The Muslims Who Shouldn’t be

Mumin Salih

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  1. No such thing as a “Palestinian” and if there was, the Jews were called “Palestinians” long before Arab Muslims were.

    The name “Palestine” was derived from the word “Philistia” and the Philistines were originally from the Aegean and were closely related to the Greeks. Also, the Philistines only occupied a small area in the region of Gaza. The Arab Muslims who now call themselves “Palestinians” are obviously NOT Greek.

    Arab Muslims claiming to be “Palestinians” is no different than if they migrated to the US and claimed to be “American Indians” in order to claim that they had a superior right to land in North America. They can’t even pronounce the word “Palestine” correctly because there is no “P” sound in Arabic. They say “Falesteen” or “Balestine”.

    Roman Emporer Hadrian renamed the Kingdom of Judah (from which the word “Jew” was derived), Syria Palaestina (“Palestine”) and Jerusalem, Aeolia Capitolina, in an attempt to eradicate Judaism after the Romans put down a Jewish Uprising in ~136AD. This happened long before Arab Muslims conquered the Holy Land.

    The first mention of the expression “the people of Palestine” in a UN Document was in 1969, in UN General Assembly Resolution 2535 and the first mention of the term “the Palestinian people”, in a UN Document was in 1970 in UNGA Resolution 2628.

  2. Mirza Ghalib says:

    Nice article. Write more on this subject, and let the non-Arab Muslims and the black Muslims understand their status in Islam. Of-course, we can’t help the Muslim women, even if they understood their place in Islam, as they are the slaves to their own men at home.
    Mirza Ghalib