The Quran: Multiple Authors and Multiple Languages

Mumin Salih

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  1. jewdog says:

    It is very hard to argue rationally with people who are emotionally committed to something. Another tack would be to demonstrate how their beliefs are harming them personally so that they can start to feel differently about them. Like it or not, people are selfish creatures. The trick is to show them a better way, materially and spiritually.
    For example, it is undeniable that Islam has brought a lot of violence with it, making life more dangerous. It has also sharpened secular divisions, balkanizing many Muslim regions into rival religious and ethnic enclaves. That has impeded freedom of movement and economic development. Also, Islamic prohibitions on speech and religion via the blasphemy and apostasy laws limit individual freedom and intellectual growth. So, if we assume that most people want to be more secure, richer and free, Islam is a bad choice.
    A big factor in the success of ISIS has been its ability to present an appealing global vision. But that vision relies on coercion and conformity and brings death and poverty. The challenge is to present a better vision, one based on ideals of tolerance, freedom, prosperity and human dignity.

  2. MarvH says:

    “23 Years” by Ali Dashti is a good read