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Moderate Muslims will Rot in Hell

Yes, they certainly will! That is not my opinion, but that of Bogeyman Allah who has prescribed severe punishment for the Moderate Muslims.Continue Reading

Jihad in Mumbai: Islamic Teaching in Action

Mohammed inspired his followers to kill non-Muslims and guaranteed them a place in heaven should they fall in the line of duty.Continue Reading

Dr. Jasser, Hypocrisy, and Islam: An Honest Perspective

The core values of Islam and the Quranic edicts, as preached and practiced by Mohammed, the founder of Islam, ask Muslims to dominate and subjugate non-Muslims.Continue Reading

A Non-Arab Muslim’s Prayer

For a pious Muslim, it is important to remember all of Allah’s names and use them in their prayers as much as they could.Continue Reading

I am the God

After all, why do we need a god if we, the humans, can act like a god – the fair, just and loving god, rather than looking for godly commands?Continue Reading

Run! Muslims, Run!!

Whenever Muslims are confronted with quotations from the Quran or Ahadith, they immediately counter with excuses. Continue Reading

Story of a Teddy Bear, a Grizzly Bear and 40 Lashes: A Lesson to Learn

Sudan is a poverty stricken country and Allah, the Islamic god, is not interested in improving the lives of the peopleContinue Reading

Muslim Gay Parade

Moderate Muslims always fear that the true Islam may create a backlash from the people of the country in which they live; hence, they attempt to create a smokescreen. Continue Reading

Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Never Hurt a Fly!

He had to kill many humans for several reasons, which he did with extreme care and kindness.Continue Reading

The Sheikh Petersburg Declaration: Reformation of Islam

What if a society decides to make Lolita their divine book and Humbert the prophet?Continue Reading

Booty Ahoy!

Despite having a low rate of success, prophecy always had been a lucrative business.Continue Reading

Hezbullah Chief Nasrullah Receives Nobel Prize

Unfortunately, European leaders don’t have the courage to stand up against Islam; as a matter of fact, they spend more time appeasing Islamic demands.Continue Reading

An Unholy Alliance

No one has the ability to see the morbid future that would inspire them to be united.
Continue Reading

Is Wahhabism Real Islam?

Moderate Muslims have a utopian idea of a perfect Islamic country that does not exist and never can be pursued based on Islamic teachings.Continue Reading

Six Pillars of Islam

Islamic rites are made to teach hatred and keep it alive through various practices.Continue Reading

From Iran with Love

A pack-mentality that divides Muslims from the rest of the world is unique and no other religion calls for a different world within the world.Continue Reading

The Last Dance

I am not good at dancing. However, sometimes I do attempt to amuse myself with this complicated body act. As it happened during the last New Year’s Eve, after drinking a few glasses of special beverage that Allah promised in the heaven, I was throwing my hands and legs in all directions. Later, the hostContinue Reading

Allah in a Tomato… and in e-Colie?

These Muslim intellectuals with questionable intellect also find scientific miracles in the Quran and smell spirituality in the horrific Quranic verses that sponsor the killing of non-Muslims.Continue Reading

Hush-Hush Cartoons

If freedom of speech carries any value to the media, if they feel the responsibility to seek the truth, they should start digging into Islamic books. Continue Reading

Treaty or Trickery?

Mohammed, the cunning and shrewd warlord of the seventh century, made many treaties when he was weak but conveniently broke them,Continue Reading


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