The Quran Predates Mohammed

Mumin Salih

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  1. why? says:

    Christ is the way, the truth and life

    Let us assume that this jeebus of yours taught love (whatever that means) etc….

    Where is the evidence that he is “the way, truth etc.” as bible thumpers clam? What evidence do they provide? nothing…only the same claim that jeebus lived without sin blah..blah….the guy could NOT even bear half a days hunger and complained about a tree out of season…a sissy…and born to an unknown father to an engaged unmarried girl who claimed that some god made her pregnant…..born in sin as a mamzer…

    It is crystal clear that your unholy spirit impregnated a girl engaged to another man and thus the child born qualifies as a bastard or Mamzer even as per your own bible.

    Devarim – Deuteronomy – Chapter 23:3

    A bastard shall not enter the assembly of the Lord; even the tenth generation shall not enter the assembly of the Lord.
    A bastard shall not enter the assembly of the Lord: [I.e.,] he shall not marry an Israelite woman. — [Yev. 77b]

    Your own bible says a mamzer is a sinner and cannot enter the assembly of Lord. So jeebus is a sinner as per your own bible and therefore jeebus CANNOT BE “the way, the truth and life” as per your own bible.

    Who is a mamzer or bastard?

    “If she cannot contract a legally valid marriage to this man, but can contract a legally valid marriage to others, her offspring [from the former] is a mamzer.

    for example, the issue of a union between brother and sister or between a man and a woman validly married to another at the time is a mamzer.

    Thus Jeebus, son of Mary who was legally engaged (betrothal or kiddushin. Once kiddushin is complete, the woman is legally the wife of the man) to Joseph, was made pregnant by allegedly some unholy invisible ghost (probably some roman soldier) is definitely as a mamzer.

    The stories about virgin birth, some unholy ghost making her mary pregnant etc. are fake miracle stories is clear from the following point.

    jeebus was born through 9 months pregnancy as usual. Isn’t it strange that mary is made pregnant miraculously, but the so called miracle stops there. An all powerful god had to go through 9 month pregnancy, just like any other child. This clearly shows that jeebus is born as a sinner through extra-marital affairs of mary.

  2. Dr. Nishant says:

    Dear Assta, Ron. Thanks for your replies.
    I agree and disagree with you on all the points.
    As I said earlier, India is a very complex and complicated so several things have to be considered.
    Ron said” Indian politicians right from Independence have taken wrong decisions on the economic front. Mr. Nehru should have aligned with the West but instead chose Non-alignment buthere in the West it was perceived as pro-USSR. They had a closed or socialist economy and lost chances of advancing faster with a capitalist and free economy ”
    I agree, maybe an outright capitalist economy is more effective in growth. But, Nehru was a prodigy of Gandhi and like most of the freedom fighters was socialist in out look. The diverse and fragmented society of India could only be united and social reformscould be done by the policies which were inclusive and favored social reform. The Indian people were vary of the capitalist British policies as India was plundered by the british, and considered capitalism as the rule of the elitist over the poor. The majority of the Indians wanted social and economical equality and only socialists talk in such language. Neverthless, the pitfalls of communism were recognised by the likes of ambedkar(architect ofIndian constitution) Sardar Patel( 1st home minister) and hence India became a mixed economy. Nehru genuinely believed in Non alignment and wrongly thought ethics should decide the foreign policy
    India never provided any strategic advantage either to the ussr or the U.S.. However like now, so also then, U.S. believed in a policy like: ‘Either you are with us or against us’ and India vehemently refused to be bullied and guarded her independent foreign policy. As, against this, like now even then, Pakistan allied with the U.S. and America reciprocated by siding with Pakistan in all her wars against india. U.S has always seen India through the paki prism and has funded her, in spite of several betrayals.
    Languages: India has 122 major languages and 1599 other languages. The constitution of India still hasn’t designated any language as official language of India due to lack of consensus. You would be amused to find a booklet of several pages in various languages instead of a single page form on several occasions. English is spoken by a very tiny fraction of people and yes, India did encourage her use as it is a fairly global language. English is the one of very few things that Indians are thankful to the British for.
    Ron said: ”
    The Indian Govt under Vajpayee unnecessarily (foolishly) conducted a nuclear test in 1998 as an act of bravado.
    It then had a window of opportunity before the Pakistanis could catch up with their own nuclear tests (which happened a few months later) to engage in threat of conventional war, leverage peace, concessions or force Pakistan to settle all land disputes.This window of opportunity was missed by the Indian Govt.
    The benefit of both the countries doing tests within a short span was that sanctions from the West which followed were too little and not effective and a status of détente and all chances of war between the neighbours were decreased.”
    I totally disagree with this. 1st Vajpayee did the right thing in pokhran2 nuclear tests on 1998 . India’s nuclear programme istotally indigenous and hence these tests were required for furthering nuclear capabilities. As, against this Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities were heavily borrowed from the Chinese who had developed them after several nuclear tests. India conducted the nuclear tests on 13th may 1998, Pakistan in her bravado reciprocated by her own tests on 28th may 1998 and not months later as said by Ron, this is another testimony in support of myprevious sentence. Following the war there were economic sanctions. These were a blessing in disguise for India, as she became self reliant and had very high growth rates for about a decade and hasn’t looked back ever since. Pakistan on the other hand paid dearly, and sunk more and more into debt ever since and is sustained on the life line of western funds.
    Ron says:” In India the Hindus, Muslims have religious politicalparties which thrive on hate towards fellow countrymen. The Sikhs and Buddhists have parties which are geared towards emancipation from discrimination. I believe there is no Christian or Jain or Zoroastrian or Jew political party as they are minorities.”
    This is a very complex issue and many things have to be considered, which I don’t think is relevant to the purpose of this site. Neverthless, I will put forward few pertinent points. The current govt of BJP is considered a Hindu party, apart from this there is a very small party called shiv sena which is considered Hindu. This of course is a very simpistic view of seeing things, as both have several legislators holding key positions from different religions. In fact it was the BJP govt. which made Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam the first Muslim president of India under Vajpayee. We don’t have Buddhist parties, wepertinent points. The current govt of BJP is considered a Hindu party, apart from this there is a very small party called shiv sena which is considered Hindu. This of course is a very simpistic view of seeing things, as both have several legislators holding key positions from different religions. In fact it was the BJP govt. which made Dr A.PJ Abdul Islam, the first Muslim president of India. Thus no party is truly Hindu. We don’t have Buddhist parties, we have the entire government of Tibet and its Dalai Lama in India. There are several dalit parties which represent the lower caste hindus but are not exclusive to others. Then there are socialists parties, several communist parties, parties based on languages, regional parties etc and a large number of independents which do not belong to any party. None of these are exclusive and have support of varying degrees from various communities. In the last local municipal election I went, there were around 120 candidates for a single seat. So u can imagine. The candidate who won 16% votes won! However Muslims vote enblock unlike other communities hence are the only true single force that need to be appeased by all other parties. Muslim parties always win in their ghettos , but no one else can win in their areas. Chief ministers of several Hindu dominated states have been Muslims but not once has any1 else been a chief minister except a Muslim where they have a majority population.
    About the other communities you mentioned: Sikhs, a minority of its community fought for its own nation of the so called” khalistan”, carved with regions of India and Pakistan, but their movement has vastly died down. Sikhism and its religion is an off shoot of Hinduism developed specifically by guru nanak to counter Islam by military means and are respected widely by Indians for their courage and valor. The first Jews came to India much before Mohammed was born , and there has been no attack that I know of on them until recently when Pakistani terrorists attacked Mumbai in which they also targeted the Jewish synagogue.
    Zoorastrians are called parsees in India and are the richest people per capitaThey too never suffered any persecution that I know of and are widely respected and hold key govt posts. Ron, you being an evalengical Christian would be aware of the Christian faith in India, so I m not commenting on it.
    In India, words like secularism, inclusiveness, consensus are holy, and we are very argumentative and keep debating things endlessly in our parliaments and seldom take a decision. Thus multiculturalism and unity in diversity are not just slogans but are definitions of India. In such a scenario, India always achieves imperfect results and her policies are marred with indecisiveness of the fractured polity.
    The current nuclear weapons weigh in tonnes unlike the relatively light weight weapons used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus, I cannot see any circumstance where there would be approval of their use on the densly populated neighbor and Pakistan is aware of that. Assta, we stay in a very imperfect world and unlike Islam which has a clear cut vision, an aim and a fanatical will power to achieve that aim, Indians are fragmented, ambiguous, argumentative and self styled godmen. So I do not have a clear answer to your questions.

  3. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dr. Nishant,

    I understand Pakistan wants to go to war with the most powerful and peace-loving country – India, because the Pakistanis have a miserable life in their war-mongering country. They believe war with India will get them out of destitution and despair. I don’t think America will be there to help them if they go to war with India. The only thing America can do for them is to freeze some Indian assets in America for a limited time.

    After India won four wars with Pakistan, India should have never entered any treaty with Pakistan. The world knows Muslims never respect any treaty they sign with the non-Muslims. The false prophet Muhammad had said: “If I take an oath and later find something else better than that, then I do what is better and expiate my oath” (Bukhari: V7B67N427). He had further said: “Allah and his Messenger dissolve obligations” (Quran 9:3). Also in Quran 66:2, Muhammad had declared: “Allah has already sanctioned for you the dissolution of your vows.”

    I don’t recall how many times Yasser Arafat broke the treaty he entered with the Jewish people about Palestine. Hence, reasonable politicians should never sign any treaty with the untrustworthy Arab-Muslim nations.

    You wrote: “Pakistan shares a large border with India and even the short range nuclear missiles could do substantial damage to India.” If this is the case, then India should strike first and incapacitate Pakistan and should not stay until Pakistan hits India and kills thousands of innocent Indians. India must take Pakistan’s daily threat seriously and act accordingly.

  4. Ron says:

    Indian politicians right from Independence have taken wrong decisions on the economic front. Mr. Nehru should have aligned with the West but instead chose Non-alignment but here in the West it was perceived as pro-USSR. They had a closed or socialist economy and lost chances of advancing faster with a capitalist and free economy.
    Mr. Nehru however chose to keep English as the lingua franca while other countries like Pakistan and its breakaway country Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and many other countries succumbed to right-wing religious parties which demanded to abandon English and replace it with Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Sinhalese, Malay etc. Except India which kept English is reaping benefits in todays globalized economy.
    Successive Govts continued this and only when the USSR collapsed did India start liberalizing and opening their economy under Mr. Rao and his finance minister Mr. Manmohan Singh. Successive governments continued this and has ushered in a progress in India.
    Israel like India had nuclear capability but never signed the NPT even though they performed secret test as in 1974. The Indian Govt under Vajpayee unnecessarily (foolishly) conducted a nuclear test in 1998 as an act of bravado.
    It then had a window of opportunity before the Pakistanis could catch up with their own nuclear tests (which happened a few months later) to engage in threat of conventional war, leverage peace, concessions or force Pakistan to settle all land disputes. This window of opportunity was missed by the Indian Govt.
    The benefit of both the countries doing tests within a short span was that sanctions from the West which followed were too little and not effective and a status of détente and all chances of war between the neighbours were decreased.
    In India the Hindus, Muslims have religious political parties which thrive on hate towards fellow countrymen. The Sikhs and Buddhists have parties which are geared towards emancipation from discrimination. I believe there is no Christian or Jain or Zoroastrian or Jew political party as they are minorities.
    Theocratic and nationalistic parties and their leaders have often destroyed their countries or economies in the long run like Hitler, Suharto, Mugabe, Mussolini, Franco, Khomeini, Saddam, Amin, Nasser, Pinochet. They are mainly based on love of country or leader and hate for minorities.
    India should not alienate their minorities and allow freedom of religion (which includes conversion of faith). Luckily the Christians are mainly pacifist unlike the Muslims and the Sikhs who took up arms against the state.
    The Sri Lankan civil war was started by the majority – Sinhalese trying to impose their sense of nationalism and started to undermine and relegate the minority Tamils.
    Islam is evil but Muslims are humans and we need to love Muslims, educate them about their religion and bring them to the saving grace of Christ.

  5. Dr. Nishant says:

    Dear Assta,
    India had developed weaponisable nuclear capabilities when it detonated the first nuclear war head in pokhran in 1974. This is a totally indigenously developed nuclear technology. It also has brahmos hypersonic missile which is the fastest in the world. It also has indigenous accurate medium and large range Agni missiles especially Agni5 and Agni 6. India is unquestionably far superior to Pakistan in military strength, be that army, navy or air force. As opposed to this the Shaheen missiles of Pakistan are actually M11 and M18 of Chinese, while ghauri missiles are based on north Korean Nodong 1 and Taepodong 1 and Pakis are so inept that they could not even change the shape of these missiles . The nuclear program of pakistan was developed by active assistance from North Korea and China. Even then, all its missiles are short range and could not reach to farthest areas of India like the north eastern states of India, Kolkata, Chennai etc. They don’t have the infrastructure, the industrial capability, or the know how to independently advance their military capabilities. If such is the state of affairs, why doesn’t India neutralise the threats? The answer is complex and there are several reasons.
    India is a pacifistic state. even though it has fought and defeated Pakistan in 4 wars, none of the wars were started by her. Indians had won very large areas of Pakistan and captured large numbers of paki soldiers yet she gave them all up, in the treaties after the war, in the hope that it would usher in peace, yet every time after a few years Pakistan has backtracked and violated all those agreements ( ditto Mohammed strategies) . In spite of this Indian leaders and large number of Indians always talk about peace.
    Pakistan shares a large border with India and even the short range nuclear missiles could do substantial damage to India. It seems the Indian government is scared of this. Pakistan behaves like a spoilt brat, it is always war mongering even in the last week several paki leaders including its army chief General Raheel Sharif warned India that Pakistan will use nuclear weapons of India attacks Pakistan as Pakistan doesn’t have conventional military strength to defeat India.
    Just take a look at this:
    Official declared policy of India for use of nuclear weapons: NO FIRST USE, that is, no matter what the situation is in a war with conventional weapons , India will not use nuclear weapons until nuclear weapons are used against us. This was the genious plan of Indian politicians. They thought, if Indians could assure Pakistan about India’s nuclear weapons, Pakistan would stop war mongering and would want peace with India. Now look how pakis have responded.
    Official Pakistan policy(often repeated by Pakistani guests on talk shows and openly declared in public gatherings of Pakistan by her military and political leaders): Pakistan would use nuclear weapons if it is getting defeated by conventional means. Pakistan WOULD FIRE NUCLEAR WEAPONS ON INDIA, if attacked with nuclear weapons by ANY COUNTRY with nuclear weapons or is getting defeated. They justify this by saying, for any defeat of Pakistan their would be an Indian hand and it doesn’t have long range and intercontinental missiles to defend herself.
    Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program gained pace in 1990’s , way before that in 1983, the then Indian prime minister Indies Gandhi had approved a plan to neutralise paki nuclear sites. Unfortunately, American intelligence got wind of it, and America threatened India with a war, and those plans were scuttled.
    You see, Pakistan has been an American ally for a long long time, most of its conventional weapons and aircrafts are American, American weapons lobby is far more persuasive with American government than any moral or ethical issues. It has also provided USA with military bases on her soil, which India has refused several times. This is due to the Non allignment movement launched by Nehru, that is, to not to provide any military assistance or to favour either sides, communists or capitalists. Thus India hasn’t been any help to further the American strategic interests.
    Pakistan was also helpful in the American mission in Afghanistan against the Soviets. This led to development of most of the current terrorist organizations like, taliban, al Qaida, lashkar, IM, Jaish e Muhammad etc, but that’s another story.
    There is a sizable Muslim population in India, most of them sympathise with the Pakistani cause of establishing Muslim rule all over the world. In the multi party democracy of India the difference in votes between winners and losers is usually less than 3 percent. Thus if u want to win an election in India, u cannot do so by antagonizing such a large vote bank and every party competes with every other in bending over backwards for the Muslims. Indeed, non Muslims such as Hindus, jains, Christians, buddhists, parsees, together form a far larger constituency and are vary of Islam, but they are not as forcefully vociferous as Muslims. Besides, non Muslims are divided, don’t vote unblock and they vote on issues such as development and governance. India has been a secular, multicultural country throughout its ancient history much before Islam and to discuss politics on religious lines is taboo, except for the Muslims.
    So you see, its a very complex issue in a very complicated country.

  6. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Dr. Nishant,

    Not only the12 Indian Muslims are found guilty, not only the18 Ethiopian Muslims are found guilty, not only the 11 terrorist Muslims who destroyed almost 3000 innocent New Yorkers are found guilty, in my judgment, the 1.5 billion Muslims are all guilty in believing in a false prophet, in a false Allah, in a fictitious Quran, and in the fairy-tale Hadith.

    We must declare World War III against these Gog-Magog Muslims before they invade our country and destroy us completely.

    Yes, Pakistan is a nuclear power country, and it is also a haven for very sophisticated terrorist groups. As a Muslim country, Pakistan denied Osama bin Laden ever lived in Pakistan; nevertheless, the United States is still a partner with Pakistan as it is a partner with Saudi Arabia. Since Pakistan is a Muslim country, a terrorist country, and a violent country, it will never have a lasting peace with India. If the two nuclear countries, one day, go to war, only the Almighty God knows who will be the winner in such a disastrous war.

    I am sure the Pakistanis and the Indians are always living in fear for the unknown. I don’t understand why India allowed Pakistan to develop a nuclear power in the first place?

  7. Dr. Nishant says:

    Dear Assta,
    There is 1 more thing that u may not be aware happened on this September 11th, which caused a lot of cheer and filled all the front pages of the news paper here. 11th Sept 2015 finally, the slow and arduous Indian judiciary found 12 Muslims guilty for 2006 Mumbai train blasts. 188 people had died in a series of 7 blasts in western Mumbai local trains, which are called the lifeline of Mumbai. This judgement will finally provide some solace to mumbaiites, who have been at the receiving end of the Pakistani jihadists on a number of occasions.
    However, as you pointed out with America, so is true with India. The 14 Pakistani planters of bomb had managed to flee India and are in safe havens of Pakistan. Also the main conspirators, Lashkar e taiba and the isi roam freely in that country. There is little hope to get these terrorists. Red corner notices and U.N. resolutions to freeze their assets, are the only measures India has been able to do. Just to give u a measure of the audacity of these terrorists: L.e.t chief hafiz saeed, on whom there is red corner notice, sanctions to free his assets and a huge bounty to find him or bring him dead or alive by the U.S. is freely seen in the channels of Pakistan. He roams freely, guarded by the military and isi commandos with a security protection which make the z++ security of India’s president and prime minister look weak. He and several other terrorists, hold huge rallies in Pakistani cities spiting venom and vitriol against India, Israel and U.S.. They have hundreds of jihadi camps in Pakistan especially POK, under full training by pak military. Pakistan is only targeting those militants which are against the establishment of Pakistan in operation ‘zarb e azab’, and not those against India, or the west. The most vocal critic of this pak policy is Afghanistan, because the only agency that could be singularly credited to that countries destruction and hindrance to development is ISI of Pakistan.
    Even though our governments are aware of the main perpetrators (Saudi: sponsorors, Pakistan : infrastructure providers, and trainers) of terrorism, they haven’t been doing enough against them. Instead are just finding scapegoats like Saddam , to bring about a sense of justice to its people. This is because Saudi is the holy grail of Muslims and Pakistan is a nuclear state. But, the only thing that I can’t understand is, why are our governments so appologetic? Even if, it would be too risky to attack these countries, why doesn’t the governments discuss the real issues in the public. Why this machoism? I am sure, the people will understand the inabilty to attack these countries due to various economic, strategic and security reasons. Why bring up this facade, that these are our neighbors and our friends and Islam means peace. This false propaganda along with the idiotic apologists will only lead us to our doom.

  8. Jordan says:

    Hey can you please upload the pdf for “An Abridged Koran (The Islamic Trilogy Book 4)”
    It’s a must read

  9. Ron says:

    Very exciting testimony of this Jain Businessman coming to Christ!!!

    Christ is the way, the truth and life

  10. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Dr. Nishant,

    Saudi Arabia created and financed the 9/11 Islmamist terrorists; however, America attacked Iraq instead of attacking Saudi Arabia, the mother of all evils on this planet earth. In this case, Iraq became the scapegoat of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the whole world saw the United States President, Barack Hussein Obama, bowing down to the Saudi king, friend of the Osama bin Laden family. America never knows its true enemies and as well as its genuine friends. For example, why did America betray the Shah of Iran in 1979 and replaced him by the Grand Ayatollah Khomeini? Politics has always been a mystery to me!

  11. Dr. Nishant says:

    Dear Assta,
    But I found it really ironical or like design of a providential hand.
    Consider this: Mecca damaged by a TOWERING CRANE, on September 11, on the people who sponsor terrorism or rather in the heart of their lands, where it was considered impossible to attack. Much like the twin towers in New York.
    Further, the company which owned and managed the crane was Bin Laden construction company, that is, the family of Osama bin Laden.

  12. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Dr. Nishant,

    The Mecca crane collapsed and killed only 107 Muslims, but the 9/11 Islamist terrorists’ attack on the United States soil killed about 3000 people. I wish the crane had killed all the Kaaba or the Black Stone worshipers. I understand the death of any human being may not please you.

    When the Islamist terrorists destroyed many lives on 9/11, several Arab-Muslim girls and boys rejoiced, danced, and exchanged costly gifts, but you don’t see any Jewish, Christian, and Hindus person dancing but me when the crane collapsed and killed 107 idol worshipers.

    The punishment of the 107 Arab-Muslims is too little in comparison with the crimes the Arab-Muslims have been committing since the inception of Islam.

  13. Dr. Nishant says:

    Maybe the monks are right, karma does follow you and fructify in unseen ways. Mecca mosque destroyed by a crane on 9/11.
    If only the Muslims knew how to nullify karma with love and compassion. But, if they did so, they wouldn’t be Muslims.

  14. James says:

    Infact it looks very much so,refusing will not change what it is.

  15. Ron says:

    @jaysonrex, you seem to throw the baby and the bath tub because you find the water hot.

    There is a big difference between Christianity and Islam and other religions or ideologies. Superficially all religions may look the same but fundamentally they are different.

    Whether Mohamed was literate or not is another topic for debate. He did commercial transactions (business) when he was married to Khadija and did sign many treaties of false peace or armistices when his military positions were weak relative to existing oppositions and signed statements of surrender when his positions were strong. Some critics say all these war and commercial transactions need primary literacy. Muslims attribute total illiteracy to him so as to show that the Koran was a miracle of literature as it was recited by Mohamed through revelation and not through human literacy.

    The teachings, sayings, practices and miracles of Jesus are unparalleled and are of a very high moral standard specially on forgiving, love, sharing, caring, sacrifice, peace etc. The golden rule is attributed to Jesus. By the way Paul and Peter never worked together as a team but spread the faith under extreme persecution using peaceful means but succeeded along with other apostles to spread their faith among the ruled and rulers at those times.

    Most of the apostles knowingly died agonizing deaths under persecution as they knew their final destination was in the arms of Jesus which only spread the faith deeper and eventually toppled kings, emperors etc.

    We try to look at Christianity as the actions of people with Christian names even though those actions were diametrically opposite to what Christ said.

    Christ is the way, the truth and life.

  16. jaysonrex says:

    Trying to ‘explain’ religion is a very frustrating endeavor. Islam was invented by an Arab known as Muhammad, just like Christianity was created and patented by Paul (ex Saul of Tarsus) and his sidekick Peter (later Saint Peter), considered by the Vatican as being the first Pope of the Catholic Church.

    God, if he exists, cannot be held responsible for these criminal inventions or the demented acts of their respective inventors – all vicious liars, as we well know but are afraid to admit.

    Since Muhammad was totally illiterate, he never claimed to have written the Koran. Some Arab scribes that were hanging around important and/or powerful people wrote what they understood to be Muhammad’s ideas and then claimed. for a fee, that the writings represent the thoughts of the prophet. All a bunch of unrecycled BS that only Arab Bedouins could buy.

    By and large, debating who and when were the so-called holy books (the Old/New Testament, the Koran, etc.) were written is a total waste of time. Sorry.

  17. Dr. Nishant says:

    Like you mentioned about the Byzantine emperors and the European kings, several indians warriors fought the Muslims. They are still revered by the Indians, up to the level of worship. However the politically correct left to centre governments of the past has obliterated the true history of India. If we could just bring to the notice of common people, the opinions and criticisms of Islam by these revered heroes, maybe at least we would have much lesser number of apologists. India is a country of hero worshipers. You do 1 good thing and you will have hundreds of die hard followers. People in India still have very very high regard for the Hindu royalties and nationalists (contrast this with Muslim royalties who have been forgotten into the oblivion). For example, people almost worship swami vivekanand, but could not believe that he could use such unkind words and scathing criticisms against Islam.
    More than Muslims, its the apologists and leftists who are safeguarding Islam.
    I wonder if educating people about the opinions of their heroes about Islam, could make a serious dent to the machinations of these idiot apologists.

  18. Dr. Nishant says:

    Dear Assta,
    I meant that, those who are getting converted, their numbers aren’t large enough. Sorry, my sentences were not grammatically correct.
    We should always welcome and encourage Muslims who get converted to any other religion or be atheist. Germans should not let these Muslims get residency/citizenship in Germany. They should be kept in camps with all facilities including schools and hospitals and must deport them back as soon as possible.
    Unfortunately, I read an article today which suggests Merkel is planning to use this surplus population for economic gains, since Germany is having labour constraints due to inadequate native population. She should at least think like UAE and other Arab countries who have huge number of immigrants living their for decades but do not get citizenship rights in these countries. If she makes them permanent citizens, then surely Germany will have another holocaust, in which germans will be massacred at the hands of Muslims.
    The examples you have mentioned have such a common, that every society has suffered similarly at the hands of Muslims. 1st they seek asylum under various pretexts and they multiply like cancer cells. Once their numbers are large enough they try to take over native populations by barbaric means.
    My difference of opinion with you is qualified only for the principles of human rights to be followed by the non Muslims. For everything else , I totally agree with you.

  19. A.H. says:

    “However, Like the Byzantine emperor, many Indian kings and monks such as swami vivekanand, dayanand saraswati etc have openly criticised Islam, however they could not bring themselves to the barbarian ways to elliminate the Muslims”

    It is better to beat them (the jihadis) wherever you find them, just like Charles Martel (the Hammer) did in AD 732 at Tours in France. After work to establish a unity in Gaul, Martel’s attention was called to foreign conflicts, and dealing with the Islamic advance into Western Europe was a foremost concern. Arab Islamic forces had conquered Spain (711), crossed the Pyrenees (720), seized a major dependency of the Visigoths (721-725),and after intermittent challenges, under Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Governor-General of al-Andalus, advanced toward Gaul and on Tours, “the holy town of Gaul”; in October 732, the army of the Umayyad Caliphate led by Al Ghafiqi met Frankish and Burgundian forces under Martel in an area between the cities of Tours and Poitiers (modern north-central France), leading to a decisive, historically important Frankish victory known as the Battle of Tours (or ma’arakat Balâṭ ash-Shuhadâ, Battle of the Palace of Martyrs), ending the “last of the great Arab invasions of Europe,” a military victory termed “brilliant” on the part of Martel.

  20. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Dr. Nishant,

    You wrote: “…their numbers aren’t large enough.”

    During the 7th century, the Prophet Muhammad sent about 21 persecuted Muslims from Mecca to the Christian land of Ethiopia. The Christian king accepted them as refugees from Mecca. These Muslims are now over 45 million and they are burning Churches and trying to overthrow the Christian government of Ethiopia. They have a very close relationship with many other Muslim countries.

    In 1517, these Ethiopian Muslims, under their Muslim leader, Gragn Muhammad, fought the Ethiopian Christians with the help of the Turkish government, destroyed hundreds of Christian Churches and monasteries, and burned thousands of Christian books. If it were not for the help Ethiopia got from the Portuguese Christians, Ethiopia could have been a Muslim country long time ago. The Portuguese Christians helped Ethiopia and defeated the Turkish and the Ethiopian Muslims and saved Christian Ethiopia from falling into the hands of the traitorous Ethiopian Muslims.

    As I have said many times, Muslim men have four or more wives and breed like cockroaches: they also rape non-Muslim girls and impregnate them as they are now doing in England and in Sweden. They don’t care about the wellbeing of their children because the west will take care of them.

    Muhammad Kaddafi of Libya once said:

    “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe—without swords, without guns, without conquest—will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

    This means through breeding millions of Muslim children, Muslims can easily conquer Europe and render it a Muslim continent, a continent of misery, chaos, and cannibalism. Therefore, if Europe continues letting thousands of Muslims in every year, within few years, the demography of Europe will be completely changed for the worst.

  21. Dr Nishant says:

    As long as these Muslims get converted to any other religion is fine. But their numbers aren’t large enough. The governments in Europe should be on their toes and not let these refugees acquire citizenship.

  22. Ron says:

    FYI arab slave trade

    I found this quote

    “A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.”

    -Winston Churchill, from “The River War”, 1899

  23. Ron says:

    If a boat full of majority Muslims is capsized in high seas and people are in trouble then will you (if you are in a position to mass rescue) ask them their religion before saving them?

    As a Christian (in fact even as a fellow human) you have to save them. We should worry about consequences later on. Islam/Mohammed may teach you that the life of a Muslim is worth more than a kafir but for Christ every life was important.

    If we stoop to the level of not helping refugees then there is no difference between the rich apathetic Muslims nations who are not helping fellow Muslim refugees and driving them from their border and the civilized Christians.

    Even a seemingly westernised country like Turkey which is essentially a Muslim country does not allow Muslim refugees in its borders. It only allows them to transit through their territories and offloads them to the West. Turkey also buys oil from ISIS at low rates, bombs the Kurds (who are being attacked by ISIS) and allows aspiring Muslim jihadists recruits to slip into Syria and Iraq.

    That is the hypocrisy in Islam which needs to be exposed.

    It seems that ISIS has opened a slave market for trading (buying and selling) captured non-Sunni girls and the foreign buyers who are coming to buy are Arabs and Muslims from the Gulf states.

    Refugees need to be helped as long as is needed. The anti-social elements among them need to be deported asap. If the others accept Christ along the way as Phoenix showed then it’s a wonderful thing as they will be peaceful and abandon thoughts of jihad.

    We have to follow the teachings of Christ which emphasizes love, forgiveness, sharing and caring and prayers which bring about peace.

  24. Dr Nishant says:

    Dear Assta,
    About a 100 million Indians have died at the hands of the Muslim invaders over 1200 years, countless have been raped, thousands of temples have been destroyed, and majority of Muslim population in India was forcibly converted by the Muslims in the past. India has had a number of Hindu kings like chatrapati shivaji, Maharaja pratap etc who have fought valliantly with Muslims. In fact the peshwa_marathi succesors of shivaji were able to almost completely eliminate the Muslim rule as far as attock in Afghanistan until British came into the scene. Just to give u an example, the marching armies of aurangzeb on their way to shivaji had destroyed many temples like tulzapur and pandharpurs, had committed the most grotesque attrocities on the citizens of Maharashtra. Yet, when shivaji became powerful and thwarted the mughals, he did not reciprocate against the Muslims in such heinous ways. In fact he gave them protection and repaired their mosques. This has been a common theme of all the Hindu leaders. This may seem as a weakness which was exploited by the Muslims, but how can Hindus be Hindus if they do not follow their sanathan dharma?. U see unlike the peolesytising religions of the west, their is no special ritual to join Hinduism nor does it matter if some one apostosises because their is no such term in Hinduism, Jainism or Buddhism. These are just ways of life based on some existential truths arrived by methods such as meditation and yoga. Hence every minute criticism is welcomed in these religions. People still feel that it is impossible for humans to go against their very own natural self and commit such attrocities in the long run. They feel either the critics of Islam are misleading or their is more in this religion than what the critics tell you. This is because the true nature of the self and the universe is already known to man and the entire process of the religion is just to rediscover it and Islam having stayed for more than 1000 years must have more to it than meets the eye.
    However, Like the Byzantine emperor, many Indian kings and monks such as swami vivekanand, dayanand saraswati etc have openly criticised Islam, however they could not bring themselves to the barbarian ways to elliminate the Muslims.
    Europe today, like any other free society cannot turn inhuman. It simply is not possible. Even if every European is fully educated in the ways of Islam, they won’t be able to ignore the innocent babies lying on their beaches. It simply is against the human nature. And any 1 supporting the contrary view will be in minority and be frowned upon. This is the truth, most Indians would sympathise with you and agree with your opinion against the Muslims but they simply cannot even be rude against their Muslim neighbors.
    India has always taken refugees in large numbers for humanitarian purposes. But, over the years have understood how to deal with such situation. The current pro right government has passed a resolution to give citizenship rights to all the minorities, such as Christians jains, Buddhists, Hindus, parsees who have taken refuge in India following persecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Such minorities can also overstay in India even if their visa term expires. However on the other hand concerted efforts are being made to deport the Bangladeshi Muslims who migrate to India for economic reasons. Indeed if u are a Pakistani Muslim overstaying in India, u are most likely to be severely prosecuted. This is in contrast to the hippies, Europeans and Buddhists from other countries who overstay for many years in India and the government turns a blind eye to them.
    During the 1971 Bangladesh – Pakistan war, pakis committed unmentionable atrocities on Bengali, millions of Bangladeshis took refuge in India, and India had no option but to enter the war as well as to accomodate these refugees.
    They were always classified as refugees, were kept in segregated camps and were immediately deported back to Bangladesh as soon as war was over.
    The anti Islamic rhetoric weilding right wingers have now evolved and hence became mainstream. They pay lip service to the Islamic sensibilities and go about their business by using deft political maneuvering.
    As you can see, Europe doesn’t have an option of refusing these poor, hungry persecuted people. Angela Merkel had to accomodate them on humanitarian grounds. But now she has to bring her political skills to the fore and keep these refugees segregated from main stream public( don’t classify them as immigrants) and return them back to their native countries when time permits. This may take many years, but this is the only option she has. Only time will tell if she is an opportunistic politician or a shrewd statesman.

  25. Phoenix says:

    It’s not all doom and gloom in Germany.Many muslim migrants are converting to Christianity.Ok,so maybe some are only doing it to improve their chances of obtaining citizenship,still,it is a step in the right direction and it will cause panic amongst the rest of the muslim world.

  26. Phoenix says:


    Since Ali Sina is not going to respond to your comment,which I was hoping he would,I’ll clear something up,per my understanding of the challenge.

    One,the $50K challenge is specifically for muslim scholars or apologists for Islam to refute the allegations against Muhammad.Robert Spencer is not a muslim scholar nor an apologist for islam,hence the challenge does not apply to him.

    Two,whether Muhammad existed or not does not detract from the alleged pedophilia,mass murders,rapes,robberies,etc.If anything,Muhammad could be relegated to an influential fictional character,whose deeds or rather,misdeeds still need to be scrutinized because of his elevated status amongst his followers.

    Lastly,a non-existent Muhammad would definitely be fatal to Islam,as it provides us with a prima facie negation of any pro-Islamic resolutions.But this must be proven to be the case,we cannot assume this merely for the sake of convenience.Personally,I’m not familiar with the evidence against Muhammad’s existence but it would be great if Ali Sina could provide his readers with a rebuttal.

  27. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Nishant,

    Most of my high school and college teachers and professors were Indians from Kerala and they used to tell us that Hinduism that teaches honesty, refraining from injuring living beings, patience, forbearance, self-restraint, compassion, among others is the oldest and peaceful religion in the world. They are absolutely correct! I have never heard followers of this religion beheading members of other faiths.

    In Islam, however, it is a complete different story: Islam spreads by the sword. I don’t know how many Hindus were killed since Islam entered India and Buddhism died slowly. Islam destroyed the magnificent Hindu Temples as we see what Islam is doing today to the ancient historical monuments in Palmyra, Syria, and in many other Iraqi cities.

    The 14th Century Byzantine emperor once said: “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

    Because of this satanic religion, Islam, most ordinary Muslims in many Muslim countries live in misery and they want our lives to be like theirs, and that is why they are leaving their own countries in thousands and crowding our Christian cities and draining our scarce resources. When a Muslim settles for the first time in the land of the infidels (the Jews, the Christians, and the Hindus), he believes he has conquered for Islam that small space he is taking. And thousands of those Muslim migrants who are now settling in the Christian lands consider themselves conquerors or victorious Muslims, not just asylum seeks.

    The free food the migrant Muslims get from some generous Christians is called by many Muslims “Jizya,” even though the Christians are not under the protections of Muslims. Most Muslims believe the infidels must provide financial support for Muslims because Muslims are especial people of Allah, and the infidels are their servants or slaves.

    By the time the difficult Middle East situation improves, by then the millions of Muslims who are settled in Europe will have become citizens of their host country. It will be very hard then to drive them out and send them to their own country. On the other hand, the politicians want their votes and will never force them to leave the west and go to their original homes.

    Muslims use their children as a means to get the attention of the west: they can take apart the bodies of their children and go to the camera so that the world can see their problems and accept them. I have seen what the Palestinian Muslims did during their confrontation with Israel. They used their little children as a shield against their Israeli’s bombs. After all, these barbaric Muslims don’t care if they have lost one or two of their children during their fight with the infidels because they have more children from different wives. They have never been short of begetting many unwanted and unplanned children.

    You wrote: “…these migrants have not been proved to be terrorists or religious fanatics by their actions as yet, and large number of these refugees are children.”

    We should not wait until they are proven terrorists and until their children grow up to become terrorists. We already know any person who believes in Islam and in the founder of Islam is by nature a terrorist. Otherwise he is not a Muslim according to the tenets of Islam.

    One of the tenets of Islam says: “So fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief [non-Muslims]) and all submit to the religion of Allah alone in the whole world” (Quran 8:39). Still most Muslims believe they are in a war with us the infidels, and no matter what kind of love we show them, they will never refrain from hurting us in many mysterious ways. They lie because they are told to lie. They take our properties because they are told to loot the properties of the infidels. They rape our girls because it is not a crime to rape non-Muslim girls.

    If it had not been for the teaching of violent Islam, Pakistan and Bangladesh, the two crowded and miserable places, would have never been created as independent states. Even though the British bare the blame for partitioning India, Islam is the main cause for all the problems in India, in Pakistan, and in Bangladesh today.

    My sincere and urgent message to Angela Merkel, a potential Muslim convert, is she must immediately send all the invaders – the Muslims – back to their homes before they completely destroy Judeo-Christianity in Germany and in many other European cities.

  28. Ra says:

    @Dr Nishant, “…and as soon as the situation improves pack them off to their native countries”. That means never.

  29. Dr Nishant says:

    Dear Assta,
    I totally agree with what you said. I am just offering a different perspective as to how to go about this problem.
    When I said, all the Muslims aren’t evil, I meant that most of the Muslims haven’t read the Quran hadiths etc and are not fanatics, they are average people going about their lives. Yes, they are more likely to turn fanatics suicide bombers or the so called ‘moderates’ would try to convert European society to Islam.
    The problem is, that these migrants have not been proved to be terrorists or religious fanatics by their actions as yet, and large number of these refugees are children. So it is difficult, unethical and unwise to judge these people before they have manifested their true ways. And if they do become citizens of Europe , it would be too difficult to defeat these Muslims who would start to dominate the Europeans.
    This is a pickle, a very complex ethical issue. I am from India and maybe the world could learn from the mistakes of the Indians. For more than 1200 years Indians have fought as well as sufferred at the hands of Muslims. But still if I mention any violent means to deal with such Muslim fanatics, I would be reprimanded by my elders , the Hindu and Jain monks. Indeed, these Hindu, Jain or Buddhist sadhus(not the political ones) would rather fast to death than harm any other living being. No matter how much you explain them about the evil ways of Muslims they won’t accept your position and instead lecture you for hours about nonviolence, karma etc. Indeed, for years I have favoured the right wing Hindu nationalistic view and criticised Gandhi. But due to the philosophical and religious doctrines purporting nonviolence, deeply ingrained within the Indian psyche, the right wingers didn’t have much support. And Gandhi took full advantage of this as he was aligned to the popular ideology.
    Your position is similar to the right wingers and you won’t find any majority support amongst the europeans. The Europeans are horrified by the ghastly picture of an innocent kid lying dead, face down on the beach. They identify this child as amongst their own, and are genuinely disturbed by the sufferings of the innocent. Angela Merkel is a politician and she won’t do any good to herself if she goes against this popular sentiment. She has deftly become the humanitarian face of the germans, who are still remorseful of the holocaust.
    The solution has to be a golden mean. A mean which adresses the islamisation concerns with the ethical humanitarian concerns. Gandhi produced very imperfect results as he couldn’t achieve the golden mean. Europe should not repeat this mistake. It has to produce a leader bet which is a mean of Gandhi and Hitler. Angela Merkel may be basking in her adulation as a humanitarian at this moment, but if islamisation becomes a problem many years later, the European history will curse her forever.
    A solution to this would require deft political maneuvering and would go some what like this: Identify by fingerprinting and facial scans etc, all the immigrants, settle them in cordoned off refugee camps(well maintained camps with all the facilities) and monitor them. Help fight against the radicals in middle east, and as soon as the situation improves, pack them off to their native countries. It would take considerable political skill to achieve the mean. Hope Europe achieves it.

  30. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Ron,

    The Muslims know how to live by the law of the land until they get their citizenships. Once they get their citizenship, they become monsters, rootless killers, rapists, and abusers of their own women.

    You believe accepting Muslim refugees is the Christian way; I also believe in the Christian way, but many times, using our Christian way, the Muslims have been killing us for 1400 years. They have taken several of our Christian lands, such as Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Turkey. You may remember our famous Christian Cathedral in Turkey – Sophia Hagia, the Church of divine wisdom, fell into the hands of the invading Muslims in 1453, and we never got it back.

    In the Arab-Muslim world, a Muslim person is not free to change his religion; if he does, he will be killed: “If they turn back from Islam, becoming renegades, seize them and kill them wherever you find them” (Quran 4:90). But this is not so in the civilized Christian world today.

    You assumed: “When Muslims see that their rich Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE are not welcoming refugees then it should open their eyes and they would realise that the religion of Islam is evil, racist and hypocritical and selfish.”

    The rich Muslim countries you mentioned above planned ahead of time to influence thousands of Muslim migrants not to go to Muslim countries but to migrate to Christian Europe. They have paid billions of dollars to those Christian countries who welcomed the Muslim migrants. The Saudis and the other oil-rich Muslim nations believe if they send the migrant Muslims to Europe, these new settler Muslims can influence the European Christians to accept Islam. But if these migrant Muslim go to Saudi Arabia, what can they do there because Saudi Arabia is absolutely a Muslim country?

    The west doesn’t know the deception of Saudi Arabia and the media doesn’t care to investigate why Saudi Arabia incited thousands of migrant Muslims to invade Europe and settle there. Right now the Saudis, the Kuwaitis, the Qataris, the Omanis, the Bahrainis, and the United Arab Emirates are rejoicing because Europe is invaded by almost a million migrant Muslims. And these oil-rich Arab-Muslim countries will continue sending billions of dollars to the European countries for accepting the migrant Muslims.

    For sure, the Islamization of Europe has come to be realized by the gullible European politicians: Europe is now a Muslim country whether we like it or not. Pakistan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other backward Muslim countries are now in Europe.

    By any means, as you said, “We should win Muslims with the love, peace and care espoused by Christ.”

  31. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Dr. Nishant,

    You stated: “…I do not think that being a Muslim is evil or bad per se.”

    To be a Muslim is to do what the Muslim book, the Quran, or the Muslim Prophet Muhammad, says to do.

    The Quran says:

    1. “The infidels [non-believers] should not think that they can get away from us. Prepare against them whatever arms and weaponry you can muster so that you may terrorize them” (Quran 8:59).

    2. “Believers, take not Jews and Christians for your friends” (Quran 5:51).

    3. “We reject you. Hostility and hate have come between us forever, unless you believe in Allah only” (Quran 60:4).

    4. “It is not fitting for the Prophet and those who believe, that they should pray for the forgiveness for disbelievers, even though they be close relatives, after it is clear to them that they are the inmates of the Flaming Hell Fire” (Quran 9:113).

    5. “I will terrorize the unbelievers. Therefore smite them on their necks and every joint and incapacitate them. Strike off their heads and cut off each of their fingers and toes” (Quran 8:12).

    6. “Make war on those who have received the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) but do not believe in Allah or in the Las Day” (Quran 9:29).

    One of the most effective weapons Muslims use against us the freedom, justice, love, and hospitality lovers is the following statement:

    “We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them” (Fath Al-Bāri, 10:544, quoted in Ibn Kathir, Tafsir, vol. 2, p.141-143).

    You also suggested: “…if the truly free world doesn’t hold up to the ideals of its human rights and becomes insensitive, it won’t be a free world isn’t it?”

    Yes, I agree with you! It is the right thing to do something good! Judeo-Christianity teaches us to be considerate to others:

    “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32).

    However, most Muslims take our love and generosity toward them as a weakness and they abuse the freedom we all enjoy. After few years, you will see all these migrant Muslims who are now settling in the Christian countries marching on the streets of London or Berlin or Budapest or Vienna and demanding the host country to build them grand Mosques, and to allow them to be governed by the Sharia law only. You will see them committing heinous crimes, such as raping Christian girls and practicing one of their barbaric cultures – honor killing. You will see them ridiculing the western culture and the western way of life and trying to impose their own cultures upon us. You will see them outnumbering the Christians in Germany, in England, in Hungary, in Austria, in France and in many other Christian countries because Muslims breed like rabbits as far as their children get food stamps from their host country.

    We just have to wait and see for how long the artificial generosity of Angela Merkel will last. She is the one who is giving the green light for the thousands of migrant Muslims to come and invade Europe and settle in Germany. These migrant Muslims are now calling her “Mama Merkel, Mother of the Outcasts,” and some migrant Muslim women are naming their daughters after her name. I am certain after few years, these migrant Muslims will convert Angela Merkel to Islam and name her Aisha, the mother of all Muslims.

  32. Ron says:

    Refugees (not economic) fleeing war or persecution should be sheltered and given refuge irrespective whether they are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist , Jews or atheists etc. That is the Christian way and as a Westerner and Christian, I strongly agree with it. But when it comes to citizenship, I strongly believe it should be awarded only if you don’t have a criminal record and you are not inciting criminal activity, behaviour or violence.

    To stop the influx of refugees you need to end the civil war and wipe-out ISIS and other elements .
    If an adult wants to change his faith/religion, then he/she has every right to do so. There should be no law banning it. Any country banning refugees(not economic), conversion of faith or apostasy or laying constraints on it for any reason is against human-rights and hateful and pandering to fear and vote-bank politics.

    When Muslims see that their rich Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, UAE are not welcoming refugees then it should open their eyes and they would realise that the religion of Islam is evil, racist and hypocritical and selfish.

    We should win Muslims with the love, peace and care espoused by Christ.

  33. Dr Nishant says:

    Hi Asta, I agree with your concerns of Muslims migrating to Europe. I also agree that , its inhuman of the Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, qatar, oman, who are rich and yet refuse these migrants who are there brethren by religion.
    Having said that, I do not think that being a Muslim is evil or bad per se. Agreed that they are more prone or could get brain washed in evil ways more than the others. So, how do we differentiate the two? Should the rest of the world sit back and watch them suffer and die. These are people, most are innocent living their lives earning daily bread, there are children within them.
    What would be the difference between the barbarian Muslims and the rest of us if we behaved in a barbaric way? I think the difference should always be maintained.
    If u say that it may be detrimental to the European society, if they allow these Muslims to migrate to their lands… it maybe so, but if the truly free world doesn’t hold up to the ideals of its human rights and becomes insensitive, it won’t be a free world isn’t it?
    I don’t know, how will allowing migrants in Europe going to play out in the long run, but maybe we should do things by our own standards of justice, liberty, freedom and universal brotherhood and not copy the barbarians? And we do this not for some heaven or to avoid any hell but just because it is the right thing to do?

  34. jewdog says:

    C’mon, people who believe the world is flat and that the sun revolves around the earth are not going to care about a few years difference in a manuscript. It’s the thrills and chills that Islam confers to its adherents that makes it stick, not its appeal to the intellect.

  35. Assta B. Gettu says:

    I agree with the main concern of Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, who said: “…migrants could turn Europeans into a minority on their own continent.” Not only that, these migrant Muslims will rape the Hungarian Christian girls as many other Muslims in Great Britain and Sweden rape many British and Swedish girls on a daily basis. Once Muslims dominate Europe, the quality of life in Europe will be undermined.

    On the other hand, that selfish Muslim leader of Turkey, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said: “Europe was responsible for every migrant death.” How could Europe be responsible for the deaths of these bastard migrant Muslims who are invading Christian countries? Europe did not invite them to come to Europe: they are coming to Europe to improve their lives and to degrade the high qualities of the European standard of lives. They are coming to Europe to render Europe like Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other backward Muslim nations.

    From my hearts of heart, I advise the European nations to send these barbaric Muslim migrants back to their country or Turkey.

    No wonder why Germany is willing to accept these migrant Muslims because history tells us the Arab-Muslim nations had been the main military and economic supporters of Nazi Germany during World War II. Angela Merkel remembers very well the friendship between the Arab-Muslim nations and Adolf Hitler. I think she wants that shameful relationship to continue at the expense of the present generation of the German people.

  36. Assta B. Gettu says:

    In the name of millions of migrant Muslims, Islam is invading Europe without firing a single shot, and Europe is surrendering to these Gog Magog Muslims. Europe will be the Armageddon – the last battle between good (Christianity) and evil (Islam) before the Lord Jesus comes to judge the living and the dead.

  37. Assta B. Gettu says:

    Dear Ali Sina,

    I am very concerned about thousands of migrants from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan, and other Muslim countries entering Europe by force. These Muslim migrants, once they are settled in the land of the kafirs or infidels as they call us, will immediately start preaching Islam and building Mosques. Saudi Arabia will send them hundreds of Wahhabi imams to radicalize them.

    Why don’t these migrant Muslims go to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait? Why are they crowding the Christian nations – England, Germany, France, Bulgaria, and Australia?

    David Cameron and Angela Merkel are going to accept a large number of the migrant Muslims and there by outnumbering the indigenous British and German Christian nations. Cameron and Merkel should know in advance they are accepting rapists, Jihadists, and Sharia abiding Muslims.

    We have told the Muslims not to bring too many children to the world they could not afford to raise: their main purpose of breeding like rabbits is to fill the earth with Muslim population. Very soon these Muslim migrants will change the demography of Europe to the worst, and for the future Muslim population explosion of Europe, David Cameron and Angela Merkel will be responsible.

    When Christians are in trouble, Muslims never raise their hands to help the Christians, but when Muslims are in trouble, the Christians accept Muslims with open arms as we see today how the Christians are sympathetic to the migrant Muslims. If Muslims want to accept some Christians in great trouble, the Muslims put some condition, and the condition is: “Accept Islam or die!” But we Christians accept Muslims without any condition.

    I would like to hear your views on this pressing issue, Dr. Ali Sina!

  38. darkfire316 says:

    Ali if the claim was so baseless why do you not debate Robert Spencer on the subject. You gave the excuse that you did not want his book to do bad.

    In reality, you are clinging to your “religious” belief of the existence of Muhammad and ultimately you would be forced to give the $50,000 prize to Robert (not that he’d want it).

  39. Ali Sina says:

    With all due respect to Mr. Holland, there is not going to be an shock wave because the claim is baseless. I am not sure whether these revisionist scholars have read the biography of Muhammad.

  40. Assta B. Gettu says:

    The Prophet Muhammad never received any revelation from God. He simply fabricated the Quran and plagiarized some of it from the Holy Scriptures and some from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church oral traditions.

    Muhammad himself had said: “I have fabricated things against Allah and have imputed to Him words which He has not spoken” (Tabari VI: 110).

    I am certain Muhammad used a text that had been in existence before Muhammad was born and perverted that text into his own political, financial, and religious needs, and in doing so he had misled millions of innocent Muslims. Sooner or later, the truth will come out, and the Muslims, burying their pride and conceit, must follow the truth and should not try to change what Mr. Keith and other scholars are saying.

  41. Maka says:

    According to Muslim tradition, the Prophet Muhammad received the revelations that form the Qur’an, the scripture of Islam, between the years AD 610 and 632, the year of his death.

    It is believed that the Birmingham Koran was produced between 568AD and 645AD,

    From your source.