again. The events taking place in that country are of extra ordinary significance. The events, which are big in themselves, got even bigger because they are happening in Egypt, which is the heart of the Middle East. With 84 millions, EgyptContinue Reading

A Good Reason to Leave Islam

8/8/2013 Introductory Remarks The history of Religion is probably parallel to the history of man; they came to existence together and may disappear together. As humans became more sophisticated, they became more aware of their lack of understanding of life and death. That lack of understanding provided fertile grounds that nurtured gossips and theories ofContinue Reading

The Battle of Badr: Islam at its Best

Abu Sufyan was a careful leader. He knew what was on stake and how rich the caravan was. His strategy was to send spies to explore the roads ahead and screen them for gangs who might be tempted to raid the caravan. Indeed, the news came that there was a huge gang, an army in fact, under the command of Mohammed, waiting to ambush the caravan at the place called Badr. Abu Sufyan diverted the caravan to an alternative route that went towards Yanbu’, at the red sea coast. At the same time, he sent to Mecca to alert them that Mohammed and his gang were planning to ambush the caravan.

The BattleContinue Reading

Safeguarding The Ka’aba

“The house has a god committed to its protection” – Abdul MuttalibContinue Reading

Muslims and Dreams

Being itself a collection of myths, it comes as a no surprise that the Quran endorses various kinds of of myths and folk tales. The existence of Jinn, Angels, the Jinx, the belief in magic and the random interpretation of dreams are only some of those fables endorsed by the Quran.Continue Reading

Living in the Dark Ages

7/4/2013 I can not be the only one who feels that we live in a very special time of human history. Our generation came to existence as the human civilization reached unprecedented levels of sophistication on all fronts of human achievements. In our time, people enjoy healthier and longer lives thanks to the advanced medicineContinue Reading

Muhammad and His Wives

With such a complexity, probably Mohammed himself would have trouble in telling which of those women would be included under wives, right hand possessions or offered to him and what would be the grand total of his true wives.Continue Reading

Why Did Mohammed Believe Gabriel?

Reflecting on that Islamic story, whoever that stranger was, he was impolite and disrespectful, hardly an angel at all. Continue Reading

The Quran Was Not Preserved

It is not advisable to question the authenticity of the Quran with Muslims unless you are sure of their relative toleranceContinue Reading


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